How much is the membership fee for Nutrisystem?

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First question I have is How much is the membership fee for Nutrisystem? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Second question.. Hey guys,.

Just wanted to ask some questions and such about this process. I guess I should start with a little backstory about me, so you know where I'm coming from. Some of this may be stupid, may be whiny, but it's all kind of a composite of what has kept me failing in the past..

I have always been a big guy, from my mom shopping in the "husky boys" section when I was a kid, to now, age 32. I think I might have been thin around the age of 5, when I also had blonde hair and blue eyes (brown and hazel now). I have no idea what I will look like thinner, let alone at a healthy weight. I know their jawbones under there somewhere, but I have no idea what they look like..

I know looks shouldn't matter, but we all have that shallow side to us that it does matter to, and it's been part of the fear. That, coupled with the extra skin I'm sure to have at the end (because though skin is elastic, I know it won't go all the way back down). Does anyone who has lost a lot of weight have any comments about the extra skin? How much there is, what thoughts are about it?.

The people attracted to me currently too are only interested in big men, which is also strange. I'd be getting a whole new set of people interested (at least I hope I would). But they would be all new. Something different..

The health aspect and the energy aspect is what I'm most excited for, and hope to achieve. I love the outdoors, hiking, canoeing, biking, but have had a lot of failure there due to my weight. Hell, I'm too fat for the Six Flags rollercoasters even. I really want to get into lifting weights, and have started, but with the rest of life it's hard to make the time (school, work, house, dogs), without giving up something else thats also important..

So final fear is my own weakness. What if I fail yet again? Its not that this is the last try, but the disappointment (in myself) can be so devastating it's not something I want to put myself through over and over. How do you overcome this? Or do you just accept it and keep moving forward, day by day, on the plan? this second part is my plan this time around. Just a day by day thing. So far this hasn't been so difficult, but it'll get more challenging. I have a house warming party Tuesday.

I know "Man Up" is an appropriate response, but something more constructive would be helpful too. Its not all about being a man, it's also about having the information to fight the fears, and other people's strategies would be helpful..



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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can answer it..

Comment #1

As far as your fear of failure, IT IS RATIONAL. There are a lot of people who don't get it done..

Given that, you need to go after this thing HARD. Need to be strict. Need to construct all the support mechanisms POSSIBLE (big salads, frequent posting, online challenges, published weighins, etc...

Comment #2

I was kind of in the same boat when I started in January of this year. I'm 33 and have been the big guy all of my life too (although I have some friends that are bigger). I sort of fell into the role of the big guy that carries his weight well..

I had some initial fears before signing up too. What if I fail, it will be a huge waste of money? What if I don't like the way I look when I'm done?.

It is easier to stay to big. It keeps some of life away from you. Gives you good excuses not to try something. I can't tell you how many relationships or opportunities I've passed up because I thought, "Well she wouldn't be interested in me since I'm fat" Hell, I'm down almost 80 pounds and I'm still doing that! Working to overcome that..

Just get on the horse and ride it out, man. Find some people in real life to encourage you. One of my best friends is one of my biggest supporters. He's into exercise and nutrition too and encourages me and gives me tips constantly. If you don't have a support system in real life, cling to these boards (especially the Men's Room). These guys in here will keep you on track and are willing to answer any questions you may have.

Stick to that and Nutrisystem is no fail...

Comment #3

Kevin: When you are happy with yourself, you're attractive to people. Period. Losing weight will make you healthier and and happier and people will respond to that..

Some of the current folks in your life will stick with you because they like YOU, not how you look. Those that don't... well that's just more dead weight you can cut out of your life. See how easy weight loss can be?.

Seriously, recognize that setting a new path is a bit scary but there are great things waiting for you. You'll find the right people along the way. They'll want the best for you, support you, and kick you in the butt when necessary. Hold on to those folks and to your resolve to make this weight loss journey work..

The thousands of excuses not to do this are just that... EXCUSES. What's the down side of being healthier, really?.

Hang in there, man!..

Comment #4

Well, one way to go is to investigate and interact with various fears and worries..

Another way to go might be to avoid most of that and just give the program a shot..

Should you be overweight? ((I'm asking that as a personal questionI don't have the answer for you)).

But there are only 2 options. "Yes" and "no", right?.

