How to find a GoDaddy coupon for hosting?

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My question is: How to find a GoDaddy coupon for hosting?.

My 2nd question is: Parking Versus Mini Sites.

About three weeks ago I came across a thread on Mini Sites and I decided that I would turn all my parked names into Mini Sites.

My names were not earning much at the sedo parking program, so three weeks later I have around 160 developed mini sites with another 30 to develop. I have noticed that my revenue has increased four fold.

Any other domainers out there who have turned their names into mini sites rather than relying on HostGator name parking?.

If so please show us your Mini Sites and let us know if your income has increased from developing Mini Sites.

Here are a few of mine using the Niche Store program AFL Gear Backpacks Motocross v8 Engines..

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Your question was: How to find a GoDaddy coupon for hosting?.

Nice, I like information on earning more out of my domains. Because some of my parked pages don't make much at all. How much revenue are they making?..

Comment #1

I have tried to put as much as my own original content on them, but I used for interesting and relevant articles.

I will try and update the mini sites as much as I can.

It takes around 10 minutes per site once you have all the logos made up, adsense codes and everything else.

But just make sure you plan it out well ahead so you dont have to go back and do all sites again.

I have been over all 150 sites in the last three days in a row and can be a pain if there is a minor error or you are not happy with adsense layout etc.

Hosting costs me $10 per month for "all" names through hostgator ... I have all names with the "Addon" feature through Cpanel.

So I am only paying for the hosting fees for one name which is great. Thats a secret! But not that much, but a lot more than what I was getting with sedo.

Plus the sites have only been up for a few weeks, so once they are optimised more, I imagine the earnings will only increase again, plus I get commissions from every sale I make through Ebay, sI got a commission of $28 from someone buying a Fridge off ebay today ,,, so that is one big click!.

Also I bought this ebook and that has definately helped with my adsense earnings, not just from my 150 names, but with my developed sites such as

Comment #2

I appreciate your idea and that you are sharing with us, but what does google think about the duplicate content ? (the articles from ezinearticles there are used on a lot of sites) I mean this is ok with google adsense ?

Comment #3

As far as I know it is against TOS to use Copyrighted content, but it is okay to use articles from ezine, because that content is helping the article writers promote other sites. I do have a few wikipedia articles as well but for the time being until I change the content.

90% of the minisites I have, have my own content and ezine content...

Comment #4


I've been wondering about creating minisites recently, out of interest did you get much traffic when parking? has it increased now?.

Got a few domains I'd like to create minisites in a niche on but dont get any traffic parked. Did you have to work much on creating backlinks and PR?.



Comment #5

I think it is in most people's interest to develop minisites rather than just parking their domains. This is especially true considering the lawsuits against Google right now for advertising on parked domains. I think the claims are stupid, but it could have a profound impact on parking's future.

Keyword Search Volume Tool

Use the above tool for a 10 minute experiment and you'll be sold.

Look through the list of domains that you have. If you have any random two word .coms, plug the terms into that tool and see how many searches there are a month for that term. Most of my domains only get about 20 hits a month and make little to nothing in parking. Obviously they don't have a lot of natural type-in traffic. However, if I search the terms with the above tool, I find that some have a search volume of 1k-10k searches a month.

It becomes obvious that if you develop some sort of site and focus on SEO, you probably have a very good chance of ranking high in the search engines for that term. Which means that instead of getting 20 hits a month from parking, you could potentially be getting thousands per month.

It's a bit more work, but if done right, you can turn loser domains into cash monies.

Also, this probably works for other types of domains as well, I was just giving an example...

Comment #6

I get all different forms of traffic with my names, some good traffic and some crap traffic.

I have not noticed an increase cause the sites have only been up for a few weeks. But I have definately noticed an increase in earnings compared to that of parking my domains.

If you create the mini sites with good keywords, then you will start to get traffic plus more earnings. Cheers thanks for the great reply..

Comment #7

Great post! I've got about 50 developed BANS sites right now (you can see one at Diamond Investments ).

I started the same way you did. I picked up BANS, some BANS templates, and started developing some of my poker and other domains I had just sitting in my accounts parked and earning nothing. I put 2-3 pages of content per mini site and so far I've had a huge amount of success. The income isn't huge, but it's at least 20 times what I was making parking, so I'm very happy. My extra domains now pretty much all pay for their own renewals and I extra spending money to turn around and buy/develop more BANS sites. Definitely the best purchase I've made so far.

