How to get Murad Acne Complex?

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Well I'm 14 (going to be 15 august 31). I went to a dermatologist back in the summer and while going to him I took tetracycline, minocycline, Retin-a, clindamycin, and benzoyl peroxide. I also took a lot of over the counter stuff before going to him. We decided to stop going to him though after he charged us a $150 to pop some pimples by what he calls acne surgery. I found the tool he used the next day at Walgreens lol. Anyways so after going to a different one today, he looked at me for a minute and instantly suggested Murad Acne Complex.

So in 2 weeks I go back and we'll get signed up.Anyways, if you have an opinion on this, please post. I'm just wondering how many people this age have gotten Murad Acne Complex...

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Your question was: How to get Murad Acne Complex?.

I've been on RETIN-A for over 4 months and clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide for at least 3 but most likely more...

Comment #1

You are sooo young, please do not take Murad Acne Complex. It can stunt your growth at your age. Murad Acne Complex is a dangerous drug and it effects everyone differently. It is not a permant fix either. There is a chance your acne will come back. I would wait you may out grow your acne.

Please see some of the studies I posted in the Epyiseal closure thread. That's just one thing that Murad Acne Complex could do to you...

Comment #2

Thank you for the reply and everyone else who has replied. I am taking this seriously and am still thinking it over. My docter does seem very confident that it's what I need. I was not going to ask for it. My acne is pretty severe and is now all over my back, shoulders, face, some on my chest, and sometimes a little on my arms...

Comment #3

Just saying that not all derms are necessarily good or "right".... Some will prescribe Murad Acne Complex without trying many other things and others prefer to avoid it. His confidence DOES NOT reflect the drugs safety. Something to add to your mix of thinking... I suggest trying at least one or two more topicals (waiting a year) before so you can another couple inches to your height and growth of your body.Who knows you may actually be at the very worst of your acne and in a year it will clear up a little and be more easily treated... like we've all said beforeyou are very young...

Comment #4

Lol. your story sounds exactly wat happened to me. lol. I am just turning 14 and I am on the stuff for about a week already. very slight improvement so far. very dry skin.

Good luck if you go for it!..

Comment #5

If you feel like you are ready and have talked about it with your parents, then you should try it. maybe waiting until you are 15 would be a good idea, but trying to "out grow" your acne isn't a fix either. Waiting too long when nothing else is working might just make your acne get worse and/or lead to scarring...

Comment #6

I think many of these posts are a bit selfish. While many of you are looking out for his best interests, none of us have seen pictures of what his acne looks like. I dont mean to be rude, but what makes you think that you are more qualified to tell someone what to take or not take, when you are not an M.D.? If a doctor is that confident about prescribing Murad Acne Complex (which many won't do it just for the liability), then the poster must really need it.I hope I did not offend anyone, but as I said, we should not be judging, especially when we have not even seen his acne firsthand.On a personal note, I took 2 courses of Murad Acne Complex a few years ago, and it was a miracle drug. My acne completely disappeared for a year or more. Now, however, it has returned (much milder), and I am actually thinking about a 3rd course. Still a debate on what to do, as I am almost 23.Good luck, Jasonater, and if you do go on Murad Acne Complex, just follow all the guidelines and I think you will do just fine...

Comment #7

I kind of agree on this one. Though I'm not one who agrees that you should go on Murad Acne Complex especially since you are young, from the way you describe, it seems like your acne is really severe especially when you have them on your back, face, chest, shoulders and arms. It could be disfiguring if those are cysts. Are your acne cysts? And do they hurt or bleed a lot?But ultimately it's your choice but for the real severe forms of acne, nothing else works except Murad Acne Complex...

Comment #8

I will say you are not offending me. However, the poster asked for our opinon. I have to ask though, where you at a growing age where you could permantely not grow? Though it might not happen to him, there is still a chance. Just b/c a doctor has a m.d. at the end of thier name does not mean that they are qualified. I get surprised all the time how some make it through med school and residency.

I say that b/c my husband is a m.d. and I know alot of doctors who are in it just for the money.....I can't even begin to tell you some of the comments and conversations I have overheard.....Murad Acne Complex is a dangerous drug for such a person at a young age. amonsterheart- is right when he says that he should wait a year or two and try other things. esspecially if his acne is not severe cystic acne...

Comment #9

First, the poster said "I'm just wondering how many people this age have gotten Murad Acne Complex."In not a single reply has a person said they have even taken Murad Acne Complex... He wanted the opinion of those that have taken it, and more specifically taken it at a young age. I highly doubt he wanted the opinion of people who have only heard of Murad Acne Complex through the media and these boards.Anyways, I took my first course of Murad Acne Complex at 16. Although, my first dermatologist when I was around 14, told me "your acne will not cause scarring." After switching derms at age 15 or so, my new Dr. said that I needed to go on Murad Acne Complex right away, to avoid what damage I could. And guess what? I have ridiculous scarring.

