How to find Godaddy promos for mobi domains?

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My question is: How to find Godaddy promos for mobi domains?.

My 2nd question is: Anyone get money back from Godaddy yet from the failed .me regs??/..

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Your question was: How to find Godaddy promos for mobi domains?.

Where would the refund be shown? Does it become a credit or do they actually refund my Paypal account?..

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The refund comes in the form of payment that the initial payment was made ... not a credit to the GoDaddy account.

I "bought" 2 domains about half an hour after open registration paying with PayPal ... just got the refund 3 hours ago ... it was CC charged and a little from my PayPal balance ... PayPal returned the balance and refunded the CC charge..

Comment #2

Just got my refund back in my paypal account and a phone call from Godaddy apologising for their mistake!..

Comment #3

I know people might knock Godaddy every now and then. But that is very professional people should take that into consideration when they bad mouth the Godaddy support service...

Comment #4

I agree domain50 still waiting for my money back thoHowever I use them for most of my purchases because they are so @ 3.61 if searched for godaddy on google:.

.info @ 0.99.

Can't be beat it and as such will not have any qualms going back.

If I do another land rush I may well hedge my bets tho and go elsewhere...

Comment #5

That's fine, but there are plenty of reasons to dislike and distrust GoDaddy, and one person getting an apology doesn't wipe the slate clean.

Their customer service has never been a problem, in my experience it has been just dandy...

Comment #6

Well sorry this is a bit off topic I guess..I HAVE gotten refunds from godaddy before, but not on .me reg. tries..But I would consider them good for their refund. Maybe you should give them a call..

Comment #7

Absolutely. I agree 100%. And I myself, just like yourself, have never had a problem with the Godaddy customer service. But my point is, that one person getting a phone call for something, most would consider minuscule, is pretty significant. Can I please ask why, you think that their are so many reasons to dislike and distrust Godaddy? I dont want to hijack this thread, nor create an argument, just curious is all...

Comment #8

The "Controversies" section of the wikipedia page covers many of them. There are others, there was recently a controversy regarding a GoDaddy Vice President bidding against customers in their own auctions for instance, and their unique interpretation of ICANN's policies regarding denying HostGator transfers.

Now we have the whole .me debaucle, which has been an utter failure, and there seems to be at least some anecdotal evidence (per this thread) that GoDaddy are secretly running the .me show, which just adds fuel to the fire considering the botched launch. I wonder, after spending $millions to build their brand why would they try so hard to be anonymous in all this?.

I'm not saying GoDaddy is bottom of the barrel, just saying there's reason not to trust them, and in this business that is dominated by spammers, scammers, and porno hustlers it's hard to give the benefit of the doubt...

Comment #9

Great info Rob. I was aware of the VP incident, and think that, that was awful. You have hundreds of thousands if not millions, why outbid a customer for a HostGator name? Not to smart if you ask me.

In the end I think it comes down to the fact, that this is internet that we "live" in, you cannot trust very many people, and even those that you think you can trust (like Godaddy) need to be watched closely.

But again, I have never had a problem with them personally, so maybe that is why I'm a little blinded by the light if you will...

Comment #10

Yep, I understand, and in the end it's not a perfect world. Almost all of the big players in this business have skeletons in their closets Godaddy, Sedo, SnapNames, Pool is just the very start of the list, but as far as I know Namepros is run by standup people.

I try to give my business to people who are fair and honest, but that's hard to find in this industry so sometimes I do have to suck it up and concede. I've been suggesting recently because as far as I can tell they do right, but I wouldn't be shocked if tomorrow some story broke about their sleazy tactics too. Like you said, you can't trust many people in this industry, and the ones you think you can you have to watch like a hawk...

Comment #11

And as Journey once sang.

"The Wheel in the Sky keeps on Turning"..

Comment #12

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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