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Got a question, hope someone can answer... How much is a week of food from Nutrisystem? Looking forward for any answer. 2nd question I got is.. Interesting story this evening, not really related to weight loss (other than me making a decent choice for dinner)..

I was supposed to meet the family at our local high school football team's meet the team. I stopped at Subway to eat a grilled chicken salad. While I was in line a guy ordered a footlong philly steak sub (I was thinking that it sounded good but was determiend to make good choices tonight). The young guy (17-18ish) working behind the counter rang the guy up but forgot to swipe his subway card first (costing him subway points which are apparently more valuable than gold to this guy). The customer lost his mind. Started raising all kinds of hell, cussing, ranting and raving.

If I had it to do over again, I would have said something but I honestly thought the guy was joking until he demanded the money. The female manager came out, apologized and gave him his money. She then called the /img/avatar7.jpg and during that conversation, started crying. Seems the /img/avatar7.jpg told her that they have a no refunds policy and because she gave this guy his money back, she would be written up and both she and the young guy may lose their jobs. She is crying, the kid is scared, and I am standing there waiting to order my salad (the customer had already stormed out)..

The manager eventually hung up and was still sobbing. I paid for the sub & told her to tell the /img/avatar7.jpg that the a$$hole came back and paid for the sub and bought a salad to boot. SHe asked if I wanted the sub (which I thought was a nice offer given that I had purchased it), I laughed told her that I am trying to get less fat so maybe my blood pressure won't get up like the other customer's told her to split the sub with the kid..

I am amazed that someone could threaten two people for a simple, honest $9 mistake. Jobs are hard to come by and times are tough in West Virginia but I pray that things are never so tough at my place that I need to threaten people over less than $10. It would get the poor lady and kid fired but I would love to call corporate and ask if they have a no refunds policy (such a policy would violate our state law and I suspect the laws of other states), then call and raise a little hell with the /img/avatar7.jpg for being a dumba$$. But, that would blow up the story of the customer coming back and all being well...

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you an answer..

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Awesome to see you doing some good for those poor people, customers can be terrible asses over such small things. I had an guy shortchange me at my register within 90 days of starting my cashier work, nearly cost me my job, customers just always think about themselves...

Comment #2

You're an awesome man!.

BTW, I moved from VA to WV a few years back, and would still be calling it my home if not for some family matters. I lived in Monroe County. Wild and wonderful!!..

Comment #3

/salute. Way to go, man. You done good..

I'm pretty darn sure there's no such thing as a no-returns policy for them. Sounds like the franchise owner is just as much a jerk as the original customer. I hope the manager and that kid find better work for more normal people. I know I'd sure be looking if I were them, even if you saved the day this time. A franchise owner like that, will probably find an excuse for there to be a next time...

Comment #4

So, did they swipe YOUR card for both sandwiches? hey, the points are as good as gold you know! LOL.

The whole card thing is pissing off alot of people because when you find out about the program at the counter, they wont give you credit for the sandwich you just bought! then next time they'll tell you you have to present it first thing before paying [this is in NYC mind you]; it seems to be a corporate policy that is driving more people away from Subway than to them. They are not advertising this thing outside of their stores...

Comment #5

You're a good man. You get at least 5 good karma points and a gold star. The world be a better place if there were more people like you in it...

Comment #6

Sorry to crash the men's room, and I will back right out, but if I were you, Mountaineers, I would call Subway corporate and give them an earful about the conduct of their franchise owner making a VERY bad impression on customers by threatening to dismiss an excellent manager who exhibited superlative customer service skills in defusing a psycho customer...

Comment #7


Did a great thing for those two kids, bravo!.

Sometimes we forget that the people serving us are under corporate rules or worse franhcisee imposed rules. They are just doing the best they can to work within them..

The whole card and points thing doesn't work; the old stamp card worked..

Not that I'm that guy, but really, why could the store not give the schmuck the points?.

He patronized the business and paid the price? Bad customer appreciation system and a terrible P.O.P. register accounting system to not allow the addition to a sale for the points (if that is the real issue) after the sale (the way you explained it, he was still at the register)..

Thanks for the chance to vent. You are right, all this over $9.00 ? .

I just stopped going to Subway after that second time they refused to issue "points" with the stupid card; I didn't lose my mind, I made up my mind not to patronize the chain..

Sorry Jared, I'll go to the salad bar a couple of doors down..

Comment #8

I am always surprised by some people when it comes to getting something free. It could be a free pen and there are people that would stab their mom in the back for it..

Selfish people abound and they never think of others...

Comment #9

Dan, I really think the real issue is a customer loyalty award and the company not honoring the system they put into place..

From what was posted it appears that the store cashier didn't swipe the card and the customer didn't leave the cash register yet. The policy is to deny the customer the loyalty program? are these not the customers you want to make happy with? (especially in this economy as noted)..

Let's just say the kid wasn't a jerk and blew up, the presented scenerio was that the store would not issue these "better than gold" points. The store manager should have simply refunded (no sale) and rerung (sale) with the points properly given. If they did not immediately offer to do that, the manager failed to see the problem and it escalated into a confrontation with a negative result..

It was not free, he paid for it..

If the customer repaid for the item and got his points the end result would have been the same (goods purchased) but the customer would have been satisfied..

Don't offer something then put conditions and obstacles in the path to receiving it..


Comment #10

....and the world just became a little bit better than it was before. Seriously. Well done..

As for the dipwad, in my experience there is no limit on the depth of profound ignorance. Every time I think I've actually seen a limit, I get a new example..

Glad you were out there! And just to show my appreciation, I'll tell ya what I'll do! I'll go to Wheeling for the next four days and play golf and go to the casino and the ballet and spend moneyjust cause you're such a nice guy!.

I'll even take 19 other guys with me. I'll leave within the hour (really)..

No. No. Don't thank me. It's a sacrifice but one I'm willing to make to pay you back a bit and help your state out. Just the kind of guy I am (lmao)..


Actually, I really am killing a few minutes waiting for two guys to fly into pittsburgh from Tampa and 20 of us have a 4 day golf outing at OgleBay. I'm driving them down probably within the hour and we have a 1:40p tee time. I'll be the thinner one..

Comment #11

Well I am jealous!!!! I can't wait to lose more weight and add some muscle and see what it does to my game..

Comment #12

My Dad was born in Wheeling and grew up in Martins Ferry. Small world..

Comment #13

It's how we treat people when we have nothing to gain that is important. Way to go!..

Comment #14

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