How much does Nutrisystem diet cost per month?

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Quick question: How much does Nutrisystem diet cost per month? Looking forward for any response. Another question I got... Cw 196.

Gw 192 11/01/10.

Yeah, I know it's only 4 pounds.

But it's a third of the way to final adjusted (down) goal!..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can answer it..

Comment #1

CW: 204.2.

Goal 1: 200 (-4.2 pounds.

Goal 2: 195 (-9.2 pounds).

Yup, I'm shooting big this month, to hit goal, onderland, and a little under. Should be quite interesting...

Comment #2

Ok. I'm in. Gotta do some damage repair from the summer..

10/1/10 - 197.

11/1/10 Goal - 187.

Should be do-able if I don't screw up too badly along the way..


Comment #3

10/1/10: 185.

11/1/10: 175 and, for the moment, "goal".

I put "goal" in quotes because I think I'll still have a good 10-15 pounds of fat that I will want to convert to muscle. I don't yet have a scale that measures body fat percent, so this is just a guess based on 20-year-old college photos when I had got down to 160. I'll be seeing my doctor in a week, so I'll be sure to ask him his opinion. Tentatively, I'm planning on my next BBB being my last Men's Basic order, after which I'll switch to Men's Silver and begin maintenance...

Comment #4

LW: 204.2.

CW: 204.2.

Loss: 0 pounds.

Goal 1: 200 (-4.2 pounds.

Goal 2: 195 (-9.2 pounds).

Not an good way to begin the month and an shocker since I was at 202.8 on Monday. Oh well...

Comment #5

Guess I'm late to the show, but I need some motivation. Messed around and put on about 15 lbs over the last month and a half..

CW 200.2.

GW 194.

RGW (Realistic Goal Weight) 196..

Comment #6

I hit my overall goal in September. My new goal is to maintain the weight, slowly add more calories to my diet, and keep working out 5x/week..

Good luck to everyone!..

Comment #7

Late to the party... but I'm in..

10/07/10: 276.4.

Goal: 268..

Comment #8

SW: 243.

CW: 236.

GW: 229.

Moving along real nice towards that 229...

Comment #9

LW: 204.2.

CW: 201.6.

Loss: 2.6 pounds.

Overall Loss: 2.6 pounds.

Goal 1: 200 (-1.6 pounds).

Goal 2: 195 (-6.6 pounds).

Scale moved this week, should hit first goal next week...

Comment #10

Bartman, you are still my hero!.

Gees, you blew past me! I gotta catch up!..

Comment #11

Thanks bob! It's good to see you around the boards again...

Comment #12

10/1/10 - 197.

11/1/10 Goal - 187.

10/14/10 update - 193.

My summer indescretions are coming off. Slowly. Yay for NS!!.


Comment #13

10/1: 185.

10/17: 178.

11/1 goal: 175 and GOAL.

I got back on the scale about twice because I didn't believe it. Just got my 60-lb bear too...

Comment #14

Sw 196 10/01/10.

Gw 192 11/01/10.

Using scale that sw was taken.

Cw 194.

Using new Omron.

Cw 199..

Comment #15

SW: 242.

CW: 232.

GW: 229.

90 lb bear is now killed, hopefully can bag the 100 lb one in November. I think this new busier schedule of mine is having quite the effect on my weight loss. The rate of loss this month has been just silly awesome...

Comment #16

10/1/10 - 197.

11/1/10 Goal - 187.

10/21/10 update - 190.

I'm happy to be back in my desired Maint range of 185-190, albeit at the very top. With over a week to go in the month, I'm in striking range of hitting my 11/1 goal. Gotta stay strong! Not a good time to let down just cause I hit the 190. It actually feels good to be On Plan. I LOVE NS!!.


Comment #17

I have been feeling like Kraaap all week fighting a flu bug and it's associated symptoms, plus with my tender wheel I haven't hit the gym but one time. (Yesterday after my Dr. visit). I figured with all the drugs I have been taking Antibiotics, steroids yada yada yada I would have gone up..

The doc said if I feel up to it I could go back to the gym. Easywalking and upper body exercises and abs, but not to put too much stress on the leg just yet. So after the Appt I walked a couple miles at a medium pace (3.5mph).

The good news is I lost a ton of water this week but I made sure to drink all of my water plus a couple extra bottles a day to make sure I wouldnt get dehydrated..

I am down to 200.2 only have .2 lb to make my goal...

Comment #18

LW: 201.6.

CW: 200.

Loss: 1.6 pounds.

Overall Loss: 4.2 pounds.

Goal 1: 200 (GOAL!!).

Goal 2: 195 (-5.0 pounds)..

Comment #19

Dang! I feel like the weak link, you guys are slammin' it. GO FOR IT! I'll catch up soon...

Comment #20

SW: 242.

GW: 229.

CW: 228!.

An entire flippin week early and I'm under goal for the month, lol..

New 11/1 goal: 225..

Comment #21

Just finished 3 week, Down 19.5 lbs..

Need some buddies to help me along the way!.


Comment #22

Terriffic Work!.

You came to the right place for accountability..

Post often and we'll help ya...

Comment #23

Good job Travis! below 300! now get below 275 - take it one step at a time!..

Comment #24

Just hang in there Travis, you got the support...

Comment #25

LW: 200.

CW: 199.8.

Loss: .2 pounds.

Overall Loss: 4.4 pounds.

Goal 1: 200 (GOAL!!).

Goal 2: 195 (-4.8 pounds).

Definitely not going to hit goal 2, but happy to be in Onderland...

Comment #26

The last 2 mornings I've crossed into the 180s.

Started on 10/18 at 193.

CW 188 (110 Lbs lost).

GW 188.

Looks like I'll make goal..

Comment #27

Hey Bartle! I must have missed the announcement. GOAL!! Fantastic!! You've had an amazing journey. Proud to know ya!.


Comment #28

Well, I think I'm going to make my goal of four measly pounds. Had the inaccurate scale issue earlier in the month and have continued to lose..

Speaking of losing, I was racing Rick to the 180's and he kicked my asz! weigh to go brother, save me a spot.

Hey Eric, I weigh the same as you do, excellent job my man...

Comment #29

SW: 229.8.

CW: 221.4.

GW: 219.

Very close to my monthly goal, but unless I have a HUGE BM, I may not make it...

Comment #30

Thank you very much Gordon! Yea, I created a topic almost two weeks ago but it's easy to miss. Heh. Nice to have known you as well!.

Almost, looks like you.are a few pounds lighter...

Comment #31

SW: 229.8.

CW: 221.

GW: 219.

Missed goal, but still down almost nine full pounds this month is really good!..

Comment #32

SW:240 10/18/10.



Was thinking I would have lost more in 2 weeks, and seem to be stuck at 230 for this past week. Hope for better results in November...

Comment #33

SW: 242.

CW: 225.

GW: 225.

Made goal #2. Couldn't be happier with the loss I've had this last month. Initially I wanted to be around this weight by New Years, now I'm hoping to be closing in on One-derland by then...

Comment #34

Great Job guys!.

I missed my goal by .5 of a pound :/.

It's all good, as long as it leaves!..

Comment #35

LW: 199.8.

CW: 199.6.

Loss: .2 pounds.

Overall Loss: 4.6 pounds.

Goal 1: 200 (GOAL!!).

Goal 2: 195 (-4.6 pounds).

Missed out big on second goal but happy to be in Onderland still!..

Comment #36

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