How much weight have you or someone you know lost following the Nutrisystem plan?

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My question is How much weight have you or someone you know lost following the Nutrisystem plan? Hoping for any response. Another question I got... Yo, guys.

Our boy Eric is 1 lb away from 200 lbs removed from his frame! We should slaughter Nutrisystem bears in his name, that is an amazing feat. Bully to you!..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

Eric is a force of nature....

WTG, my dear friend...

Comment #2

Eric the Incredible Shrinking Man is still going and going. Keep it up Bartle! What a great milestone to be hitting!..

Comment #3

Another 0.8lbs to go for an amazing 200lbs lost!.

Goal is just around the corner too...WTG..

Comment #4


That's like 2 bags of Portand cement and 1 cocker spaniel...

Comment #5

It's like a big watermelon or a big fish.....

Comment #6

Wow, didn't think about creating an topic about it. Heh. But I will hit it with my weighin tomorrow, walke 26.5 miles in WIO yesterday and that usually knocks off 2 or 3 pounds. Thank you very much everyone, it really means an lot to me to share this victory with you all. Onto 50% gone!..

Comment #7

Congratulations!!! You are so amazing! Way to go you!..

Comment #8

There goes on brave little toaster.

I have no idea why but that movie has been on my mind all day...

Comment #9

Thank you again everyone..

Mesturge, that movie rocks as well!..

Comment #10

Simply amazing man. Both you guys, Bartle and Mesturge, I've just looked upon with awe since day one of starting this thing. People's jaws must just be hitting the floor everytime they see you now...

Comment #11

I have not posted in a while but I had to for this. you are my hero Eric. Mike, you as well are an inspiration...

Comment #12

Thank you very much again everyone, I officially hit it today, didn't lose as much as I expected, but I was down to 215.4 today, puts me at 200.6 gone and only 7.4 away from 50% gone...

Comment #13

Hey, Eric, when I was less than a pound away from my goal (.2 in fact), one of my friends told me that a good NutriToot and I was there....

I'm so very proud of you, buddy!..

Comment #14

That's so awesome, Eric! As you always say, "Weigh to go!"..

Comment #15

Thank you again everyone, it means an lot to me that you are proud of me Pam..

At this rate, I full expect to be at goal before Halloween. To have such huge losses now still, makes me wonder how hard it will be to tackle those last 10 pounds...

Comment #16

I am just in awe...your success re-energizes me to get back to goal and maintain. Thanks for sharing!..

Comment #17

Hey Bartles!!.

Only 8 more lbs till you're half the man you used to be!! Then 7 more till you cross the goal line!! You can dress as the scarecrow for Halloween..

What a success story!!.


Comment #18

Eric: Don't you live in Sacramento? Or, am I confusing you with Gianavel? PM me with where you live, if you don't mind. I travel all over and love to take pictures with other NutriSuccesses.....

Comment #19

Thank you again everyone, it definitely shows that Nutrisystem can work wonders..

Pam, I don't live in Sacramento, but I'll PM ya later with where I'm at...

Comment #20

Way to go! What a freaking amazing accomplishment! It's been a pleasure to see part of this journey via the discussion boards. Thanks for sharing your success with us!..

Comment #21

I will on Monday, probably. Heh..

Thanks as well! It's great to be a part of the amazing journies around here...

Comment #22

This is the bear he's gonna get when he makes goal.....

Comment #23

Lol, that's gonna take a mighty big UPS box...

Comment #24

Congrats Eric..

You've worked hard, you deserve it..

Kudos my friend...

Comment #25

I compare any weight loss to turkeys. You've lost eight 25lb turkeys..

Think about it when you lift a 25 pounder out of the oven on Thanksgiving day!.

You are.


Comment #26

How awesome!! That goal bear is just around the corner!!!!..

Comment #27

Thank you so very much everyone again, it definitely rocks to be apart of such an amazingly supportive community...

Comment #28

Hey, my computer/gaming/Star Trek buddy: When NutriSystem compared my weightloss of 105 pounds to my love for computers, they calculated that I lost the equivalent of the following equipment (and, think about it, we could DOUBLE that for you!):..

Comment #29

Eric I think I speak for everyone when I say the pleasure is all ours and thank you for allowing us to witness your accomplishments...

Comment #30

Whoa! Pam! I love that spin on your weight loss! Pictures certainly do make it more real don't they!..

Comment #31

Thank you again, I believe I have seen that picture before Pam, but it isn't any less impressive...

Comment #32

That is absolutely amazing...and from what I can tell only took a lil over a year...that is awesome...guys can lose weight so much faster then me a lil jealous...but definately has inspired me...A BIG CONGRATS....go get that first kiss and date deserve it.

Cant wait to see you on the next comercial..

Comment #33

Thanks again everyone!.

Yuppers and then some, at 203.4, only 4.6 till 50%, should have that in 2 weeks!..

Comment #34

Thanks Gordon, I'm certainly feeling like an star, with my momentum right now, I don't think I'll have many problems when I hit those final 10...

Comment #35

Dear god you're a losing machine. Congratulations on getting to the 200 summit! I'll see you there soon enough...

Comment #36

It's surprising to me as well, my metabolism must havw hugely jumped up or something. Thanks though. I can't wait to see you topple 200 as well...

Comment #37

If nobody Mesturge (Mike) is four pounds away from 200 lost. Bartle has done it in less time, but still, great job Mike!..

Comment #38

Just updated this morning. 2.8 lbs away now, looking forward to it...

Comment #39

Hey, I'm only 116 lbs from goal..

Where's the love???!..

Comment #40

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