If you answered "yes" (you should be overweight) then you're in the wrong spot..

If you believe that "no" you shouldn't be overweightthen you have to try something..

I'm guessing you've tried something a time or twoeven if it was just watching what you ate for a bit..

Here's the deal. Nutrisystem is a plan with what appears to be real science, edible food, and a couple neat features. It's clever, it works, and I don't get paid to sell NS..

It's also mostly a box of food and a guide book so 100% of the effort comes from you..

If you follow it, exercise a bit (I walk), eat all the food, drink the gallon of water, don't cheat, learn to eat smaller portions 6x per day, yada-yada-yadait will probably work..

If you had told me over 3 months ago that I'd lose more than 30 lbs I'd have said "yeah, right.....".

The damned thing works. That's the whole message you need to hear..

So people will ask you about "what are you doing?" to lose weight endlessly, your clothes won't fit, you'll feel like you're 20 years old again and sleep better. You'll lose weight..

I'm not sure what else to say except that even when fears are real/legitit generally doesn't do much good to dwell on them. They are diverting and they won't go away anyway..

I have a fear of being kidnapped by the USC women's volleyball team who whisk me away on their bus and use me shamelessly....but I've learned to just deal with the fear and move on with my life! It's what us men do..

Good luck!.


Comment #5

Kevin, I would say, focus on what you can change. I can't change others and don't want too. If someone doesn't like me because of my size, male or female, that's none of my business and quite frankly wouldn't want to be friends with them if they are that type of person..

As far as a relationship, I think everyone is different as to what type of person they are attracted too. That's their choice..

I am focusing on my goals and what "I" want!.

This is about me..

It's about my health and if there is healing to be done on the inside, that can be accomplished too with some work..

I would suggest not borrowing trouble. If you fall off, just get back on..

Life happens, doesn't mean you are a bad person, you can just learn from it and get right back on plan the next meal..

In my opinion, we aren't failures until we QUIT..

Odds are, if you continue to stay on plan, you will lose the weight and when you lose the weight, you will find out if you have excess skin, over time much of that may become less noticable and what doesn't become less noticable, after keeping it off a few years, you can always have surgically "repaired.".

There are options. Who knows what the future holds..

All I know is worry about what if's and things I have no power over are a complete waste of my time..

So, keep up your hard work on you and don't worry about the rest..

If you are struggling with emotional issues, there is always outside help that can work wonders too. Nothing wrong with that..

Bottom line, take care of you and do what you need to do for you today and stop worrying..


Comment #6

I'm probably the last guy you want to get an opinion from but I'll comment anyway..

I've seen this before. A new guy starts a thread containing a huge list of excuses on why he should stay fat. You're not a "big guy", you're fat. Own it..

If you don't have the will and the desire to do this then you should wait to start the program until you're ready to go "all in". You can't just stick your toe in the water you gotta dive right in man..

You absolutely must get your head in the game if you're going to make the commitment to yourself and to us (we're in this with you - I'm taking time out of my day to help you!). So don't let us down!!.

Don't cheat. If for some stupid reason you do, get back on plan THE NEXT MEAL! Not the next day not Monday. The NEXT MEAL...

Comment #7

Holy hell. I come back after a long internet absence and find this. Is THIS what the Men's Room has become over here?.

Look dude, you CAN do this. Now enough softie talk. Suck it up and be a man! You didn't get fat because The Adipose Fairy came and sprinkled Fattie Dust on you in the middle of the night..

Pick a plan, stick to it, and watch the results roll in during the LONG term! You can do it. Now the rest of you meatheads quit babying each other and start kickin' some fat arse! There's enough whine in here to start an ABC store for cripes sakes!..

Comment #8

I find this type of comment extremely counter productive. Kevin doesn't need his feelings hurt. You're a meanie...

Comment #9

Umgo, even I could tell that was sarcasm, and I don't even know Sean..

I know I'm fat. And I know I've failed multiple times over 15 years to lose the weight I have. Hope springs eternal, ya know?.

THIS time I know what the problems are, the blockades. And rather than use willpower, which is finite, I'd rather use knowledge to solve them. Some people use willpower, because they have a more abundant supply..

That's an option. Nutrisystem and my involvement therein became because of knowledge rather than will. It solved several of the problems that I had ongoing in my life..