And yes, as mentioned above, there shouldn't be any extra hosting costs. I also use Hostgator and their Addon domains feature, so I can launch up to 999 websites or mini sites for a grand total of $7.00 a month. I've got over 100 addon domains in there right now and never had a problem...

Comment #8

Mini sites > parked HostGator sites. However, both are worthless without proper back link building and marketing. You need to get traffic to these sites before you get any click throughs to your advertisers..

Comment #9

When I make my mini-site I just use SEO techniques when writing the content and when naming sections of the site. Also with the meta keywords and description. This actually increases natural traffic with little to no marketing or link building. People like natural traffic over link populated sites. Plus from experience natural traffic is more likely to step on the money land mines in your site over someone that was directed there through a link.

What I'm trying to say is that you don't need massive link building or marketing at all to generate money or traffic from a worthless domain. You just have to know how to target the HostGator know what kind of content and type of site the HostGator needs...

Comment #10

Hey congrats the real way to earning money from your domains is via development, parking are for those with type in traffic which is very rare nowadays...

Comment #11

Yes minisites >> Parking.

Jeez I have been telling Anyone that will listen that for nearly 3 years.

How many more 2c Clicks on parking programs do you guys need before you all realise it.

Plus all those Very Pronouncable Investment names, can be monetised easier with a minisite.

One thing always comes up in these threads , "What about Duplicate content".

The ultimate in duplicated content surely is a PARKED PAGE, so any development into a minisite has to be an improvement...

Comment #12

My biggest success with minisites has been with IDN, ( probably get the whole thread moved now). Getting very little from parking as appropriate browser use is still in it's infancy.

This one gets 50/60 a day with a low clik thru because content is barely relevant but still gets around $1 a day as ppc is increasing - will be getting around to full development of a few of these names to take full advantage of the rising tide of idn acceptance. .com Beijing 5 Star Hotel.

We are on page one of Baidu ( The world's next number one search engine) and there has been zero seo.

Any Chinese out there who would like to look at the site development..

Comment #13

I don't understand how it's possible to be number one on the world's next search engine without any seo...

Comment #14

There has been no seo , it's there - number 10 out of 3,170,000 - simply a minisite with an rss feed.

Just the keywords seem to have done it, or maybe others can explain - I had it made for me for vlow $'s - generally I just buy and sell...

Comment #15

The HostGator name it self is a keyword. so keyword still play a role in seo.

I am developing my low traffic HostGator but I always have problem adding contents to the site. Too lazy and not understanding the facts about the industry. Developing one time of 100+ HostGator is hard. How you guys get content up so easily? Of course not the one duplicating. You write your own?..

Comment #16

A choice by many is to re-write an article. Basically take an article and put it in your own words. Works great if you cant find enough info or you are simply lazy. Although 100% unique content is KING. With carefully placed keywords in the articles you can get great SEO from it...

Comment #17

Just got Rick Latonas latest email.

Speaking of duplicate content Rick Latona seems to be doing fine with I did a search of some content in the site.

Content taken from:

Interesting, duplicate content doesnt seem to bother his earnings...

Comment #18

Check out the stats on the domain. Im pretty sure the traffic is either type in or is coming from external links. Hardly any of it is natural search traffic.

Frequency (Google) 2130000.

In Anchor Text 49400.

In Title 122000.

In URL 918.

Backlinks 225.

PageRank 4.

Alexa Rank Not Ranked.

Traffic (Visits / Day) N/A.

PPC Ads # 2.

Max PPC Bid $0.77.

MAX PPC Income/day $6.4.

Overture/mo 10214.

Wordtracker/day 595.

Domains like these have been promoted and this particular one has been regged since 97 and has had a SITE on it since 03. Not surprised it does that well...

Comment #19

Hi everyone:.

I have a lot of names that are well suited to mini sites. What I want to know is are the articles in Wikipedia and ezinearticles usable without violating any copyright laws?.

I have done quite a bit of writing, and I could alter articles easily. Integrity is important to me so I want to know if this is OK?.


Comment #20

Word for word, in the long run they will hurt your SERPs. As for copyrights I don't believe there are any so long as you credit the writer obviously.

