How much does Nutrisystem cost ? Was it worth it to you?

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First question I have is How much does Nutrisystem cost ? Was it worth it to you? Thanks in advance for any answer. Another quick question... Have you reached your weight loss goal? This is the place to join other successful members in keeping up those great results...

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

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OK, My goal is to live a healthy lifestyle - since I've been doing that since Jan 14th - I've reached my goal and I'm here to maintain it. It will be great when the results of my healthy living force me to make some minor modifications to prevent my weight from going too low! Thus I disagree with the moderator:.

I believe this thread is for those who have achieved a change in lifestyle and want to be sure they maintain that healthy lifestyle. Waist size, blood pressure, glucose level, fitness, sense of well being, energy level, cholesterol level, endurance, flexibility, mental sharpness and I suppose the effect of gravity are all greatly influenced by lifestyle. A specific weight is a number resulting from choices made over a period of time - it could be achieved be being locked up in a room for about 40 days with just water available. Wow look - I have a new number - I don't think any of us would be happy with the result. I've noticed that the people who reach their number through a healthy lifestyle do not look like prison camp victims - I achieved the number I'm shooting for before with a "protein sparing fast" - I did look like a survivor. So for me - I've achieved my goal - I'm on maintenance and I intend to stay there for the rest of my life.

Thank you Moderator for responding so quickly and getting this thread going!..

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This has GOT to be some kind of a record for THEE fastest that Nutrisystem has responded to the request of it's members and taken immediate favorable action. Congratulations Nutrisystem for getting it right! Good job and Thank YOU!..

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Thank you MOD. Really appreciate your attentiveness. This is going to be a great place for everyone, no matter if they are at goal or approaching it. Just to hear from those who are successfully keeping it off will be an inspiration..

Thanks DaveR for thinking of it and good luck on your second at bat...

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Thanks Mod for the quick turnaround on this. I think a separate forum, specific under the Men's Room category, right next to the Dan Marino forum, would be ideal (so that we can have multiple related Men's Maintenance discussions), but this is a good compromise in the meantime...

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I agree. That way it is easy to find...

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Hey guys, I'm glad to see this thread here. Everybody that's still hanging around that has reached your goal weight (whether you're still there or not) should check in. Thanks to DaveR19 for getting this thing started..

Maybe we can help each other with this maintenance animal that is so much different than just eating on program. I think the rest of the forum covers any other issues fairly well...

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I can tell you that my attitude has improved since I strted lifting again. Exercise has magical qualities...

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My secret for a life of easy maintenance: train for a half marathon...

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I love that groovy hat..... I am plannning on buying a new bike this spring and biking to work 7 months of the year. That and lifting shouiuld be the key for me. Now if I could stop p*ssing away my bike fund money......

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As maintenance looms and I wonder about alternatives to Nutrisystem food, this site was posted in another thread. I wanted to include it here for posterity..


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That's a great link - being able to replace the verious Nutrisystem items with regular store items is great. It appears the site has a lot of other useful informaiton, links and discounts. Thanks!..

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You get the love and adoration of Nutrisystem and it's message board participants; I get a "free" hat (with a $10 bag of cotton candy) of Nemo from a Finding Nemo ice show. I call that a wash...

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While I haven't quite reached goal, I only ordered 2 BBBs + my free 2 weeks since starting July 1 last year...I've been "on my own" since 2nd week of December, working out regularly since Jan 1st...and stayed within 3 lbs either way of 190..

I will probably place another order around April to try and shock my system down to goal by going 100% for a month or so, but it can be done, fellas..

Plus, I'm getting cut as all hell...Tank tops & shirtless this summer woot!.

(Well, after I take the belt sander to my back hair...or get it waxed: "GAAAAAA...KELLY CLARKSON!!!")..

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Bungle. Go for the laser. I have to admit that I have(had) a little bit of a hairy back. Hey, I didn't have a choice in the matter. I went through 5 laser sessions, and the hair is close to gone. I would say a 90% redutcion.

It hurt like a son of a bit**. Well worth it. I will go back for some maitenance every 4-6 months to keep it that way...

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I saw a television add for Fiber One, tastless in water..

Any thoughts on adding this to some foods to make you feel more full?..

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I wouldn't know about that. I've been getting plenty of fiber since I started NS...

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That is what made me think of it..

When I am done with Nutrisystem I plan on maintaining on my own. If I added fiber to entres like Nutrisystem does, would it be beneficial?..

