How to get back on track with Medifast?

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I posted a while back that I went on Medifast hoping to lose 20lb for an important trip I was going on. I was OP for a month and lost 10lb - I was very disappointed in myself and the program. I went on the trip and did not stay OP, but I ate almost all fresh fish, greens, veggies and Medifast meals for snacks. So the trip itself wasn't a setback. The problem has been since I've been back. For the last month I've been on again/ off again, wasting Medifast food because I'm not losing any weight.

I know a lot of people warned that it can be really hard to re-commit after going off program. It really is! I have a lot of money invested into this, but more importantly, trip or no trip, I need to lose weight for my health and well being. Any tips or advice for getting back on track would be appreciated..



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I prescribe a two part remedy:.

1. if possible clean your house of any off plan foods. If not, set aside a kitchen cabinet that is dedicated to Medifast food and use it exclusively. For your L&G go find 5-10 recipes that sound delicious and be sure to stock the fridge and freezer with the ingredients. Make staying on plan easier than cheating..

2. start keeping a journal and start thinking about how you got where you are and whether you want to change for life. Think about things you love more than ice cream. Do you love ice cream more than yourself (in my case the answer was yes so I had to dig deeper - and found I love my husband more than ice cream and that's what keeps me away from it)..

Good luck...

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I think another interesting avenue to explore, besides SkinnyMo's excellent suggestions, would be why you were disappointed with a 10 pound loss. That's 2.5 pounds a week - amazing results. Why did you let *success* derail you? Can you find the source of your unrealistic expectations for yourself? Is there some perfectionism "all or nothing" going on that's sabotaging you?.

Good luck getting back OP! I know you can do it.....

Comment #2

For me, I have realized that there is always something PMS, a birthday party, a vacation, dessert after church group, a bbq, etc. This weekend I'm hosting a baby shower and ordered a cute cake. Store bought cake is my FAVORITE food, but I won't eat any of it on Saturday. I've just had to radically accept that none of that is part of my plan right now. And the truth is I've survived all these kinds of parties not because I'm super-discplined because I'm not at all, but because I've make a decision that if Medifast is going to work I have to follow it fairly closely. I HAVE occassionally had a little extra lean protein (on vacation for example) which is still off plan but I AM okay with it and I've kept dropping weight just fine and still enjoyed my vacation eating out twice a day with my family.

Move on, make your off-plan days yesterday's news. You can do it :-)..

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Try some tricks like not carrying any change or singles. It is alot harder to go to a vending machine or a quick dollar menu fix that way. Also make some rules like not eating alone, no drive thru's, etc.

Getting back on is tough tough for some people and it sounds like you are one of them. Try and get back in your groove without so many expectations for yourself. I lost 10 pounds a month every month. That is what seems to be the average...

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Lillyval ~ Freya's advice is very insightful and I can definitely relate. I am a perfectionist and have sabotaged my weight loss efforts time and time again because of that. I would always lose about 20 pounds then gain it all back again. I started 9/16 so I'm new at MF, but found that the mental commitment is really important. It can still be difficult but the motivation really helps. For me it's not always about the food, but my relationship with food.

All that is a lot easier said than done, but give yourself a break. We're all works in progress!!..

Comment #5

Christomeg- Congratulations! I love seeing posts from people that have met goal. It inspires me and makes me realize that I can do it too...

Comment #6

You know what's keeping me on track? Diet soda (cream soda especially) and Hershey's sugar free dark chocolate..... Sometimes I just need something sweet (besides bars........). That diet soda fills my void... (Sometimes I add a bit of sugar free chocolate syrup into my diet coke and it makes it taste like an ice cream soda...).

The sugar free chocolate fills that void when I'm stressed and need something that feels naughty. 5 pieces only has 7 grams of carbs! I usually have 3 and feel good...

Comment #7


Check out this website for more sugar free goodies.


You can do this! 10 pounds is great! Certainly better results than any other diet would yield.....

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KikiB is SO right! There will always be something waiting to derail you. Have a planknow what you are going to eat on any given dayhave it ready and accessible. Keep a food journal. Interact on this board. Make your weight loss journey your #1 priority for right now! Eat only what is on plan and if you have to go around a little hungry now and then between meals so be it. Being a little hungry occassionally really IS good for you.

I wish you all the best...

Comment #9

These ladies have all given wonderful advice. Medifast is a life saver, quite literally for some. You can do this. Just make mini goals and get through one day at a time. I really like the idea of donating all stuff that's not on plan, if that's feasible for you to do (not sure if you're single or married, kids, etc.) I wish you the best of luck. Have faith in are not alone...

