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Ok, I know technically images you find on the internet are copyrighted, but how lenient is that? I mean, what if you google an image, and there's the same image listed on several different sites. How are they going to know who you took it from?.

Is it ok to use any image you want and say at the bottom, "All images are copyright of their respective /img/avatar6.jpgs"?.

I've tried in the past to get permission to use images, but the webmaster usually never replies back.


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As far as photos are concerned, the copyright is in effect the moment the photographer takes the picture..

I would seriously NOT suggest using photos or images without permission..

You may get by for a while, and you probably will eventually get into legal problems...


There are sites on the net that allow you to use images and photos for free..

I assume you knew that, but just in case, I am writing here in case anyone needs to know...

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Only if the copyrights of the photos are Given ....

Comment #2

Fair use comes into play here. Depends on how you use them.

Comment #3

That by no means says you can use a photo on your site without permission....

Anyhow, I've been there, done that, so I guess do as you see fit...

Comment #4

What if you're not making money from the photo or claiming that it's yours, just putting it on your site...

Comment #5

Guys, it's illegal..

You can do what you like, but it is illegal.

There are sites that allow you to purchase them, and others to use them for free. These sites (as well as the paid ones) would not exist if you could just 'borrow' someones photo to use on their site without permission..

It is also unethical...

Comment #6

I would just buy some images but it's really hard to find video game images available to buy...

Comment #7

I had a bookmark once with a site that sells new video game images!.

And it was cheap..

I can not find were I placed that bookmark, but I am sure it's out there as many forums use it..

It was a link I got of an rss feed in a gaming forum.

BTW, those kind of images can get you in even more legal trouble... if not used with a license...

Comment #8

If you find that link let me know!.

Where do you think a lot of these site get their images? There's a whole bunch of them here and most have a good amount of images. Do you really think all those people asked for permission or did they just rip it from somewhere else?..

Comment #9

Well, hard to say, but I would not be surprised if they did not get permission to use those photos..

But then again, you want to use them on your site, which further complicates the matter, as you will be tracked down..

I still stand by what I said, but it's up to you really..

You may want to place a sign saying that if these pictures are anyones copyright, you will remove them..

Still risky though.....

Comment #10

Yeah it could really suck to get sued by a huge company like EA or Microsoft.

That's why I really appreciate it when companies release fankits!..

Comment #11

It depends on the image. If the image is a screenshot of something, and it's not watermarked, then I think you can use it. On my video gaming websites, I was told by a big company (I'm not going to give any names out) that it is legal to use unwatermarked images of video games and screenshots of in the game on your website from another, as long as you're not using their bandwidth.

I think the same rule applies on this type of situation, but if the image is an actual photograph, or a design, then you shouldn't use it. Contacting the webmaster would be the best bet, and would definatley prevent you from getting your ass sued.

I'm pretty sure that that would constitute as plagerism? I believe that's one of my teachers said to me a few years ago. Not entirely sure, though, whether it would be filed as copyright infringement or plagerism...

Comment #12

That's nice to know (unwatermarked images being legal) but I still wouldn't really feel comfortable using them. I figure, it's best to just go to the companies directly, but as stated earlier they never respond...

Comment #13

Ok, this is simple.... unless the site states that you may use the images from a site, you cannot. And the comment of unwatermarked images being legal... completely false. (that example was from ONE copmpany only, that does not mean the rest of the millions of companies/individuals do the same thing).

Just because someone stole images does not mean you can steal them too. The only way to use leagally use the images is when it is expressly stated that you may do so. End of story...

Comment #14

What about if I use images from wikipedia? I know you can use their text, right? What about the images?.

EDIT: nvm I found it. Kinda sounds like a no.....

Comment #15

Hi all! FYI I'm a photographer myself, though honoured if someone found my image good enough to use, I'd be shatterd to hear it being used without consent!. Yes an image becomes copyright the moment it has been taken, and yes, stay clear of "taking" it however, why not go out and use your own cam and take something similar? Heck you might even enjoy the rewards.....

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Every single photo and graphic is automatically copyright the moment created. The copyright holer can then place into public domain or sell as a collection or for reuse. Many of the images you see on something like google images in multiple occurance has been purchsed by the site as a collection such as Corel Gallery, etc. That doesn't mean anyone who hasn't purchased the collection has the right to use it.

There are plenty of places to get free or public domain images legally. One source is Microsoft at this site for Office users: (yes, they do occassionally give out something free).

You just can't assume because it's on the web and used mulitple times that it's free or okay for you to use it. You should assume just the opposite. If it doesn't say you have free use, you don't...

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Unless the picture is in the public domain you can't use it without buying a licence (royalty-free or licenced managed). Even then their are certain rules that you have to follow which may differ depending on the TOS of the stock site where you bought the image from. It surprises me how many webmasters illegaly use images they never bought. Even at some high traffic websites I have seen stolen images and the owners didn't even bother to remove the watermark.

If you get caught you may pay up to a few thousands $ for each image that you used without having the rights to do so...

Comment #18

Nope, ebaumsworld places a "hosted by ebaums" and it's fully legal...

Comment #19

You need to have a little more foresight than that. Say you did just that. Then tomorrow 'Bob' discovers your site, and decides to "borrow" that same image that you lifted from the original source. Bob just needed to get his site up in a hurry and didn't have time to shop for one, so he thought, "hey, this image isn't on a commercial site, so I'm sure it's okay to use". Now 'Frank' sees Bob's site and thinks "cool image! It must be one of those free images, so I'll just save it and use it on my site too". Before you know it, a dozen people have stolen the image "with good intentions".

And that's the story of how copyright owners are the ones who get screeewed every time...

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Thats why it says in the bottom:.

" If you are the original creator of material featured on this website and want it removed, please contact the webmaster.".

If it was me, I wouldnt contact them, I would have my lawyer do so and ask for a nice price....

I dont know why you think it is 'ok' to steal photos, if someone else does it..

Heck, I saw on CNN that some guy killed another man because God talled him to do it, so what? next time you get an inspiration are you going to do it because the other guy did???.

Also, a lot of these photos are submitted by what is supposed to be the rightful owners of the photos. Some sites assume they can get away with it, because there are clauses about liablity of posted material, but not for photos.....

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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