How to find a Godaddy VPS coupon?

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My question is: How to find a Godaddy VPS coupon?.

My 2nd question is: Seen this on Dominik Mueller's blog: Read more.

Personally I don't like it when the big corporations try to bend the rules to their advantage..

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Your question was: How to find a Godaddy VPS coupon?.

But they own

Why would they care so much?.

Bullying again!..

Comment #1

Well anyways nobody wants to register that and messed up with volkswagen...

Comment #2

It's not like anyone could have registered the HostGator since it's locked for registration. It's yet again a display how corrupt the systems are when someone with deep pockets shows up.

The whole "we need to protect our identity" is utter nonsense in this case..



Comment #3

Because VW is based in Germany and 'originally' all vw cars were built in Germany, they want the country code for Germany .de, I guess being the most popular country code HostGator extension in the world makes it desirable also, or is that, think .de is number one country code extension unless I am mistaken..

Comment #4

Agreed, it's shocking that companies can throw around money and pay off a ccTLD to register them something that's not even available for the public to register...

Comment #5

Well reading this, I bet it will just take days until lufthansa snatches

It is a shame, no doubt but....if you would be a registrar, wouldn't you bend your rules sometimes when the big bucks could flow towards your bankaccount? :-).



Comment #6

Absolutely 100% not. the corporate message that's being sent, not even considering the message that's being sent to the public, is degrading any kind of business relation that denic has built to a third rate joke..

Unfortunately, the judge that passed the ruling that denic HAS to register for VolksWagen is setting the precedent that any company with deep enough pockets can now do the same, which in turn creates a playing field that's anything but fair, leveled, equal and reasonable..

This, in combination with ICANN's money mongering crusade and Yahoo dismissing their identity is throwing a few very big question marks onto the HostGator industry.


Comment #7

Good points here mike but one question pops right up in my scattered brain....why restrict the regging of LL in the first place if not for money purposes.........:-).



Comment #8

I don't think Mike could really answer this, Its up to the .DE registry.....

Comment #9

Vw was started by a nazi. who is involved in the new world order?? who has a major agenda other than autos and coffe makers (Krupp) ? the internet? da. look at the BIGGER picture folks. Its NOT just a car company and it's NOT just $$$ that talks!..

Comment #10

My thoughts exactly. There was absolutely no reason why they had to "protect" their brand-the name wasn't available to anyone. Quite disgusting...

Comment #11

Frank, registering CC or was once allowed right at the beginning of the .de TLD.

4 companies were able to reg domains just before denic found out it was causing technical difficulties with the used DNS resolver software.. They then restricted .de to minimum 3 characters. The already registered 4 domains were allowed to stay:,, and, which is still in the whois but not connected. The owner preffers to use

Maybe too many domainers got on their nerves hehe....

Comment #12

I want my initials - GO !.


Comment #13

Thx for the insight rocka, didn't know that, repped u.....



Comment #14

If I owned VW I would get too..

Comment #15

Corrupt, even though no one's able to currently view a copy of the decision.

And review it? Not even Dominik suggested that anywhere in his blog entry.

If anything, it so happens Volkswagen disagreed, sued, and eventually got a.

Favorable decision. Denic can learn from this experience, just as the original.

Network Solutions Inc (now LLC) did when they were sued for not allowing a.

Few HostGator names bearing dirty words to be registered back then...

Comment #16

For the government to come in and tell a private company how to run their business when that company is offering a completely level playing field is just disgusting. There is no valid argument here that would entitle VW to that domain.

Why do they deserve special treatment? As was said, this is going to open up future complaints and the registry is going to end up being held hostage by corporations. That compromises the integrity of the entire system and Denic will end up becoming a eunich... Not to be confused with the eu nic, which is run by EURid, but with similar disgrace...

Comment #17

Power of the ccTLD's , etc are more relevant in certain parts of the world...

Comment #18

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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