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First of all How soon do you see results with Nutrisystem? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Second question.. I participated in My first Sr. PBA Tournament since May 2010 this weekend. I bowled better than I have in a long time. I finished 17th out of 75 bowlers good for $425.00 in prize money.

I missed advancing to the 2nd round by two friggin pins..

The best thing was the compliments I received from people. There were numerous guys that didn't even recognize me until they saw the name on my shirt and then they couldn't believe their eyes...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

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@PBAProBowler - Do you find you've had to change your bowling technique now that you've lost so much weight?.

I know when I lost a lot the first time and went to play golf my swing changed. I didn't have to alter my swing to make room for my stomach...

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Congrats Bowler. It sure is nice to go unrecognized sometimes..

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I sure did. I have practiced hard for the last few months retraining my swing. Now that I no longer have to circle the swing around my body I can get it into the 9" slot easier which results in a crisper swing and I dont have to crowbar the ball off my hand...

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Congrats on the Bowling!! I can no longer bowl in my league (silly comparison I know) because of arthritis in my right hand. If I put 3 games together sometimes it's a challenge for me to get to 300! Lol..

Golfa whole 'nother heart ache!! I almost quit for good last year because of poor play, and I blame Nutrisystem completely!!.

I tended to shoot in the 87 range. I nearly broke my neck in an accident and recovered my golf game from that..

Then last Feb. I started Nutrisystem and started dropping some inches. Golf last summer and Fall was the most frustrating thing I've ever had to try to do!.

I still don't know how to adjust! Lol. The best I can come up with is that I must have been resting my arms on my belly or somethingand there's much less belly now!.

I was honestly about a 43 in waist in Feb 2010. By June I was a 36 in waist (and possibly closer to 35!)..

My golf swing, such as it was, is history! I will have to work like crazy this spring to figure something out..

It was easier to adjust and recover from a severe neck injury than losing the weightas far as golf is concerned at least..

Sorry for the derail about golf swings.

Any professional performance/competition is really amazing! Good for you on the accomplishment!!.


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It's feels really good having people tell you how great you look. You put in the hard work..

Now about those 2 pins......

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Aaaaaargh I am still beating myself up over that...

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Congratulations on your bowling success!.

Not to hijack the thread but....

I totally concur about the effects on my golf game..

Prior to losing weight my handicap was hovering around 5..

Since my weight loss my handicap has "shot up" to 8. I don't have the distance I once did and my swing is a mess..

I just can't figure out where my arms should go. The lack of the belly is certainly to blame.

I am hoping that I can get it pulled together this year..

Glad to hear it isn't just me..


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My advice. Take a few lessons. I video my bowling at least 1x per week and send it to my coach. Once he has looked at it he will call me and we will go over the video. I usually post it to Youtube or my Facebook and let them know it is available..

The feed back I have gotten has helped my game tremendously..

I use a video program called Motion Pro to capture the video. you can find it here..

Motion Pro Software..

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Congrats! Thats awesome! The 2 pin thing happens, but you'll bust through to the next round next time I'll bet. Nice little bonus for your time.

And your before and after pics are amazing....

As for golf, I tried playing last summer after I was down 40 pounds and realized, my swing was totally screwed up too. I'll probably look at some lessons this spring..

My bowling lessons made a huge improvement to my game as I was really off balance (I'm sure some of that was due to being 60 pounds lighter) and I'm sure I'll be doing more lessons as I drop more weight and things change again (not to mention getting new finger inserts to adjust for my fingers becoming smaller). I've now rolled one 200+ game each of the last three league nights (the other games in the series tends to be between 160 and 180 so I'm topping 500 each night where I used to have a hard time hitting 400). My average has really improved, and I'm hoping to take the "Most Improved" in my Wednesday night league (I started the season with a 125 average and am now a 149 and it's going up by 1 - 2 pins each week) by the end of the season... Tons of fun..

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That's great to hear, ProBowler..

I was wondering about the changes to your mechanics. Great to see that you have adapted well to the "new you!"..

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