How to find Godaddy discount vouchers for 2011?

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My question is: How to find Godaddy discount vouchers for 2011?.

My 2nd question is: SEDO closed my account yesterday. Without notice and apparently without reason. I've been a member for aroud 2 years and I've completed a reasonable number of successful transactions both as a buyer and as a seller, without failing to complete any of them.

It was actually difficult to find out my account was closed. When these guys close an account, their login system will just tell you the username / password failed, it won't tell you it's closed. So here I was trying to login almost in dispair as I was looking place a bid on an auction that was ending in minutes. Finally, following the password reminder link I found out the account was closed.

After checking my email, I've also found out they've closed my 3 ongoing transactions: We regret to inform you that we shall have to cancel this transaction.

Reason for this cancellation: There are too many security concerns to move forward.

With this transaction.

Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Now this doesn't sound like an account closure email, does it? And it doesn't sound like it's explaining why the transactions were cancelled either.

Of course, I've contacted them but it's been 19 hours and no reply.

Funny thing about SEDO and account closures: last year I placed an offer of $X on a domain, the buyer replied with a $Y counter-offer which I accepted. The buyer then refused to sell the HostGator at the $Y price. One of SEDO's representative assured me that the account in question will be closed as they do not tolerate such practices. Was it? Nope. Since the HostGator is even now present in their marketplace, I assume the account was not closed either. However, I am not allowed to bid on that HostGator as I've tried bidding again to see if the HostGator is still active as it appears to be! How do you call this practice?.

So SEDO, why did you close my account? And why did you not have the common courtesy to send and email and inform at least, if not explain?.

You are so full of crap! And I speak in the name of all domainers which you've treated bad since your existence: we're sick and tired of you!.

Has SEDO ever closed your account?..

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Your question was: How to find Godaddy discount vouchers for 2011?.

They did the exact same thing to me about 2 months back. After raising a stink and questioning why it happened I got an answer. Turns out they made a mistake and my account was never supposed to be closed. What!?.

To quote the email: "Your account was suspended through a technical error I am terribly sorry that this happened.".

Anyway, they reinstated my account but it was a complete mess with regards to stats, parking revenue, etc. And now with the drastic drop in clicks due to their generic ad placements, I am strongly considering moving my DNs elsewhere. They seem to be in complete disarray over there...

Comment #1

UPDATE: no update.. sort of.

After emailing SEDO, I've received a pretty quick reply from someone telling me this issue has been forwarded to my transfer agent (why my transfer agent?!) and that he will reply to me. Knowing how fast Mr. Erich Mueller responds to emails from past experiences, I think I can take a vacation while waiting for his response.

So here I am, with my SEDO account suspended without reason and 3 days later, no response from SEDO regarding this issue.

In the meantime, a seller lost some bids that I would have placed in his auctions and I was kind enough to email him and let him know what SEDO did and the consequences for him...

Comment #2

Must be on vacation with my transfer agent. Havent heard from her in awhile although I am only 34 days into a transaction...

Comment #3

Why not just call them? If you're in the US the number is 617-499-7200...

Comment #4

Sounds really unfair closing an account without any communication as to why, I'd get straight on the phone if I were you.

Maybe one day a company that really cares about their customers will start up...but from what I have heard relating to parking companies I very much doubt it.


Comment #5

What is this ?

Ask them, for a genuine reason and tell them not to give stupid reasons...

Comment #6

Still no words from general support or Erich Mueller. I feel humiliated by the way they do business. If it was in my power, I would shut them down immediately and forever. They don't deserve to be in this marketplace.

SEDO reminds me of RegisterFly...

Comment #7

Did you try to phone them? may be this will really spead up the process.

Anyway, sounds terrible. you are relying on their services, and once they are gone. I can agree it may be technical mistakes sometimes, but not answering to your request is completely unprofessional, especially for such big company as sedo...

Comment #8

Read all the threads about 1&1 and how they operate their business. Then remeber that Sedo and 1&1 sleep in the same bed...

Comment #9

Goodbye sedo I dont do sedo goodbye sedo I dont do sedo goodbye sedo.

I hate them , they closed my account during a sale with explanation ??????????.

Goodbye sedo..

Comment #10

I didn't call them as I don't want to pay for an international phone call on this lame excuse for a company. So hello sedo? Almost one full week and still no reason for closing my account?..

Comment #11

They should have a number for your country. Where are you located?..

Comment #12

Sound like your account was wrongly closed. But I don't know all the details..Sedo must have an explanation. Could it of been another technical issue?..

Comment #13

It's clear they don't want to reply. After 2 different sets of emails to 3 different account reps and 3 emails to general support, it's clear as daylight.

In the meantime, I've lost 1 domains I really wanted and the seller has lost my bids.

I've now emailed someone at a higher level. I've also asked the seller of the 3 domains I was buying before my account was closed about the reason they gave him and they apparently refused to provide a clear reason why the transactions were cancelled.

In the meantime, there's another auction I want to win so I've taken the liberty of creating a new account with the same name/address and email HostGator (just a different address@) and certifying the accouunt. Let's see if they close this one too. They don't. I'm in Eastern Europe...

Comment #14

Sedo should have a number in Germany, that shouldn't be too expensive of a phone call especially if you get a calling card. Even if the call ends up costing you $10, you'd still be better off than you are missing these opportunities. You may even be able to convince them to give you a credit off your next commission for the hassle they've caused you. Anyway, I hope you get it straightened out. I'm going to PM you the email for a very helpful contact at Sedo, maybe he can take care of you or at least point you in the right direction. I can pretty much guarantee you Erich isn't going to do jack for you...

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