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I got a quick question: How to find GoDaddy promotional codes and coupons?.

I also got another question: From what I have experienced reseller pricing means "I am going to lowball you and complain if you want me to pay market prices for your domains."..

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Your question was: How to find GoDaddy promotional codes and coupons?.

From what I've seen, reseller pricing means "I am going to buy this name from you for low xxx because that's what the going price for your name is in the resellers market, then I'm going to turn around and spit in your face the next day and put it up for sale on the very same forum for mid xxxx."..

Comment #1

Another example, I have for sale all over the place described as "reseller price set" at $500 because imho another "domainer" who is a little more patient then myself, can buy it now for that price and "resell" it later for much higher to an enduser or even another domainer...

Comment #2

I think Biggie has a point - WE set the prices for HostGator names.

By buying and selling amongst domainers we set the bar low.

In an ideal world we all market / sell to developers / endusers and the bar would be high..

There will always be wholesale and retail pricing but domainers need to promote the retail aspects of HostGator name investments...

Comment #3

I see reseller pricing as the price that I should get for a HostGator if I try to sell it today. If I see something below reseller pricing then I should buy it quickly as I should be able to make a profit on it immediately. Reseller prices are usually determined based on the performance of similar names at aftermarket auctions as they reflect current reseller values...

Comment #4

Reseller price == this reseller needs some fast cash and doesn't want / doesn't have the time or bandwidth to deal with the effort & uncertainty trying to negotiate a "fair market" price to a buttoned-down deep-pocketed corporate end-user and their associated marketing, accounting, & (sometimes, potentially) their legal departments.

Everyone's got their niche and their comfort zones - some are quick flippers, some have the connections to make sales more easily to certain industries - others have solid working relationships with other domainers based on trust earned over years of good, profitable dealings on both sides of each trade.

But all that being said ... reseller prices should not be lowball prices - if anything, they should be as fair as possible on both sides of the deal, given that many of us may be buying one month and trying to sell the next ... which I guess is the point biggie might be trying to get across in his cryptic one-liner ...

(hi biggie)..

Comment #5

Reseller pricing = a good way to convince a newbie you're giving them a good deal: "You can't go wrong buying at reseller prices!".

The above answers are of course correct as well..

Comment #6

All I can say is, some are trying to set price ranges/guides for names and those who make offers based on them are being left behind.

If you are selling at those prices you're a sucker....if you're able to buy at those caught a sucker!.

Wake up..

Comment #7

I don't get the point of this thread, or what are you trying to say.

So everyone shouldn't flip names at forum prices but only sell to end users, is this your point?..

Comment #8

What prices for what domains? An example or two would be instructive...

Comment #9

I've often sold at reseller prices and I don't think I've been taken advantage of. I made a quick profitable flip. The buyer then has to take the time and effort to find the right buyer and potentially pay renewal fees until the right buyer comes along. Wholesalers and retailers - there's room in the market for both to make money...

Comment #10

Agreed. I just bought a "city".mobi for a few hundred bucks. The seller made a very quick flip from reg fee to a few hundred which is a nice profit and I got a name at "reseller" pricing that I added to my dev pile...

Comment #11

On one side it is a question of time - do you want your money in a week or two or are you willing to wait for years for the one buyer who will pay top dollar.

On the other side it is a question of selection. If you want to invest in LLLL.coms, for example, there are many sellers from which to choose, so you can pick the ones with the best value. If you need NHDK .com (example) because those are the initials of your law firm, then you may have to pay whatever the owner of that specific HostGator wants for it - end-user pricing.

If you do not like the offer - say no. It is not an insult, just business...

Comment #12

Some domainers don't want others to make a bigger success than themselves with a HostGator they are trying to sell...its a jealousy thing, so they scream 'lowball'..whatever, unless of course the shoe is on the other foot, in which case they are smart and canny investors......

Comment #13

I don't agree with it, however, comonly seen as:.

Reseller pricing: prices.

Normal Pricing: Ridiculous prices domains go for at auction/end-user...

Comment #14

In every market - There will always be Wholesale 'type' prices ... In a perfect World , Yes everyone would sell for the highest possible amount , But many people still make a living selling for Wholesale 'type' prices. As I said , This is true in any market - Not just Domains.

Car Dealers get a better price than most consumers ... They profit from that. Walmart gets a better price on most everything and they profit from that. It's nothing new - and it won't go away no matter what we say or do.

Supply / Demand.

Haves / Have Nots.

Even in a perfect world where everyone would be paid the same amounts - There would still be Registrars (Charging So Called "Premium Pricing") , Auction houses , Drop Catchers , Mass Tasters .... Someone profiting above us.

So is life..

Comment #15

Some great responses here.

