How much weight doy you lose on Nutrisystem?

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My question is How much weight doy you lose on Nutrisystem? Thanks for any answer. Another question I got... Co-worker died of a heart attack. He was 48 years old and about as overweight as me. Quite the wake up call. It could have been any of us. Take heed...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could assist you..

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Sorry to hear about your loss, definitely could have easily been any one of us here, great motivation to keep those pounds off...

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Ultimately MOST (because somebody would jump on my back for saying ALL) of this is about genetics. I have known three people who were long term marathon runners who all have had massive heart attacks with only one of them surviving. We are doing this for health reasons, but we really need to be honest that we still have chances of having a heart atttack (they just aren't as great of a chance)..

We can only do the best we can do, the rest is up to God!..

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That's a shame robert - if you want to start up on Nutrisystem full tilt, we're here!..

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As usual, I see that Drive4show (Robert) has added something very important to the thread!.

Just related to a fatal heart attack, it isn't as simple as "fat people die of them more often than skinny people"..

Obeisity may be a contributing factorbut that's pretty much all it is..

People with normal cholesterol who have almost no body fat and don't smoke or drink have heart attacksby the ton! (pardon the pun)..

Acute heart injury is an equal opportunity guest that can visit anyone and which comes from MANY variables..

You can do everything correctly and perhaps decrease your personal risk, but you continue with RISK for all of these things by nature of being alive and breathing..

You can have no 'cancer behaviors' and have cancer. You can be Frank Shorter and die of a massive heart attack..

In 14 years in Medical ICU, I saw 300 lb patients who's heart would not stop beatingeven when everyone prayed that it might so that peace would follow. I saw otherwise healthy 35 year olds who's heart gave out with relatively little stress..

Be healthy. Lose weight. Yup! Do it for yourself! Do it so you can do more. And of course it might lessen your chance of a heart attack. At the same time if you add up to a "2 in 5" chance of having a Myocardial Infarction and somehow adjust factors to where you have less than a "1 in 10" chanceyou can still lose that lottery..

Live today. Be in control today. We're fairly sure you'll get the next 10 minutes or hour of lifeso make it worthwhile!.

If tomorrow comes, we all got a precious gift..


Rules for "today":.

1. Kiss your lover more.

2. Laugh at stupid things.

3. Follow your heart just once..

4. Follow your conscience as often as you can..

5. Hand out random acts of kindness for no reason at all..

6. Listen to someone else for 5 minutes without speaking..

7. Cry if you have to..

8. Sleep and recover..

9. Work faithfully at whatever you're called to do..

10. Bow to a higher power that is more important than you are-it's good for the soul...

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Geez. I was trying to scare you guys straight. My uncle died of a heart attack at 42 and my grand ma died of one at 48, so the hell with it. Looks like I'm a goner soon..

Trying to leave a good lookin corpse!..

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I must jump in here and say - while genetics does play a role, lifestyle plays a much bigger role. There is a show on Discovery Health called Dr. G Medical Examiner with Dr. Jan Garavalia (not sure of spelling - thus Dr. G) who is a medical examiner in Florida and she has said many many times that it is our lifestyle that determines much (not all, but much) of what happens to us healthwise. She sees you after all is said and done and determines what happenned.

Now, I'm not saying genetics is not important, because of course you can have a 35 yr old with a fatal heart attack. The media would have you believe it is mostly genetics - sooo if it's genetics then you can't do anything about it, soooo why worry about what you eat just eat that donut, or that supersize whatever (meanwhile all the skinny people are dancing around in the commercial like eating a burger/fries from whereever will make you feel fabulous when in reality it makes you feel rather sluggish), you can't control it because it's all genetics that's their view anyway not completely true. Their interest is sales, of course..

I have been to two funerals lately of people who were young, mid 50's, and it really made me think. There are always exceptions to things, but generally, in my opinion, lifestyle is very important - so those pounds are important also..

My 2 cents ~.


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