How much is every pack of Nutrisystem food and how many do you need?

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First of all How much is every pack of Nutrisystem food and how many do you need? Thanks for any answer or 2. Another quick question... For all the veterans out there, is there any way to make the chocolate cake edible? I prepared it once per the directions and it tasted like wet cake to me. Totally grossed me out. Anyway, I've been afraid to try it again and I still have the two apple cinnamon cakes laughing at me from the pantry. Any tips?..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to that question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can answer it..

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Definitely search the recipes...someone had posted a really good way to make it and I've got to find it again but I pretty much make it as directed with a splash of vanilla and splenda. For the topping they had suggested PB and ff coolwhip mixed together - I love that!..

Comment #2

There are a couple ideas in the Update to my Collection - and a fair number of posts on this board, do a search.


Comment #3

I use 1 oz. Torani SF Caramel Syrup, 1 oz. water, 1 tsp. peanut butter (my fat serving) and mix in the cake mix, microwave for 1:30 at 80% power and top with Free Cool Whip (free food). If I save a partial fruit from the day, I add a few chopped cherries...oh, it's just like a Black Forest Cake! One of my favorites!..

Comment #4

Nah - It's just plain awful and hardly worth all the extra trouble of saving fats, fruits, etc, etc to make it edible. I just choked mine down and decided to never order them again..

The apple cake is somewhat better, but not much...

Comment #5

Thanks for all the tips. I'll try it one more time, but it's been off my menu since the first time...

Comment #6

I make a black cherry parfait w/ free foods. Bake the cake as directed. After it cools cut it into cubes and layer it in a glass w/ sugar free Black Cherry jello and FF whipped cream. It's DH's favorite and you don't even need to save a fruit serving to have it..

Good luck.


Comment #7

I made it last night and will definitely try some of the ideas above. All I did last night was took 1 serving of FF cream cheese, softened, added a little Splenda and about 1/2 capful of almond flavoring and "iced" the cake when it cooled. Without the "icing" the cake would have been REALLY bland. I like the ideas of adding FF/SF syrups and whatnot to the batter. Great ideas, ladies. Thanks. ~~ Kate..

Comment #8

So glad I came across this earlier today! Thanks to this thread, I enjoyed my cake tonight and will order more of it. I mixed 1 tsp of vanilla and one Splenda in the batter, cut up a few strawberries, added a Splenda to them and topped off my "baked" cake with the strawberries and some ff cool whip. YummyGood! Thanks everyone!!.


Comment #9

Here's my recipe to.

Kick up.

The Nutrisystem Microwaveable Chocolate Cake. It's very easy to make. Let me know what you think. The SF applesauce makes it nice and moist. Hope you like it!.



Lindsey's Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake.

1 Nutrisystem Microwaveable Chocolate Cake packet.

1 tsp Splenda.

Tsp baking powder.

1 Tb SF applesauce (calories saved from a bit of fruit serving).

1 tsp vanilla extract.

2 oz. water.

1 tsp peanut butter (NOTE: I am now using 2 Tb PB2* powder mixed with 1 Tb water = 1 Tb PB2 prepared peanut butter!).

2 tsp SF chocolate syrup (optional).

Mix together first 6 ingredients in small bowl, then pour into 1 c. size ramekin sprayed with Pam. Microwave for 1 to 1 minutes (depending on your own microwave). Turn out onto a small plate to cool for 5 minutes. Cut in half crosswise and 'frost' each half with the peanut butter. Drizzle with 2 tsp SF chocolate syrup if you desire, and enjoy a GREAT treat!.

Counts as: 1 Nutrisystem Dessert Entree, 1 Fat (or 1/2 Fat if you use PB2), 1 Free Food (optional SF chocolate syrup).


FYI for those who haven't heard of PB2:.


PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter.

"Made with USA grown peanuts that are slow-roasted and pressed to remove fat. All natural with no additives. PB2 has the same consistency as full fat peanut butter with all of the natural roasted peanut flavor but with 75% less fat calories.".

