How often do you have to weigh in at Nutrisystem?

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Quick question: How often do you have to weigh in at Nutrisystem? Looking forward for any answer. Another question on my mind: Okay - I'll get this started early:.

I plan on eating ONE normal portion plate of non-gorged Thanksgiving dinner and ONE dessert..

Come Saturday I'm sposed to have dinner at my kid's house..

I'm going to have 1 normal plate of normal food there as well..

I'll let you know if I fail beyond that but really don't think it's gonna a problem..

There's been junk food all around me since July and haven't been into it..

I reckon I can make it thru Christmas okay with just a few dinners to slow me down..


- Rob..

Comments (34)

Good question... I dunno what is the answer to that question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

That's a good plan Rob. I did the one somewhat smaller normal plate when I was in weight loss mode, and actually lost more weight Thanksgiving week than I had in weeks before..

Thanksgiving is not a land mine, it's an opportunity to practice the lessons you've already learned. You'll do fine...

Comment #2

You'd be sweatin' it if you were (like I am now) sitting in the next room while your spouse is in the kitchen fixing the cornbread dressing and desserts for tomorrow's family food orgy that we're hosting......

Comment #3

I'm planning on having a normal plate of Thanksgiving food today also. Since I'm the cook, we're not having a lot of "fat" things anyway. No desert...

Comment #4

Now that's just wrong. There are a couple times of the year that I'm definitely having dessert, and Thanksgiving is one of those.....

Comment #5

Nah. Easy money. And I'm going to a family event that will be fraught with every food temptation possible.....

Comment #6

I'm not worried about it. I'm going to take some FF dressing with me. Have a bite of all of the traditional things, a nice serving of white meat turkey, and a big fat salad. I enjoyed myself last night at a meal I enjoy much more than turkey and gravy(and still didn't go overboard)...

Comment #7

I actually did fantastic today. Had unlimited water, a big salad with no dressing, a small side of green beans a reasonable portion of turkey about the size of my fist. Had one white bread role unbuttered (but I skipped my morning carb and one of my morning proteins) so Im hoping that evens out. I might be a little high on sodium but I think I'm good to go. The rest of my day is 100% on plan. Still have a Nutrisystem dinner and a night snack to go but Im gravy..

Edit: Biggest win. I didn't even think about the giant table of desserts..

Comment #8

Funny you should mention gravy, Mesturge. I had my turkey, dressing, and gravy under control for the big lunchtime meal, but it was so good that I had another full helping for dinner later as well as a couple of mid-afternoon small sandwiches. I suck..

I have a date with the walking trails first thing tomorrow morning if the rain we expect here in my area holds off, and intend to get back on track after today's missteps...

Comment #9

I blew it yesterday, unlilke Mesturge (you da man!) I ended up having 2 nice size plates of turkey, stuffing, corn, green bean cassarole, some of that cranberry jelly stuff, gravy, and half of a potatoe. Later during the evening, I found that bag of cookies I told the wife to hide. You know those big soft Pettridge Farms cookies....yeah I had, well let's just say several, ok 5. The day ended up being a total breakdown on my part. The beast won yesterday. So I'm back on plan this morning and feeling good about it. It's nice to have a closet full of food you know you can eat...

Comment #10

You can call me the man but I'm calling it a lesson learned from last year. I took off nearly the entire month of december off with Christmas dinners, snacks, cookies and cakes and my birthday I put on about 13 lbs. I had planned to go off plan to celebrate but not that much. Some of that was water weight from sodium but it set me back 3 weeks. This year I plan on eating clean through the Holidays...

Comment #11

Somewhere in between for me I guess last night we went out to a certain restaurant that I've often chosen on Thanksgiving. In the end I decided against the traditional turkey dinner, which comes with stuffing AND mashed potatoes AND sweet potatoes, and got the sauteed chicken platter with vegetables and mashed potatoes. The waiter was kind enough to substitute extra vegetables for the mashed potatoes..

I am certain that, even on maintenance, I had way too much fat (try as I might to scrape off most of the creamy buttery sauce on the chicken), but in the end I suppose I kept the damage to a minimum. I skipped the bread, used a minimum of salad dressing, and couldn't have fit in dessert even if I'd wanted it. At a rough guess I'd say it was a 700-800 calorie meal or so, but I'd bet this is a third of what the traditional turkey dinner would have been, which I always got in past years (and consumed completely). I've been allotting myself about 500-600 per day "on my own" in addition to the Men's Silver regimen, so hopefully I didn't miss the mark by too much..

This was perhaps my first real dinner out since starting Nutrisystem in April, and I find it somewhat depressing as to how much work it's going to take. But I know that all of us have made progress (and I have you guys to thank for showing me that it can be done), and so I think it will be worth it no matter how many waiters/waitresses I have to annoy...

