How much iron does Medifast foods have?

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Hey guys! I am getting a colonoscopy next Wednesday and it says on my prep sheet to stop taking any Iron or Multivitamin supplements 7 days prior to the procedure. Do you think this includes Medifast products?.

Obviously I will call the doctor and ask but I wasn't sure if Medifast foods had the amount of vitamins/minerals that a regular, healthy diet does or the amount of a supplement..

Any advice would be helpful..

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Someone recently posted about this and their doc said they had to go off Medifast packets because of the iron. You might try a search...

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Iron supplements can stain the wall of the colon and impede the clarity of the view during the colonoscopy. Iron in foods does not have the same effect. Some physicians advise discontinuing iron supplements several weeks before the colonoscopy, while others say 2-3 days before. Did your doctor mention no beets, jello or drinks that are artificially colored? They can also stain the colon wall and may even appear to be blood (although the pathology will say otherwise). Also, patients are also sometimes advised to stop nuts and seeds several days prior. I think the instructions do vary quite a bit between offices.

I think you should just call your doctor's office and ask about the iron in foods and what they advise...

Comment #2

I did not stop MF, but did stop taking my iron pills (Vitron-C). Your doctor can advise for sure...

Comment #3

The thing is that Medifast is not just the iron normally present in food. It's nutritionally enhanced, so asking about "foods" is totally the wrong question. You need to ask about meals with 100% of your RDA of iron in them, 20% each meal..

But asking your doctor is the right thing to do. If you have to go off plan for a week, just eat several small L&Gs and keep your carbs under 100. You'll be able to get right back on after the procedure!..

Comment #4

Each Medifast meal has about 3.6 mg of Iron in it...

Comment #5

Iron in any food, even as an "enhancement," is NOT the same thing as an iron supplement and does NOT have the same effect. I've never seen a patient with iron stains on the colon wall even if they ate iron-rich foods, such as spinach salads, steak, liver, eggs, etc., every single day for a month (or habitually) prior.

Yes, asking your physician is indeed the thing to do...

Comment #6

Oh my goodness! I just noticed your tag line. Since you're not a health coach, can I not sign up with you?..

Comment #7

I didn't say that Medifast foods = iron supplements. I just said that Medifast meals != "food"...

Comment #8

Oh, I thought you said, "It's nutritionally enhanced, so asking about "foods" is totally the wrong question."..

Comment #9

Is this really that hard? You were making a distinction between food and iron supplements. Obviously those are different. I was suggesting that for having a clear, accurate conversation with the doctor, where information is communicated clearly, it might be important to draw a distinction between "foods" that are high in iron naturally, and packets that are nutritionally enhanced..

Theoretically, the iron effects for a colonoscopy would be:.

Food < Medifast < iron supplements..

I'm just saying the conversation with the doc will be most productive if you ask about MF, and not "food." I have never said I know anything about what the doc is going to say or what staining you'll see on the colon walls...

Comment #10

Not about the iron in medifast, but... be sure for a colonoscopy that you buy and use the BEST Baby wipes that money can buy for the entire prep....

Your buttocks will thank you for it..

Comment #11

ROFLMAO.I'm not arguing with you, but I do hate to see misinformation bandied about. In my office, if someone asked about Medifast or food, there would be no difference as far as colonoscopy concerns. Maybe it's different in your medical practice, so that may be why it's "hard.".

Essentially, there is no difference between foods that contain iron naturally or foods that have iron added...

Comment #12

I can't find it now, but within the last week or two someone posted about how their doctor told them they had to go off Medifast because of the added iron, for a week prior to their procedure. Not all doctors give the same information or have the same opinions. Better to be accurate in what you tell your physician, I think!..

Comment #13

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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