I'm glad the thread was able to stimulate members to think of not only what "reseller" means, but what I meant by starting this thread.

As "filter" keyed in on as in his cryptic one-liner.

And "gooster" has pointed out what he see's but doesn't agree with, as becoming a common standard among some domainers.

....back when LLL.nets were selling for $40 > $80 each, I was flipping some for $450 > $600.

And I am a reseller too.

Next class > premium letters - stay tuned.

Just one more thing to add...

Domains ain't like cars...once you drive them off the lot, the value decreases by $1000.00.

And you can't buy domains at least not yet.

Trying to equate the sale/value of a HostGator with any other product or a fallacy in the making!..

Comment #16

[quote=biggie]....back when LLL.nets were selling for $40 > $80 each, I was flipping some for $450 > $600[quote].

To other resellers or to end users?..

Comment #17

[QUOTE=stub][quote=biggie]....back when LLL.nets were selling for $40 > $80 each, I was flipping some for $450 > $600resellers..

Comment #18

Reseller pricing = the difference between the price you want or the price you think the HostGator can be flipped for and the price you are selling for.

My favorite deals are when both the seller and I both think we made a great deal...

Comment #19

So you understand reseller pricing then And therefore, I miss your point..

Comment #20

It is a rampant plague on domaining. It will be in the business for life...

Comment #21

Exactly my thought too.

Hmmmmmmm not being thick, come again Biggie, what's your point?..

Comment #22

The underlying issue is that HostGator names are a highly illiquid and inefficient market. The most motivated buyer and the lowest priced seller do not find each other because buyers are not familar with the aftermarket; are presented with millions of choices if they find it, mostly junk; then are asked to "make offer" with no idea what would be acceptable (very intimidating); often the seller never responds and if they do get the name it takes near to forever to get it into their account.

So the re-seller steps in to arbitrage..

Takes risk. Maybe makes money.

Reseller prices will approach end-user prices when (not if when) the HostGator market becomes more efficient...

Comment #23

Sounds like somebody isn't going to get the 10000% ROI he projected, and now he's complaining to people for just throwing lowballs (aka reseller-price offers) at him.

No, domaining isn't like buying cars, as everybody's know, it's more like the real estate market, and If you've got a standard 5 rooms apartament in a well-known city zone, a "reseller pricing" "base price" "wholesale price" etc. makes perfect sense..

Or do you want to find an end user for every single HostGator in your hands, well, good luck with that!..

Comment #24

For me it only exists sellers price, and buyers price. You can call it reseller, wholesale, bargain, cheap, etc, it doesn't matter really.

I won't lower a HostGator price just because someone will be reselling it. I have nothing to do with it...

Comment #25

I'm comparing ALL Industries/Businesses in general.

There will Always be a Reseller/Wholesale Market in most any industry. There is no way around it IMO.

Out of all the Domainers reading this , How many may never find an End user for their "special" domain(s) ? How many have domains not worth the effort ?

I wish everyone Great success and Firmly believe this Industry is still in the early stages - But I also hate to see people jumping in with both feet over the latest Fads or Hype and losing their A$$es..

Comment #26

I support this vision as well. There are domainers with a consolidate and large network of contacts where they know they will get the right offer for your name. Everybody is a winner: me that can sell the name for a good price then the top level domainer that knows they will get a nice roi on the name ...

Comment #27

The simple fact is that profits drive this industry forward. As long as we're all making profit, no one is really losing anything...

The only real complaint I have about domainers and reseller pricing is when it comes to HostGator related domains... I always see Name Wanted threads for domains to be used for domaining portfolios, blogs, etc... And everyone is always looking for reseller prices... Maybe I am missing something, but for those kind of domains, WE are the end users...

Comment #28

At the time of those sales, there were no price to speak.

Buyers bought based on the name and asking price.

Now buyers and sellers alike are being told what prices are.

Thus ...reseller prices.

There are still buyers out there who are also resellers, who buy according to the name and asking price.

These are the buyers who are getting the creme of the crop.

They know that once they own it....they own it.

They see past today and into the future, and in that future they will be holding the premo's.

And still, there are those who only buy and sell according to so-called "market-rates", those who are waiting on pricing to fit in pricing guide ranges.

You're getting the crumbs or left out all together.

And to the haterz...

This ain't about the lowball offers, cause I just laugh and say no thanks.

I'm the one with the name, because I saw the future before reseller pricing!.

And no, domains ain't like the Realestate market either!.

There are no water bills, no light bills, you don't have to fix the roof and mow the lawn or pay someone to do it for you. the housing market is in a are not.

No, domains ain't like realestate. didn't I say you can't compare a HostGator to any other service or product!.

Stay up!.

"what the hell is a premium letter"..

Comment #29

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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