How to find Godaddy hosting promo codes?

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My question is: How to find Godaddy hosting promo codes?.

My 2nd question is: Recently on sedo winner of one my HostGator names didn't not pay despite the legally binding agreement in place so what should I do. It is really painful.. I was really counting on that money to fund my other project. It was waste of time and money and hated it and want to teach a good lesson for this kind of people..

Per sedo, they tried to contact him several times with no success. It would have been little better if he responds and gives us an explanation or something but nothing. this guy Just ignored all the communication efforts.

Details of the buyer who didn't pay.

************************* Morten Svensgaard.

Hovedgaden 44.

6980 Tim.


If you are involved with any kind of business with this person, please avoid and report him to us. We have very good network in Denmark.

Your opinions are really appreciated.


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Your question was: How to find Godaddy hosting promo codes?.

Thanks reece,.

Per sedo, they tried to contact him several times with no success. It would have been little better if he responds and gives us an explanation or something but nothing. this guy Just ignored all the communication efforts.

P.S: Finally I registered on your today..great site....

Comment #1

I'm very sorry to hear that. Those type of scumbags are best forgotten. Good on you to name + shame. I hope you enjoy BQB. Now it's time to add 1 Morten Svensgaard to the BQB blacklist..

Comment #2

I hate it when someone reneges on a deal like that....grrrr.

I had it the other way once - where, after a week's negotiation this guy & I agreed on a price for me to buy a HostGator from him....Then, when I moved to set up, the guy just stopped communicating...Never heard from him again, despite several PM's etc...

It happens - but, it's a downer.


Comment #3

I know I've had several dead-beat buyers on places like Sedo and Afternic, some for decent amounts of money. I've also canceled a sale on Sedo, because they were taking ungodly amounts of time to do the deal and I had other interested buyers. I think Sedo is as much to blame for these failed deals as are dead-beats. A lot of times, Sedo just drags their feet when the ball is in their court. In my case, I waited over a month with absolutely no contact from Sedo. Finally I got sick of waiting and sent them an email informing them that I had sold the HostGator and they should cancel the deal.

Yeah... I'm sure it had been for the past 3 weeks, they just never got around to doing it.

Other times I've sold domains and been paid within a couple days. It's really just a crap shoot...

Comment #4

You have done the simplest thing, post the details on the forum.

Do it on other HostGator forums it will then get indexed and hopefully will assist others in the future.

Other than that forget it and move on, had it myself on four occasions...

Comment #5


Feel free to add a post about them to my Internet Shame Register.

I developed this site specifically for this reason - to name and shame people/orgs like this. Not to be vicious, but just state what happened etc so other people may think twice before doing business with them. People have to be accountable for their actions..

Comment #6

Haha, great site and I love the slogan.

I love the idea, but to be honest I think it might expose you to a lot of legal liability. You could check in the Legal Section with a real lawyer, but I can really see some problems happening here (eg. people start slandering others and you're the one providing them with a place to do this).

See: for an idea of what you could reasonably expect if your site got popular...

Comment #7

Sorry to know this as well, but I will steer clear of these types of people, thank you for the headsup...

Comment #8

Thanks, Reece...nice link.

Yeah, I know that's a real possibility. All posts will be moderated by me though, and I need to tweak the terms 'we are not responsible for false statements etc.' - it was mainly created for 2 reasons i) for the heck of it and ii) frustration at being stuffed around by people that have scammed me or done the wrong thing.

The key is not to make false claims and not to make blatant statements such as 'xxxx is a scammer' - what you should be writing is the facts of what happened e.g. 'i sold something to xxxx and they never paid up' - just like the op did for this thread - I think that is quite ok.

Anyway, not expecting anything from the site, was more for personal venting lol...

Ps: sorry for the thread hijack!..

Comment #9

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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