How much will Nutrisystem cost monthly?

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Got a question... How much will Nutrisystem cost monthly? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Second question.. Down 16 from Jan. and invited to several super bowl parties..

You guys letting loose on SB Sunday or keeping with the plan?..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

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Last year I went to a super bowl party with my bottled water and a snack bag of nutrisystem cheese puffs. Man up ladies...

Comment #2

I'm going and I'm sticking. Bring a couple munchies to share. Stuffed mushrooms can be made with crabmeat or just mushroom and onion. You don't need the cheese, or the sausage or the butter..

A shrimp cocktail platter is always welcomed and is pure protein and very few calories. go light on the dip..

Of course a veggie platter is good. You can make dip with fat free sour cream or yogurt. An easy one is ff sour cream with frozen chopped spinach (thawed and drained) and Hidden Valley Ranch powder dressing. Mix in the morning so the flavor can develop...

Comment #3

Aunt Thelma, one of my favorite dips is the spinach dip. Also you can puree hearts of palm w/ff yogurt and that makes a tangy dip..

Comment #4

I'll be at a party, and I'll be on plan!.

Super Bowl Sunday used to be a day of debauchery, but as I've aged I realize that although it's the biggest game of the year, it's still a Sunday. Gotta work the next day..

Not that I'll be eating celery sticks & drinking water..

I'll be bringing a plan-friendly menu:.


Grilled veggie skewers.

Grilled chicken tenders w/wing sauce & fat-free blue cheese.



Veggie plate.


Huge salad.

5 oz filet w/grilled mushrooms.

Green beans.

Wheat toast..

Comment #5

Life is short, and when you are fat like me, life is even shorter..

I say eat up, and enjoy..

Unless you want to live longer and enjoy life, and not just food..

We all make our own decisions..

Please pass the Nachos, and get me a beer...

Comment #6

Love the plans for Superbowl Sunday so far. Does anyone else have a menu that would stick to the plan that they would like to share?..

Comment #7

If you want a crispy snack, about 17 turkey pepperoni slices is 1 protein. You can through them in the oven and make crisps from them. You can sub 1 protein and 1 fruit for an Nutrisystem snack, so save up your morning and afternoon snack, and then you can have 2 fruits and a couple of proteins (the pepperoni crisps and a cheese stick).....

Comment #8

There is always a big pot of chili for the Superbowl, so just like last year I'll bring my Nutrisystem chili and a bag of Nutrisystem nacho crisps and a veggie tray. I'm all set!.

Go Steelers!!!..

Comment #9

Nice to see a fellow poster going man coverage. I see a lot of folks in the thread are going zone. Lets hope your coverages don't get picked apart...

Comment #10

I guess it depends on where you are in your goals and how bad you want to attain them..

As for me...I'm not close enough to my goal to be doing any tinkering with my food. I can't afford a setback and I refuse to sabotage myself..

I'm going to treat it just like any other day during the week. I will be 100% on plan and enjoy the game without having to have any special snacks..

Look...I'm here because I have never been able to keep my weight under control. And it's things like the "Super Bowl" and "Thanksgiving" and "Christmas Dinner and Holiday treats" that have contributed to my current status..

The excuses are endless...there is always going to be some kind of obstacle that is in front of me..

"Insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting different results".

I'm doing something different than I always have, I am staying on track to accomplish my goals...

Comment #11

Don't listen to Doorman, he hasn't even lost 100 lbs yet...

Comment #12

Man to man or zone coverage, I'm still interested in what your specific plan of attack is on Superbowl Sunday...

Comment #13

I dunno...I'll probably use that day as the one or two days a month I go slightly off course for a meal. I don't go crazy, usually very careful and pay close attention to what it is...but I will enjoy the day a little bit..

Luckily the host/hostess this year is also watching what they eat and being all healthy like, so I'm expecting they will have a good amount of the healthy stuff. I'm not going where I usually go which is The Q, at Northern Quest Casino. Ah, $2 Coors Light pints, cheap appetizers(that were also really good, just not good for you) and waitresses in skimpy clothing....Sad I moved away from there. lol..

Comment #14

I may not eat food totally on plan that day. I figure with 28 days of food that I'll have that be for the month and that accounts for times I may eat out with friends or something else - although using the mini-guide to make good choices! I'm not going to binge on nachos or whatever, but I'll save my snack, dinner, and dessert for over there. :-)..

Comment #15

I probably won't even watch the game. The only thing I will watch is the Halftime show and see Fergie shake her...............

Comment #16

I absolutely HATE footbal..

I grew up in a small corrupted town where the rich peoples kids got to play, and the poor folks kids sat on the bench..

I was a bench sitter..

I hate football, and all the wrongness it stands for..

I wont have any trouble tomorrow. I will be watching Andy Griffith reruns!..

Comment #17

Awww, that's cute..

I would have pegged you for a banjo playa..


Comment #18

This is kind of pathetic..

Football is the one sport where you are going to play if you can kick someone's ass. It teaches quite a few lessons that apply later in life..

If you were a bench sitter, I would look in the mirror and not blame someone else...

Comment #19

Right on, Doc ... He's just setting himself up for quitting NS..

I grew up in a small town where the rich people's kids played lacross - and the football players beat up the lacross players and stole their girlfriends...

Comment #20

I went to school in a small southern town. Our town had no middle class. Rich and poor, that was all. The rich kids werer the only kids who got to play. You could get on the team, but you never got to play if you were poor. The rich parents had pull and made sure their little brats got to play..

A few poor kids got to play because they were huge, and real badasses..

But that was rare..

The Basketball team was the same way..

Were you ever even on a football team? At least I tried...

Comment #21

Dang no wardrobe malfunction for Fergie. We almost had a good low angle view for a second..

Slash made that whole show. Axl Rose must be PI$$ED...

Comment #22

That was absolutely the most miserable half time show I've ever seen. More importantly the game was a good one...

Comment #23

Well, I was actually really good tonight, didn't go crazy...had one of those Budweiser Selects....wasn't horrible....other than that a very light dinner, lots of veggies...did well. And hell yeah! Steelers lose! (Don't care that the Packers won, just that the Seelers lost.


Comment #24

Yeah sport, I was. I'm not going to make some claim here that isn't true..

I was an undersized offensive lineman, 2 year starter and all conference. And no, my parents weren't rich..

Football taught me that if you put in the work, you could get to where you want to go. This lesson has served me well since...

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