Your best route for the long run would be to re-write the articles or make some content up from scratch. Just to be safe and plus you can set those little land mines(keywords) where you want...

Comment #21

I'm turning all of the domains I don't have plans for into mini-sites. I have a bunch of .info, some .net, and some .com domains not being used, but none are really good for parking or selling.

They're all going to have the same look, and I finished the general layout. I have it set up so all I have to do is change one file to change how every site looks...

Comment #22

Using adfeeders is one thing, but dedicated niche affiliates would be better of course, which is obviously a challenge for chinese domains, have you tried finding them ? has english content, is it IP dependent ?

Comment #23

Good idea, just make sure you are happy with your layout, I have 180 sites now and I have been over allof them 4 days in a row ... using same content but I had to fix some mistakes and also the google adsense layout.

Here is an example Mobile Phone Dating..

Comment #24

Well, I'm not 100% happy with my layout, but I use php include for the template files and every one of the sites includes the same two php files and one css file. If I were to change one of those three files, it would reflect on every one of the sites. So I have a layout done, now I focus on content. Once I'm done with that, I'll touch up the layout...

Comment #25

IMO, it's not so much about building the site as it is producing quality content. Any mini-site developer that truely makes unique content for their sites will tell you that part takes the most time...

Comment #26

Which is why I made a general layout and am now focusing on content. I'll try to make a nice layout once the content is finished.

I only had one web development class in college, but my instructor's big thing was always "content, content, content!" That's also the big thing I've seen in web development tutorial sites, content, content, content...

Comment #27

I also went and developed most of my parking domains..

I wasn't earning much with them..

Now I can tell you that my earnings are on the lows $ ..

Pretty nice I guess..

Comment #28

You can not be marketing parked domains in the first place Thats the point of making mini sites. You have total freedom, and therefore increased income..

Comment #29



Just reading this thread has amazed me and made me think "Why am I wasting time on Sedos 2c per click......?".

I have over 400 domains (Some with very good keywords).

I would like to have some of these mini sites but don't have the time at the moment to do all the grafting...

How much would someone charge me to set up say (10-20) mini-sites with all the adsense trimmings etc?.


Comment #30

I do mini site design, and maintenance starting at $15 per site. PM me if you would like to work something out with multiple domians..

Comment #31

Interesting stuff. I have been an advocate of mini-site development for a long time. Got led astray and involved in some other stuff but going to get back to it. There are some nice tools available these days. Been using eBay feeds for a long time but haven't hit the right niche yet. Nearly all my revenue is from Adsense.

Never forget that content is good but original/unique content is indeed king...

Comment #32

I feel that with minisites you have more control over your HostGator than when you park it with a parking provider. For example you can self promote your sites and with some parking programs they don't allow you....

Comment #33


It is very easy to do, anybody can do it, plus you get a step by step pdf file to guide you...

Comment #34

Hello Billy, developing minisites is surely the way to go (by the way frankly your template is pretty...boring thought of adding some pictures or something? sorry to be frank...)..

By my experience developing minisites rewards A LOT. However.

1) Content has to be Original - Fresh-Interesting.

2) Layout has to be an eye catcher.

3) Seo optimization at a certain degree is needed.

Am having good results especially with one of mine (ipertiroidismo (dot) c o m) that is about a common disease (hypertiroidism)..

Simple layout, VERY RELEVANT ORIGINAL CONTENT (I wrote it). Very little SEO... am having after 3 or 4 monthes from the launch 50-60 uniques a day (and a more then decent click rate)..

The point is... it needs a lot of your time (also if you are experienced) to build it.....

Comment #35

Is this site better Osama Bin Laden?.

I appreciate your reply, but I have nearly 200 Niche Sites and it takes time to update them, but I will follow your advice.


Comment #36

Who has the best minisite template to use please ?

I may have a try this weekend......


Comment #37

I think I may do something like this with my huge portfolio of names...not much earnings at sedo.....

Comment #38

I would 2nd this request...

Can we get some suggestions from guys who have had success on which sites to check out for this purpose?.

Who has the nicest and easiest templates?.


Comment #39

I think I've got a pretty good template over at my minisite-in-progress:

I've modified a template from into a wordpress theme.....

Comment #40

Maybe you are just better off buiding very few but good content sites instead of putting up all these crap mini sites(with temporary more income than from parked pages), as one way or the other google will come down on those crappy sites as well, like perhaps with digg-help:

Comment #41

I thought Mr. Latona's and mini-sites both look very nice...

