How to find low Godaddy bulk prices?

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My question is: How to find low Godaddy bulk prices?.

My 2nd question is: closed at $10 on May 28 2008. Does anybody know if could everyone participate in this auction?.

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Your question was: How to find low Godaddy bulk prices?.

That's why I ask, who realy had the right to participate in this auction?.

It seems very strange to participate more than one in this auction...

Comment #1

I think it also goes a long way in showing the values of this TLD...

Comment #2

If nobody could get in on the auction of course it will go for cheap. I dont get what you are saying here..

Comment #3

Lol, obviously this was a closed off auction - either from sunrise or from a closed landrush auction i.e. only one bidder (tho I find that hard to believe) - I would say Sunrise. Maybe it was part of the plot..

Comment #4

Just commentary on the TLD itself. It alarms me when Generic's are auctioned off to a select few for bizzare reasons at ridiculous prices. Take it how you want it, but I think very little of this TLD thus far...

Comment #5

What's interesting is that, according to the whois, the HostGator was registered by a guy living in Germany.

So the .asia extension can only be registered by people living in Asia.

I learnt a while ago that Australia is considered part of Asia. Now it's interesting to know that Germany is part of Asia too.

I can only agree with Justin's comments about the value of this TLD...

Comment #6

Quite honestly, I group mobi, eu, and asia together as needless TLDs...

Comment #7

We just can not simply say .asia is bad because sold for $10, nor .asia is good because is going to sold for more than $20000...

Comment #8

Asia is the new name of the world. Hence, people from everywhere can register them...

Comment #9

No, but .eu and .mobi have a reseller market to fallback on. I forsee no reseller market for these crappy .asia names...

Comment #10

Wow tht is below reg fee for this one..

Comment #11


Maybe you have too much money invested in .com domains and you are a bit scared of the new emerging markets..

Comment #12

Lol it looks to be taken.

Although mobiEU.ASIA is available.

Or even better.

Or even better again.

A 5 time winner..

Comment #13

Guess you need to be in the 'family' to get a look in on good .asia names... some 'cousin' just made 10-20k for $120.

Even I would have bid more than $10... even with my views of .asia Do enlighten, what emerging market? Germany?..

Comment #14

New TLD - (DomainName), for mobile phones in the far east:. at auction for $.12..

Comment #15

That is a great ROI!!! what HostGator was that ? was it an end user sale ?

Comment #16

I have to agree with you. Wow, only $10.. LOL .ws would have fetched more than that.. haha..

Comment #17

Further to scriptfordali's comment about the whois and the presence requirements mentioned by michaeldotcom... the following might provide some more definite insight. You'll find that "Turkey" is defined in the Asia Pacific (per ICANN definition) and this registrant has their Billing contact and Trademark based in Turkey.

Q21. Who can register names under .ASIA TLD?.

Legal entities within the Pan-Asia and Asia-Pacific region (defined by ICANN as Asia/Australia/Pacific region; see can register names under .ASIA TLD...

Comment #18

Yes, apparently what we refer to as the Middle East, is actually Middle East Asia, even though it's on the extreme West...

Comment #19

Which some of you would have taken more care and attention during Geography & History lessons at school.

ASIA has always included TURKEY.

The River Bosphorus is traditionally the separator between Asia and Europe..

The Middle East was / is so-called because it is East of Europe.

Anatolia (Asian Turkey or Asia Minor) was the Near East and was the "Asia" refered to by St. Paul in the Bible...

Comment #20

I think Asia has a lot of room to grow for still majority of people in asia are still unruly I may speak for myself and my countrymen..

Comment #21

I think dot Asia people in Hong Kong probably got some kind of bribe to allow these generics to go without a public fight.

Because had these names been in auction, it could have bring in much more than the $3 million dollars as of June auction and create much more excitement. Must be some sort of kick back arragement...

Comment #22

Yep !.

This isn't going to rise in value...

Comment #23

Looks like .asia will have a good future LOL..

Comment #24 is at 26000 currently.

Glad to see this price.

I have a HostGator which I see as making an excellent portal or search engine for Asia..


Comment #25

Dot Asia definitely have a huge drain on the whole HostGator market. The market looks good...

Comment #26

.asia never saw the point of it but wish all you .asia followers luck hope it picks up cus that would mean all the other HostGator extenstion shall have risen as well!..

Comment #27

Asia is a place, and it has people and businesses. It doesn't make sense to compare that to other extensions, it's like comparing the continent of Asia to that of the non continent of Mobi or .Me or .Info...

Comment #28

Asia is a place - true .. But so are all of the Countries within Asia that already have CCTLD's for this reason.

The market is already flooded with extensions , and many are pretty much dormant already as it stands. There is no need to keep adding more to a Industry that hasn't balanced out what is already here ... And now ICANN is opening another can of worms (Open Extensions for all that can afford it +/-) without addressing the problems with current extensions...

Comment #29

Its also true that doing in business in Asia is considered international and prestige.

Therefore, a unique extension referencing Asia makes sense because it offers conformity to the many .country extension. Like you said Mark, there are problems existing the many extensions that are considered useless, but dot Asia is not set up address that problem, and certainly will not add to the problem.

