How to fit Veggie Burgers on Nutrisystem plan?

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Sorry if this has already been posted, but I was unsuccessful in finding the info I wanted....

Any of you eat veggie burgers? How do you fit them into the Nutrisystem plan?.

I haven't really been a fan of them, but I'm thinking they might be a welcome change to the Nutrisystem food, which so far has been sort of unpalatable for me..

I've read that some of you guys use it as an entree. If so, what kind of bread would we be allowed to use and what would they count as?.

And if you eat them in addition to your Nutrisystem entree as your protein serving, how do you prepare/eat them without bread?.

Sorry for all the questions.......


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Your question was: How to fit Veggie Burgers on Nutrisystem plan?.

Make sure you watch the stats on the veggie burgers. Most don't fit the guidelines if you are using as your protein serving. The regular Boca Burgers do, but many of the Morning Star Farms ones don't...

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The Morning Stars garden veggie burgers are really good. 3.5g fat, 110cal As an entree, have it on a roll, then for lunch add in your additional protein and salad, or for dinner, add in your dinner add-ons! I just throw it in the microwave when i'm rushing or in the pan to make it crispy. Both taste great!...

Comment #2

Morning Star are the ones I have tried and they are pretty good - this was the first time I ever had them. I have used them as a protein; and if I am able to save another protein from the day - I add a slice of FF swiss cheese and just dip in mustard...

Comment #3

Just read the stats on the package closely as they vary from flavor to flavor even on the same brand. you want to follow the protein/dairy guidelines of up to 100 cals, no more than 3g of fat and at least 7g of protein. some of the boca and MSF burgers fit and others do not even come close. I find that I have to hit more than one supermarket to get the full range of products as one store doesn't carry all the varieties. the MSF asian veggie burgers have a little bit of spice to them and come very close to the stats (they have 4g of fat but since my other protein/dairy servings have no fat I use them occasionally). I either pop in the oven, or nuke and then "brown it" in the oven.

Also some people save a protein and then add a veggie burger to the Nutrisystem burger making a double decker.

Spend some time looking at the recipes and suggestions for food fixes. sometimes a simple fix like a wedge of LF Laughing Cow cheese or a few spices change the taste of the food immensely. There are a number of recipes for the Nutrisystem patty to turn it into shepherds pie, gyros, etc. and i'm sure you can do that with the veggie burgers as well...

Comment #4

I like the MS Asian Veggie Burgers. I usually have one of those on top of sauteed broccoli slaw (1 protein + 1 veggie)..

I crumble a Boca burger (1 protein) into the spaghetti, or into any of the entrees where I want more beef....even add it to the eggs or just eat it on the side. There's all kinds of recipes on the boards or just us it as a protein and make up your own!..

Comment #5

I have a santa fe flavored one (I can't remember the brand) as a protein serving, and I put it on 2 slices of tomato instead of a bun (a tip I saw on Dr. Oz), and then eat it with a knife and fork! It's a little messy but it feels like more food that way!..

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I regularly use the MorningStar Farms products. I usually use them as a meal replacement instead of having Nutrisystem and serve it with a heaping side of grilled vegetables.

Last night I had the Italian Chix patty with a slice of Weight Watchers Smoked Provolone. I don't normally put it on bread - I just put it on a plate. On occassional I put it between 2 slices of light style bread with extra fiber by Pepperidge Farms...

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I enjoy cutting my veggie burger into cubes. I make a salad as usual and toss in the cubes. Add your favorite dressing! If you like, you can also add cheese or fruits to your salad for variation too. You need to be creative!..

Comment #8

Thanks for all the ideas on what to do for variation with a Boca Burger...

Comment #9

I was also thinking you could probably make a faux chicken parm with the chix patties. You could use spaghetti squash or shirataki noodles as your pasta, cup up the chix patty, top with some spaghetti sauce and FF mozz...

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I am on the vegetarian meal plan and can use the veggie burgers for a "snack". I just go to the other foods and use the drop down menu for other grocery items. I like Boca Burgers best and use garlic powder on them too. Hope this helps...

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