Here's the link.



Comment #10

Linda I am going to definately try this. It sounds so good..

Donna C...

Comment #11

You can add anything you want to the mix (FF milk, cinnamon, vanilla extract, almond extract, fruit, etc...), but what I do is actually BAKE it in the OVEN not the microwave!! I use muffin tins & mine usually make two nice sized cakes. I have a 6 cup muffin tin & I fill two of the cups with equal amounts of batter. Put it in the toaster oven at 375-400 degrees for about 10-12 minutes. Let cool, top with Cool Whip or peanut butter (or both!!) and enjoy!!!!.

Sooooooo much better than in the microwave! I did that, too, with the apple cake & added vanilla extract, cinnamon & cut up apples. Delic!!..

Comment #12

I have found that if you add 1/2 tsp or so of baking powder to the mix it comes out fluffier and not so spongey...

Comment #13

I can attest that this recipe is great....the chocolate cake is my fav. dessert....I feel like I'm not even on a diet....YYYUUUUMMMM. Thanks Lindsey!!!..

Comment #14

Hi there,.

On the choc cake - when my order arrived, all the chocolate items were melted (I live in Arizona and it was 105 that day). So since all the chocolate was a melted mess, when I made the chocolate cake, I put the choco cherries on top of the cake, like icing. Ate half of it one night, the other half the next. Wasn't too bad - had more chocolate taste...

Comment #15

Thanks Linzbee, that recipe was great!.

I didn't add the extra Splenda or vanilla extract but it still comes out yummy! It's so good that I am considering adding back the chocolate cake back to my next order..

Comment #16

This turned the chocolate cake into one of my favorites:.

After mixing the cake mix and water in a small ramekin, I break off one square/cube of a sugar-free chocolate bar (about 20 cal free food) and press it into the center. Nuke it and let it cool as per the package. Then when it comes I put Walden Farms calorie-free (if you keep it under 1/4 cup) chocolate syrup on top. The result is pretty close to molten chocolate cake..



Comment #17

I could do the "add splenda and vanilla" thing to my cake. That sounds easy enough. Glad I found this because I was looking forward to trying that cake and would have been majorly disappointed. Thanks everyone!..

Comment #18

I never read page 2 before I posted my comment....oops..

Les, that idea sounds great too! I will be trying that...

Comment #19

I cooked as directed in a microwave bowl and then let cool added PB as my fat on top as frosting and ff cool whip on top of that and put it in the freezer for about 30 minutes~! It was like having an ice cream sandwich! YUMMO!.

I will be doing something like that this wekend with the apple cake...I am sure it will involve cinnamon and I might have to research the boards for some good additions!..

Comment #20

I'm going to have to try that- I've been adding a packet of Splenda, a bit of cinnamon, cooking a bit longer than directed, and immediately topping with FF cool whip so it will melt into the top and make it gooey...

Comment #21

I'm sure with the apple cake you could use your fruit from dinner and heat up some apples in the bottom of the bowl topped with cinnamon, small amount of clove, splenda, and the calorie free spray butter from parkay- then pour the cake mix on top and cook as directed?..

Comment #22

Look in the recipes board. There is one for apples and the chocolate cake. I have made it a couple times and it is tasty>..

Comment #23

OMG. that sounds amazing. I will have to remember that one...

Comment #24

So right about the cake.. I couldn't finish it.. will need to make ajustments to the packages I have left...

Comment #25

Thank you all for the great ideas. I have both (choc and apple cake) in my pantry that have been sitting there for a few orders after trying one without adding anything extra..

Will be trying many of these ideas and suggestions to find my favorite!!!!.


Comment #26

Here's another one. I did this last week and it was great. I mixed ff ricotta with a tbsp of ff whipped cream, a tsp of splenda and 1/2 tsp of vanilla extract. Then I added a 1/4 tsp of baking powder to the cake mix to make it a little less like a hockey puck. Once the cake had cooled off, I cut it into 2 layers. On top of the bottom layer I spread some of T Marzetti's calorie free strawberry glaze, then about 3/4 of the ricotta mixture, then added the next layer of cake, more strawberry glaze and finally a tbsp of ff whipped cream on top..