Dot Asia itself offers conformity and an online present for those doing business and living in Asia, in a sense a greater community than the current online community (potentially and to best dot com in the future).

So why not dot Asia?..

Comment #30

Same applies to .eu. Even to a greater extent. So why is dot eu doing so bad?..

Comment #31

Looking at the populations of continents, don't you feel having a HostGator .asia you cover almost all the world?.

Also think the case in the continent of asia search engines to give priority first to .asia and after .com.

World Population by Continents.

Continent .................................Human Beings (millions).

World ...................................... 6,396.

Africa ...................................... 885.

The Americas and the Caribbean ... 875.

Asia ......................................... 3,875.

Europe ..................................... 727.

Oceania .................................... 32.

Results from

Comment #32

Um, as I said before, I dont think .eu is necessarily doing so bad for it's age and the scandal that surrounded it. There have been and still are some great sales going on. Sure, it didn't explode and is nowhere near the mighty dot com but I wouldn't say it's doing that bad. Much better than mobi and biz and pro and us and even info..

Comment #33

What I like about Asia - apart from the huge populations (about 60% of the world's population, and growing fast) - and, it's young average age (unlike ageing populations of Europe/America etc).... that, right now, it is growing unbelievably fast (led by China & India)...In fact, it is the ONLY region of the world that looks set to keep growing economically for decades to come...

As Europe, America, and most of the developed economies age, mature and slow - most of WESTERN business is pouring direct investment into the countries of asia, now......And, they will (and are already) promoting their business interests vigourously - both within asia, and everywhere else.

Non asian businesses may well conveniently signal their asian connection to both asian countries, and the western world, by using .asia to promote it....

...Businesses within asia may also use the .asia extension (in addition to their ccTLD) because there are great sensitivities between asian countries - and the .asia extension offers an asian business neutrality.

All up, it has a much better than evens chance to succeed than .eu....precisely because of these very dynamic dynamics, that Europe & .eu never had going for it, imo.


Comment #34


Do you have a general strategy for getting the best prices from your .asias?.

I agree about Asia. Just read another report about the growth of millionaires soaring in parts of Asia, far outnumbering growth elsewhere. You don't get those kinds of figures if something isn't humming nicely in Asia...

Comment #35

I have to contradict your statement that it's the same to dot EU and even to a greater extent. Dot Asia is not the same in several ways.

1. Doing business in Asia gives economies of scales to company who are looking for better ways to produce where in Europe it's not available in the majority of cases.

2. There is a tradition of outsourcing in Asia and it is prefered, and still today, the potential for growth/businesses for Asian markets are stronger than that of the EU. The returns on investment in Asia in terms of % is higher than that of EU.

3. Wall Street Times and Financial times indicate that many investments/banking companies are beginning to acquire and move into Asia because it's possible while it's not likely that they will consider investing/prefer EU to Asia.

Last, it's about the sheer size and customers willing to bid/enter the dot asia market. In dot EU landrush, there were about 30,000 HostGator names applied according to dotasia. While in dot Asia landrush 500,000 names. The sheer size and underlying economic conditions favors dot Asia investments over that of the dot EU.

Establish businesses and customers include Japan, Korea, Chinese, Indian, Newzealand, Australia, etc.,.

I think it's a good investment if the Japnaese, Korean, Chinese, and Indian are investing in it...

Comment #36

Well, I've got a couple of premium generic .asia - like & - so, obviously I like the finance sector.

For my best names in .asia, a quick flip isn't the way to maximise price. The market needs to mature a bit. Also, it's unlikely other domainers will be my market - more likely end users....I expect to develop these names....One day - not too far into the future - I'm confident they'll be worth a lot of money.

For, my lesser names, I expect a healthy aftermarket to develop, as the 'Asia Story' gets more widely known - and, as .asia is more widely known, natural traffic will start to build, too....I expect to make a very good return on these names.


Comment #37

Well, they are investing in it, it seems. I think people need to check out google "" again. While we all bicker on these forums about whether .asia is dead before it even gets off the ground, developed sites by Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Taiwanese, Indonesians etc are popping up every day, some of high quality, some of lesser quality, but it seems 'Asians' are adopting this extn. faster than we can say '.asia is worthless' lol.

So I urge all naysayers to just check out the search results. It speaks for itself really...

Comment #38

This is owned by someone on this board, no?..

Comment #39

DomainTalker - Thanks for your thoughts.

I wonder if DotAsia Organization actively markets dotasia. I think their efforts will go a long way bringing .asia to the consciousness of more people...

Comment #40

I totally agree scorpion. When .asia is recognised by the everyday user is when the big money will be made. Corporations will want an Asian presence and a chance to tap into the fastest growing markets.

But as scriptfordali pointed out, it is beginning to shine, as shown by the diversity of sites developed when you search "". A good sign but will take time to be in the public's consciousness. Martin...

Comment #41

I agree, Martin.

Though I certainly haven't seen any ads in my local newspapers about .asia. (Have domainers seen such ads anywhere?). Or maybe that's not how they go about doing things?.

