How to convert http to https using Verisign SSL in IIS?

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First off, How to convert http to https using Verisign SSL in IIS? Thanks for any answer. Second question.. Maybe I am being retarded, but I can seem to change the way my store looks. I have been struggleing with it for a while now and am getting frustrated. My store is still set to default and I dont know how to change it. It looks horrible.

Where do I go to change this? and what do I do to change it?.


Do you know how to change the size of the images in oscommerce....for exsmple, if you clicked on the item in the catalog, then you click on the image it brings up the larger image in a new window. I need to figure out how to make the image smaller. right now it's so big that you can only see about 10% of it..

Here is my Verisign site so you can see what I am talking about..



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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at Verisign as they probably could assist you..

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Download, install, and use an ftp program (like filezilla). The directory structure is the apparent)..

Look at.



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Still lost and confused. I downloaded the ftp program, and it can not find my store, just my site..

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: 14 December 2008, 05:12..

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Your store is in the folder you named shop..

You should read up on how html, stylesheets and php works..

Html here.


Php here.


Css for stylesheets here.


You will also need a color picker so you can find the colors in the style sheet that you want to change..

Color picker here.


You also need to read either the documentation.pdf found in your download or read the knowledge base found here..


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You download nice templates to make it look really good from somewhere like.


Really worth it and saves alot of time..

Comment #5

Template Monster Templates are not the answer. They not only use old osc code but they hack the original code so much that you can not update or add contributions. You then come to this forum and want us to help fix it for you and guess what? Template Monster templates are not supported at the osc forum. You end up frustrated with a worthless good looking template that you wasted your money on...

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Just to expand on Lola's reply.

My advice is first read the documentation that comes with the download of the latest version of osc or download a copy.

Then read the knowledgebase or download a copy.


A roadmap for newbies by lindsayanng..


Also read the first 2 threads in the installation forum..


Finally use the search term. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

In google whenever you get stuck..

Set up.






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AVOID Template Monster like the plague, UNTIL you have enough knowledge of osCommerce to fix any future problems yourself...

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I have done the pre-installation part where I had.

Download the osCommerce release package,.

Extract the package to a temporary directory,.

Connect to the web server with an FTP client,.

Copy the "catalog" directory to the web server document path,.

And done wth the pre-installation configuration and follow the installation procedure..

Next Ive tried to follow wth the web based configuration procedure where I have to go to.


Which I replace it wth.


But it says tht the webpage cannot be found..

What should I do to fix the problem?..

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The complete instructions to install is in your documentation.pdf page 5. it will show you to add the install at the end of your url.......................

So back to reading...

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All PHP files must be uploaded in ASCII mode, not binary mode..

How do I know that the PHP file is in ASCII mode not binary?..

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Download filezilla and use that as your ftp client. It knows which ones..


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Import Catalog Database - Install the database and add the sample data - leave this box.


How do I install database and add sample data?.

I have already had the server,database name,username and password..

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This is my third round of uploading and deleting the catalog directory. So now, Im moving real slow to make sure I didnt miss a thing but of course with someone to guide me. Really appreaciate wth the help..

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The database you created is poplulated automatically during the install process...

Comment #15

So, I have done the pre-installation part. Based on this page.


I have to continue wth the web based installation procedure, the first step to start is to go to.


When I tried, It didnt work ..

How can I fix it?..

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Since this thing didnt work out for me, Ive deleted the category directory and upload it again and start it all over again..

So Im trying to follow each word by word in the OScommerce documentation..

From the begining, Ive upload catalog to my document root. Next Ive already had the database and user. next I have to go to.


.And I should see INSTALL button, but theres no INSTALL button.Moving on, at the page I can see The webserver is not able to save the installation parameters to it's configuration files..

"The following files need to have their file permissions set to world-writeable (chmod 777):.


/usr/home/maxvuevision/public_html/catalog/admin/includes/configure.php ".

So what should I do next. really appreciate your help...


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Please read the following topic thread regarding how to install osCommerce:.


Begin with the first post in that thread and read as far as you need to get osCommerce installed on your domain..

After you have osCommerce installed, you may be interested in the Simple Template System which allows you to design your Verisign site using standard HTML templates. But before you get ahead of yourself, read the posts in that thread and get osCommerce installed first..

You "may" be way over your head since it appears you are struggling with some of the basic skill set required to install and maintain an osCommerce shop. I don't mean that as a jab toward you at all. It's just that it sounds like you may have never installed a blank MySQL database before (reguired before you run the osC installation) as well as use some of the basic FTP Client functions (needed to change permissions of files/folders). After you do get osC installed, you will need to have a basic PHP skillset in order to modify the osC files or at least have a good web developer skillset and use the Simple Template System to modify the design of osC. Either way, osC IS NOT a quick plug & play type application. It IS very robust but to take advantage of that, you would need the skillset(s) mentioned above..

I admire you wanting to take up the challenge and wish you the best along the way...

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Thanks bkellum. actually ive done the same thing as the quick installation procedure.and ive completed the installation so many times but because the shopping cart didnt work, I thought maybe it's the problem wth installation.but when I follow the quick install, it was actually the same thing that ive done before this.but then I wonder again, why is the intstruction at osC site, forum and it's documentation is different?.

Another thg tht puzzle me is at this site.


To install I have to go to.


But when I type.


Page not found appear?.

But basically, my problem is, the shopping cart at the catalog page didnt work. when I click an item, and add the item to shopping was suppose to insert the item to the shopping cart, instead the shopping cart remain empty..

Hope somebody could guide me ..thanks..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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