Comment #10

Wow - the people here are awesome ... what great advice!!! All I can add is - once you have decided you want to do this, really want to do this - prepare. Preparation can make it SO easy. Plan when you will eat (approx) and plan your L & Gs so they're easy and automatic. And just get through it one day at a time. That sounds trite, but honestly if you just promise yourself that you will succeed being OP today, you will make it.

And it gets SO much easier! A friend was in my office just now talking about BLT pizza ... she immediately apologized and said she shouldn't talk about food in front of me. I just laughed. I mean UGH I was hungry but how disgusting does that sound?!.

Oh and set reasonable, attainable goals. I have an Excel spreadsheet that tracks my weightloss progress. After lots of research and knowing myself, I set a conservative first week goal on Medifast of 6 pounds and weekly goals of 2 pounds from then on. Though I have had a rocky couple of weeks, at the end of my first month I surpassed my pre-set goal.

So have a talk with yourself. Make sure you really want this. Once you make up your mind, the rest will be a done deal..


Comment #11

I cannot believe I forgot to push my favorite ice cream substitute - chocolate pudding shakes. Take 8oz of ice + 4oz water + chocolate pudding. Blend until smooth. It tastes like a frosty and is how I survived the summer. Also works with other flavors of pudding and the hot chocolate...

Comment #12

Pick up "The Beck Diet Solution" by Judith Beck. This is not your average diet book - this books helps you with all those internal mind tricks you play on yourself when dieting. I haven't finished the book yet but I sure like what I've read so far! Change your thinking = SUCCESS!..

Comment #13

Just FYI for newbies - this would be off plan and could take you out of ketosis depending on where your carbs are for the day. I wouldn't risk it. Personally I try to understand where the void and the need to be naughty with food are coming from, because the emotional work I think is more important than anything else... I'm trying to learn how to not use food to make myself feel good, but I tell you - this is freakin' hard work and sometimes I feel like egg beaters save my life.

Glad it's working for you, Vincent's Mom!..

Comment #14

I wouldn't recommend tweaking the program with added low carb items either. Been there, done that, didn't have a loss for the week!..

Comment #15

You guys are totally awesome! Thank you so much for the replies. I totally stocked up on Medifast food and L&G - and I still haven't gotten back on track. I'll do Medifast all day and then when my kids go to bed I start eating all of their school snacks and stuff. I'm really stressed and I'm medicating myself with food. It's bad. I have a job interview coming up and I'm REALLY feeling bad about my weight.

So what do I do? Stick to the diet? No....binge! Ugg!.

I think I should read that book recomended above...

Comment #16

Hey you! Good to see you back!.

Ok, what about breaking it down into "bite size" increments. Like taking "one day/week" at a time.

Can you lose 5 pounds and stay OP? Then focus on that. That is job 1. Accomplish that. Reward yourself, i.e. pedicure, manicure, cd, itunes, etc. THen set next goal..

I think for alot of us, the "big picture" can be overwhelming-so we give up. Keep it simple. Hang here with us. Get back into the "game". This is a journey not an event..

You know you can do it, you were doing it. Just "repeat". For some, it's like learning to ride a bike, it takes some practice. Next thing you know, your popping wheelies and ridin with no hands!!..

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Can you shake up your world in the evenings? If you are too busy once the kids are in bed you can't sit and binge. OR you could save a brownie, puffs etc. for the evening and when the snack monster calls it can be an Medifast meal?.

Take yourself out of the routine that allows you this time alone with your stress and the pantry. Ask someone out for tea or a walk, if you were to invite someone over you wouldn't be tempted to snack right? Hope this might help a bit...

Comment #18

I can relate a lot to what you said and this journey is not easy, regardless of how many pounds you have to lose..

I am and have always been a cheater. I find ways to stay on the very borders of any diet I'm on and try to push the boundaries to where I don't feel like I'm on a diet. And as a result, I don't see the results I could if I were 100% OP..

I don't post much here because I feel I don't have as much to lose as most people. Lately I've come the realization that I don't want to diet forever and as soon as I get to my goal weight, I can occasionally have the things I love in moderation and not be so restrictive. BUT... UNTIL THEN... I just want to lose the weight. I don't want to eat Medifast meals forever, so if I stick to the plan 100%, I'll get through this quicker and be able to take the things that I learn into real life and move on..

I don't know if you can relate to any of that, but that's how my thought process goes...

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