Just hope DotAsia has some publicity plans for the long term...

Comment #42

The marketing is what makes or break any extension imho, and .asia is no exception. An extension can only prosper if people know about it. Most end-users only know the big ones (.com .net and .org), or may know others exist but they seem so foreign and 'scary' that they are untrusted. People fear the unknown. But if .asia can somehow be marketed into the public's psyche as a viable extension for doing business then it will succeed. The big question is who, if anyone, will do this...

Comment #43

.Asia will fail. Ill bet anyone 10 grand British pounds it will be no better then .biz/.info/.eu...

Comment #44

I think it all depends on what you mean by "better". One of my best parked names is a .us producing top consistant revenue. Also several .info and .biz are producing good parked revenue. So if better means future capital gains, who knows, but if they do well in parking and pay for themselves then nothing lost and worth the punt. I have a doz or so .asia so we'll see how they go...

Comment #45

$10 is a steal. Congrats to the lucky buyer for getting a good buy..

Comment #46

A few points: .eu is 2+ years old, type-in traffic is almost nothing - short pronouncable meaningless .coms get more traffic than good dictionary .eus (I mean good - see my in signature if interested). Secondly, can you at all imagine the SUM needed to market .asia to end-users? My guess is, it is comparable to the cost of a 50-years NASA program. There was only one serious offer I got for .eu: it happened right after landrush started and was for h y p e r dot eu. After that - silence (lowballers don't count). Basically they don't sell. Just thought it's worth sharing...

Comment #47

I really do appreciate your advice, but how do you explain all the .eu sales that do occur? Im not talking xx,xxx or more, but xxx and x,xxx are not uncommon - sometimes for pretty substandard names too...i would be happy if my .asia names could get that...

Comment #48

I'm encouraged by the fact that MGM Mirage (huge Las Vegas-based global entertainment empire - Casinos & Hotels etc) just bought at landrush auction...

I'll bet they market that name globally....That'll help awareness of .asia.


Comment #49

Please DomainTalker... at least .MOBI is better then .ASIAThis is one DOOMED extention from the gate..

Comment #50

Well, might be right.

But, I've calmly invested in top keywords, in two extensions, that domainers, in general, say have no profitable future...

I don't, in any way, discount the judgement of many very experienced domainers, but, I guess I'm backing my own general business experience + gut instinct - together with the determination to build businesses with each of the premium names I have (in both extensions) over time....Effectively, I'm taking a view on wider markets, and calculating odds, too.....For a lot of reasons, for example, I don't see .asia as remotely comparable to .eu.

If I'm wrong, I expect there will be plenty to say: 'I told you so...'....If I'm right (and I engineer a big profit, overall, over time)...well, then, I'll be quietly satisfied..

We all make our bets, eh?..


Comment #51

First of all don't be listening to domainers. Take your own knowledge about business on the Pacific Rim, the sub-continent and the sub rosa economic systen in general and plant your flag.

We are talking business here. Matters of economies of scale, expansion, absorption, distribution channels, tariff treaties and gross production values..

Why in hell would I listen to the opinion of someone who wants to tell me what a HostGator is worth they are not classically-trained in finance to analyze the situation other than saying: " This is the value of that HostGator because I have owned domains before. ".

No, spout your advice about some .com, not even a .mobi, because they are so new but please save all your measured advice about .asia and the business prosepects where they will apply because you embarrass yourself in a public forum.


Comment #52

Actually I would have to disagree with this comment myself I must say,.

IMO Nothing beats real life experience over a pen pusher.

I would go with this person: your quote: "This is the value of that HostGator because I have owned domains before. ".

Sorry but really nothing beats first hand buying and selling experience in the HostGator world, so dealing in domains before, actually has an awful lot going for it (the more dealings the better obviously).

Imagine if someone analysed how to drive a car but didn't know how to actually drive one, would you want them giving you a lift to work? Or would you prefer someone who actually new how to drive a car?..

Comment #53

Agreed. Buying & selling domains experience is valuable, of course.

But, so is real-life business experience, doing deals with major corporates, across a myriad of business deals, in many markets, and many product categories....Experience in assessing business opportunities - the mindsets, the considerations, and the factors that influence - decision-making, at senior levels, in large corporations - and, how they assess value.

The factors that will influence top corporate strategy in relation to new business opportunities in Asia over, say, the next 5-10 years - and, their market positioning (including, say, a .asia domain, as one factor) - lead me to my investment into selected keyword .asia domains.

So, yes, of course, HostGator trading experience (with both other domainers, and corporates) is useful....But, so is experience of what drives business - what they regard as value - and the deals they do to achieve it.

In the end, a HostGator deal with a major corporate - with it's sights set on Asia - may well rely upon strategic discussions....Having that kind of experience offers the chance to achieve, perhaps, an outstanding outcome.


Comment #54


I see you got it.

I don't care how many domains someone has sold. If I am sitting in a board room, of which I have been in many over 30 years, and making a decision, the messenger (the person who says. " I sell domains .")is the least important of the equations.

The message is what is important.

I want to know why this HostGator brings value to my company, other than the seller saying, " This is really a good domain, I know I sell domains. ".