It makes for a great creamy dessert and you only have to save a dairy serving from somewhere else in the day..



Comment #27

Hmm..Maybe I'm weird, I've never tried changing any of the foods, and I like the Choc Cake just as it is.. >.< I just made my last order with 10 of em!..

Comment #28

I liked the taste of the cake but not the texture so after reading this thread I added some baking powder and a packet of splenda and it made a world of difference. Tonight I'm trying it with the peanut butter "frosting", thanks for the tips!..

Comment #29

I love the chocolate cake just as it is, I usually add whipped cream and strawberries, but I have been kicking around the idea of somehow making cookies out of a few of the mixes. Any of you great chefs out there have any ideas what to add to make drop cookies out of the mixes? I thought maybe baking powder, vanilla and an egg....but I'm not sure this would make into nice soft chocolate cookies...

Comment #30

Yep - that works pretty well, I precook chopped apples with some sugar free (torani or davinci) syrup for flavor, add a bit of spice, top with cake mix I baked mine, didn't do as well as I'd hoped, but that's cause I overcooked it - lol....


Comment #31

I did not think it tasted that bad. How do I find information on free foods? Thanks in advance..


Comment #32

CJ this is the post I cut and pasted from Graylady...good luck..


Comment #33

Oops forgot to paste.


A "free food" is anything (that is ANY FOOD, ANY) that has 20 calories or less per serving. Anything can potentially qualify, if you can cut it small enough to have only 20 calories. A partial list IS in your Nutrisystem diary/planner in the section that lists condiments that are 'limited'... Some time back, Nutrisystem posted the ADA list of free foods, it is not only not all inclusive, but has some odd amounts I think (so don't quote me) that is because the ADA has other reasons for limiting some foods, not just the calories in these items. If you are not tracking calories in the online diary and just using the pocket planner checkoff circles, you could chose to use this list and NOT worry about *counting* calories in these items since the amounts are specified ...

The concept used by the ADA (who's food exchanges Nutrisystem uses for grocery additions) started with the need to "allow" simple items like condiments (what's a hamburger without catsup or a hot dog without mustard or a salad without dressing?), and became generalized to allow that little "extra" when you need it to zip up a meal (condiments) or 'survive' until the next meal (sugar free jello, etc.).....

You may have 2-3 "free foods" per day they may be ANY time you want... BUT try to limit them because they ARE added calories. Mixing and matching very low calorie items works also - an example of this is 1/2 cup sugar free jello (10 calories) with 1 tbsp whip topping (10 cal) to make a single "free" item....

BUT, you should try to NOT treat them as "additive", meaning that you should not have a 40 or 60 calorie item and call it "free". You will see that some folks stretch things in ways that work for them I recommend that you exercise caution until you find your own ways to make this work, and if you're using the online diary, be sure to track these additions.... If you are using the pocket planner/diary, I'd suggest you make tick-marks somewhere on the page to 'track' your day's free foods to be sure you do not have too many.... these things are easy to forget and the calories DO add up.... Remember, if you stop losing, the first thing I'd suggest is to cut out all 'free' foods and see if that helps.......

ADA FREE FOODS LIST - Posted and distributed by NS.

There are Free Foods that can be used on the NutriSystem plan. The term Free Foods comes from the American Diabetes Association. They are low calorie foods (20 calories or less) that can be added to the meal plan in small amounts. This minimal amount of calories will not affect weight loss, but we do recommend that they be limited to 2 or 3 servings per day if the foods have any calories at all..


Coffee/Tea Unlimited.

Diet Soda Unlimited.

Sodium Free Seltzer Water Unlimited.

Sugar Free Tonic Water Unlimited.

Club Soda (not tonic or quinine water) Unlimited.

Artificial Sweeteners Unlimited.

Spices (salt-free) Unlimited.

Herbs Unlimited.

Vinegar Unlimited.

