How to find a Godaddy promo code for UK domains?

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My question is: How to find a Godaddy promo code for UK domains?.

My 2nd question is: Can anyone please PM me the URL of HostGator forums in Portuguese?.

Thank you...

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Your question was: How to find a Godaddy promo code for UK domains?.

Thank you for your links.

What would be the best place to sell domains in Portuguese? (.com, .info...)..

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If you have great keywords I suggest you try known marketplace houses such as sedo.

Otherwise you can try both webmasters forum.

They are better than the others..

Comment #2

I have domains like servicoinfo.

But it seems they get lost among the english domains.

Is it just because of .info?.

(i have some .com's too)..

Comment #3

.info is not a very known extension here.

I bleieve in this case the best thing is, if you are willing to sell, to do it in a marketplace house.

Which portuguese .com do yo have?..

Comment #4

Bricio, I have had better luck with Portuguese domains at than Sedo. Is Sedo doing better for you than Parked?.

I'm buying a bunch of - y voce ?

Comment #5

I do not know right now, but there must be some in each TLD...

Comment #6

Actually it is "e voc?" (an IDN here), "y" is spanish for "and".

Would you believe if I tell you I do not have any

I can pay about $19 per each but it is a little bit complicated to do a push sometimes and there will be market, if so, just between domainers.

I have seen some names to sell but we do not have a marketplace... sale offers are made at webmasters forums (such as those I cited above) and even in orkut you can find them.

Besides, people here are not aware domains exist... they know a website address and we do not use this expression to refer to a website.

We ask "what is the page?" in a free translation; a few people say "address".

If you try to explain to a person, of course, he/she will understand what a HostGator is and I have done that before but the funniest part is when I show a auction and they show that shocked face "wow... $xx,xxx for this?".

Then I have to explain scarcity, etc.

Good are all regged and people are asking mid $xx,xxx for them.

BTW, do you know how many we have?

Of course, some are not allowed for people but companies can have almost all of them but,,

We even have

PS: you can PM me if you want an opinion about them or about those you want to reg..

Comment #7

Thanks bricio for the correction. I actually knew that but I made a mistake with the "Y". The " voc " I have to paste.

Truthfully, I can't write Portuguese very well but I can speak it pretty darn good. Some of my Portuguese friends tell me that most Brazilians can't spell that well either since it is a complicated language - so that makes me feel better. I do still mix Spanish with Portuguese at times - it's so hard to totally separate the two languages. LOL.

Yes..... no market. I love it. That means it is still the sweet early time to get in. But.... the BIG barrier is that you have to have a CPF citizen number.

I have found a way to get a CPF that will allow me to register - so that has made me very happy.

I did not know that many HostGator categories Brazil had. That is very interesting and good info. to know. That is new to me.

I appreciate the offer for guidance on the Portuguese domains. I may take you up on that.

One thing I have noticed with the Portuguese market is that it is much, much more tricky than buying English .com domains. A person could buy what would seem a $100,000 type of HostGator and it barely produce any PPC revenue, whereas other similar domains are just screaming off the charts in traffic and revenue. I still have not figured out why exactly it is hard to judge traffic to some of these domains.

I personally think is going to be huge. There are only 21% of Brazilians online so far - so the market has a lot of room for growth. As far as resale though, I suppose there may be more of a Brazilian market currently, and international buyers will be even scarcer. You would probably know more about that than me. I just want the PPC income.

Thanks for the links - I have not checked out any of those so that should be fun and a learning experience.

BTW...........Do you know of anyone in Brazil that wants to buy a hotel/restaurant on the beach in Nova Vicosa, Bahia ? I am selling one I have owned since 2002. It has about 1 acre right on the beach, two stories, overlooking the ocean, river, and the Caranaval area for concerts. It's an unbelievable location, but I have too many things going on in my life to try to manage it anymore.

Also..... your English is excellent. You must have went to a good school or spent some time in an English speaking country ? .


Comment #8


Sold my hotel in Nova Vicosa named "Recanto Do Mar". A stranger walked up and offered my agent a price without even asking what the price was. It sounded like a trick, and not typical of negotiation, but he has already paid up.

Because of the collapse of the U.S. dollar I made more than 140% profit on the hotel. I bought it at 3.3 to 1, now the exchange it 1.65 to 1. That sure was easy money.

Are you buying any domains? Exciting times, my friend...

Comment #9

Hi Seabass,.

Sorry for my late reply but I just saw your both posts now as I haven't been here very often.

It is difficult not to mix portuguese and spanish when you know both and you aren't portuguese or spanish native speaking but speaking portuguese is really great as it is difficult even for us.

The problem with .br domains is the bureaucracy to push/transfer a name (sometimes they ask for papaers like the old times with .com domains) and you can lose some days or even months to have it... besides our market is different and nobody here would understand why a is sold for, at least, high $x,xxx.

Desired names are totally different here... tricky as you said.

Unfortunately, I know nothing about resale brazilian market and i'm not buying any .br... I even found names for sale at orkut and some of them are TMed (people don't know or pretend they don't and sell TMed names).

Nice to know you sold the hotel... and you did a great sale!!!.


Thanks for the compliment.

I speak english since I was five but I have never been in a english speaking country... however I have been working with native english speakers for more than one year and writing here also helps to keep in a good level..

Comment #10

Bicha * org.

I guess this one is interesting for the gay community..

Comment #11

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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