Comment #12

I'm on "maintenance" - but what I did yesterday and Wednesday, (we have two Thanksgivings in my family) was old-school, fat-a$$ unadulterated gluttony. I've been 100% with my p90X workouts and they've been great with all of the extra calories, but the salt I took in over the past few days is making me look soft and flabby...

Comment #13

I had my normal Nutrisystem breakfast and then an apple around 10 am. Traditional dinner at around 3PM. I had a reasonable portion of turkey, stuffing, potatoes, and squash. Normally I would have gone back for a second helping but I resisted. Around 5ish I had a small piece of pie with FF cool whip. My sis-in-law brought over a big container of devilish chocolate chip cookies and I had a couple of them knowing I shouldn't and that I would pay for them later.

I fully expect an increase in the next day or 2 but it was in my plan all along. I will stay on plan from now until Christmas when I plan on a similar meal Christmas day...

Comment #14

That sounds like a really good day you participated fully in the holiday but didn't come close to going overboard..

I had pretty much the same for lunch but had one glass of wine as well. Then, instead of supper I had a bunch (6? 7?) of stuffed dates (stuffed with peanut butter) which is something we absolutely must have in my family. So, I could have been better, but could have been a lot worse too. Back on the elliptical this AM! Hope everyone's Turkey Day was great...

Comment #15

Great Posting! I was actually going to create this post until I saw that it was already up..

I started the morning with my normal Nutrisystem Breakfast, then I executed my Thanksgiving Day plan: 1 sensible portion of everything, and only 1 plate..

Well, I did good at first, but later in the day when everyone went into the kitchen to haul out the leftovers, I caved in and had a 2nd plate. Still wasn't the huge portions that I would have had in previous years, however..

Then later that night my whole family had a Karaoke night at the bar where my brother DJs..

I limited it to 3 low-cal beers, the Miller 64..

After this Friday morning's weekly weigh-in, I escaped this Holiday with no weight loss, but more importantly, no weight gain either...

Comment #16

It wasnt Thanksgiving day, but the day before. We were 'boondocking' out in the Mojave Desert this week in the RV, and well Wednesday I had my Nutrisystem breakfast, but then the gals wanted to drive into Ridgecrest for shopping. Since I was the chauffer, because of the backroads, dodging motorcycles and ATV's. I didnt take anything for lunch (my excuse) and at lunch time I found a Carl's Jr, which has a nice salad, but right next door downfall of Chilicheese dogs and Krautdogs... it kept calling me.......oh John, oh John......yum yum ..... well, I gave and sinned, but at least I didnt have any fries.....

Dinner was just a salad.....hoping and hoping I wasnt going to jump 10 pounds due to sodium....

Turkey day was Nutrisystem breakfast and lunch and then a moderate piece of Turkey breast, salad, small portion of Cranberry sauce, but no roll, gravy or butter...

Today, back on Nutrisystem for breakfast/lunch and later for dinner... I sure missed riding my bike everyday... I did ride it one day, after the 50mph winds finally died down, after 3 days. 2.88 miles of the hardest miles I ever put on, up and down hills.....I was beat... back on the seat tomorrow here at home where it is level...sure nice to have all the gears working on the bike now also.....

Comment #17

I blew it yesterday, but I don't care. Today has been like yesterday never happened. I enjoyed the day off, and in comparison to what I normally eat for Thanksgiving, it was a victory. It's nice to reward yourself every once in a while...

Comment #18

This has been a rough few days for me. In the rush to get out of the door and on the road to the Oregon coast, I left the bag that had all my Nutrisystem food in it at home. So I am trying to make smart choices, do my best and all that. As of right now as long as I don't gain anything, I will call this week a success....

Lots of walks on the beach....lots of walking around town...hopefully it pays off..

Comment #19


Marty was visiting for the Holidays..

And I failed miserably..

Did pretty good Thanksgiving day but Saturday I really blew it (yesterday)..

Worst offense - Double Chili pies, huge pecan pie, and big double margaritas the day before weigh-in..

(first alcohol since July).

Result: +3 pounds this morning..

Good news = I'm back on Nutrisystem this morning until Christmas day...

Comment #20

Well, Thanksgiving happens! It IS the most food-centered holiday that there is. But like you said, just start afresh and before you know it you'll be going back down again...

Comment #21

My first big challenge other than day 1 which was one week ago and I survived. Around 5 PM I panicked and went through my brother in law's refridgerator. I found a low fat yoghurt and that got me to snack time. Close call..