Lemon Juice Unlimited.

Sugar Free Gelatin 6oz per serving = 15 cal.

Sugar Free Gum 1 stick = 5 cal.

Nonstick Cooking spray Unlimited.

A-1 Sauce or Steak Sauce 1 Tbsp.

Butter Buds 1 oz.

Bouillon or Broth (Dry)- Low Sodium 1 packet, 1 tsp, 1 cube.

Bouillon or Broth (Canned)- Low Sodium cup.

Catsup 1 Tbsp.

Cocoa, dry unsweetened 1 Tbsp.

Coffee Whiteners (Powdered) 1 Tsp.

Chili Sauce 1 Tbsp.

Chocolate Topping (Reduced Calories) 1 Tbsp.

Cool Whip (fat free) 2 Tbsp.

Sugar Free Candies 20 cal or less per serving / 0 fat.

Low cal or reduced cal syrup Amount not to Exceed 20 cals/ 0 fat.

Dill Pickle 1.

Dream Whip 1 Tbsp.

Sugar-free Jam/Jelly Amount not to exceed 20 cal.

Low sugar Jam/Jelly 2 Tsp.

Horseradish 1 Tsp.

Mustard 1 Tsp.

Picante Sauce 1 Tbsp.

Popcorn (light and natural) 1 Cup.

Relish 1 Tsp.

Salad Dressing (Fat Free) 2 Tbsp.

Salsa 1 Tbsp.

Soy Sauce (Low sodium) 1 Tsp.

Taco Sauce 1 Tbsp.

Worcestershire Sauce 1 Tsp.



My "Collected Recipes" are now on my Nutrisystem Blog....

Graylady's Collected Recipes.


Comment #34

My husband and I both had it last night. It was not bad. It was not betty crocker cake, but otherwise not bad just the way the directions said to make it in my opinion. However, after reading all these neat ideas I will try some new ways next time! I'm just happy to even have dessert...

Comment #35

Someone, I don't remember who, tossed around a recipe for an ice cream cake tasting yummy something, and holy crap, it was incredible!.

Make the cake as usual, and use your fat from dinner to spread a Nutrisystem serving of peanut butter on top like icing. top that with FF whip cream, leave in the freezer for about an hour, and presto! Yummy!..

Comment #36

Plus, I added about 2 packets of splenda, and 1/4 tsp of cinnamon to mine. Yum!..

Comment #37

TemperT you rock...sounds great. Thanks for sharing...I'm going to try this tonight!!!.


Comment #38

Thanks for the information on the free foods. This helps alot..

Good luck,.


Comment #39

My cake is wet.. and mushy.. what am I doing wrong.. I added some slice strawberries and cool whip.. but the texture was awful...

Comment #40

I had better luck cooking it in the oven than the microwave. 350 for 15-20 min. I will add a T of egg sub and a pinch of baking powder and a tiny bit more unsweetened cocoa. The applecake I put applesauce under the cake then bake it and it turns out like cobbler...

Comment #41

I think of the cakes as a foundation for a great dessert. I like to chop half an apple, mix it with splenda and cinnamon and nuke it until the apples are soft. Make the cake and let it cool. Letting it cool is very important. Then I top it with the apples and add a swirl of ff whipped cream. I love this dessert...

Comment #42

This past week my wife and I were invited out for dinner. The hostess had made a fab... desert Caramel/Apple .... Take the apples, slice [make a raise for the apple of about 1/4 cup water 1 tsp lemon juice - put sliced apple in a baggie pour raise on apples and drain ... this keeps the apples from turning brown] Mix 1 large box - sugar free instant butterscotch pudding in 1 large container of low fat or fat free yogurt mix well, then add pecans, apples ... uuummm good! Refrig for 2-4 hours.

Prep time approx 15 minutes..

Comment #43

I live in the Northwest and would like to know where I can find the Walden's Chocolate syrup......PLEASE.



Comment #44


Your cake doesn't come out wet and mushy???maybe I should cook a little longer, my micro may not be as stong as a full size. I will try it one more time and then give up on it.. thanks for your input!.


