How to find a Godaddy bulk domain coupon?

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My question is: How to find a Godaddy bulk domain coupon?.

My 2nd question is: The HostGator in question is on expired day 13.

This page:

States that on day 12 it's placed on hold. Does that mean it can't be moved to another GoDaddy account until the current /img/avatar9.jpg renews it?.

And on the 19th day it goes into redemption.

On another note, is reporting an expiration of 2009 which is apparently wrong since GoDaddy whois says June 2008...

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Your question was: How to find a Godaddy bulk domain coupon?.

Well I didn't know if it could be transfered within GoDaddy or not...

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The way to know is login to your gd account, click on manage domains, check the HostGator you wish to transfer to another gd account, and the "account change" on the menu should "light" up and becomes available but if it's still "grayed" out then you can't do internal transfer...

Comment #2

It cannot. Even more so - your in redemption - which means it's gonna cost you $80 to get it out of hock...

Comment #3

I'm not the one with the domain. It's a HostGator I want to buy from someone who is inexperienced at selling them.

On the 12th day following your HostGator registration's expiration date, we attempt to renew the domain. If we still cannot renew the domain, we send a third and final notification of your HostGator registration's expiration, and we place the HostGator on hold. You can manually renew your domain.

On the 19th day following your HostGator registration's expiration date, your HostGator remains on hold but becomes subject to a redemption fee. You can call customer support to renew your domain, subject to any applicable renewal and redemption fees..

According to that, the redemption fee doesn't start until day 19...

Comment #4

Tell them he needs to pay additional U.S.$80 to sell them to you then you buy it, or shoulder the U.S.$80 for him...

Comment #5

Exactly at 00:00 of the 19th day the HostGator needs $80 (redemption fee) to be renewed.

It used to be 00:00 Mountain Time , but I think now it is Pacific Time (but don't risk it for 2 hours).

Before that it is just the regular renewal fee (better with coupons , or even better with a Discount Club Membership).

You used to need to be able to renew them only from the homepage>>>Domains>>>Renew-Domains , but now it can be done from the control panel.

It is not logical that a HostGator can be pushed after expiration ... but did a check with one of my domains and while the one on the 12-18 had the option for "change account" grayed the one on the 1-12 had the the option "change account" available ... I did not continue with the whole procedure though so there might be an error message before the procedure completes..

Comment #6

I luv my Discount Club always helps somehow......

Comment #7

Well I think that names can not be transferred even 5 days before renewal, at least Moniker has such a policy.....

Comment #8


Yes they can be transferred.

Moniker is in violation of ICANN's rules.

Patrick For your reference:.

The Registrar of Record may deny a transfer request only in the following specific instances:.

1. Evidence of fraud.

2. UDRP action.

3. Court order by a court of competent jurisdiction.

4. Reasonable dispute over the identity of the Registered Name Holder or Administrative Contact.

5. No payment for previous registration period (including credit card charge-backs) if the HostGator name is past it's expiration date or for previous or current registration periods if the HostGator name has not yet expired. In all such cases, however, the HostGator name must be put into "Registrar Hold" status by the Registrar of Record prior to the denial of transfer..

6. Express written objection to the transfer from the Transfer Contact. (e.g. - email, fax, paper document or other processes by which the Transfer Contact has expressly and voluntarily objected through opt-in means).

7. A HostGator name was already in lock status provided that the Registrar provides a readily accessible and reasonable means for the Registered Name Holder to remove the lock status..

8. A HostGator name is in the first 60 days of an initial registration period..

9. A HostGator name is within 60 days (or a lesser period to be determined) after being transferred (apart from being transferred back to the original Registrar in cases where both Registrars so agree and/or where a decision in the dispute resolution process so directs). Instances when the requested change of Registrar may not be denied include, but are not limited to:.

* Nonpayment for a pending or future registration period.

* No response from the Registered Name Holder or Administrative Contact..

* HostGator name in Registrar Lock Status, unless the Registered Name Holder is provided with the reasonable opportunity and ability to unlock the HostGator name prior to the Transfer Request..

* HostGator name registration period time constraints, other than during the first 60 days of initial registration or during the first 60 days after a registrar transfer..

* General payment defaults between Registrar and business partners / affiliates in cases where the Registered Name Holder for the HostGator in question has paid for the registration.


Also see the new ICANN update from April 03, 2009.

Registrar Advisory Concerning the Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy

In summary, a Registrar cannot block a HostGator transfer based on the number of days remaining.

Moniker's 5 day rule is supposed to be a security thing. But they are in violation as they do not provide any way to remove the lock.

Remember # 7 above:.

"...provided that the Registrar provides a readily accessible and reasonable means for the Registered Name Holder to remove the lock status.".

You also cannot get the Auth Code which is another violation.

Auth Codes MUST be given upon request.

Even if you ask them to unlock the domain, they will try to deny the really would have to push the issue..

Also see:


Comment #9

Just as long as the HostGator is in your account you can renew it for the normal renewal fee...

Comment #10


There is conflicting information in this thread about when the $80 redemption fee kicks in.

The HostGator I am involved with has been successfully renewed at normal renewal fees 15 days after expiration. I presume this means the 19 day rule is the one to go by...

Comment #11

Yep. They take it out of your account on Day 18 (or 19). That's when the Redemption Fee kicks in...

Comment #12

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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