Does anyone know where they got these templates from?.


Comment #42

Those arent templates Rick Latona, owns and hence, he also controls a team of developers. All of his mini sites are made new every time...

Comment #43

Not sure about the other one but uses AEIOU.COM. I like using wordpress. You have thousands of themes to choose from and hundreds of plugins...

Comment #44

I built this mini-site a while ago and used some affiliate stuff...

Do you think this would be any good ??.


Comment #45

Great Thread guys Thanks for sharing,.

Repping the OP (Billy) as Its got me thinking that I should realy give it ago..

Will let you all know..



Comment #46

We are now making the minis in Xsitepro2, it is a bit buggy, but the development is much quicker (possible 2 sites per day with unique graphics and content if you have a writer)..

The latest two that we created:

(my favorite is the Top Attractions page )..

Comment #47

Cheers bout time I got some Rep ... it's not good getting infractions!.

Check this good thread out to guys Very very nice! Well done mate!..

Comment #48

Billy - good thread - are you making more money from Adsense or from Ebay commissions ? Or from something else ?

Comment #49

I just made a minisite out of one of my L-LL.coms and I'm happy with my work. I wrote all the content so it's 100% unique. If you're wondering where I got the template from, it's I discovered the site today and many of the templates look quite good and just as important, versatile for any kind of site. Want to check it out and give me some comments?.

"Incorporate in Australia - Proprietary limited company"

As the Aussies here might know, a proprietary limited company is a common type of business structure [in Australia] and such companies are known with "Pty Ltd." at the end of their business name.

If you come from the US, a Pty Ltd. like an LLC structure in Australia...

Comment #50

99.9% of our our income from domains that are not fully developped has always been from mini-sites (or slighty) bigger that we then do some viral promotion with (no, not spam) using methods that the major search engines like.

Parking has been dismal, although we don't generally manage typos.... perhaps typos are easier to monetize through parking (as it wouldn't work with real content ?).

Great thread.


Comment #51

Adsense at the moment, but ebay commissions are paying well, e.g. $50 from a $1200 sale. It looks good mate!..

Comment #52


I only pay around $10 for all sites, that is only $10 for $180 as I have the sites as an addon through my main site DNBoard.

I host through Hostgator Baby Plan.

See here: refer to Addon / Parked Domains and Subdomains they are unlimited with is great.

You host one name and all my other 180 names are hosted for free under DnBoard..

Comment #53

Im all for dev, but can someone tell me the difference between a 'minisite' vs MFA?..

Comment #54

MFA themes and templates are designed with adsense ads in mind: strategic placement of ads on the home page and subpages.

You can still put unique/original content on an MFA theme but it'll look spammy. Splogs take advantage of MFA themes.

Minisites can use MFA themes too, but the idea of a minisite is to be (or appear to be) less spammy and actually have some useful content and be more SEO/Google friendly and use less obvious keyword stuffing.....

Comment #55

If you want an example of another species of MFA site, then take a look at what this guy is selling:

These were hot last year... database created sites based off yellowpage scrapers...

Comment #56

BFT=Bare Foot Tech. AKA the guy who sent you the link to (he owns it )..

Comment #57

Cool. Yeah, I get that. Just seems the goal is the same :imho i.e. 'useless content' to get people to click adsense ads that will generate more rev than parking does. Hey, ive done it as well, so not criticising. Just questioning the legitimacy of it all...all imho..

Comment #58

How legitimate it is is usually decided by Google when they ban you from the or white hat, it can work either way, it just depends on your skill set and what kind of business you want to run... me, I'm no good at either, lol!..

Comment #59

Define useless content? Most mini sites contain very keyword rich articles, which search engines love. Its not like the info is fake. Granted a college kid might not use one of my info sites for a resource when writing a college term paper, but that does not make it, not legit...

Comment #60

Peter, how did the forehead sale go???.

There are just too many domains (this is a HostGator forum) for Madison Ave and the professional designers of the world to tackle... even if every domainer could afford their services...

If I can at least make a minisite which helps me not get banned in the SERPS instead of endlessly comparing parking landers, then that's probably all I can do...