Comment #22

Marty, I feel you on this one.....I tried to be good since Wed.....but I ate pretty bad. I really tried to keep my portions small, etc...but...I had some pretty bad stuff...and a lot of beer.

I guess I will see tomorrow morning just how bad it was. Will be back to my place later tonight after it's dinner on the road tonight.

I will say this...on our drive down, we stopped a McNasty's....I ended up getting a chicken sandwich and a very small fry. The fries tasted absolutely disgusting, and the food overall did not do any good with my digestive system....I am officially off of anything at McNasty's ever again....just gross...

Comment #23

Actually, I was pretty proud of myself on the food side! We had thanksgiving on Thursday and an Ohio State vs Michigan Party on Saturday..

Excluding the beer for a moment.....

On turkey day I had an egg and coffee for breakfast, an apple about 11am, some grapes (maybe 10) at 12:30 and then we sat down for dinner at 5pm..

About 8 oz turkey, 5 bites of stuffing, no mashed taters n' gravy at all!!, 4 bites of cranberries, a small helping of tossed salad, about 1/2 of a small roll, and 4 bites of homemade apple pie..

That was it. I was VERY proud of myself. Still felt like I had a special meal with family, too..

Ohio State vs Michigan party was tougher because everything was bad. I had a bowl of white chili and an antipasto-type of skewer (not good for us!), I had about 4 bites of a piece of cheese pizza, I had about a dozen chips with salsa later in the day, and somebody brought those damn little hotdogs in hot bbq sauce (which I haven't had in years) and of course I tried "one" and ended up eating 7-8 of those damned things..

Overall I give myself a "B" on food portions and choices on thanksgiving and an "F" at the party for football..

Now, beer at the OSU/UofM party was not okay. For the football fans you know that I drank the first ones because the game was going bad, then drank the next ones toasting the idea that Rich Rod will get firedthen we sort of set around most of the evening playing games and BS'ing and...of course...drinking beer..

Those were WAAY too many empty and useless calories and a sane person would have skipped the last 7-8 (lol)!.

Anywayas for eating, I don't think I did too bad. I walked (we were visiting family in toledo for 4 days) every day except Sunday since we were driving home..

Had we not had the football party I would have given myself an "A" for the Holiday..

I think I did rather well.


Comment #24

The long and the short of it:.

I definitely have an eating problem that's going to need strict supervision forever more or it will consume me again..

PS: OU kicked OSU's ass in Bedlam!..

Comment #25

No! MARTY has an eating problem!.

YOU are.

Learning behaviors.

That you.


YOU are equipped and capable and.

Able to choose correctly because you know what to do and.


To do it.


Kick Marty to the freakin' curb and stay the course, my friend. Yes, food tastes good and fills all kinds of needs (social and emotional) for us..

But at the end of the day, we are intelligent enough to make choices from knowledge that support who we want to be..

We are not victims of good food, social settings, and emotions..

You have done an AMAZING job and will continue to do that! Marty is just pi$$ed that you are kicking his butt so muchand probably throwing a tantrum..

Learn. Change. Choose..


All you need to know.


Comment #26

Anyway, so after official weigh in....I gained 1.6lbs from when I left...but my measurements went down. I guess it could have been worse...I did slack off a lot on my exercise, so who knows I may have been able to maintain if I hadn't. Although I know I made some horrible choices with the beer and that damn fudge....the fudge is just too good there..

Oh well, I'm back at it again today...and I can feel that my digestive system really needs a cleaning after that crap I ate. Also...breakfast at the Pig N Pancake was not good....but it's family tradition to go there....only ate half of it

Comment #27

Sigh, it's these "family traditions" that kill us. My extended family had not one but two frickin' food orgies this past weekend, and at both of them I had one or two of the aunts/uncles almost literally "monitoring" my plate and asking me if I got any of this or any of that fattening side dish or another (which I didn't take). And yet we wonder why pretty much EVERY member of the extended family is (often morbidly) obese. Sheesh...

Comment #28

I didn't do too shabby myself..

When I left I weighed at 297lbs on Wenesday the day I left..

From then on it was away from home eating style. I ate at the airport and due to being rushed I grabbed a quick double cheese burger and water at Mickey D. Got to Texas and went to bed. Woke up to a plate of buttered grit, bacon, biscuits and OJ. Worked outside with some cuz and got the turkey fryer ready for the 2 turkey that we was frying. I ate a apple and a glass of milk for lunch since I was full still from breakfast.

I had stuffing, turkey (both baked and fried), brussel sprout with bacon, cabbage with bacon, homemade yeast roll, homemade cheese potatoe cassarole and I'm sure a couple of other things. I had a piece of cheesecake, pecan pie, and some marshmallow salad..

