How to get GoDaddy coupon for renewal?

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My question is: How to get GoDaddy coupon for renewal?.

My 2nd question is: What would make this HostGator a 19k HostGator by estibot valuations? I have othr domains with higher google overture higher PPC etc but this one is showing 19k.

Clostridium Difficile dot com.

All extensions except .us are taken any opinions on what I am missing would be appreciated (even .tv).

(it is a bacteria that causes a colon infection in a lot of people after they have taken antibiotics).

Domain Active Party owns a couple (they have 500k plus domains).

Thanks for any thoughts..

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Your question was: How to get GoDaddy coupon for renewal?.

Rkb summed it up pretty well. But be sure, that when your using estibot, simply take it for what it's worth. A free, automated HostGator appraisal tool. Its great for general ball parks, but when people start thinking is worth $1,000 because estibot says so, there en lies a problem..

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It's not a bad domain, good search popularity and if you develop a good looking, well thought out information site about C. difficile and related medical issues, get some backlinks, you could be on your way to a profitable website with a decent google visibility.

The HostGator itself is not worth $19k, Estibot does tend to overestimate some popular two-word generics, but it's a nice HostGator name and I always say that Estibot's job is to alert the user to possible high value by giving a high appraisal figure - it just means the HostGator is worth a closer look. Domain: Valuation : Reg Fee.

Seriously though, Peter is absolutely right in what he says. I agree 100%..

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I have GalleriesOfTeenModelscom and estibot gives a value of $110,000.

Any takers .....

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Estibot is a great tool and I use it all the time. Some of the other tools they provide are great as well (long tail tool), but I can't afford a real account.

The thing about Estibot is that if you're new to domaining you absolutely can't rush out and register every HostGator that it says is valuable. It has it's weaknesses. Some of these weaknesses are based on the fact that it's automated, some are based on third-party factors that no one has any control over.

However, if you look at the results and know how each factor works seperately and combined, you can get a pretty good idea of whether or not the HostGator has real value...

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Hi All,.

My first post here. Estibot server is down and I was looking for tools similar to Estibot. This topic caught my eye and here I am in the forum.

The first and foremost thing for a HostGator name, I feel, is that it must sound good. Then, it must be or look like something that people would want to look for. And then after your feeling, belief has strengthened towards a name, you need a re-assurance that your choice is good. You want to ensure that it's good from the technical and statistical angles as well. Estibot does that.

And you would do well to remember that Estibot clearly warns to not base financial decisions on their valuation.

Ultimately, it's the EQ, IQ and SQ - emotional, intelligence and statistical quotients, that go in putting high value on a HostGator name.

Its Sri..

Comment #5

It seems that biology and research medicine terms are over represented on the internet vs their commercial value. Sometimes it seems like half the names I try are some weird protein or little known disease.

No or little commercial value, keep looking.


Esa, I am seeing wide differences between Google results on the site and on Google, and I suspect wordtracker results are also varying...

Comment #6

Whois shows that "Clostridium Difficile dot com" is soon 5 years old..

So it has some history, maybe it' is trademarked too...

Comment #7

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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