How to choose sex of baby in preconception time?by Dukan Diet,by rythem/by lunar month.send full det

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First off, How to choose sex of baby in preconception time?by Dukan Diet,by rythem/by lunar month.send full det Thanks in advance for any response. My 2nd question... I was browsing the boards the other day and saw someone asking about recipes using laughing cow cheese. Now I can't find it. Were there any suggestions..


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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Dukan Diet as they probably know..

Comment #1

I have taken 1/2 wedge and spread the top of the apple streudle and muffins. But I have not taken the time to see if it fits in the Dukan Diet program. I love the cheese though and the calories are low...

Comment #2

What exactly is laughing cow cheese and where can I get it??..

Comment #3

Hi! This is an idea I have taken from the boards..

Ns fettuccine Alfredo.

1/4c imitation crabmeat & 1 orig. swiss LC cheese.

I have not tried this yet, but will!.

Laughing Cow Cheese is a spreadable cheese in a round container with 8 wedges. There are different flavors - my favorite is the french onion. I love it on crackers, but not any more. I now use it on a slice of FF bologna, roll it up & have a great snack!..

Comment #4

They sell it in most supermarkets, Walmart, Smiths etc depending upon where you live. Go to their website,.

, and you will see what it looks like..

It comes in a cardboard round container, and inside theyre are individual wrapped wedges. Make sure you get the LIGHT variety..

They also have what's called, Light Bites, they look like little dice and come in a rectangular box. You can have 3 of these as a free food...

Comment #5

I buy 3 at a time at Sam's Club. Much cheaper than buying single ones in Walmart or the grocery store..

I like it about anyway. Just eat it or in some of the lunches or celery, etc...

Comment #6

Birdie, I never thought to spread it on celery. I love that idea!!..

Comment #7

Thanks so much everybody! I'm a cheese lover so I'm always looking for a good snack! =)..

Comment #8

I spread it on celery, apple slices, or make roll ups with turkey, roast beef or ham slices to equal 100 calories. I also spread an onion one on my light hamburger bun with the Dukan Diet burger with sauteed mushrooms for a swiss mushroom melt..

I have to watch it, I like it too much!..

Comment #9

Yum, Yum. I grill onion and bell pepper with the chicken patty but I can't wait to try the burger with the LC cheese, Great Idea - Thanks..

Comment #10

Another way I have used LC cheese is by spreading it on my apple..

Comment #11

It doesn't pay for me to belong to Sams Club. I have no need to buy most things in bulk and I don't like their paper goods...

Comment #12

I made a post where yestreday I added one wedge of LC into my pasta with brocc... a shake of adobo and a sprinkle of parm cheese... with carrots and brocc.... it was soo good and really bulked it up!..

Comment #13

I always add a wedge to my dinner entree, YUM -O! I love LC...

Comment #14

Oh yea,.... and a few nights ago I spread a LC wedge on the crust of the thin crust pizza... then put the sauce over it, then the cheese. microwaved it and OMG!!!!..

Comment #15

I have a question about adobo! I order my spices from and they always throw in a freebie spice (I LOVE this company!!). This last time they gave me adobo and I've never used it before. What kinds of food do you use it with (obviously, other than the pasta w/broccoli.


Comment #16

Thanks for the information, I have seen it in Sam's but didn't know if I would like it, I will by it in Walmart to see if I like it..


Comment #17

Oh! my favorite seasoning ever!!!.

It is so versatile! put it on chicken, or steak, ... if you are using some ground beef or turkey for a protein squish some in the meat before you cook it,.....

Put some in a soup to give it a little kick....

Use it on noodles with some fake butter,.... use it in stir fry, on veggies,... ive put it on everything at times!..

Comment #18

Thanks so much!!! I am sooooo not a cook, but I can follow directions, so until someone tells me what to do with something, it just sits in my cupboard, but now I'll definitely use it!!!!..

Comment #19

Here it is pictured.

Ns fettucine alfredo.

1/4c imitation crabmeat & 1 orig. swiss LC cheese.

Mmmm creamy goodness..

Comment #20

Look for it in the diary case, near the cottage cheese and sour cream...

Comment #21

In the newsletter, Dukan Diet says that 2 wedges of laughing cow cheese = 1 protein serving. It's not exactly correct (as greylady said), but if you only use it occasionally, it won't hurt..

And all my mom talks about is laughing cow cheese. It's a running joke in my family. As a matter of fact, they are retired and are traveling right now, and I talked to mom yesterday and she said they have blown out 3 tires in a week on their motor home. I told her she should come home, but she said she was fine because she still has her laughing cow cheese. And people wonder where my weirdness comes from.....

Comment #22

Actually, I think the newsletter said that 2 of the Light Mini Babybels = 1 dairy serving (not the LC wedges), but I could be wrong..

EDITED TO ADD: I'm sorry - it was in the Daily Dose today!..

Comment #23

I just checked. This is correct except it was yesterday's Daily Dose...

Comment #24



Cheeses mentioned in the Daily Dose are DIFFERENT KIND of laughing cow cheese from the semi-soft wedges that most people here mean when they talk about Laughing Cow Cheee the mini BABYBEL cheeses are 50 cal per red wax covered rounds, not semi-soft, similar to Gouda, however since each round of the Light Mini-Babybel has 3 grams fat (and 6 gr protein), it's STILL too much fat if you have two of this kind ....

