How much for my first website for Godaddy?

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My question is: How much for my first website for Godaddy?.

My 2nd question is: In escrow at the moment (and will obviously remain pending til that 60 day thing is finished) Sold to end user who approached via whois.

Generic name that happened to match their business name. Bought in sunrise period & I was only applicant.

Don't want to reveal name just yet out of courtesy to buyer but will do in due course if they don't mind...

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Your question was: How much for my first website for Godaddy?.


It's a high price for a new extension... Did you expect to sell it that fast and that high, or was it a good surprise?..

Comment #1

This is the first ever .asia HostGator sale then ?

Comment #2

WaWaWiii? Congrats on your sale. Did you make any counter offer or did you accept the first offer? Oh yeah, let us know the name that you sold after the transaction goes through...

Comment #3

Brilliant. Good news for .asia.

One word or more than that.

Which industry related? e.g gaming, internet , health etc.....

Comment #4

Wow - thanks for the congrats. A lot of interest!! First sale eh - that would be great.

Ok answers to all the q's.

It was a one word domain.

The buyer is actually Europe based but with operations in Asia (that they plan to ramp up).

Their industry is construction.

They expressed interest, we requested an offer. They offered $1500, we countered with $2500 & they accepted.

I think it was a totally appropriate & fair price for the domain.

We have 157 .asia domains all from sunrise & this one would probably be one of the best so not all that surprised...

Comment #5

Wow, that's absolutely amazing, especially for a .asia name! Congrats on the sale...

Comment #6

I thought that only TM holders could apply during sunrise?..

Comment #7

Oops, sorry Mixed up my terminology. I mean Landrush not Sunrise...

Comment #8

I was also trying to make this point. I also got around 100 .asia domains during landrush which include decorating .asia etc... and hope the domains will do ......??????..

Comment #9

Congrats~! I also have 2 .asia sale of which one is pending and another one ive taken 20% of the total ammount till the 60days period is over...

Comment #10

I just got a $ 150,- offer at sedo for my HostGator (typo of casino).

I have sent it to auction, just see what happens. auction..

Comment #11

Congrats on the sale.

One of my .asia HostGator is doing pretty good in parking.

Made $27 in less than 30 days of parking:

If anyone want's proof I can send it :-).

I feel there is some future for .asia.

We should be patient.....

Comment #12

No the first one I bought ( $59) on the first day of it going live.

Congratz on such a high sale!..

Comment #13

Wow, sale through whois is kind of rare.

Congrats I guess..

Comment #14

I'd like proof...i cant believe that kind of success - no offence, but the name is not even generic - in fact it's a TM HostGator right - Broadvoice telecom? My .asia parked names are lucky to get 1 unique a week at best let alone any clicks and they are all quite generic good names. Not saying you're fibbing, just cant believe it, thats all...

Even with the TM traffic of users that would go to I still cant believe users would type in the .asia counterpart???..

Comment #15

That's cool. Hey! How do you drive traffic to your domain. I have 16 asia domains and parked and get no traffic to those. Helllp please..

My asia domains are listed on if anyone wants to check them out...

Comment #16

I also have high hopes of my one word landrush .asias.

One of which is Looks like your names are parked with Namedrive.

They must be doing something right with SEO as I've read at about HostGator Roundtable that they are one of whom are aware of the PPC downtrend.

Did you do anything else besides optimizing it through Namedrive?..

Comment #17

I parked my domains at Namedrive..their SEO is pretty good..

At Sedo none of my .asia domains got any visits but it's not the case at namedrive..

When I saw that is doing good I tried to publish the HostGator where ever possible..also I published it at my new sites and through my

I could get some traffic from there..

I am not sure how to paste the screenshot here.....

Comment #18

Well done, I think good .asia generic names will no doubt get solid returns...

Comment #19

Very positive thread about dot asia. Was a great read and congrats to everyone with the success they are having...

Comment #20

OMG ! That's better than my sedo parking results for few .com's...

