How much soda can we drink during Medifast?

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I just mixed a can of diet root beer into my vanilla pudding to help with the taste. How much soda are we allowed? I hardly ever drink any, but let me tell ya, that pudding needs HELP, LOL!.

I just want to make sure I stay on plan...

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You are allowed diet soda. There is no limit really, although for some soda affects weight loss. I personally have given up soda all together, but for reasons other then weight loss.

Also IMHO there is no helping the pudding. Send it back and get something you want...

Comment #1

I wouldn't say that diet soda is unlimited. Caffeine should be limited to 3 servings per day, and you still need to get in a minimum of 64oz of plain water every day...

Comment #2

I have picked up drinking diet root beer since on the diet. So good..

I use the vanilla pudding as a topping for my pancakes. 1/2 a pancake and 1/2 a serving of pudding. It's good if you do this after warming the pudding in the microwave. Try it...

Comment #3

I don't intentionally limit the amount of diet soda I drink but after getting in all my water for the day (I do at least 2 liters) I really don't have much room for diet soda. As De says though according to the plan materials it's the caffeine that is limited to 3 per day so maybe switch to caffeine free if you have to have the soda. I think most Diet Root Bear is caffeine free though but of course check the labels to be sure...

Comment #4

The soda will only be an occasional thing for me - I don't drink them normally. The pudding, mixed with diet root beer and quite a bit of ice, was tolerable. I probably should just send it back rather than suffer, LOL!..

Comment #5

Be patient with the pudding. My first week OP I thought it was gross. As I blogged today, it now (wk#4) the pudding tastes Divine! Infact it has become on of my Medifast favorites! it is amazing how your taste buds change as your travel along the Medifast journey. Ihave found it hard to get anything else in drink wise as I am downing as close to 100 oz of h2o as possible God luck!..

Comment #6

I have yet to try the vanilla pudding by itself, maybe this week. I normally have it mixed with the chocolate pudding and I add the capella drops of double chocolate..

Your taste buds really will change. I tried the Hot Cocoa early on, thought it was terrible and pushed it to the back of the cabinet. I tried it last night, oh my, yummy and soooo perfect for the cool weather!..

Comment #7

The pudding is good as a shake. As pudding, meh..

If you want to play a cool game, try and research Nutrisystem for whether diet soda is unlimited. Its minutes of fun and excitement...

Comment #8

I like the vanilla pudding with maple oatmeal- and cinnamon, split into 2 meals. Reminds me of rice pudding..

And I also blend it with ice and coffee- like a frozen coffee drink...

Comment #9

I sprinkle a little Crystal Light Lemonade powder into my vanilla pudding and that helps. I have also used the sugar free root beer syrup in my vanilla pudding but wasn't too crazy about that...

Comment #10

I've found that diet sodas kick in my sugar cravings and also I drink less water. I think I may limit them to one 6 pack a week...

Comment #11

The vanilla pudding with LOTS of crushed ice in a good blender, 1 packet sweetener, and optional 1 T cream cheese....yummy!!! like a soft serve! SO much better than as pudding (ewww)..

Comment #12

I'd stopped drinking soda, diet or otherwise, but now I'm back to drinking since starting MF, when people were posting up about root beer floats!.

Watch out for some diet sodas. Some are NOT 1 calorie and some do contain carbs..

I thought they recommended 3 diet sodas on NS, regardless of caffeine? The most I drink is 2, and not everyday, so I'm not worrying about it...

Comment #13

Hmmm, cream cheese and some sweetener. I might have to try that. I've got 2 boxes of the vanilla pudding, but I'm going to send the unopened one back and get some brownies. I'll have to try the pudding again later after my taste buds have changed. I tried the chocolate pudding last night and it was good...

Comment #14

Be sure and check the carbs on the soda. The rootbeer I bought had 11 carbs! Yikes!..

Comment #15

I havent had any soda since starting this diet and thats a trigger for me I think...I think causes me to get hungry and wanna snack haha..

Comment #16

That is a fun game Eagle. The answer depends on the phase of the moon and alignment of the planets...

Comment #17

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