I want to hear how this impacts our bottom line, what our time frame out is for recapturing a significant capital investment, what type of semi-exclusive market entry this will it give us and a myriad of other concerns.

If that person can't tell me that, then he just should have dropped the name off in an envelope and left.

The point I am making is that while many domainers seem affable and willing to offer advice in this forurm, please do not mistake translating that to boadroom knowledge because there is absoutely no comarison whatsoever.

Now, I am certain that there are a number of people in this forum, whose backgrounds I am aware of, and they are more than qualified and capable.

But let's not posture that because someone is member of a HostGator forum and has bought and sold domains that they now have a handle on inter-continental business.


P.S. Sell a domain? Sell out a company or 4 that you built and then we can talk about boadroom experience versus domaining...

Comment #55

Agree and you are real business man ....

I'm into HostGator not so long ago but I manage to sell useless cctld in the past few month....

Last week, I purchase for 15 and sold it at end of the week for low (the prices is higher then dot com, offer in sedo).....

BTW this is my first 2,XXX sell ...

From domainer point, this HostGator have ZERO value (u won't buy it, even typo wont get this name), but it sold ....

Why ? .

My client love the way I present and is all about business...

Comment #56

And good for you Soony Cool. Your presentation was superior to the HostGator and now that person will have to make that HostGator work because they have an investment in it.

May you sell many more.


Comment #57

You must have made an error in the HostGator name you are talking about here, is freely available to register at this very moment. Unless you mean your HostGator name was 7letters long, could you please tell us the HostGator name if this is the case.

Thanks dude..

Comment #58

I never have .asia vome up when I search for anything..

Comment #59

Well I get a decent amount of traffic to my .asia from search engines - in particular MSN Live brings a lot of traffic! And Google is pretty good too...I guess the stuff you are searching for doesn't yet have any relevant sites in .asia or if there are some in .asia then their SEO sux.

Try this for a random example in Google:.

> musicals coming to sydney <.

You'll get my site pop up there at no.6..

Comment #60

All these stories of dotasia success warm my heart.

I think the best is yet to be, and though it is sacrilege in these parts, there may well be a case for some dotasias doing better than their .com counterparts. Esp if the corporate drive to implant an asian identity to their product / service is especially strong. In that case, anything is possible.

In reply to Scriptfordali about who will help market the consciousness of dotasia, I would have thought the DotAsia Organization is the best bet. Do they do such things? Well if they don't, I certainly think that they should!..

Comment #61

Good work, SonnyCool...!!.......Great ROI on a small investment.

I think .asia presents an incredible opportunity for end-user HostGator sales....Many western organisations will want to do business in - or with - the countries of Asia....They will have their .com....But, they mostly won't have anything that brands them as 'Asia'....I think they will be very open to a pitch that says: 'Brand yourself for Asia, too - here's the perfect HostGator for your organisation, for that purpose...'.

One of the shifts I think we'll see in making profits from domains, will increasingly be that direct end-user sales will have to be much more usual, than in the past... that with so many TLD's & ccTLD's competing for internet attention, one key skill that we domainers would be wise to perfect is the art of pitching direct to organisations that you can persuade will benefit from having your HostGator - as an everyday part of doing HostGator business.


Comment #62

DNJournal just reported some .asia sales: ($1,097). ($3,000).

Go, dotasia!..

Comment #63

Is 7 letter dot asia domain.....

I'm not doing the best presentation , what I did is the most basic and traditional sell + a bit trick....

Sorry for can't disclose the domain, cause they might unhappy seeing this thread ....

Give me three more week, I will disclose how I do it but for the means time, I will spend all the profit usd2333 for all dot asia .....

One more extra reason, why I love dot asia : cause asian BUYER think dot asia means they are represent ASIA, sound better then dot com cause dot com is a web site, dot asia is a brand .... they really don't understand much on extension but they love when you call their then .... (i discover it on this trade)..

Comment #64


That is a really big statement that you make there. I think pride is very much going play a part in .asia's success. Sure, they have country code extns but to have a .asia is kinda like having bragging rights e.g. "well, you have but we have .asia, so there!".

This is a great success story that shows there are indeed some Asian companies that see value in .asia names, even if it is just for show or for bragging rights. Great stuff...

Comment #65

Thanks for that Koo,.

Looks like you have something that fits your style, congratulations..

Comment #66

Why would Dot Asia provide a "sense of greater community" when businesses and government agencies in their respective own countries would rather support their own extension? PS: You have quite a number of great keywords in your sig so if Dot Asia do succeed, you'll be a very rich man...

Comment #67


Dot Asia is promoted by the registries of the independent dot In, CN, NZ, JP, TW, SG, KR, etc., and the customers naturally follow because it's promoted from their registry as stated on Dot Asia dot org. (See members section, and ssee the report on customers).

Ps. Thanks for compliment on the great keywords. Did you invest anything in dot Asia?..

Comment #68

Agreed.. the only one with the tiniest bit of potential is .mobi. (Im saying that only because of things like etc.)..