Comment #61

I think that min-sites will always do better than parked pages. You don't have to do a whole lot of promoting or advertising if you do well with the SEO. I like to write my own content, even if it is not the best, it is still unique and that is better than something copied 1,000's of times, IMO...

Comment #62

I like using Wordpress for Mini-Sites. You can do a lot with it and it fast and easy to get up and going.

I just got started on I'm using content from ezinearticles and Wiki because it has expired traffic and I'm not too worried about SEO to get traffic. I had a pretty decent CTR so I think the traffic may convert better as a mini-site...

Comment #63

Wow, great information everyone. this is a great thread, I have learned a lot just by reading it. thank you!!!..

Comment #64

Useless Content is spammy content that has a lot of keywords to get ranked well, but you feel cheated when you read it because it doesn't actually tell you anything useful, basically goes around in circles repeating the keywords, hoping you'll click on one of the ads. Heck, I should know, ive done a few in the past too lol.

It just seems there's a lot of garbage on the net and very few sites worth visiting. My fear is that with the dying of HostGator parking (lets face reality guys, parking is dying - except maybe for the big guys), domainers looking for a quick buck will flood the net even moreso with massive amounts of useless MFA type sites that dont add anything constructive to the net, just garbage really :imho.

Just my 2 cents worth, and I'm just as guilty as anyone in MFA type sites...

Comment #65

I understand where you are coming from. But most mini sites are not like that. Most people try to use original content, and even if it's not, sites like ezine will allow you to use their articles, and they are very well written, and not keyword happy...

Comment #66

Since I have been using the Mini Sites and Bans, in the last 3 weeks I have made $154 which is fantastic... My adsense earnings are on a par at the moment to what I earned the same month when parking.

But my earnings from Ebay using my mini sites are great ... pretty happy so far.

Heres My article on using BANS..

Comment #67

Hosting for that many sites should not be a problem. In fact, there are many providers which offer unlimited HostGator hosting or hosting for many domains under one plan now...

Comment #68

Billy - Your skipark site looks good, well done on the revenues - just a question re. BANS - what's to stop someone getting the software from someone else on a CD and using it without going through BANS ?

Also re. your Wordpress blog - I have heard that it is better to change the settings so that the address of the post in the address bar actually shows the name of the post rather than just a number e.g. your post address ends in '16' but if you go to 'settings' - 'permalinks' - then choose 'custom structure' and type in.

/%postname%/ - you get a more meaningful post address which is supposed to increase the number of readers..

Comment #69

Mini sites are of course better than parked pages, but content-rich sites that you're truly dedicated too will make you the most money in the long run...

Comment #70

I have stopped and removed most of my domains from parking & for sale listings!!!.

Afternic, Sedo, TDNam, Parked, Cashparking etc...

I am just concentrating on building websites !.

Undoubtly, websites and not domains, is a long term solution!..

Comment #71

I think it all depends on the quality/type and traffic of the domain.

For low/average quality names then development would probably be a far better earner than parking.

I took a spanky new .eu (that someone here said was crap) and did a naff looking 3 page minisite with 5 affiliate links on the main page.

It made over 2k the first year when it stayed number 1 in MSN, it does'nt do as good now because it does'nt rank well in any of the search engines but it still brought in $91 last month. it needs maybe 1 hr a year maintenance if that.

If parked it would'nt make anywhere near the reg fee in a year, i'm pretty sure of that as I also own the exact same name in .info and 2 similar ones in .net (NameAdmin owns the .com ).

Here's what they made in PPC.

.info has earned 0.82 in 30 months.

.net has earned nothing at all in 11 months. day I will get around to developing the other three easier said than done !.


Comment #72

End of the day, people cannot be just sit and earn using JUST doman parking!.

Do live and live nicely, you need to have good websites and skill , time , achunk of money to run it to earn!..

Comment #73 sure ain't pretty > here (I don't want to post the domain).

I just got an email today from the online marketing executive of one of the actual ferry companies "It would be great to hear if there are other ways in which we could work together.".

..hmmm, I'll need to think about that one but sounds interesting.


Comment #74

Yup, the key is building content. Nothing beats content on the web. I got some type in traffic about once a week from a couple of my sites; but I have slightly more than 200 out and parked. I'm working out a deal with a friend of mine to help build out some sites for my top names and see what happens. Thank god I play golf with him, so it shouldn't be too expensive...I hope...

Comment #75

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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