Comment #21

Lol, it's better than all of my domains put together - including .coms, .nets, .tv, .asia lol..

Comment #22

I see some Auction At Sedo now :. $150. 110..

Comment #23

Seems (non ) GENERICS are the key with the new and upcoming extensions, IMHO ... I'm very curious as to how this generic also "happened to match their business name", as well. How was it negotiated, and where is it presently in escrow?.

Congrats, and I look forward to the details upon it's close and verification!.


Comment #24

Maybe their business name is generic. Probably a good way to go.

Since it will get automatic traffic regardless of adverts!..

Comment #25

That what I thought, as well ... but then this could all be a potential issue as well (as I'm just reading now that the O.P. intended "landrush" versus "sunrise ()" (as I had read here initially), IMHO. Of course, traffic in all new extensions is a non factor!.

I'm a little bit confused (as to the "generic" nature / End user of the .ASIA HostGator name) here now, so I'll wait for clarification from the O.P.

Thanks much..


Comment #26

Forgive me, but despite I`m happy for the seller, all I see is a lot of hot air.

And bigger suckers do exist, we know that.....but to buy a .asia for $2500 rather than the specific ccTLD of whatever Country they will go in.....unless the bigger suckers can point me in th emap the EXACT LOCATION of ASIA...........and there is my`s an abstract thing...

Comment #27


You might think I am crazy I just added a screenshot of my parking revenue for .asia domains @

Hope u'll believe now.

Still you have some doubts give your email id I will send the complete screenshot..

Hey something wrong with twitter...

I have added the screenshot at my other site:

Scroll little bit down on the right column please find photo album, view the album, I pasted the screenshot of namedrive account there...

Hiii twitter is back again :-)..

Comment #28

Status: 500 Internal Server Error Content-Type: text/html.

500 Internal Server Error..

Comment #29


I am able to see my page..not sure why you are getting this error....

Any one else getting the same error?.

After 5mins:.

I am getting the same error and I am not able to open the twitter home page. It's throwing the same error...don't know what's going on.

After 9mins: is back again.....

Comment #30

Well the name is a true generic by anyone's measure. I'd never heard of the European based company that bought it and nor would nearly anyone else have done. So there could never be any TM issues.

I think the reason this company bought it is because they wanted to move into the asian market. They would have found that the majority of the country specific domains were already taken. So, to develop an online presence in Asia they had four options:.

1) Pay 6-figs for a gTLD that matches their existing cc-TLD HostGator name.

2) Compromise & still pay $XXXX for a gTLD that resembles their existing HostGator name.

3) Try to register a matching or similar HostGator name in each of the country specific domains in Asia that they plan to target (this is the worst option - there would likely be a real lack of consistency plus big expense, even if free regging).

4) Buy my .asia HostGator name!.

Which would you do? I think they made a very sensible choice (but I would say that I guess).

Anyway, money is sitting in Escrow and we are just waiting for these restrictions to be lifted.

I guess even newbies get lucky eh, Jeff?..

Comment #31

The clock on the wall is right twice a day ... for me, I'll wait for the actual transaction details, specific reasonings from the buyer (as opposed to your creative "options" listed above), and final sale verification here before getting too carried away with the lowly ".ASIA", IMHO.

For now, again, congrats!.

PS. Server error on the other .ASIA "stats" here, as well!.


Comment #32

Agreed - I always thoroughly enjoy his posts! It is a real shame that his clock is broken though!.

Yes I'll try and see if the buyer will give his reasoning as soon as the sale is completed. I don't think it will be far off what I suggested before.

In terms of final sale verification, am I right in thinking that after terms have been agreed in, funds submitted by the buyer, the deal MUST go ahead as long as I complete my end of the bargain & transfer the HostGator name?.

Jeff, as a .asia naysayer, do you at the very least concede that your statement below: was incorrect? Clearly this sale proves that simply conceiving such a sale wasn't a mistake after all, doesn't it?.

