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Do you guys know how to change "fronzen" nameservers?.

I have a domain that makes good money, but half of my visits ends up at NameDrive and the other half ends up somewhere else.

How to change so that all visits end up somewhere else where I want. I have the option to set the name server at the registrar, but it's beyond that and I can not "take" all the traffic with me.

The problem is NameDrive does not pay well, so I'm loosing money..

Thanks in advance,.


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How long ago did you change the nameservers at the registrar? it takes time ( often 48 hrs ) for nameserver changes to fully propagate...

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Yeah, previous post gets to the real issue. I have run my own name servers for many years, and it takes time for the new info to propagate. I normally set my TTL values to a large number. When I expect changes to take place, I change the TTL to a low value a few weeks before the change. What this means, is that when you make a change, it takes a few days or more for things to reach the whole net.

Also, this should *probably* be in the discussion forum, not legal.


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This belongs here, becuase the nameservers are frozen for a legal reason I'm assuming (thats' what I heard at least)..

The registrar is: Domain Site.

Also, how can you run nameservers and not heard of frozen nameservers..

Does anyone ever dealt with frozen nameservers before?..

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Well, I have been running nameservers for almost 12 years, and I guess all I can say is that this is apparently a technical term with which I am not familiar. This would hardly be the first time I have not heard of something on the net! So far never had anything "frozen" in the last 12 years so maybe I am lucky.

So some of your traffic goes to one place and some to another. Are you using multiple A addresses on Bind version 9 or later?.

What happens when you use dig?.


Comment #4

Contact the sys ad or admin of that site to unfreeze your dns, only sysad or same level can update your dns, problem with frozen it can be edited directly by sysad/admins but the dns being frozen will not update so it's useless for you...

Comment #5

Do you mean "frozen" as in the name is currently in UDRP limbo and therefore you are not allowed to change the nameservers? If not, why is this in legal?.


Comment #6

Allan, good questions. To be honest I want to figure out if this is a legal issue or technical.

The domain is not in UDRP. I had this situation for about a year now..

The previous owner told me this: "Company called the registrar and complain, so they froze the nameservers". I have hard time buying this story, because the action taken is not logical at all.

This domain is Did anyone come across something like this?..

Comment #7

Well I am a tech guy, and you really have me baffled. My original response was in agreement with the other person that suggested it might be a DNS caching problem associated with a DNS change. If this has been going on for a year, then it is just weird. Like I said in my second post, using multiple "A" records in BIND version 9 or later would explain this... but why on earth would wherever you have this parked use multiple A records? Just weird. I wish I could say something more informative...

Have somebody do a "dig" from a unix account.


Comment #8

My control over the domain is limited. I go to Domain Site and set the name servers for examples to: and or and 60% of the traffic still goes to Name Drive and the other 40% goes to my custom name server.

Can I just delete the DNS records at and keep the nameserver only?.

Also the DNS record is of type A and there is two entries:.

A * (delete) 300 2007-11-15 20:11:27.

A (delete) 300 2007-11-15 20:11:27..

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It's possible that your DNS servers are resolving to different IP addresses.

Go to another registrar (, for instance), and do a whois. Make sure the listed DNS servers are the ones you expect to see.

I was in a situation once that sounds earily similar to this one... somehow, my registrar had extra DNS records pointing to a site I had. DNS servers do NOT necessarily resolve in order, which could explain the split.

..may not be the solution, but thought I may mention it as a possible solution...

Comment #10

And the fact it is happening on a subdomain makes it sound like it could be a "fake-registry" problem, rather than anything legitimate (No undue offense to centralnic).

At this point, posting the name might help some of the more diligent members play "detective" on this one.


Comment #11

Let me know the domain via post or pm i'll help you out. If this is impossible for you, then don't.

Fyi/headsup also registers

Comment #12

Thanks guys. Looks like I fixed it. Due to the unknown status I was affraid to call the registrar for 6 months. Finally I called them few minutes ago and the guy removed the "extra" name servers that were frozen...

Comment #13

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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