How to find Godaddy promo codes for biz sites?

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My question is: How to find Godaddy promo codes for biz sites?.

My 2nd question is: This was posted on another forum, but thought I would post it here, as it is definitely good news for those of you who own Keyword_Blog (or Blog_ Keyword) domains.

"...Blogging is growing at an incredibly active pace, with more than 175,000 new blogs appearing every day."..

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Your question was: How to find Godaddy promo codes for biz sites?.

"The event includes a "who's who" list of today's most well-known bloggers, exciting online marketers, and leading social media experts, along with a comprehensive selection of informative sessions and panel discussions covering everything that today's active blogger needs to know.".

Damn, I should be down there trying to auction off

Comment #1

I think more and more people will move to their own HostGator names rather than sub-domains of blogger etc.

Should be great for names...

Comment #2

I believe the ones that will benefit the most from this news are the following blog HostGator holders:.

1. Individual Names (i.e.,,,, etc.).

2. Initials (i.e. for Bill Smith, for Bill Robert Smith, etc).

3. Strong Keywords (i.e.,,, etc.).

Definitely good news for blog domainers...

Comment #3

Good news indeed. I have tons of blog domains. Now, if only there is a conference for vloggers next year, maybe I can slap vbulletin on vlogpros...

Comment #4

I got about 70 blog domains including 3 I just got..

Pedblog - pediatrician.

SSSblog - so so sexy.

VVVblog - Veni Vidi Vici, I Came I Saw I Conquered!.

I've been getting a lot more offers for blog domains,.

But, so far, it's all been just lowballers..

Comment #5

I got so many super premium names.

Comment #6

I believe geo blog domains are ideal also - i.e.,, etc...

Comment #7

Blogging continues to grow, not just with the average guy who wants to write for the world to see, but corporations of all kinds are adding blogs to their websites, entertainment personalities have their own blogs, movies, TV shows, it's not going to end anytime soon...

Comment #8

I have to agree. These may even be better than regular city .com's in certain ways such as conversions b/c blogs come across more as sites that recommend instead of just list...

Comment #9

Sold a few blog names this year...have some more in the portfolio, including one for the chinese market (when .cn market truly picks up).

Comment #10

IZEAFest '08 - An opportunity for them to list a few blog domains for sale as part of their promotion..

Comment #11

I've sold some "blog" domains, and continue to get interest in others. Here are the ones I own: - play on "Alien Life Form" FearOfBlog(s).com - pun on "Fear Of Dog(s)" - pun on "Going To the Dogs" - Shakespeare would be proud - North Korea Blog - North Korea Blogger - good one! Try Googling "oldest blogger" - another pun

Comment #12

I have seen some offers on the 15 or so geo blog domains I own and I sold 1 last year, have a few solid keyword blog domains as well but overall I have seen more offers on the geos, good luck to the blog HostGator holders...

Comment #13

I have Blogz <dot> me and at landrush auctions blogs,me is now at $3500 should finish above 5000$ and I can see .me becoming a blogging extension with 2 of the earliest and perhaps most popular developed sites being blogs...

Comment #14

Yes blogs are getting stronger. Also, I have noticed many books have links inside the story to character blogs so they can like carry on the story through the blog instead of publishing books etc. Good idea I think. Only problem is it is usually links...

Comment #15 all taken...looks like someone thought of that already..

Comment #16

I own some the biggest U.S. city blogs, meaning or and have never had an offer on a single one of them after about six or more years of ownership. I have never had them listed at Sedo or anywhere else either b/c I am not wanting to sell them, but I always was surprised I never have received an unsolicited offer...

Comment #17

You won't have to wait too much longer. Nice thinking ahead...

Comment #18

Do you guys think Geo+blogs have better values than keyword+blogs?.

I have about 7 or so and just wondering if it is a good idea to venue in some keyword+blogs...

Comment #19

Why ""?.

Ending with s?.

Unless starting bloggers site such as or,.

It don't make sense to me IMHO..

Comment #20

I meant word+blog.

I guess the reason why I ask is that many word+blog as well as word+blogs are taken.

You are right word+blog looks a lot better than word+blogs.

So getting back to my original question (blogs = blog).

What's your take?..

Comment #21

I think is better because keyword is.

More specific and targeted than Geo by nature..

But, again, it's just my opinion...

Comment #22

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