How much would I loose in about 3 months with Nutrisystem?

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First question I have is How much would I loose in about 3 months with Nutrisystem? Many thanks for any answer or 2. Another question I got... Hi Guys,.

I have decided that I MUST do something as two weeks ago my PCP handed me my A** on a silver platter..

52, Type 2 Diabetic and numbers are out of whack. I have been looking at Nutrisystem D for a couple of months as I want/need to get some weight off..

I made the decision about a week ago to order it and I very happy that I did, I am just awaiting the arrival..

Not sure what to expect or what to do when I receive it..

Any suggestions, comments or thoughts are greatly appreciated!.

Thank you,.


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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

Jim hit it on the head. I'm doing the program in addition to nutritional counseling (I've always just went and ate what I wanted in the past)..

Stick to the layout that is in the book and add in a ton of veggies. I can eat carrots all day long now (at least it isn't chicken wings, right?).

FYI, I had a hard time carrying the book around in my pockets at work so Nutrisystem finally got the Android version working on smartphones...I think the iphone one worked a while ago. I am always on that thing logging my meals now, something that I had a problem doing in the past...

Comment #2

Oh and don't go a month without weighing yourself...look at my graph and that should explain that. One word: accountability..

Comment #3

I am 51, type 2 and my numbers were off the charts, got my A-1c down, my blood sugars don't spike. Its at the point I don't mind seeing my PCP..

Follow the plan, eat all your food and add ons, drink your water..

Walking is good, the better you feel the more you can do..

Stick to the plan. it's not too hard. Check in with the boards. Lots of good advice...

Comment #4

Thank you so much for your suggestions, I think half the battle is not feeling alone on this journey. I look forward to it and more communication, thanks again..

Comment #5

Think nothing of it Daryl, we're always interested in having another inmate at the the group, that is.

Seriously though? Don't eat what is not 'okay' in the guidebook. Not one, single, bite..

Fresh fruit & vegetables. Water. Eat 6x per day. SMALL portions (except saladsgo nuts on those)..

And really, don't make the exercise a big deal. Put your shoes on and leave the house and start walking..

If that's not okay where you live, drive to the mall and walk around that damn thing twice..

Whateverjust get MOVING and here's the thing....REGULARLY..

Walking 5 miles on monday and 3 miles on Thursday is NOT better than walking 1 mile.


Nite mon-sunday!.

Don't need a membership, don't need special gear, you don't even need tennis shoes!! (lol)..

I've walked in work shoes and Nike flip flopsbut I still do it (over a year later) probably 26 out of 30 nights. No kidding. Really. Rain, snow, doesn't matter..

Get moving, my friend..


Comment #6

1. The forums can be very important to compliance. Check in here with the men, and get that perspective. But also circulate on the rest of the boards, can be excellent advice. Food Tips and Dietician boards are really good for learning about how to change your diet operationally, eat more veggies, etc. When I did this thing, I just used all the dames as my personal recipe and food prep advisors.

Went from a beer and old takeout-fridge to one stocked with veggies. I advise using a challenge to keep compliant (Biggest Loser can be very motivational). The diebetic group is a very good one as well. Very mature and helpful. Would avoid the OT or club threads that are very old and established (diet is not the key thing, those are all social)..

2. Be super hard core and don't deviate, especially your first month. It's not that there is something "magic" about a few hundred calorie cheat in terms of the fat. The problem is all MENTAL. This is like working out. You need to get used to the routine and the rigor.

That is by far the biggest danger..

3. Eat a LOT of veggies. Avoid too many carbs or at least carbs that are "dangers" for you. It's not that there is anything nutriotionally evil about simple carbs...but you just don't get full and you get tempted to have too much, when you have sugars or fats or things that are so tasty as well as having so many calories in such a small portion. Watch out for any Nutrisystem entrees that are danger points (some people have found the desserts to be an issue). Bellavita scrambles (eggwhites with veggies mixed in) or salads with some lean meat (tuna, chicken, FF feta) can give you huge bulk and keep you satiated.

3. You may need to watch some things like fruit, or certain Nutrisystem entrees. Just watch your body and get advise from the diabetics group. Everyone is different there. That said, I would not get too down on the Nutrisystem folks as I BET whatever you do with them, will be an improvement over you previous diet..

P.s. Did I mention big salads? HUGE salads. And can even chop dinner and brekkie into half and get a couple more minimeals that way. You should be basically eating all day long. People will be amazed at how much you eat, while losing weight...

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One thing, at least for me, is that I think it's okay to cheat once in a while - just not every day or even every week. When something special happens, I think it's okay to enjoy yourself, but remember that too much of it is bad. (I also weigh myself the very next day so it keeps me focused.) What I found is that when I cheat, I splurge less..

I also reward myself with a special treat for every 25 pounds I lose...

Comment #8

Guys, thank you - some great words of wisdom and I will take it all in. The "pantry" food arrived today and I just got home so tomorrow I will need to go through the box and read all about it..

Thanks again,.


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