Comment #45

They have a website that lists all the stores that carry their products and you can also order directly from them..


Hope this helps...

Comment #46

I know what you mean about it being gross. I prepared mine using the directions on the package & it was awful. If I order it again, I'll look through some of the recipe suggestions online. There are lots of good ones out there!..

Comment #47

If it was here, I didn't see it. I added 2oz of diet Rite (or diet coke) instead of water.. stirred it up and fixed it in the microwave, then added FF Cool whip to it.. I even done that to the Apple one, and it wasn't bad.. At least it was Chocolate....

Comment #48

My cake was not good at all. What else can I add to it to keep with the diet?..

Comment #49

I tried the Chocolate cake today. Made it per package directions and I thought is was pretty good. I think I'll try some of the additions that have been mentioned here next time...

Comment #50

Well let me know if you find anything that works.. I won't be making that again....

I did try the chocolate drink for lunch today.. I added some instant coffee and ice and made it in the blender, it gives you alot more that way and it is filling, poured it I a nice crystal glass then I added a salad with sauted onions and peppers and threw in a 1 oz of chicken breast and it was a decent lunch. sometimes it's all in the presentation. lol..

Comment #51

If you want to increase the taste of the chocolate cake, sprinkle in some nutmeg. It's a free food...

Comment #52

Maybe I was chocolate deprived previously (yeah, like 4 days without hte 1st day of my program) but I liked the cake - but I WILL try all these yummy additions - if for no other reason than to make it more substantial and change the flavor now and then so the taste doesn't become boring...

Comment #53

I made the chocolate cake tonight. Mixed it as per directions, put half in dish added a small spoon of SF raspberry jam and a small spoon of PB. Then topped it off with the rest of the batter and nuked it. Ate it while warm and gooey...

Comment #54

MMM... just made it today..

Microwaved it in a small silicone baking pan for 1 min 20 seconds. Then I let it cool for at least five minutes. Next, I topped it with about a tbsp of Waldens Choc. dip and a tbsp. of FF Reddi Whip..


Comment #55

Depending on how strong your micro is -I undercook mine just a tad (makes it spongey) - add a dash of cinnamon, a packet of splenda, and a splash of vanilla extract. I spread low fat peanut butter on top while it's warm and it melts on top. I have also thought of saving my fat and chopping some almonds into it. I would also think a hershey kiss in the middle when you cook it would be really good - save your fat. I personally love the cake and ordered 14 with my next order!!..

Comment #56

How about adding cherry diet coke? Chocolate-cherry combination might be good. I just started, so hopefully there will be some of this in the first shipment..

Sue O...

Comment #57

I pour a 100 calorie container of Jello Fat Free pudding on top of it while it is still hot, and top that with a big dab of Fat Free Coolwhip. Really satisfying snack or dessert...

Comment #58

I took linzbee's recipe and made a topping for it...used 2 fats (which obviously I don't do all of the time & means I won't have a fat for tomorrow)...but for a topping I took 1 tbsp lite peanut butter & mixed it with 1 oz lite cream cheese nuke it for about 10 seconds, stirred again and smothered on the top...omg....soooooooo amazing...

Comment #59

I wanted to show a pic of the silicone bake ware I purchased. 2 for $1 at Dollar Discount. They had all sorts of shapes; they go up to 500 degrees and can freeze..

Here's the cake all dressed up.


So it's not the prettiest..

Comment #60

I tried Linzbee's recipe the other night and it was amazing. It was the first time I had the Nutrisystem chocolate cake and I was a bit skeptical based on the comments I'd seen on the BB. Now I'm sorry I didn't order more of them. I would have them every night using this recipe...

Comment #61

Last night I made the chocolate cake, let it cool, split it in 1/2 and put 2 tbsp of ff cool whip and about 1/4 cup of raspberries pureed with splenda and then froze it. It was really yummy...

