How much Medifast do you keep on hand??

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Hello folks, I'm just curious how many Medifast meals you keep on hand at all times? I know I like a variety and I'm in this for the long haul so I have about twenty days of meals ahead. So as the commercial says "What do you keep in your wallet?" - I'm asking "How much do you keep in your Medifast supply?"..

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I do a massive order every 6 weeks. Since both my husband & I are on it. It is NOT cheap! But I figure being fat & unhealthy s not cheap either..

I am 1/3 way to goal so I know I have a way to go yet..


Comment #1

I love variety and I hate the thought of running out, so I have approx. 3 months worth of Medifast food stored in my pantry. And, should a blizzard suddenly blow in, preventing the UPS man from getting to my house, I'll be just fine...

Comment #2

I have gotten to where I have 2 weeks extra on hand at all times, and I order once a month. Weekly I do a quick inventory to make sure I have the things I want/need and if I am low on something I add them to my list of things to get! I do not want the problem of running out of food, or getting stuck with all one thing. The things I have nearly everyday, like cappuccino, I have a lot of extra. I would be sad if I did not get my "treat" after the kids are in bed!..

Comment #3

I have about a month extra, so each month when my order arrives, I have about 2 months' worth...

Comment #4

Hubby and I are both on MF, so we place huge orders every 6 weeks..

I placed them the other day and we have enough food coming for 6 weeks, at the tune of $740(used coupons). I know it seems a lot, but it's not, not really. not for almost 2 months worth of food! Also, we bought some RTD which are much more expensive..

This time I waited a little too long and now I have nothing in the house I love. All I have is my variety additions, meant to be used once a day to keep variety in. Yuck, I am struggling until the orders get here...

Comment #5

I usually keep about 3 -4 weeks' worth, spread out between my office and home. I was in for surgery and didn't stop my automatic order, so now I have 2 months' worth, all at home while I telecommute, which feels overwhelming. I'll stop October's order so I am not crushed by a mountain of MediFast...

Comment #6

I order through TSFL once a month but as the automatic order time approaches, I always move my order date up by about 4-5 days so that I am sure to get my food before my variety gets limited. I almost ran out my third order and didn't like the feeling of panic. I have about a month's supply ahead at this point...

Comment #7

When I was on 5&1, I'd keep a 2 week buffer and order a month at a time. Now that I'm in maintenance, I keep what I need for a few weeks as I don't use Medifast food every day...

Comment #8

I've been in both camps, overflowing with food, and down to my last mangled shake packet waiting for the UPS man to arrive. I struggle with food issues, and over indulging in lots of things made me a fat lady, so I work every day to remind myself that the meal I am eating right now doesn't have to be my most absolutely favorite, or the best thing I ever ate. It just has to give me the fuel to get through my day. I have about a week's buffer in my pantry right now (not counting my next week's food planned out sitting on my counter) I am close to out on bars and out of my favorite soups, but I'll get by ok until my order arrives next weekend.

I'm not sure how I will order when I start transition (hoping it's next month) and then move to maintenance< but I have a great coach, and he'll help me through it. Today, I just have to get through today...

Comment #9

I've got about a week of extra food on hand. Having my food on autoship helps a lot since I dont have to remember to order and it saves money...

Comment #10

I have alot of food stocked away that I lost my taste for or stopped using because it was too hot to light the oven (COB soup made into quiche). I don't like to count these in my inventory (although one day they will get used). I order every few weeks when my favorites get low, always pushing up the TSFL date. Running low makes me nervous! All that being said I used to keep a buffer of at least one month. Now I'm getting near T&M, I don't want to order too much...

Comment #11

I order monthly, but keep an extra 2 weeks worth so I don't run out. I keep my standard order with TSFL and change it up occasionally...

Comment #12

Absolutely a great attitude, that's one I've been subscribing to recently. Personally, I inventory how many packages of food I have and order just a box or two over what I need for the next month. I try to be sure to have bars on hand for quick meals when I've been caught out longer than expected. I'm on the BeSlim Club so I get notices when to order. Being a few states away from MD, I get my order in about 3-4 days.

I'm 20 pounds from transition and I expect just to order about 4 less boxes a month (1 less MF/day x 28 days) because I have a few months of transitioning to do..

My husband is OP too but we keep our foods separate, although we will exchange with each other. We have different TSFL coaches so we order from our own coach. That is the fair way to do it...

Comment #13

I have about a 2 month supply on hand at all times...

Comment #14

I keep about 2 weeks worth of "back-up" foods. I have an office where I spend a lot of time, so, I keep a week's worth of extra food there just in case I'm forced to stay over longer than expected...

Comment #15

I have about six weeks' extra food when I order. It's difficult for me though because that food is what originally came in my "variety" order, before there were brownies and pancakes and softserve available. So.... It's scrambled eggs and shakes I don't like etc. I'm thinking I should try to sell them on ebay and get some money to buy foods I like......

Comment #16

I recently became addicted to buying Medifast on ebay, in addition to my TSFL auto order. It started when I realized that half of my first order was stuff I really disliked, and that I just had no appeal for some of the other stuff like scrambled eggs, since my L&G is frequently egg beater omelets. I am up to 3 months worth on hand lol. I will be getting rid of the boxes of stuff like soups, eggs, and oatmeal, since I'm just not a fan, and I don't see that changing when there are lots things that I actually enjoy eating or drinking...

Comment #17

Prettyagain and Aerielle, Can you change your auto orders? I mean still get the automatic delivery but, change the food around a bit? I thought I read that so you might want to look into it if you haven't already. No sense in getting the foods you don't use.

Thanks everyone for your input - I really appreciate it. I just placed another order so I'll extra on hand and the variety that goes along with the extra order.

Have a wonderful week!..

Comment #18

DH and I are doing Medifast together.. when we started we had the extra week each from the VIP order (and did an exchange to turn the stuff we hated into stuff we would eat) - then our first couple of orders each (we turned off VIP and use coupons - it works out cheaper for us) were overkill so we probably have almost 2 months of surplus in the house so we have a variety of options.

Now we've started doing a smarter method of re-ordering.. we each do an order every 2 or 3 weeks to restock on things that have gotten low or add new things, but now we are trying to just order 20 boxes or so per order so our surplus doesn't get any larger. We switched to the every other method after the last time we did two orders at the same time (so we can each use a coupon) and wound up with 10 boxes of Caramel Crunch bars by accident. We have an exchange in process for 5 of those boxes - there were so many sitting there that DH couldn't even manage the thought of eating them..

This every 2 weeks order is great because we can keep a tighter control over getting the foods our taste buds are preferring at the time. We have enough of a surplus we won't starve if we accidentally go a little long between orders too..

DH is rapidly approaching T&M - I'm hoping we can start getting the Medifast supplies to dwindle a bit, but if we still have a boatload that I don't care for when he is down to just a couple of Medifast meals a day we can always unload 'em on ebay.

It is funny what makes me feel "rich"... a healthy surplus of Medifast meals, and a pile of clean towels in the linen closet and I'm all set!..

Comment #19

When I first started I had about 3-4 weeks on hand because I've heard stories about shipments not arriving and running out of food. That never has happened to me. However recently I purchased a bunch of items from a friend and from craigslist really really cheap. So now I have enough to get to Jan 1! 3 months + worth! I will most likely need to do an early order though in Nov for a few portable items and favorites (bars, infusers). I have so many dutch choc shakes - enough for 2-3 a day until Jan 1. I always have 2 a day.

I mapped out everything by day in an excel file so that I allow my favorites to last all 3 months...

Comment #20

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