How much weight do you lose on Nutrisystem on average?

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Question I have... How much weight do you lose on Nutrisystem on average? Hoping for any answer or 2. Second question of mine... I've had alot of meetings lately and I have found myself the last couple days eating the Nutrisystem in my car at odd times of the day. I end up not eating enough and the last two days I missed my Nutrisystem lunch item completely. I've tried to make it up at dinner with what I missed but I wonder if that's ok to do that.

Does anyone know if eating most of my veggies and maybe another item along with dinner will hurt the program? I'm not cheating with bad food, just trying to catch up for the day..

I know it's not ideal.....

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you an answer..

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The main thing you wanna make sure of though is eating regularly. You want to keep the metabolism going, so if you can eat SOMETHING every two hours do that. Or, I just basically eat all my food as I work all night. Like every half hour I'll have a piece of dinner or breakfast or whatever "meal" I'm in..

The Lunch time bars are AWESOME for low time to eat. I especially like the Fudge Graham Bar. There are only a couple of bars I don't like too much (Too "gritty" or can taste the protein too much, but if your'e used to eating protein bars you might be okay with that (i did for a while))...

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When in doubt, always call the counselor's and ask... you are "paying" for them afterall... But yes, I've asked this to them in the past and was told, just try to get in all the food during the day sometime. But as also stated above, you really want to try to keep food coming into your body at regular (somewhat) intervals during the day so that you don't get hungry (and grab junk or binge) and to keep the metabolism fueled and running....

Good job on making the best of the situation you are in and keeping to the plan. Stressful, and hectic times are tough for any of us even with grab and go food that Nutrisystem provides....

BTW: A lot of convenience stores and gas stations will have fruit (not always the greatest, but they will have some). I've stopped a couple of times when the munchies are hitting just to grab an apple or somesuch. I'll also run into a grocery store (if I'm not in a huge rush) just to buy a couple of apples to get me to my next meal and fend off the hunger monster.....

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Right On, Frazz! IMO, as long as you don't let the hungries sneak up on you so you eat off-plan, you can move the food around all you want to through the day. Here's another vote for the Fudge Graham bars! I only get them and Trail Mix bars (equal favorite). You can't get any easier for an on-the run meal than a quick candy bar and apple for lunch!.


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Lunch bars are great! I don't have a microwave at work but these do the trick quite nicely until I can get a ginormous salad (Poly sized!) from the mix salad joints all over the city. I go for the Chocolate Peanut Butter and Trail Mix ones (by will try the fudge grahams on next order)..

Also some of the breakfast bars are tasty too (Harvest nut crunch).

Hard boiled eggs, Apples, bananas, plums, peaches all travel well..

I've gotten to pack a daily feed sack first thing in the morning with a 32oz water bottle if I'm going off the reservation for the day, works for me...

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Gotta eat every 2 to 2-1/2 hours men!!! MUST KEEP THAT FIRE IN YOUR BELLY STOKED!!! Your body won't store a darn thing if it's being fed like this..

Gotta have backup plans .... I have protein bars/powder, almonds (16 MEN!!), apples, South Beach Protein Fit Bars or Fiber Fit Bars hidden all over the place - gym bag, office fridge, my car, wifes car, etc .....

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Get a soft insulated cooler-lunch box thingie and some of those blue plastic icepack thingies. Keep metal utensils, including a sheathed (safety first!) paring knife in the side pocket (just dedicate some to live there) as well as a small plastic plate or bowl..

Make sure to pack a salad or finger salad or whatever in there. Veggies can do a lot of fill you up. Note: if you are in a hurry in AM, just trhow uncut veggies in the box (like a bag of radishes, a whole tomato, whole pepper etc.) Then when you are at work, you can prepare them with the (now unsheathed) paring knife. I've even had to take car trips for a few hours, and just eaten the veggies an ape or something. No one can see you. So just bite into the green pepper as if it were an apple..

For entrees, bars are the most convenient, with microwaveable entrees next, and then the pour water and wait being the least convenient. There's also options you can do with provided food (like pulling a sandwich apart and dumping the bad parts (one of the peices of bread, cheese)..

Protein bars are also a decent backup that you can buy/keep on the road. Most tend to have a little more calories than a Nutrisystem liunch (300 cals as opposed to 200 cals). But still...way better than binging on bad crap..

I was doing a consulting gig for a large software company in Seattle last year...and we were pulling a lot of nights at the client until 2200+. So I just learned to pack protein bars (the client actually taught me that). Also, sometimes, would just buy myself 2-3 salads at lunch time, and save them for dinner. Rest of the team, would do crap like working straight through and then wanting to go blow expense money drinking wine and eating fat at some restaurant. But, I couldn't wait so long to eat. So I would eat my chicken salad in the conference room while working at 1800 or so.

And I'd even sneak in 20 minutes doing a dumbell lifting workout and 20 minutes on the helliptecal, back in the hotel gym at 2300. I even started buying food from Whole Fields (gotta stick it to the client somehow) and just having it in my room (veggies and fruit will keep a few days at room temp). Since the hotel restaurant would try to meet my requests...but they just did not understand how I rolled in terms of lean protein and high veggie content...

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Maybe a long-winded story. But the main thing, is every situation is different, but be a little ingenuous and figure out a system and then come here and share...about it. Some of these guys do incredible things out of their car, going through airports, etc. etc...

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There are many ways to do it if you think ahead, and every situation is different. Take an active role in making this thing work for you...

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