How to get over Nutrisystem plateau?

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Hi All!.

My first few weeks on Nutrisystem were awesome! I shed pounds FAST. Now, I have been at the exact same weight for 4 weeks. I follow the plan to the letter. I have added exercise to 6 days a week. I am drinking 10-15 glasses of water a day. Last week, I switched things up and started eating my dinner meal at lunch and my lunch meal at dinner! I have even tried to cut out as much dairy and salt as possible in my grocery items.

Meat instead of cheese; plain almonds instead of olives) But I am still stuck!.

I would love to hear from any of you that have had this happen and pushed through to see great results. Thanks, in advance, for any advice you can give me. By the way, I do see a difference in my measurements, but I am so ready to see my scale number go down at least 1 pound.

Have a GREAT day!.


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Your question was: How to get over Nutrisystem plateau?.

I started Oct 09...I stall too...the body is adjusting to a new patient....keep on plan!!.

When I "stall".. mine can last a month! I celebrate the least I am not gaining and I am staying on a consistent weight...THEN I get hungrier for about a week...(and I admit to adding an extra carb during this hungry phase..being careful!)...and THEN that scale drops a couple of more pounds! It is like the body is teasing me and daring me to go off plan!! Then it rewards me with another weight drop. I will take it! After the scale settles on the next plateau weight, my hungry mode goes away for a while and I am on plan 100%...then the cycle starts again....


Anyone else go thru this cycle?..

Comment #1

If you workout, switch your workout to something completely different or increase your workout..

Switch dairy to lean protein.

Measure. measure. measure. Watch the free foods.

Track your calories for a couple days. Every single thing you eat. Everything that goes in your mouth. When I actually did that, I found I was getting lazy with portion sizes or free foods and my calories were higher than they should be...

Comment #2

I just re-read your post. If you just started working out your muscles sometimes tend to retain fluids when you first start. That will go away.

Whatever workout you do, make sure your getting your heart rate up for a consistent amount of time that you are burning calories.

I never got the point of switching meals. With add-ins the calories are exactly the same. But I did try that too. Actually I tried everything. The only thing I think may have worked was increasing/changing workouts. And this may have been just a coincidence.

Personally, I think it's mostly about the food. So make sure your calories are where they should be...

Comment #3

Sandy that is how I lose as well. I plateau or stall a lot and it lasts for weeks. I am on the scale a lot and will take any oz in loss no matter what day. When I stall I immediately take out the tape and measure. I am always down in inches while my body catches up to it's new low. I don't seem to get too hungry on Nutrisystem I think it is because of the mini meals and the protein. Summer is coming and the days are getting longer so I am hoping for a bigger and faster loss when I can start working in the yard and garden...

Comment #4

I've been stuck for a really long time too. What keeps me from blowing everything is the fact that I'm already happier where I am now and, if I never lose another pound, I don't want to let my weight go back up!..

Comment #5

"Motivational Stories Needed!".

A little steam engine had a long train of cars to pull..

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But no! the cars would not go up the hill..

At last she left the train and started up the track alone. Do you think she had stopped working? No, indeed! She was going for help..

"Surely I can find someone to help me," she thought..

Over the hill and up the track went the little steam engine. Choo, choo! Choo, choo! Choo, choo! Choo!.

Pretty soon she saw a big steam engine standing on a side track. He looked very big and strong. Running alongside, she looked up and said:.

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Comment #6

I'm stuck and I have just started!. Well, the first week I lost 11 pounds and then 2 the next and no nothing.....el zippo not even 1. I am sticking to the plan except for two dinners out. Using the calorie tracker, I am usually eating between 600 - 800 cals per day, but I'm still stuck. I have added more exercise this week, so maybe that will help, but it's hard to add time for extra exercise when I work 10-12 hours a day. (which is what got me in this place to begin with.

Any ideas?..

Comment #7


Welcome to Nutrisystem! It sounds like you are doing great in terms of pounds dropped. You have lost more in 2 weeks than many people lose in a month. HOWEVER, if you are only eating 600-800 calories per day, you are not following the Nutrisystem plan and are depriving your body of vitamins and other essential nutrients. (There is also the theory that eating such a low level of calories can make your body think that you're experiencing a famine and put you into starvation mode, where your body hangs on to fat while burning lean muscle.) The Nutrisystem plan is designed to promote healthy, sustainable weight loss and involves eating the entrees, the add-in, and drinking the recommended amounts of water.

I don't know if you are a man or a woman, but on the women's basic plan, you should be eating 1100-1300 including all your fruit, vegetable, fat, and dairy/protein add-ins. (If you are a male or if you have more than 100 lbs. to lose, you're daily calorie counts should be in a higher range.) So, following the plan might be one way to get the scale moving again.

Also, keep in mind that.

People often lose large amounts of weight at the start of a diet because of water weight loss..

Sometimes it can take time for the scale to catch up with your weight loss efforts..

The rate at which people lose weight is very individual and is based on your age, gender, amount of muscle,how much weight you have to lose, hormones, sodium intake, how much water you drink (too little leads to dehydration and the resulting desire for your body to hang on to water) among other factors.

This all said, healthy, sustainable weight loss is 1-2 lbs. per week, but again, results vary. Some people post big numbers week after week, while others don't lose at all at first and/or lose at a slow rate throughout their weight-loss journey.

So, hang in there! Don't hesitate to continue to post on these boards and/or contact the Nutrisystem counselors if you have any questions or comments, about NS. Best wishes for your weight-loss journey...

Comment #8

Thanks to everyone! This was exactly what I needed. I especially appreciated "I think I can, I think I can!".

I'll make the few suggested changes and stay positive! THANKS!!..

Comment #9

This happens to me all the time when I hit a certain weight without fail...I haven't gotten beyond it yet so I can take a lesson from you all on this one! I am so impatient and it's a bad thing - I tend to just give up if I don't see constant progress. Bad habit!.


Comment #10

I've hit a few plateaus already, and am not even two months gone. I am one of those slow losers..

In keeping with our fellow Nutrisystem family, I have to tell you our bodies will fight to keep that fat we have been holding on to. But stick with it. I am doing the same. The weight will come off when it is supposed to, so long as we stay on plan..

Be well..!.


Comment #11

That's true, it will. I had like a 3 month stall.

That's why I plan to never, ever do this again. Losing was too much drama!..

Comment #12

Remember, a plateau is defined as 6 or more weeks with no loss of weight and no loss of inches during that time. If you are loosing inches you are not in a plateau. Your body is still loosing but probably adding a little muscle to your body. Our ultimate goal is to be skinnier... that is best measured by looking at what's happening to the inches on our body, not the scale. The scale can lie.

As your body is loosing weight it can take periods where it readjusts itself and gets itself ready for the next period of weight loss. Keep yourself on plan and keep reminding yourself that the plan does work. You might want to make sure that you are eating the correct portion size for all your add ins and that you are not inadvertently letting those creep up in size and calories. Change around your foods and exercise to "wake up" your metabolism again. But mostly just keep going on. The scale will eventually catch up to what you are doing.

That helps with decreasing water retention.

We can all do this. I wish everyone here much success with their weight loss journeys...

Comment #13

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