Comment #69

Can I answer with your own phrase just replacing the exetnsion: I would be happy if my .eu names could get that. But they don't...and they will 100% go local if they want to do local business,,, .ch etc..

.asia is NOT local..

Comment #70

Are you sure that businesses will not use .asia ?

Because I am sure that businesses does use dot Asia...

Comment #71

I'd say you lost $$$ on a crap extension. It would be bearable if they were land rush but the fact you bid on the names will make the pain worse in 1 year when you will either drop or do commitment escalation. Welcome .eu .mobi #3...

Comment #72

Well, I dont think tech4 will lose money on those lol...there's some damn fine names there...have you seen some of the sales?..

Comment #73

Sam can you explain why Dot Asia is dot EU or dot Mobi #3? I dont see your reasoning anywhere...

Comment #74

Umm....These are landrush names, Sam - progressively being auctioned now....Auction is .asia's mechanism for landrush distribution...

...And, the fact that there is competitive bidding on these landrush .asia domains - and the solid prices being achieved - suggests demand for them.

Whats your reason for saying they are crap, Sam - apart from 'I pull my negative assumption out of thin air?'? If they limit themselves only to very local, I agree....they're likely to use the ccTLD.

If they go a multi-asian country strategy (and a large number of Australian companies, for example, are doing this), then, a .asia may well have benefits for them.

The scale of the current, and future, business and economic opportunities across the Asian region - and the speed with which this is happening - are beyond anything the world has ever seen......Confining strategy & targeting to 'Local', in Asia, will be a rarity for western companies targeting asia, imo.

But, they may do both, to maximise leverage.


Comment #75

Go ahead and criticize. Every prediction I've "pulled out of thin air" has become reality. Search my .EU thread while everyone was bidding up the prices! LMAO, oh how I got criticized. Then my .mobi thread, more criticism, then my .US thread , more criticism. The result, general failure, everytime the prices went down from landrush hype.

Yawwn. In any case, local cctlds ALWAYS dominate some regional tld, always. You can't change internet usage habits by shoving something so unorthodox as .ASIA.

The fact that is competitive bidding is bad if your a reseller, you've already paid $X,XXX for a name! OUCH!!!.

At least .mobi you can flip quick from reg fee and .eu, .asia is going to put some big holes in some pockets. I was contemplating doing the quick flip and reg until they said auction while I was at TRAFFIC last summer, put me off right away.

Bye Bye..

Comment #76

Id like to draw attention to that great example from SonnyKool in one of the threads (forget which one) in which he sold a .asia name for $2K or so (wasn't that brilliant a name imho) to an Asian end user business who wanted the name so they could have 'bragging rights' over their competitors - i.e. they have the .asia while their competitor just has .ccTLD - they would represent all of Asia which really excited them...

Comment #77

Positive, they will all continue to use local cctlds. Look at .EU. That's great, thats an EXCEPTION then the standard. I sold a .PR for $4k to an end user in puerto rico... does that mean go out and go reg some .pr ?

I rest my case, come back in 2 years, you'll see how badly it failed. Just like all the other predictions...

Comment #78

I'm not criticising you, Sam....Just asking what the basis of your opinion was...

I guess, bottom line, I expect to make a lot more from, or, than you will from, say,, or that you own...!!....LOL.


Comment #79

I own poker.** sex.** best keywords on the planet. I don't even bother with .com. You assume wrong..

Comment #80

Sam, you sound to me to be pure genius. Your predictive powers are far beyond the ordinary man. Could you please pass on some additional knowledge of future events so that I may plan ahead. Martin...

Comment #81

I don't give out my knowledge for free, cause I keep it to myself and keep all the $$$.

In any case, if one must ask someone else for predictions of the future, one should not be in this business Sarcastic dummies should also not post, especially those new to the industry...

Comment #82

Please big bucks all knowing one. Can't we have just a few crumbs of wisdom to share amongst us mere mortals?..

Comment #83

Hell no. I like barriers of entry. The more money you initially lose, the less competition there will be. This is true with any business. 20 / 80 rule applies here. Delusional newbies are even more fun to see fail, cause thats the only way they will learn their lesson, through their pocketbook. *HINT* look at the .mobi forum and the lack of "participation" ( then again they may have all fled to ).

That being said, I hope all of you guys make it. But, I am not going to dole away my competitive advantage. People have come to me ask me to tutor them for free, I laugh and say why? What do YOU bring to the table?.

When you lose all your money to .asia, please feel free to leave the HostGator industry, I sometimes don't even know why I bother to warn people of incoming doom, business dictates one should want his / her competitors to fail. I guess I just can't stand seeing young peeps like myself lose all their money trying to think they can get rich on the next "big boat". Hell, I went to -$200 in my bank account back in the day for following the trends, I learned my lesson.

Think outside of the box. Namepros and any other HostGator forum aint going to help you in that aspect...

Comment #84

Ahh - this is a completely false statement.

BTW I can bet 100 pounds right now both .asia and .eu will follow same route. I'm not saying it will be a failure, but it will be same - both are continent extensions. Conclusion: learn from .eu as .asia mirrors it. Truly easy question: what's the % of european businesses using .eu now? This will answer your .asia question...