Then the next day I had turkey for breakfast, then a chili cheese hotdog from wienershcitz(sp) with a coke for lunch. I've been cutting up mesquite wood and tending to the briskets I had smoking on the grill from 8am til 5pm. Then dinner was briskets, baked beans, and all of the trimming from thanksgiving. Yesterday was breakfast of egg, one pancake, grits, sausage, and milk..

I had a burger last night at the airport with fries and water..

This morning I weighed 298lbs. I didn't say I did shabby on the eating I meant I didn't do too shabby on the weight gain! Oh and I haven't taken my morning constitution since flying tends to mess with my system..

So I gained 1 lbs through the whole weekend. I'm back on track and went to the gym this morning for a longer workout..

I set a goal to set before I go back home for Chirstmas. I am set for 285 lbs before I leave so that's 13 lbs in 19 days!..

Comment #29

I am on maintenance and I was on a planned carb-up for the Seattle Marathon I happily endulged during the Thanksgiving holiday. It paid off as I beat my stretch goal in the half coming in at 1:56. Now I need to remember to get my eating back down to normal human levels...

Comment #30

I learned that I'm not ready to be off leash anytime soon. The social functions at work weren't that difficult, but the family meals done buffet style kicked my ass. I haven't had any problems outside of eating at family gatherings..

I start off well, but then after sitting there for a while, the desserts start calling me....

I probably ate 1/2 a pecan pie between Thursday and yesterday(Sunday). One of my problems is that once I start, I have trouble stopping myself for the rest of the day! Oh man, do I have some work to do on my eating habits..

Maybe I'll become a recluse and stay at home for the holidays where temptation is not a problem...

Comment #31

Nah, don't become a recluse and avoid family (unless that's a good idea for other reasonslike some of MY familylol)..

2 hints that may help..

First and most obvious, calories avoided can be victories, too. So you eat the piece of pecan pie. Later you see it there and it seems to be calling. Say "no" for yourself. It may not count in lost weight, but it's an important victory in the war!.

2nd, eat OTHER stuff (lol). Have the baby dill pickle twice instead of the pie. Grab carrots until you could nearly puke. Take celery into the other room and stay away from the "food location" until you have yourself back together..

You win the war, ultimately I think, one decision at a time. I'm not perfect at this stuff but that helps me to maintain perspective..

Granted, with a few beers at the OSU/UofM party, I did go back to the mini-hot dogs too many times, but I'm not usually under the influence so I can (sort of) forgive myself for that..

We've done these parties for years and they are about drinking and guys and trash talking and something I truly enjoy. Next time I just need to skip more of the beer and avoid the hot-dogs!!!.

My wife makes the best apple pie in the universe. No lie. I literally could eat the entire thing. I had 4 bites. It was almost necessary to physically injure myself to stay away from the rest and not eat morebut I did it!.

Love mashed potatoes and gravybut I skipped it completely. I LOVE dressingbut I kept myself to 4-5 bites and didn't have more..


But I did it..

We'll see how much of a rock I am (lmao) as we're having family at our house in 2 groups over 9 days for Christmas. My wife will go nuts providing amazing food and it will be there and I'll be there the whole time. I'm going to really have to work at what I know to do!!!!.

Hang in there. Make your.


Decision in a way that you are proud of!.


Comment #32

Eh, I'm not feeling too happy with myself..

And yet there's a positive note:.

I didn't eat but maybe 1/3rd of what I used to...

Comment #33

I didn't worry about it what I ate for Thanksgiving. I've worried about what I ate almost every day since January. So I decided this food is only around once a year, so I'm eating it. I ate dressing, sweet potato casserole, bread pudding, cheesecake - it was a regular carb bonanza. But I got right back on the Nutrisystem plan the next day..

Did I gain weight? Yep, three pounds and those three pounds will be gone by the end of the week I figure and they are nowhere near the 98 or whatever pounds I've lost this year..

Don't get me wrong, I felt like total crap the next day. Haven't had that much junk in my system in almost a year, but after two days of NS, I'm feeling better..

I guess what I'm getting at is don't sweat one special occasion, just don't make every day Thanksgiving!..

Comment #34

The most difficult thing for me is to be alone in the house, especially during football season. Yesterday I made a total pig of myself knowing full well it was completely wrong. I justified it by saying it's still Thanksgiving, the last I had too much cheese and crackers (my total weakness) and a big bowel of roasted peanuts, and the afternoon snack, and dinner, and dessert later on. This morning I felt like crap mentally and physically. I'm back on track today, but it just shows how easy it is to let the beast out. I'm just one bite away from disaster and I still did it. That's the distrubing part...

Comment #35

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