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I have 150$ in my account, and I want a refund since all my names were transfered to godaddy. They don't answer my support ticket (I tried twice). I want my money back. How to deal with them? Very unprofessional company.


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I don't think you quite understand.

The reason your names were transfered to GoDaddy is because Registerfly went out of business. It's corrupt. They are not out to look like a "professional company". There is NO MORE company. They are out to squeeze whatever dime left they could from former customers as yourself.

I really don't know what to say. Good luck...

Comment #1

I've just deposited $1 via Paypal and it works! Money have been deposited into my Regfly account!.

Perhaps you might still be able to withdraw your funds Aboujouj.....

Comment #2

Make sure your credit card info is removed...RegFly is still sending out renewal notices even though they don't host the domains...mine said they were on auto-renewal. I wouldn't be surprised if they try to bill for renewals...

Comment #3

I think they just closed up the business and all went home and forgot to turn the servers off... Meaning, the site will work as normal, but all of the back end functionality is gone.

Your best bet is to forget that $150 even exists and thank god it wasn't $1500...

In a bankruptcy proceeding, there are various levels of debt. Customers are at the very last level. Meaning, if anyone recoups money, it will be people like lawyers, accountants, vendors, banks, etc... You may be able to join the class action suit and make off with a shiny nickle or 3. It sucks, but thats the way it works...

Comment #4

You can do one of several things.

1. File a small claims suit and get a secured position should bankruptcy be filed or if any assets are left.

2. If you paid by credit card, try to file a claim with your credit card company.

3. File and get in line for the class action suit.

4. Find a big guy named Guido to collect what you are due.....

Comment #5

I paid using paypal. Can I get paypal involved? The way it worked is when I tried to pay for renewals, they said I need to add money to my account first. But as you all know, they didn't renew any names, and now they are transfered to godaddy.

They answered me saying that they can't refund me, but I can use it towards other service. But who wants to buy from a company that only gave headaches to it's users?.

Here their exact response that came after more than a week. Aboujouj..

Comment #6

BTW, our old buddies ENOM just hijacked another one of my names the other day, the same day I officially monitored/backordered it. Apparently they can now instantly tag any public monitor put on any name, and they're grabbing them regardless of any apparent worth to them. If their overall gamble pays off, they come up with a few valuable names and flush the rest. This kind of sleaziness would even make the notorius Kenyatech jealous!.

The name I had backordered was of course only worth something to me, so they wasted their time. But it does show what they're up to. And no, they don't always "dump the duds" the following month, name-kiting style. Sometimes they wait three months or more.

I mention all this because for years it was ENOM that owned Registerfly, until they got caught screwing it up, so they cut and ran from it - but not until February of this year. Here's a newspaper story all about the whole Registerfly mess!

Comment #7

Enom did not own Registerfly.

Prior to becoming it's own registrar, Registerfly was an Enom reseller.

When Rfly became a registrar, it attempted to move all of the Enom-registered names to it's own cred, and that's when Enom discontinued the reseller agreement with Rfly...

Comment #8

Okay, ENOM did not "own" Registerfly while Registerfly was a reseller for ENOM, but Registerfly was a reseller for ENOM anyway.

Or to put it in more legal terms, either way a certain little fly was hangin' 'round a big ol' cow pie, til some trouble started up, an' it done got shooed away...

Comment #9

I've never had any trouble with Enom, and I'm a reseller there myself. Enom actually helped me get back some of the domains that regsiterfly lost from my account with unwanted proxy whois records. It might have been better if Enom had cut the cord with Registerfly a year earlier, but then you get into the Monday morning Quarterback situation...

Comment #10

ENOM already proved they were dirty by associating with the dirty Registerfly. ENOM has also been caught with their pants down while aiding terrorists:

Yep, they're a real great buncha honest, flag-waving fellas, allright. (Too bad it's the wrong flag!)..

Comment #11

Hi All:.

I am the original registrant and the rightful owner of two domains at

For some unknown reason, the domain registration information for these two domains were changed to the following person shortly before the collapse of Registerfly:.

Winter, James.


C/o 357 Malin Road.

Newtown Square, Pennsylvania 19073.

United States.


The domains are now with GoDaddy, but I have no control over them. I called GoDaddy so many times, and pleaded with them but to no avail. They say they don't believe me even though I have sent them my RF screenshots and renewal records. They said anybody can make up bogus screenshots.

I am so upset right now, because apparently James Winter has just renewed one the domains. Who is this person? Is he out to rob people's domains?.

I did a Google search and found that several other people at RF had their domains transferred to the same person as well. So I am trying to find out how everyone got their domains back.

GoDaddy told me to file a legal challenge with WIPO to try to get the domains back. But that will cost a lot of money! The minimum cost to file a domain arbitration cost would cost me $1500 with WIPO, and they are located in Switzerland!.

Gosh, this has been a total nightmare!..

Comment #12

You seem to really have a chip on your shoulder about enom.

Firstly the article you quoted is a complete joke, the following is taken from it:- They don't seem to understand that the ability to move hosts is simply a case of changing nameservers, this has nothing to do with the way eNom works but a way domains resolve. They also state:- How the hell can eNom conceivably know things about the people or have any idea of what the content of the domains are. They administer probably millions of domain names.

Regarding eNom owning Registerfly, that is a very naive and stupid claim. Just because registerfly was a reseller of eNom names does not mean eNom owned them. Also since when should a company have the ability to look into the future, how were they to know how things would turn out.

ENom in fact were proactive in trying to help the customers who still had domains registered through registerfly's reseller program and had not been transferred directly to registerfly. I am not sure if registerfly used it but ensure you do not have a paypal subscription or automatic payments turned on for registerfly.

Regarding getting your money back there are a few things that will need answering:-.

1) How long ago did you submit the funds.

2) How did you fund the paypal account for these funds.

If you sent the funds within the last 60 days I think it is you can contact paypal and file a dispute. As the goods are considered digital goods you may not have much luck but I would try it anyway.

If it is beyond 60 days you may be able to get a refund claiming from your credit card if that is how you funded payment.

If you funded by direct debit then you may be able to claim back this way as well by contacting your bank. This really depends on the country in which you live however. I know here in the UK you are covered by the direct debit guarantee SEE HERE.

A word of warning however, paypal might complain profusely and might cancel your account...

Comment #13

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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