They are tasty though.

Any chance your mom was in California in the mid-1980's??? the laughing cow company ran some of the most hysterical radio commercials that I have ever heard, about their mini-babybel cheeses in red mesh bags I have to laugh every time I see/hear the product name.


Comment #25

OMG, I remember those commercials!!! I hadn't thought of them because I haven't been eating the mini-babybel, but now of course I'm going to think of them every time I pull out a Laughing Cow!!!..

Comment #26

Do you remember the ones with the Valley Girl going to a birthday party for a friend and meeting the cop who ended up back at her house looking at her shoe collection???? and of course the friend who got a load of hay for the laughing cow in the red mesh bag????.



Comment #27

Mom NOT in Cali in the mid-80's...she's very southern, so I'm sure someone would have killed her if she did go to Cali....

So what are the mini babel? Babel sounds like a baby from India.....

Comment #28

Lol BABYBEL pronounced "bay-bee-bell" as I said in the post you quoted, the light mini babybel's are small rounds coated in red wax (then wrapped in plastic) look like small, individual versions of edam or gouda (the cheeses coated in wax) very tasty.

Laughing cow company makes several kinds of mini babybel cheeses cheddar, gouda, bonbel & original (which is a very mild edam/gouda/swiss type) the regular kinds have 6 gr fat, so you want to get the LIGHT version.

They come 6 or so mini cheeses in a plastic mesh bag the light version is in a WHITE plastic mesh bag (as opposed to the red mesh bag that even 25 years later puts me into stitches - those commercials were FUNNY!!!!!).


Comment #29

I put some Laughing Cow Cheese in my minestrone soup today. It was really a nice change!..

Comment #30

Take a slice of FF ham, spred one wedge of LC cheese on top, take a green onion and place on top, roll up, and cut into 1/2 slices....great treat..

Comment #31

I just looked up where the closest store that carries it is and it's 17.5 miles away. Bummer cause I see everyone talks about it on here...

Comment #32

One thing (well two things I guess) I love about LC wedges is that they don't seem to need to be constantly refrigerated - you can carry them around all day and not worry if they'd go bad, and also, perhaps because they're individually wrapped, they never get moldy and will last in the fridge probably forever!.

I thought they were a French company, as I remember them from my year abroad in France in 1971 - "La Vache Qui Rit" (the cow that laughs). I don't remember those ads, but I sure wish I did as they sound very creative and funny!.


Comment #33

How do others get the wedges to melt? I find it hard to get them to melt in either the cups or even in the microwave...

Comment #34

I put the wedge in a dish and microwave for 10-15 seconds. It gets mushy and easier to work with. Then add it to whatever hot meal I am using...

Comment #35

I've never melted any before, however maybe it's like chocolate. You have to fully mix it before it melts after micro'ing it...

Comment #36

Heat and stir and stir and stir. Nuke a little longer if needed..

Comment #37

OMG SOOOOOOOO DOING THIS AT LUNCH TOMORROW!!!! Never had it before so I admit I am slightly nervous but I am sure it will be good!..

Comment #38

One of my favorite ways to use it is in my egg whites or egg beaters. It makes them so rich and creamy. This trick even got my hubby to eat egg beaters now! I just add the wedge in when I put the eggs in the pan and mush it in as I stir the eggs. By the time the eggs are done, the cheese is blended in...

Comment #39

Wow I will definitely have to try that but I got the garlic and herb... might not be the best flavor for that......

Comment #40

Sooo I had the Garlic and Herb LCC in my chopped broccoli this afternoon with a piece of turkey bacon crumbled on top it was awesome!..

Comment #41

Mmmm, that's sounds so good! Lovely change for steamed broccoli. I am soo trying this one for dinner tonight. Thanks for sharing...

Comment #42

I give all the credit to Christina! (except for the bacon that was my idea lolz) THANKS CHRISTINA..

Comment #43

I put the garlic & herb one in my egg beaters. You don't have to add extra seasonings!..

Comment #44

Hmmm... I will have to try that when I am feeling brave lol..

Comment #45

I have some almost every day. I love it. I make roll up with 98%ff ham, spread on melba toast, spread on celery and I'm going to try some of the other suggestion for it's use..

Laughing Cow also has the BabyBel Light Semisoft cheese. Each serving has 50 Cal; 3g fat; 6g protein. My daughter slices it and add it to her salad..

I am a big cheese lover and love all the favors I've tried so far...

Comment #46

Is the laughing cow light cheese a free item???..

Comment #47

I've never seen the light bites. Will be looking out for those thank you!.

EVERYONE should have a pack of the light laughing cow cheese in their fridge! They are so yummy and either taste good alone or add to the pastas!..

Comment #48

I agree! They are great! The garlic & herb one is awesome spread in celery!..

Comment #49

I agree that it is YUMMY spread on the crust of any of the pizzas before adding the sauce, makes it taste soooo much better!..

Comment #50

Laughing cow is light and great. I spread it on whole wheat like crackers. ITs nice in the refrigerator section in the grocery store- usually by the pepperoni- just ask an associate. good luck and good eating..

Comment #51

I use ADOBO in all of my cooking. I also spred the LC cheese on the flat bread pizza before adding the sauce as well. it is delish! as Rachael Ray would say!..

Comment #52

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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