Comment #85

Thanks for the warning of the incoming doom's day Sam.

But you have to share why it is doom, do you have any insider knowledge on the situation. Because I as a newbie and the rest of the dooms' day dot Asia investor don't understand or see your rationality. Please share why...

Comment #86

Why compare with eu and asia ???.

Remember the history when japanese car first introduce in state, any one said JAP car is going to sell ?

Let said : world top 5000 company where are they target now ? asia or euro ? .

Any top manufacture is open up new factory in Euro compare with Asia (china, vietnam).

But is good that so many hate dot asia then allow us to buy more ......

Comment #87

(reposted from another thread).

Being in Australia - and on the doorstep of what's really happening across the asian region - I kind of like it that the regional .eu was released first, and disappointed many domainers. Many domainers draw a parallel with .asia. They say that the European experience shows that ccTLDs have proven to be more attractive than a regional extension. And, by and large, that was true of .eu.

And, they have vacated the .asia space because of it - and, allowed us to take great names, much more cheaply than otherwise would be the case.

Whilst .asia is speculative, at this stage (anything new is), I feel there are a couple of real differences between .eu and .asia....

.eu represents a mature, low-growth, economic region, where there were well established businesses & practices - Effectively, .eu was trying to say: 'Here's an internet identity that overrides your already long-established identity market positioning (.com, and ccTLDs etc)...' it was trying to change what was already working well - and, probably surplus to requirements....So, it's sluggish.

.asia, on the other hand, unlike Europe, is an identity being applied to a region made up of fast-developing countries and businesses - that largely have no current long-established identity market position....Businesses in Asia have it all to do - and, their 5-10 year growth plan involves branding themselves - easily - in the western markets, and minds, as well as with each other...

...On top of that, western business is rushing to invest in Asia - and they have an 'asian brand' strategy for their business to get up - quickly - too (their choice is 17 ccTLDs - or one, easily understood '.asia').

So, different dynamics at work for .asia, as opposed to the .eu experience, imo....I feel there is a need for a branding .asia - in a way that there never was for .eu....The difference is about regional development stages - identity branding - and, what's required to meet the need.

Its speculative, of course....And ccTLDs will have an important place, and function, too. Its not 'either, or'...

...But, I feel those that reject .asia as a profitable niche are overlooking a big opportunity.


Comment #88

That's the most fallacious argument I've heard yet, almost comparing the rise of the mobile internet with .mobi.

In any case, the cctlds in Asia are already semi-established, thailand,, australia , phillipines .ph. I would say it's too late, but yes, those cctlds don't have the big dominant market share like certain european cctlds do.. they still do have a significant amount of market share.

Companies also don't invest in Asia, they invest in certain countries. Besides a few global, global, brands, who can afford 17 cctlds, not many companies would dive in to Mongolia or Laos...

Comment #89

To be honest, how many people actually know that some of these extensions exist? I see .asia as identity, and because of that, I see potential in it. If you are in a lesser developed country... do you buy the cctld, do you buy .asia, or maybe even buy both? Even the consideration of .asia at this point is important, because there's what - like 50 countries in all of Asia?.

If .asia plays out right, it could become the "eastern society .com" IMO. Highly unlikely, but you never know. Don't take that as being number two, but what I mean is... take a look some extensions like .us, .ca,, and etc... no one really cares that much about them when compared to .com, so maybe the same thing will happen over there... where .asia will become top priority over the cctlds...

Comment #90

I agree with DomainTalker's analysis. Wanted to say something along those lines before, but couldn't express it as eloquently.

Just want to add that you don't need to invest in many Asian countries to justify having a .asia extension. Even just 2 Asian countries would suffice, because the marketing is basically telling people "we have a presence in Asia". When people look at a .asia, they don't expect the company to have businesses everywhere, from inner mongolia to the UAE.

What it tells esp. Western audiences is, we're serious about our Asia presence and strategy, it's a fast growing region, things are happening, possibilities are exciting, we're a part of it, do you want to be a part of it too?..

Comment #91

You serious?!?! Thats an insult to the locals if they don't know their cctrlds. No one cares that much about them? Shit, you gotta be joking. Look up sale of Poker.DE if you think no one cares about cctlds. I guarantee you this, in 1, 5, 10, X amount years, more people will still know about .au then .asia...

Comment #92

I'm talking about the locals not knowing their own cctld, I'm talking about everyone else. The asia cctld may be the opportunity to reach out to half the worlds population at a fraction of the cost of .com/.net/.org in a few years. How difficult is it to remember .asia, as opposed to individual cctlds? Maybe you have them all memorized, but I sure as hell don't, because I just don't care...

Comment #93

That is really cool abt you with so much of knowledge within your self .....

And I do interested in how you make the "GUARANTEE" on dot au will be more popular then dot asia ..

Base on australia 20+ million population ? or MEDIAN AGE increasing rate ? .

Please enlighten us ....

Comment #94

Yeah! That was exactly my thought of .eu - next dot com for Europe. You are joking right?.

As for dot asia taking prevalence of cctld - you flying so high skies.....

