How much weight can you lose on Nutrisystem in three months?

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My 1st question is: How much weight can you lose on Nutrisystem in three months? Many thanks for any answer. Another quick question... Interest of full disclosurewhat a crappy week I just had!.

No excuses-I KNEW it was going to be tough and going to suck to some degree just because of the schedule..

Here's what happened:.

Last Mon-Wed I had to be in Nashville for an interview for a promotion and some project work. I actually thought I did pretty well except for 1 evening out with too many light beers..

Overall gave myself about B- except for too many beers one eveningprobably "gained a little" from Sunday-Wednesday. Had little choice but to eat out although I really thought I made great choices eating outoh, well.....

Thurs-Sunday was "golf outing with 20 guys in W.V.".

That didn't go so well from the weight control standpoint!.

This is a regular guy golf outingso pizza, hotdogs, etc. and very little time to pack better foods and no easy opportunity to find a grocery store near there or to store fresh things very well. I had 5-6 pieces of fruits, some carrots and lf cheese sticks in a small cooler but that was itbasically gone by Friday at noon..

I'll freely admit that Friday's beer consumption was just short of 'epic', 'spectacular', or 'retarded'depending upon your view. After the fact I'm going with #3, personally..

Got home sunday afternoon and made a NS-compliant dinner for wife and I and today I'm right back with my regimine..

.....but I went up from 204.4 lbs the week before last to 208.6 lbs this morning (yes, same scale and everything)..

I'm not whining, I'm not complaining, I'm not confused about how it happened. I know exactly what happened and will simply have to buckle down and get back on track this week (I plan to punish myself with double walking this week-lol!).

I've been off Nutrisystem for a bit over 8 weeks and had been losing weight stillso I KNOW my target weight must be well under 200 lbs at this point..

Just sharing since I think that's good for the soul..

.........let the butt-kicking begin.


(if you wonder, ".

Was it worth it.

?". It.


Was. My life is pretty regimented and I do the right things 355 days per year so I think "cutting loose" a bit was actually needed in my life just now. I could have skipped a few beers and not been.


Trashed 1 night and if I had limited that night a bit, I'd be saying "hell yeah, it was totally worth it"but it really wasn't in the long run. Just sayin')..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you an answer..

Comment #1

Yeah, the pizza, chips and beer* and junk'll kill you .... get back on that horse, my man!.

Not that it's a good thing, but when I'm drinking my beers I won't eat.


Carbs (no chips ever, no pizza ever, no nothin'!!) that day and half of the next day. Just protein. Lean meats and fish - I gotta have my Miller Lite on the weekends - obviously this is NOT recommended for anyone on the Nutrisystem plan..

I only had a few beers up until I made goal - and then it was on, as they say ... Like Donkey Kong...

Comment #2

You won't hear any "butt kickin" words from me. You know what you did, and your correcting yourself...that's the important thing..

The enjoyment of life doesn't stop just because your trying to change and live a healthy lifestyle. The key is to not fall back into those old and bad habits, where the "norm" is eating pizza, drinking beer, not exercising and then every once in awhile ya eat healthy and ride a bike. The "norm" should be just the opposite and being conscious of what your putting into your body, regular exercise, watching your weight, etc..

So ya had a bad week, you're on top of that situation. You don't need us to verbally kick your a$$....go kick your own by working the hell out of your plan this week...

Comment #3

Sean, the protein only idea.....I'll have to remember that one. Does it really help with keeping the scale at bay?..

Comment #4

In 4 rounds of golf and 3 nights of partying, I had exactly 1 piece or regular pizza, 1 hotdog at a turn, and one small handfull of chips and one small handfull of cheezits. I had a pretty good breakfast buffet twice where I ate really well (correctly) with fruit and eggs and no carbs. Big part of the problem was beer and very little calorie intake. The night I had 1 slice of pizzaother than a clementine orange and LF cheese stick, that's ALL I actually ate the entire day!.

The whole thing was hard. I had no problem saying no to bad stuffI just didn't have much good stuff to put in place of it. and of course there was the beer (lmao)..

Waterokay. Skipping gatorade and most of the stupid empty carb/fat calories?B, all things considered. BeerF, (but then I wasn't concerned about a failing grade on that one). ExerciseD-, (only got 1 two mile walk in Friday morning at the resort)..

Needless to say, I approached this week as the tough one on my schedule for the entire Fall of this year. So many details to schedule in and just no good way to have a ton of 'good' food since the first part of the wek I wasn't even home and had to get other guys from airport and take them to W.V. and car space was limited and, and.....

I should have planned food MUCH more carefully at this point in my efforts..

Tbh, had I gained "about a pound" I would have considered it a miracle and a great outcome. The 4 lbs made me pretty pissed at myself this morning..

Thanks for the reminders, guys. I'm on it..


Comment #5

I was reluctant to post this because I didn't want anyone else to implement it into their diet. That said: It works for me..

Like all things in life, it's all about balance. Sometimes (on maintenance, mind you!!) I have too many beers - ok, since we're being honest here ... Every weekend I get a little crazy. If I'm going to load up on beer I don't want to add any carbs more so I go full-blown Atkins if I'm a drinkin'...

Comment #6

I bet you 4 of those pounds are glycogen associated water within your muscles. From the carbs and from being out of calorie deficit. If you run your diet in calorie deficit for a couple days, that weight will come right off. You'll need to keep going from there, at normal pace. You probably lost a week, maybe a week and a half of progress..

Main thing is not the calories, but the mindset. Keep going and get ripped...

Comment #7

Did you fly as well? I always gain 2-3 pounds after seems to mess with my water levels, particularly on flights greater than 2 hours. Get out and exercise, drink tons of water and get on program...those pounds fade...

Comment #8

I know exactly how you feel, when my brother was in town I was off plan for two weeks and when all was said and done I was up 8 lbs. I just got right back on plan the following week and dropped 11 lbs. Just had to kick my but a little in the exercise department, but I think most of the weight gain was water..

Just get back on the horse and you'll be good!..

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