Comment #62

You're so welcome! WOW - you're a SUPER loser! WTG!!! It's great losing weight and being able to eat things like (my favorite) chocolate and peanut butter every day, isn't it?.

Your Nutrisystem Friend,.

Lindsey ~ LinZbee..

Comment #63

Sounds FANTASTIC Les! And, I might add, you sure ARE Les(s) now! You are an Nutrisystem success, in my book!.

Thanks for your creative take on this recipe..

Your Nutrisystem Friend,.

Linda ~ Lindsey..

Comment #64

Thanks for the encouraging comments Spazkat. You've done so well. We're on our way to GOAL together!!!.

BTW, if anybody LOVES chocolate and PB like I do, here's another treat I make as a nighttime yummie:.

Lindsey's Chocolate PB Crunch Bowl.

1 Nutrisystem Chocolate Peanut Butter Dessert Bar.

2 TB PB2.

1 TB water.

(NOTE: I am now using 2 Tb PB2* powder mixed with 1 Tb water = 1 Tb PB2 prepared peanut butter!).

Combine 2 TB PB2 powdered peanut butter with 1 TB water in a cereal bowl and set aside. Chop the Nutrisystem Chocolate Peanut Butter Dessert Bar into small pieces on cutting board. Add chopped Nutrisystem Dessert Bar to PB2 mixture in bowl and stir together. That's all there is to it. Now go ahead and savor this yummy treat!.

Counts as: 1 Nutrisystem Dessert Entree, 1/2 Fat (PB2).


FYI for those who haven't heard of PB2:.

*PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter.

"Made with USA grown peanuts that are slow-roasted and pressed to remove fat. All natural with no additives. PB2 has the same consistency as full fat peanut butter with all of the natural roasted peanut flavor but with 75% less fat calories.".

Here's the link:.


Comment #65

I made the receipie that PamSB suggested above and it was so yummy but one hint so it does not taste wet I put it in the refrig for a while and it hardens up and it is soooooo good! I order about 8 of them!..

Comment #66

I made this last night and subbed skim milk for the water. Micro "baked" it for 1 min at 80% power, and when done I added 1T of Naturally More peanut butter to the top/smooshed into the middle of the cake, and 2T of lite cool whip. It's not the best, but much better this way than "plain"...

Comment #67

Hey, just so you know they ask for a referral email address (hopefully your could get a kick back for the advertising that you've done) is there one that we can use for you??..

Comment #68

Again I would like to give someone credit.

Bell Plantations offers rewards for referrals!!!!!.

Http:// d=67..

Comment #69

Hey Screamin'P!.

That's so thoughtful of you! I just ordered 10 jars, so I could always use the referrals!!!.

My email addy for anyone who wants to use it is:.

Sorry this is coming late, but since they changed the Nutrisystem site to the "new and Improved" version, I don't come on so much since I find it difficult to use and very frustrating(!)..

Thanks again and I'll be experimenting with more recipes hopefully in the future. Anyone who has their own creations would be very welcomed by me, too!.

Your Nutrisystem Friend,.

Linda ~ LinZbee..

Comment #70

That sounds DELISH! Can't wait to try it. Thanks!.

Your Nutrisystem Friend,.


Comment #71

I liked the choc cake. I cook mine a little less and it is like a gooey brownie. I do add extra splenda and tonight I am going to add PB2..

Comment #72

I cooked mine in the oven. It came out delicious. I am not a fan of microwaving cakes anyway. I put a dollop of Walden Farms chocolate dip in the center. I wanted to put peanut in the center next. : )..

Comment #73

OMG, I just did that... 10 oz. of instant decaf coffee + 15 ice cubes in a blender. Dollop of FF cool whip on top and just updated my order to have at least one of these a weekend as a reward (and still on the program. COMPLETELY AMAZING if you ask me!!).

I am such an ice cream fiend (I used to say I dated both Ben & Jerry when I was single) that this COMPLETELY satisfied the urge..

I wonder what the coffee addition will do to the chocolate cake cant wait to try it..

Good suggestions, all! Thanks for sharing...

Comment #74

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