Comment #95

Sam is an experienced domainer, and I agree with what he has said.

Don't just focus on .ASIA. Be sure to diversify your portfolio.

Lower the risk that way.....

Comment #96

You are worse then mjnels. This is a brain draining comment, like someone suggesting .eu will replace for local usage.What a crap load of facts. You sir are on the ignore list.ASIA vs .AU has no valid argument and I am sure those who live Australia can agree with me.

You are an insult to the Australian people suggesting something crappy as .ASIA will replace their own cctld. You might want to start researching facts before pulling stuff out of your ass, especially with population. I will bet you $10 grand .AU will be more popular then .ASIA in 5 years in Australia , with a contract and everything written by a lawyer if you are so "sure", don't think you would accept though. Anyone who accepts this bet would be the epitome of blinded fanboy. Foreigners should not lecture local cctlds about "remembering". Its all about traffic, and sad to say, .asia will get shit traffic in the next 5 years.

That's not going to change. Who you marketing to?..

Comment #97

I actually live in the "Asia qualified Area" and guess what, not one .asia name has been advertised or if you approach a local, they'll look at you weird and think you're on some sort of drug.... It's going to fail because we already have ccTLD's. If you asked an Australian person what their country code was, they'd easily tell you - Any person in their country is MASSIVELY advertised here, It's already got well established site's with great Alexa, why would they waste money by switching to .asia when it may not even be their target audience and they've already got exposure with their local ccTLD and people easily remember it.

Thenext88 - ccTLD's are advertised enough in the media, if you can't remember your ccTLD or a ccTLD of a surrounding country, you've got problems.

IMO - Get your money out of the toilet before it's flushed.....

Comment #98

This is funny stuff.

-Sam wrote on his signature that he wont read any dot asia thread. And wont share any knowledge.

-Moderator James Murphy wrote that Australia is an "Asian qualified zone" and he actually lives in it. While stating that if he ask any australian person, no one would know what dot Asia is.

But the moderator does have a point, it's not heavily advertise or not even advertised?..

Comment #99

Well no duh... Australia != Asia...

I mean why is even being compared? If there is anything to compare, it's the cctlds of countries actually located in Asia.

In the end it may fail... because countries like Japan and China already have very well defined cctlds like you do over in Australia. But even then... if you lived in China or Japan, would registering a .asia not be of any interest at all?.

Registering .asia for purposes in Australia almost makes as much sense as registering a .asia HostGator for purposes here in the US... in my opinion.

FYI - I'm not saying to go out and buy a $1000+ .asia HostGator name. I'd highly advise against that even. All I'm saying is comparing .asia to .eu isn't exactly a fair comparison, for reasons already stated...

Comment #100

Of course, ccTLDs in the Asian countries (and, of course, Australia) will do just fine...and continue to be well supported.

The calculation is only whether .asia will also have a place, after it gets established, as well...

Watching the landrush auctions for the names I registered for, it's interesting to note the quality of the corporates that are bidding for .asia domains - both western organisations, and Asian organisations. Most bidders show as just numbers - but several bid under their own name...

Eg, I've seen bidding: MGM Mirage - US Casino & Hotels group ( Seaview - UK-based cruise booking company ( PhatProphets - Australian stock analyst & Fund manager ( PCCWGlobal - Hong Kong-based communications company ( BOSS - Fashion & Fragrance org.(

...and those are just the auctions I've registered for, and seen so far, and those that disclose their real names when bidding.

That says something to me....With this quality of corporates investing in the .asia brand - and, this is only the beginning - there is no objective basis, imo, for just writing .asia off, as of no value....

One should allow that there are possibilities.


Comment #101

What happens with the money, dotasia earned with the auctions?.

I've heared, the organisation will use it for promotion?..

Comment #102

Hehe, I hope so....the amount of money they are raking in would be plenty of promotion $$$.

But I'm sure they will pocket a lot for themselves lol..

Comment #103

Actually the total amount of the auction is probably about $5 million at the moment. But they are not taking it all, and the those people that went out and form the dot Asia are pretty well off people. Millions of USD are pretty much junk changes to these people.

There's a lot of world tour promotion that they did, just look at their event calendar...

Comment #104

Erm, I would check your sales data on that.CO.UK is miles ahead of .us/.ca or the like.

The reason .EU has failed is that the EU is lots of quite independantly minded countries with their own languages. To me that sounds very much like Asia.

One group will be getting rich for sure, the registries! All they need now is some way of launching a new extension every week (!)..

Comment #105

I can't agree with that, hey...

I agree the European ccTLDs are doing fine...

But, I feel there are a couple of real differences between .eu and .asia....

.eu represents a mature, low-growth, economic region, where there were well established businesses & practices - Effectively, .eu was trying to say: 'Here's an internet identity that overrides your already long-established identity market positioning (.com, and ccTLDs etc)...' it was trying to change what was already working well - and, probably surplus to requirements....So, it's sluggish.

.asia, on the other hand, unlike Europe, is an identity being applied to a region made up of fast-developing countries and businesses - that largely have no current long-established identity market position....Businesses in Asia have it all to do - and, their 5-10 year growth plan involves branding themselves - easily - in the western markets, and minds, as well as with each other...

