How to get a GoDaddy promotional code for 2011?

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My question is: How to get a GoDaddy promotional code for 2011?.

My 2nd question is: Discover.Asia Reach US$112,111.

As Hot-or-Not Contest Excitement Continues

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Your question was: How to get a GoDaddy promotional code for 2011?.

I thought they wrote the article on July 23, somehow they reedited the date. Just doesn't make sense.

I was hoping they would say something about # of registrations. like the dot me registrar.

I would be happier if something else now would topple

Its amazing that dnjournal would not even record these sale prices. I don't see why they wouldn't because it's the fair market value that people are willing to pay for at a particular point in time...

Comment #1

I would not pay $10 for that unless somehow it could be proven to be a money maker.

Nobody is going to use that domain. Could you imagine Discover.northamerica ?

People don't think like that. Nobody says "I want to go to North America, or I want to go to Asia". They think, "I want to go to New York or Hong Kong, etc......." It's more localized thinking - especially after surfers have been online a few years.

Total, stinking rubbish domain...

Comment #2

Seabass where do you live?.

You're making a very funny comparision. The HostGator is discover Asia.

You have seen to be out of touch with reality.

The industry is tourism, Asia has the largest market. You're making a rediculous pricing assumption that anyone will give you "" for $10.

The fact is, you're being funny...

Comment #3

Here we are The Top Ten. - $112,111. - $83,334. - $53,607. - $41,009. - $38,003. - $34,005. - $29,000. - $27,000. - $26,000. - $25,000..

Comment #4

Look... if being serious is funny then I guess I am on hell of a comedian. Also, where I live has no relation to .asia , but I have lived in 14 countries in my life.

You are absolutely right Asia has a huge potential for tourism, but not with .Asia - you can forget about that happening. Better go buy yourself a dotcom before you get schooled by the school of hard knocks.

I did not say someone would give it to me for $10. I said I would not pay $10. You can find better domains on TDNAM right this second for $10 - seriously.

I've literally bought thousands and thousands of domains and have made so many mistakes that I now understand this market very well and make very few mistakes anymore after 13 years of domaining. Nobody says "I want to go to Asia." They want to go to Hong Kong, China, Nepal, Kathmandu, etc... Go buy broad swath domains like .asia and see where you end up in 10 years - zilch, without tons of effort and investment.

Which is better, then? FloridaHotels,com or MiamiHotels,com. If you say the former you are wrong - period. Both are great domains, however, but the later wins hands-down.

Let me ask you this: Are YOU making any money with .asia ??? Your better off buying Korean domains since it is more means NOTHING to Koreans and therefore your only market is English-speaking folks, who know nothing about .asia ... also it is a four letter extension, which sucks compared .com. is a brand name at best, but don't count on anyone typing it in...

Comment #5

Seabass, according to you. "Don't count anyone typing it in." I think that's also a funny statement. The reason I asked where you live is because I was thinking, the farther away from Asia the more riskaverse you are etc.,.

According to you Seabass, "find better domains on TDNAM right this second for $10" is another very funny statement. Please show me a better HostGator on TDNAM this second for $10.


Comment #6

Tech4, you have a nice lineup of .asia in your sig.

Do update us when you sell one for even four figures.

I think is being sold by the registry? What aftermarket are they talking about?..

Comment #7

Wow, tech4 does have some very good dot asia' recipe, script, and more! Nice!..

Comment #8

Well, we'll see in time...

...tho I happen to think the real money in .asia domains will be aftermarket sales to western corporate endusers that are rushing to invest in various countries in Asia, and will need to brand themselves - fast - in the West, as doing so....The key to this strategy is first-class names, imo.....And, I doubt my real profits will come from other domainers.

...Tho, I understand not all domainers are comfortable with finding, and negotiating directly with - end user corporates.

I see it as a very descriptive supplementary to specific asian ccTLDs, not a replacement.

...Interestingly - and in support of this thought - I'm seeing a LOT of corporates bidding in the .asia Landrush auctions....including MGM_Mirage, Hugo Boss, Seaview, PCCW, and Phatprophets etc.


Comment #9

What a waste of money, that money could have purchased a .com!!!!!..

Comment #10

If I was risk-averse I would not have put $30,000 on my credit card in 1995 to buy domains before there was a HostGator market.

You did not answer my question. Are you making any money off of type-ins?.

Are you getting type-ins? I have spoken to others that have said there is virtually zilch. Donny at said that .asia is totally bogus since there is NO traffic.

So, I am asking do you have ANY traffic on those .asia's ? I think you probably don't. If you do it is most likely speculators who won't click anyhow.

Have you even made $10 off all those .asia's ? Much less $5?.

