How to find Godaddy hosting discounts?

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My question is: How to find Godaddy hosting discounts?.

My 2nd question is: Looks like sold for $16,000 according to pretty weak if you ask me..

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Your question was: How to find Godaddy hosting discounts?.

I think so..

I also applied for it and could not participate in the auction..

Dotasia = bias ???..

Comment #1

Shows the strength and recognition of the extension.

Not a steal though..

Comment #2

Gotta disagree. What happens when none of these domains ever gets developed? Why would anyone in asia, visit or even know if .asia?..

Comment #3

Unless you applied for it during Sunrise, I believe you wouldn't get a chance to enter the auction cos I remembered there were already several applications for it during Sunrise (right?).

If .asia really takes off, then it'll be a great buy. There seems to be alot of believers in the extension so anything is possible really...

Comment #4

There were also plenty of believes in .eu (which makes more sense as a Global TLD) just take a look at how well that TLD is doing...

Comment #5

Even in the dimming light of that which is called dot mobi, would stomp all over and fetch a much higher selling price.

And if the right's owners (tm holders etc) were only willing to fork out 16k for, I don't think that 16k is a very high bench mark for the rest of the domains being auctioned off..

Comment #6


In every TLD/CCTLD, there are thousands of trades and sales going on in every 24 hours, and most of them are not disclosed to the general public.

Sales happening in major TLDs like .com, .net etc are disclosed to the general public in a timely manner.

Peanut sales happening in a TLD like .com does not matter since .com is the oldest TLD, and it has almost 70 Million .com names as of today. Random sales of domains which are selling for millions are also not big news for an established TLD. As an established TLD, .com should be capable of generating sales in the range of millions everyday!.

.EU is new when compared to established TLDs. Comparing to .com, it does not even stand out when considering the number of registrations, but the fact is there are some decent xx,xxx sales happening almost everyday...

Comment #7

Not sold until this time. Closing Date ......May 29, 2008

Comment #8

Even though I totally ignored this extention and probally will continue to.I think 16k is not a bad buy...

Comment #9

<comment deleted>.

I hereby promise not to get into any more .asia, .mobi or IDN debates!..

Comment #10

That's right, I think it is currently on 16K, but the auction doesn't end until 29th May. So lets wait to see how much it actually goes for before we write off the extn lol...

Comment #11

.asia is just bad. Tts 4 letters and I dont think you say asia in any asian language. With ccTLDs at least they can identify to 2 letters but to .asia I dont think they can. However I think is by far the best HostGator with this TLD. It is a good buy and really also shows that this TLD is in big trouble...

Comment #12

Well, it already did when it was launched. I preached the same thing all along, read previous posts of mine regarding .asia..

Comment #13

It is the 4th TLD in Europe and the 9th in the world!.

More than 2,8 millions registered domains in 2 years!!!..

Comment #14

Its going pretty good actually...more developed sites in .eu then .tv..

Comment #15

Google:. = 24,700,000. = 15,200,000. = 224,000.

24,700,000 > 15,200,000.

.TV has big corporations including well known and respected media companies using the extension as end users...

Comment #16

Wtf...I only get 6mill for and 7mil for

Thats why I said eu has more developed...

Comment #17

Maybe it depends on google.tld. in google

24,700,000. in google


Comment #18 seems to have reached $17,166 by now. But I am more surprised by, which is at $11,000 - more than many LLL.coms!..

Comment #19

More of a chance marketing a successful IDN than a .asia name..

Comment #20

Note that webpages indexed on google are not websites.

.org has 400.000.000 results, but surely .org has less websites than .eu and .tv TLDs

Comment #21

Like I said, a tad too early to write off the entire extn...

Comment #22

If it goes below 20k mark, regardless any ltd, it's great buy, people will see growing business on this name. Sex always sells!..

Comment #23

Actually the Google search results do not contain links to unique websites. Results may contain links to one or more web pages of the same website.


Google returns more than 900,000,000 search results for the keyword "Movies", but the results include links to various web pages of the same web site.

Comment #24

Some of the other TOP 10 AUCTIONS on have ended. this is why I assumed that had sold for 16k. still if the bidding doesn't pick up, the end price isn't going to be a very high bench mark..

Comment #25

Dotasia site shows the name "" sold for $20,500.00!.

I can't believe how many negative posters there are here. If I buy a name for $20.00 and flip it to make a couple hundred or a thousand dollars - that doesn't make it a failure in my eyes...

Comment #26

Now that I see is at 17,166... I guess the auction isnt over yet..

Comment #27

Seems to me if you have made such a huge profit on a HostGator that has cost you hardly anything in comparison then you got a good result under the current climate. If you had kept hold of it and the ,.Asia extension kicks off and is liked then you would have got a bigger profit.