I posted this because I do have fears, and I wanted to acknowledge them in a public forum, and because I thought some people might have or have had the same fears and have other strategies to face them..

So, I've been 100% for all but one day when I had an extra string cheese and an extra piece of lunchmeat. I'm doing awesome, and I feel good about the future on this program. But some things are always there, in the back of my mind. And I want to shut them up...

Comment #10


Most of us here have been where you are and understand where you're coming from. You have to really get inside your head and get in touch with what's bothering you about losing weight. What are you afraid of? We all know nothing but good can come from weight loss and I don't have to go into all the reasons, we've heard them all before. You hit the nail of the head when you spoke of FEAR. This is hugh. Nobody wants to fail and it's very difficult to try something that has such a high rate of failure.

Another key you already know, but seem to not want to depend on is will power. You really need to have will power, but more than that you need to have the ultimate goal in the back of your mind at all times. It's easy to put weight on and do all the wrong things. When you succeed at something, whatever it is, you feel better about yourself. Remember, action creates motivation.

You need to make the wise choices to be successful. Instead of eating that extra string cheese and piece of turkey, you should have had come celery or radishes. Something that's unlimited on NS. So if it's edcation you need to be successful, in your mind, then read the Daily Dose, post here, and get into the chat rooms as well. Nutrisystem has a wealth of information and resourses to help you get over your fears..

So in summery...don't be afraid, get educated, make wise choices, and create motivation through action. If I can do it, you can too. There comes a time in every mans sir, have taken the first step, just keep on going. Remember this when you're going for that something you shouldn't be eating...Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels..

Comment #11

I spent 10 years half-assing around, always planning to get on a diet, but never going more than a few days without going off plan. I was very resistant to the idea of paying for a structured program, but it has made things SO MUCH EASIER. The program really works. And you should use every feature you can to make things work. There's nothing magic in the food. It's all about creating a structure to keep you on plan...

Comment #12

Yeah ... I was f*cking with HaggisMacF*CKstick a little..

Look - I've been a HUGE d*ck to a few guys who aren't around the board anymore. I wonder if they had a little more support from a$$holes like me and a few others if they'd have stuck to the plan, you know?.

Everyone was really cool to me when I started in February ~ but I didn't cheat, (ok - maybe a few times) stuck to the plan and worked hard in the gym. Done and done ... 3 months and 40 pounds newb ... not too shabby, huh? You can do it too. It's a breeze...

Comment #13

Gotta go with sean - be ready and go 100%. don't be unrealistic tho. stick to the plan. change your life - it's not forever. when you get to goal, you can flucuate a bit - but get to goal..

Mcjedi - for someone trying to lose the same 70 lbs for the past 3 years - maybe your method is not quite correct....u don't like the men's room anymore? don't let the door hit ya on the way out..

Comment #14

Hey Scooby, I'm a little late to the party, but wanted to get my two sense in..

We all started where you were. whether it was 30 pounds or 200 pounds. There comes a time when you say to yourself, "I am better than this!" Hopefully you are there. We had a thread here at one time that asked "what do you say to yourself every morning to stay on Plan." You need to find your phrase. It is time to control your life instead of life controlling you. You may be on this for a year, but what is one year to the rest of your life.

I deal with it, because I could not change it. However, I could control what went in my mouth and I lost the weight even though I could not exercise. Your time is now! Your time to change is now! We will be here for you and we hope you will be here for others like you who show up in 6-12 months from now...

Comment #15

The only fears you should be having at this point are things like clogged arteries leading to congestive heart failure, stroke or heart attack; visceral fat making it hard to breathe half the time; looking like a standard Wal-mart shopper.


Of the time; having or developing diabetes; taking a dirt nap due to any one of a hundred obese-related problems and conditions that.

You can change.

, etc., etc..

Let's not glamorize or make cutesy the "big guy" thing. You're freakin'.


I'm not pointing a finger. I was fat too. So too were we all. You shouldn't be afraid to change that, particularly since.


Now get on the program, get with it 100%, and get thin and healthy..

That is all..



2/19: 241.8 (start).

3/17: 221.8.

4/19: 209.6.

5/18: 198.0.

89/27/30 (Days NS/p90/smoke-free)..

Comment #16

But my mom said I am big boned..

Hey scoob, one Nutrisystem meal at a time man. you can and will do this...

Comment #17

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