Anyway appreciate the congrats!..

Comment #33

Sorry, mate, still get the internal server error too.....

Comment #34

Please check my .tv HostGator and click on photo album:


Comment #35

Thanks. If that clock was broken, it would still be correct ... twice a day, friend! Sounds good, because ... as it is now ... it's not a completed, verified sale IMHO. ^ Sounds like a conversation we had regarding the faltering "dot Mobey" ...

I've been reading posts with respect to new and newer extensions for a while now (and through several different cycles and TLD's) ... and your very neatly listed (buyer's) four options above, also as I mentioned above, genuinely gives me - based on experience - GOOD reason to pause here, until the actual .ASIA "sale" details and verification are posted, along with the buyer's specific reasonings for it's acquistion at this time IMHO.

Until that time, all the best!.


Comment #36

Wow, what can I say, dude, thats awesome.

Unbelievable amount of traffic and clicks you got there for your .asia names. Sheesh. I had mine at Namedrive and got squat all then moved em back to Sedo lol, where it's equally squat. I may just go back to Namedrive now though!.

Btw, nice .tv site too...well done...

Comment #37

Yes, I must say your parking revenue for all the .asia names you have listed in the screen shot is 'IMPRESSIVE'.

I only thought one word generic .asia would be worth going for, but some of your names are two word and the way your parking is going it is very impressive.


Comment #38

Heck, my .coms are lucky to get that much traffic lol.. really good stuff - Namedrive must be doing some darn good SEO??..

Comment #39

Isn't this in the pioneer program? If it is I guess it's not for sale..

Comment #40

Congratulations! You have sent a real boost to all of us who have spent many hours and $ on regging key .asia names. Well done and thank you for sharing your great sale with us.

I received my first offer a few days ago, only $130 but it's a start:.


I refused the offer as it is very low for a nice finance-related name.

I expect to receive offers for another nice name on SEDO:.


Have other nice 1 & 2 word domains covering all high-demand areas if anyone is interested, just mention a particular area you are looking for. Have about 10 of the most asian first names as well...

Comment #41


Thank you.

I have some really good one word .asia names as well which I have not parked yet.....

Comment #42

Well that time has come. Sale is completed & HostGator has transfered to the new owners name.

So I can now reveal, the name is .... hunters [dot] asia.

$25 investment into $2,500 not a bad ROI for the lowly .asia..

Comment #43

Thanks guys! First of many we hope, for all of us.

Jeff, still waiting for your comment. You seemed very keen to jump in and cast doubt over the sale when I first announced it......

Comment #44

Nice job with the sale, good stuff.

I only reg'ed a few of the little buggers but this gives me hope for my "Headers dot asia" name (hey similar search results and only 3 letters off! lol).

Oh man it just hit me, maybe if your enduser is a HeadHunter they would be interested in my name..

Comment #45

Woo hoo - made the DN Journal Sales Chart!

Stay tuned for another cc-TLD to be confirmed next week for twice the price..

Comment #46


I am also wondering about one of mine .asia domains. generates traffic but I don't know why or from where..

Do you know where your traffic for comes from?..

Comment #47

Well done, Netfleet!.

Someone also sold for $3K.

You guys have created history of sorts by being the first ones off the block.


Comment #48

First, congrats! And not to be a wet blanket but, with 157 .asia, I'm hoping you can show an overall profit...

Comment #49

I think they're already close to making a profit from that one sale..

Comment #50

Nice. Congrats, dude. I've got 16 asia names but haven't gotten any offers yet. They are all parked and earning me nice income. Where should I go to sell them? How should I advertise them? I know Sedo did a few asia auctions. Anywhere else I can go?.


Comment #51

Question - how do you get type-in traffic for .asia?.

Apart from domainers checking stuff I cant see end users typing in .asia addresses, except perhaps - most people dont even know it exists? Are you driving traffic some other way?..

Comment #52

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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