I think you got a good deal and the guy who bought it is taking a chance so you have nothing to worry about as you are in highly up in your bank roll and free of the HostGator that may have got more maybe not in another auction...

Comment #28

I thought this one was sold, but it also active and currently at $53,607.00!!!!.

Based on the above price should sell for at least 10 x the money...

Comment #29

Yes, I saw that. I think that bodes kinda well for .asia actually.

I think an important thing to remember here is that a sale doesn't have to be a million bucks to be a success, like Carolinaguy said. Only .com will get those big sales. But id take xxx to xxxx any day...

Comment #30

A couple of months ago would have fetched at least $1M. Today, probably struggling to get $50K.

Whatever Sex.Asia fetches will not be a final judgement on the extension, unless of course it tanks...

Comment #31

Very true, impossible to predict. I bet the owner would be kicking themself lol Though 50K is still good..

Comment #32

.mobi is good only for geographical mapping services, IMO.

Why should I watch a couple fu**ing in a 4 x 4 screen by visiting, if I own a 19" LCD screen and have access to

.mobi is a total crap again imo...

Comment #33 is still sitting at $17,166.. not impressed.

And how did end up selling for 53k? what the....

Comment #34

The actual bidding action will start only at the last minutes....

Wait and see!..

Comment #35

Yeah, they are all like that. Id be very surprised if it went for under 50K..

Comment #36

Still .asia is going to fail.. You just can't optimise so many extensions that easily.. and if you can, you can as well use a decent HostGator and optimise the hell out of it.

Most guys are buying domains to flip.. When reality strikes, there will be many hurt.. like the housing in US .. Soon the real estate in India.. Domainers are going to face the music too one day..

Just because someone buys a HostGator for $xxxxxxxxxx doesn't make the whole extension a success..

Ask the most common people and take a poll and they will be like wft is .asia.

Infact.. most have NO clue, what .cc or .tv or .biz or .info or .mobi are..

Internet is going to evolve more interms of search than addresses.. so domains WILL become meaningless unless you use them.. Just parking or just because you have a keyword domain, won't mean you are sitting on money..

Just type movies + [your city name] instead of the webaddress on the more recent browsers and see what happens. Soon that will be the trend.. in such cases, EVEN keyword domains won't have that much premium..

Though, I still agree keyword domains are better relatively as they tend to be more memorable.. But extensions like .asia won't be big hits any time soon.. Not even after the change in user mentality.. most ppl. at namepros are domainers and have 100 or more names.. so they are more like wishful thinkers and dreamers..

Infact, I heard a big HostGator portfolio owner that their target is to reduce inventory by 30% this year...

Comment #37


Even .com also received the same response when it was at it's infant stage.

A TLD or a CCTLD fails only if there are no potential customers available to use it.

Consider, a person is operating a textile company in various locations in Asia, instead of buying separate textilecompanyname.cctld names, he may choose to use an unique name such as

The second thing is, most of the generic one word or even two word HostGator names are not available in many cctlds within the Asian region.ASIA is new, and still there are good generics and two word HostGator names left for the endusers to directly register them without negotiating with a domainer and paying a truckload of cash for the names...

Comment #38

I think it may be a tad too early to predict the failure of .asia. We are only part way into the auction process with decent results so far. Imagine when the general public does find out what .asia represents..

Whether the internet evolves into a search based medium or not is irrelevant because any business would rather have the generic term representing them if only for image and nothing else...

Comment #39

.TV, now you are beginning to understand my point.

So here is a question for you..

1) Spend 100k , get a .com generic and develop it for your business ( etc).

2) create your own .com name, optimise it using SEO & advertising (example for cars, for search etc).

3) get a localised TLD [.in, .asia] for cheap and develop it.

Now, I used to write optimization algorithms for web 2.0 searches. Trust me, it is far far easier to factor in the extension for the algos.

So far, MOST startups have been going route 2) for a while now.. For example is like (yelp of india) or etc.. NONE OF THEM got a generic .IN..

Why do you think that happened? These are well funded startups (about 10 - 20 million dollars in seed money)... and MANY of them with MBA and advanced degrees from TOP notch institutes..

Forget that you have a large HostGator portfolio.. Imagine you are a small business, will you pay huge sums that are more like ransom demands??.

The purpose of so many extensions is to give the end users more options to have a web business and dilute the existing demands..

But right now, there are so many extensions that the end user will STOP TYPING in and START SEARCHING. Once that happens.. the HostGator market will be in for a nice reality check.....

Comment #40

How many Multinational Manufacturers can you name that don't have their own dot com already?.

The cheap alternative has some logic to it, but who made big bucks out of a cheap alternative extension?.