You may get lucky with some sucker sales, like ? But anyone worth their salt in domaining knows those domains are not desirable.

The look good to the eye but do nothing for the wallet - unless you make a sucker sale.

I call those types of domains "Fools Gold Domains". They look great ; have no resonance with anyone, except suckers.

I'm currently far from Asia, to answer your question, but I don't live under a rock if that is what you mean, and I speak several languages, am heavily invested in foreign domains, especially Spanish, Portuguese, and German.

I bought my first Spanish domains in 1995...

Comment #11

Seabass. For our dot Asia discussion so far,.

1) You haven't prove that there's a better HostGator for $10 at TDNAM,.

2) You made your point about making money now with the type in and nonexistence traffic, which does not make sense because it's a relatively new extension and auctions are still in process. You can't seriously want me to compare dot com who has about 15 years in the making with Dot Asia's traffic in a month? 4 months since go live vs. 15 years of development?.

3) I think your assumption about making money now is incorrect for the Dot Asia Investors. Many investors are looking for long term and higher ROI. Type in is not the only way to make money, but you classified it as a specific question to me on traffic/type in. To answer you, it doesn't matter what "" say I had others reasons to invest.

Seabass you made a lot of statements which does have a point, however it's not convincing because I don't think people could understand your grain of salt if you did not explain why it's "fools gold"...

Comment #12

I think is good to pay this big amount.

Guys think about that when he made a big search engine like google with all small search engine on all of his subdomain with name of Asia Continent.


I think he can beat google and yahoo after few years...

Comment #13

Agree Completely! I couldn't see that much for !..

Comment #14

With that kind of money, I would've bought or instead......

Comment #15

Looks like someone has too much money in their pockets.

They could've probably purchased for a cheaper price..

Comment #16

Best of luck to you, I hope I am wrong and you are right - I mean that...

Comment #17

I would have just bought a better dot com with in a few 3L dot coms..

Comment #18

Is really funny here, most domainer here is just follower, not a real trader or business to understand ....

My personal though, domainer should be a business man able to think, analysis not talking negative base on personal view..... = 112.000 is cheap, cause it create enough attention(especially those againt it) and history is making ... can you create a history with that prices ? if can does PM me I offer the same prices .....

Comment #19

The figure is small compared with the advertising budget of a large company looking to break into the Asian market. There was obviously a contest for the name between a number of companies. Why the surprise?..

Comment #20

I'll be amazed if 'sale' goes through.

I agree with earlier posters, I would not pay $100 for this..

Comment #21

The deal has gone through few days ago, and I have got the refund from my registrar for

Comment #22

I own ...

Hopefully, it does not worth less than book.Asia..

Comment #23

I think is going to stop at 73k.

Another 10.5k to beat ... if it did, it will be history in the making...

Comment #24 at $36,126 - still going. I know we disagree on .asia, arnie...

I sniff some very different dynamics at work in this region - quite different from the European .eu......But, hey....Wouldn't it be a dull world if we all only ever saw the same things, in the same way, all the time, eh?...


Comment #25


-this is one of the proof that Dot Asia does have traffic behind it.

-the other thread where I post "rebel advertising dot asia on dnjournal" also shows that dot asia is building value.

-the prices for auctions have also increased 5-7 fold since start of auction if you compare items like fuel, oil, technology, metal romance, love .....

-go to the showcase thread where xt said were sold for 12k and were sold for some other k.

Here's the traffic trend my my website

8/4/2008 19 unique visitors.

8/5/2008 69 unique visitors.

8/6/2008 485 uninque vistors today. (day is not ending yet).

As you can does have traffic...

Comment #26

You'd have to pay me $100 to take a .asia period...

Comment #27

Just to clarify as I am a bit confused. The later auctions for comparable domains are selling for up to 5-7 times more (as more info is being gained by traffic and aftermarket sales etc)? These are mine (mostly vanity ones)-.









Comment #28

Just the auction itself. The aftermarket as you see sell much more than that.

Aftermarket see rate of 10x+.

Ie. lasvegas, of rx, of rx, cheaphotels etc.,..

Comment #29

From the dotasia website (4 Aug 08):.

"A quick search on the Internet revealed great headway .Asia is making to attract businesses and initiatives alike to utilize the domain. Examples include businesses in the region such as "", "" and ""; multinationals and media groups such as "", "" and ""; as well as events and regional initiatives such as "", "", "", "" and "", etc.".

"...Businesses and initiatives embracing the .Asia HostGator are coming from Asia as well as from around the world who are targeting services for Asia - the Asia market and the Asian audience. The usage of .Asia HostGator names by small and large companies alike demonstrates the value of an Asia centric Internet web address"...

Comment #30

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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