...On top of that, western business is rushing to invest in Asia - and they have an 'asian brand' strategy for their business to get up - quickly - too (their choice is 17 ccTLDs - or one, easily understood '.asia').

So, different dynamics at work for .asia, as opposed to the .eu experience, imo...


Comment #106

I find it interesting that those that did not preregistered to enter any auction are left out and their #1 reasons stated is they believe dot Asia is the same as the failed dot EU/Mobi/US.

While the're risk averse and insightful, I think domaintalker has a great point.

The market for dot Asia is unlimited and demand will rise as more people are finding interests and reasons to use dot Asia. Prices at pool auction represent "historical risks" which benefited alot from non particpations of long time domainers who did not see the value in dot Asia.

I see the returns as already exceptional...

Comment #107

Indeed, but if even the EU which is more integrated than Asia hasn't embraced it's TLD, why Asia would ? It's an old trick: to profit from a gold rush without the risk, sell spades, picks and shovels to gold diggers..

Comment #108

It's really quite amazing to me though how if you search for a dotasia name now (at say Godaddy for example) everything is taken, even crazy obscure stuff! Im assuming it's mostly domainers buying out everything, but I cant work out if it's a good or bad thing?..

Comment #109

Its a good thing, because the numbers are in masses. Say if there the world of domainer for dot Asia has a population of 1.5 million names registered, compared to other extensions like dot mobi which after 2 years has a population of approximately 1.0 million but is declining toward..900k.

24 months=900,000 for dot mobi/simliar dot EU/US.

4 months=1.5 million and growing or more for dot Asia.

I see a good trend...

Comment #110

True, but how many drops will there be a year later. Im hoping not so many...

Comment #111

Here is what people are dropping in .eu these days:.

Comment #112

I agree with scriptforall that it's incredible that dot Asia did so well during the opening. Within the few comming months of auction for dot .me and .pro, the news look very bad for them compared with dot Asia. Which is a great thing for the dot Asia community and investors.

So if mid July-August, new extensions are not taking off, and dot Asia is still the dominant, I would say that's dot Asia's mass numbers and growing registrations is solid thing.

Already, I see dot Asia as being a big pull on the liquidity of the HostGator market, those millions that could have went to other extensions and dot com went to dot Asia...

Comment #113

Kath....For me, the key driver of profit for my .asia domains is not about whether businesses & individuals across Asia, itself, embrace the .asia extension....I agree, like Europe, ccTLDs across Asia will be strong - and, are unlikely to be replaced by a generic pan-Asia extension (tho, I think some will also have a .asia identity, in addition to their ccTLD).

If I was betting that Chinese businesses, for example, would replace their .cn with .asia, then I would expect to lose money.

For me, the main driver of value in good .asia names will be (and is) the rush of new western business investment into the powerhouse economies of Asia - which will likely vastly increase over the foreseeable future. I think these companies' need for a fast-branding mechanism, that easily signals their new Asia strategy - for both asian business markets, and western markets, but, mainly western markets - will lead them to invest in a .asia web presence (they may also adopt ccTLDs for selected target asian countries)...

This 'rush of new corporate money' dynamic was not at work in Europe to support .eu value.

I think there is a 1-5 year window, where selected .asia domains will be in great demand from western businesses with plans for the Asian region, with outstanding opportunities for those that are in a position to supply good .asia domains.

My strategy, therefore, is an end user strategy - not a 'churn' strategy of on-selling to other domainers, for my best profits (tho there may be the odd flip)...

So, I'm not looking at my .asia domains for Parking income - nor for traffic metrics - nor for domainer-value....I'm looking at them as a Brand opportunity for target corporate buyers.

The number of major western corporates that I see now bidding in the Landrush auctions I'm involved in (see my post above), suggests to me that my strategy is on track.


Comment #114

MGM Mirage bought for $60 bucks. I was the only one besides them who were in the auction...I forgot about it and let it slip for $60!..

Comment #115

I dunno, man, I find that hard to believe - '' wouldn't be you have proof of that? I would say bummer, dude, but I guess had you bid for it, they woulda bid you out of the water imho..

Comment #116

Sure:. Top-Domains 14.07.2008.

Monday, 14 July, 2008 10:54 AM.

From: "" <>.

Add sender to Contacts.

To: ##############.

Sehr geehrter Kunde,.

Anbei die aktuellen Top-Domains der Woche..

Bitte beachten Sie: Gebotsende ist bereits HEUTE 14:00h.

Dear customer,.

Current Top HostGator names on

End of bidding: TODAY 2:00 p.m.

Top .eu-Domains:.

Top .be-Domains:.

Top .de-Domains:.

Top .at-Domains:. Service Team.

>>>>>> GET YOUR HostGator POLE POSITION <<<<<<.

===========================================. HostGator Services GmbH.

Abfalterweg 6, A-5082 Groedig, Austria.

Tel: +43 664 2771097.

Fax: +43 662 234667788.



Go to their website, create an account and you will be able to download the .eu droppings. I'm telling ya - .asia will follow the route...

Comment #117

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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