Sounds like clutching at straws to me...

Comment #41

Also, the most important reason to have a nice made up name is Trademark and copyright protection..

Each time a new extension comes out, I don't have to jump and register the name. Although it might be a cheaper option..

I can protect myself very very well with a WIPO and trademarks..

Generics have a lot of downside especially if they are in the not so popular extensions..

What do you think will have more TYPE IN traffic? or ??.

The total market cap of companies doing business on .COM is in TRILLIONS.. no way any extension is EVER going to come close.. Mainly because the companies won't let it happen as they have tons of money and and most IMPORTANTLY content on it....

Comment #42

Look, it's simple, if you develop a name into a successful site, it doesn't matter what damn extn it has. You will likely lose traffic to .com but overall you'll still be massively successful regardless of the extn...

Comment #43

I did not say any anything about bigheads. Most MNCs have their dot coms, registered during early 90s. I made big bucks with .mobi, .tv as well as with .ch. There are some endusers who are willing to pay a percentage of the .com equivalent of their HostGator name for these cheap alternatives...

Comment #44

Branding is the key.

How many Japanese or Singaporian companies are going to be queuing to put Made in Asia on their product?.

Would Coca Cola ever go generic by going for

Yes, companies want to protect their intellectual property rights, but it is possible to do that by opening the Channel whilst protecting the product. Microsoft for example could use the generic brand whilst still marketing the XBox.

Clearly Generics have something going for them provided they are in a major extension, and to be sure you really need a dot Com. That doesn't, however, mean that you have to abandon brand protection entirely. It is possible to have the best of both Worlds, but unfortunately not in a me too extension, or one that has no real traction in it's target market, and is unlikely to find the common identity which it seeks. Going IDN might make a big difference but dot Asia is never going to be dot Com...

Comment #45

Only if you buy crap, but most people are buying crap.

The New Regging Wave end in English years ago. 99% of what is registered now is just junk in a saturated market.

Most other languages are now getting heavily sold but in many it is still not too late.

Top Generics will continue to become ever more valuable and possibly at an increasing rate for a period. Junk which get Junked. There is going to be a massive shake-out where extension have been over-speculated. That will include dot Com but not the higher grade stuff which will remain largely immune to the recession. High gas bills generally have little impact on millionaires. Alternative extension are going to suffer a double whammy as the number of alternative extension goes through the roof.

Beyond those that are already established as household names, very little will survive. Tell us again when you have it posted on DNJ.

Cause then we will all start to listen big time!..

Comment #46

There aren't even 24 million .TV names registered, much less developed. You need to understand what those searches are showing. It isn't total developed sites.....

Comment #47

Does anyone know/remember if .eu had big purchases at landrush? i.e. xx,xxx or xxx,xxx?..

Comment #48

That would be interesting to know, well more interesting than that battle of egos drama I just read through.

By the way is 56k with May 30 finish now..

Comment #49

From the homepage:

I think it is still in auction with the highest bid of $57,001.

Not sure about the final price...

Comment #50

.tv and iamneo - both of you need to grow up - thread has been cleaned up and warning(s) have been issued...

Comment #51

Thanks Bill. Sooooo much drama around here lately..

I think some people need to take a break from the computer.Go outside ,look up at the sky and say it's a beautiful day,Then smile and relax ...

Comment #52

That's much more like it. Only time will tell if it ends up being a steal or not..

Comment #53

You guys can continue buying .asia - y ou'll end up living in tent city when you spend all of your $$$ ......

IDNers will start buying their houses in the cayman islands as values skyrocket over the next few years.....

Comment #54

So that is FS's angle on exploiting the Asian Market...

Comment #55

You IDN guys really love to promote your niche dont you?Every thread I see that has nothing to do with IDN's,you guys are repping hard and strong.

I think 83k was about the expected pricetag.I dont think it will end up being a terrible buy although I dont have much faith in it being a steal either...

Comment #56

Yeah, and each of the ICANN meetings last year and this year will be totally pre-occupied by discussion of IDN. IDN is about taking domaining Global. Get over it. Every extension will soon have IDN as an integral part of the registry and in most they will be regarded as being equal in status to all other registrations with those registeries including dot Com. Already the after-market for the second largest registry dot DE does NOT reflect the American prejudice against non-ASCII domains.

The reason that most of you know damned all about this very important development is that Rick has more or less banned any discussion about them at TRAFFICS. In an ideal World discussion there would reflect what is going on the World. Instead it reflects what is going on in Rick's portfolio, which most of the time really isn't very much!..

Comment #57

I wonder what the site will be in hte future, hopefully not illegal....

Anyway well worth the 83k..

Comment #58

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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