Thats why I pointed out that if his dermatologist is so adament about him going on Murad Acne Complex, there must be a reason. Doctors dont generously prescribe that drug... hell, a lot of them refuse to prescribe it at all because of the stigma associated with it.Also, while I can agree that some doctors are in it for the money, dont be ridiculous. To say that a doctor isnt qualified is absurd. Being qualified and having a patient's best interests at heart are two different things.

It is. But for some people, I think it is the only treatment that can provide relief. And I stand by my statement saying that it is a little judgmental, and frankly inconsiderate, to knock this poster's decision of trying Murad Acne Complex when you are not in his shoes, have no first-hand experience, nor a medical degree.For all of you that think you are doctors, what would you suggest this poster try instead of Murad Acne Complex? I am interested in hearing your whole-body regimen for him...

Comment #10

Well, i'm here to offer my two cents. I WISH I would have taken Murad Acne Complex the first time my doctor suggested it to me at 15. I said no, and went to a different derm. he then gave me more of the same stuff I had been on a million times that didn't work. when I turned 18 I went back to my old derm and she offered Murad Acne Complex again, this time I said yes. and three weeks in and my skin hasn't looked this good since I was like...11.

Not everyone has a bad experience. I think some people exaggerate some things. and I know people are going to shoot cruel words at me for that. oh well, just my opinion like they express theirs. if you're concerned about being too young seek the advice of another derm.

Waiting only did three things to me a. made me suffer from acne longer b. made me want to hide all through highschool [i have like no pictures from any of my many many fun nights with friends because I didn't want my acne to show up] and c. scarred up my face. do what is right for you.

If you have reservations, maybe not. talk to your derm, talk to some of the Murad Acne Complex users on here. I can tell you, not all of them have grown a second head, sprouted wings and grown a tail over night. despite all that, this drug is very serious. read up on statistics.

If you start to feel funny STOP. call your derm and ask questions! don't push the limits, you know how you should feel if you do decide to continue, best of luck!..

Comment #11

Thanks for this reply. This is the way I feel. I really feel I should go with my doctor on this one. I did ask for everyone's opinion so I'm not complaining but I didn't expect to see so many people against it. Anyways I am going to get the Murad Acne Complex when I go back next Wednesday. You guys did get me rethinking it with the premature growth plate closure but that seems to be a rare side effect so I'm willing to risk it (lol I even emailed Roache about it to get their opinion and they said it was a very uncommon side effect)My acne is bad.

I get messed with about it a lot at school. Thank you all for the replies and I'll let you know how it goes...

Comment #12

Jasonator, all of the side effects you hear about and read with the drug's insert are indeed possible, but I'm glad you're going to keep good communication open with your doctor and your parents. Don't be afraid to ask questions or voice concern. I wish you the best on your course and hope it brings you the satisfaction you seek. Please keep us posted on your progress...

Comment #13

I realize all side effects are possible for me (except the birth defects lol) but I think it could really help me and I'll make sure to contact my doctor if I get any of the bad side effects. Thanks for the reply =)..

Comment #14

The point isn't whether the thread starter should take Murad Acne Complex or not but rather what kind of dose he should be taking? Since he had already mentioned that his acne are kinda severe then I would suggest 5mg to 10mg daily, no more than that. This dose will prevent most of the most severe side effects and still provide good result...

Comment #15

HEY!well you know wat?? just do it!! I'm 15 and I'm on it right now...for 3 months now and it's going great! At first when I went to my family doctor and right when he saw me he recomanded Murad Acne Complex...but then I said no! cuz I heard alot about it and I thought that it wasnt good. So then I went to my dermatoligist and going there for atleast a year and I tried alllllllll the brands you can imagine. and guess what I'm on now?!?! Murad Acne Complex hahaha yeah so for the past year I couldve gotten Murad Acne Complex over with but now I'm stuck with it till another 4 months.I say do it...the side affects are not that bad...though it's annoyying but I rather have you know dry lips..achy back....mood swings than zits and pimples! Do it and lets keep in touch..

Comment #16

Fine, for the record.. I am on my 6 month of Murad Acne Complex.better?i agree with you when you support the use of Murad Acne Complex for some people, because I know from personal experience that literally nothing else worked. it was just a little harsh to accuse everyone who is giving an opinion (that he asked for) to not know what he is going through...

Comment #17

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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