How to find Godaddy bulk domain coupons?

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My question is: How to find Godaddy bulk domain coupons?.

My 2nd question is: I got some good domains with godaddy and moniker etc....

I am thinking if someone got my username and password, they can easily push HostGator into their accounts.

This can happen with virus, spyware and trojans etc.... There are new virus , spywares created all the time and you can not be 100 % safe from them even though you install antivirus, firewall, antispyware etc....

How do we make our domains more secure if in case someone tries to log into our accounts and get our domains ? Any ideas?..

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Your question was: How to find Godaddy bulk domain coupons?.

To add to weblord's list..

- invest in a good Antivirus and Spyware cleaner.

- Keep your email address functional so that you can receive updates on your account changes.

- Dont click on any suspicious link in a mail. phishing scams are too common...

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Still after all these and avoid being careless and being dedicated/committed to the security of your accounts, from time to time it can't be avoided that someone will hack your account, one joke I came across is to be more secure at all times is never to use the internet at all...

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Get an executive lock placed on the domain. Two good choices for that are Moniker and Fabulous...

Comment #3

Always log out after every session goes a long, long way for your protection...

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How do I do this? I could not find "executive lock" in the HostGator panel. Could not find this in their support center either. Do I need to buy another service from them?.


Comment #5

Moniker: I thought they offered this service might be wrong about that though (I don't use Moniker at all).

Fabulous: (Ctrl+F type "exec")..

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HostGator tools offers a free HostGator Monitoring service which will alert you by.

Email of any changes to any domains you set up for monitoring.

It's used by many to monitor domains they are interested in but can also be used to monitor your own domains.

"Emails alerts are sent when ever a changes occurs on one of the domains you are monitoring.

Supported TLDs are .com, .net, .org, .biz, .us, and .info.".

It also monitors changes to the Registrar and Name Servers.

It is probably a good idea to use a separate email account for this.

Since it's free, why not?


Comment #7

It is good service but once someone took over your domain, may be too late...

Comment #8

Here a helper for those keyloggers that might get by:.

Note-a keylogger can be outside of the computer,i.e. camera, attachments to keyboards....

Use copy and paste for part of your password....

Type in part, paste in part, type in part.

I keep a random word text file that helps..

May take a touch longer,.

But more secure.


Don't let your browser save your name or password..

If your cpu is stolen...hope not, but it would be more secure...

Comment #9

Yes, you are right.

But it is better to know right away so you can try to take action.

If you find out much may be out of luck.

Since it's free ,you have nothing to lose.

It won't hurt you but it may help you.


Comment #10

Always login your registrar by manually typing the URL if possible instead of clicking links via email..

Make your password as secure as possible by using special characters ex: mypass*%#.

Never save your password to your browser..

Make sure you install antivirus/spyware protection..

Keeps all your domains in registrar-lock unless you're planning to transfer..

Don't have the same passwords at various registrar and email.

Pretty sure there's other ways too...

Comment #11

Moniker has lost 0 names in their history. Thus, just use moniker and your golden...

Comment #12

It's not going to help that much if you're being careless with your passwords...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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