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Not much action here for a sticky thread everyone seemed to want so badly. Maybe just not that many whom have reached goal weight stick around. I'm many pounds from reaching maintenance. Maybe things will pickup by the time I'm ready to post here. In the interim...good luck and congratulations to all those who made it...

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Maybe it's not fair to taunt us or it's that we cant handle the truth yet, but I haven't found any outline info regarding a Nutrisystem maintenance plan. Cast off the line and drift from the dock? I hope not. Maybe post goal is where you pick up the counseling service and personalize your program. I assume it takes the same (or more) commitment and vigilance as we've "learned" during the course of weight loss and the meal plans with just a few more calories stirred in. I don't ever expect to be able to feel the anguish and the high of being uncomfortably full after a meal again. If I do, that should set off one heck of an alarm..

My hearty hooray and congratulations to those of you that have made moved onto maintenance. Well done. You've shown us that it is real and we can make it happen. Thank you...

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It seems that right now most of us that are at goal and on maintenance have been on maintenance for a while. When I reached goal, the only place to discuss the issues that come up are in the Maintenance forum. It's OK, but not really geared toward men..

I pretty much know how to maintain my weight now and as some of you newer guys get to your goal, hopefully some of us that have been here a while will be able to help you get started on maintenance and answer some of your questions on issues that we've already been able to figure out..

I think that was why this thread was requested to be a sticky...

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I've resisted posting here because I was on maintenance for a few months and didn't do so hot. I don't have any weight loss goals so I am on maintenance from an Nutrisystem perspective, but find I need to keep myself focused by setting different goals. To sum it up, I personally don't consider myself to be on maintenance...

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I'll be back here for inspiration frequently! Keep it up dawgs!(double entendre).

Vader626, that's a great site reco. Thanks...

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Yea I have been gone awhile sence I lost all my weight 144# I am glade to see some place for us who are trying to maintain to check in. maintenance is the weak link with NS. after losing the weight I could get no help from Nutrisystem all I would get would be letters wanting me to come back and for some reason they thought I was only on Nutrisystem for 3 weeks when I was on Nutrisystem for 1 year.


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It's interesting to me that you've hit your goal weight and don't consider you're on maintenance and I'm a very long way from my goal weight and believe I've been on maintenance since day 1..

This evening I came home and had my Nutrisystem dinner; I actually prefer this dinner to what I was eating before NS. In the past I concentrated on the entre almost exclusively, and dinner was my main concentration. Now I have a rich variety of foods and I really enjoy all of the vegetables and fruits. Planned snacks really work for me and if I spread the food properly I'm never hungry..

When you have a large salad with zucchini, peppers and mushrooms, a slice of light WW toast with spray butter, garlic powder and a bit of grated cheese (paprika for interest), and blueberries with Cool Whip free, how can the Nutrisystem entre seem small? Last night I had the "deck of cards" chicken - it wasn't great but it was enough with all the sides and the flavor was fine. I enjoyed the dinner and was satisfied. Focusing on something besides the wine and the ribeye actually works for me..

At noon I took an 18 minute walk after lunch and really enjoyed it. I enjoy the way I'm feeling and the things I'm expecting! I'm enjoying this lifestyle. I find myself staying much more in the moment. I would never have "just taken a walk". I like this style of living - I intend to maintain it..

So what about the food after goal - why look for substitutions - why not build a plan around some Nutrisystem selections. I've read about three different plans available from the councilors. But what the heck - how hard is it to come up with a plan when you've been living the plan for so long..

I want and intend for this to be NORMAL for me. If what we're doing is just a burden - how will we keep it going over the long haul?.

Be on maintenance with me - the numbers will get in line - and when we need to stop losing - it won't be hard to add a few hundred calories. Mobay - thanks for sticking around - you and Barky are my vision for where I'm heading....

I'm enjoying maintenance!..

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That's cool...I can use all the help I can get. Thanks Mobay45..

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Hey glad to see this forum got set up and set up so quickly. I'm not quite at the point of being official yet, but goal is within sight so I'm glad to have a place to put my mind in the right frame for when I get there...

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I agree with everything you've said, but to me it's just a matter of keeping focused. I think we're both doing the same thing though. I still get my Nutrisystem delivery and mix it up with some Lean Cuisine and Weight Watchers frozen meals (I had lost eating these before) for a good variety (and they taste very good)..

Best of luck...

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You're probably right. I think this maintenance thing is mostly mental - I hope to learn the ins and outs from you and others that have made it. I've lost plenty but gained it all back. Keep up the solid no nonsense posts - I appreciate them...

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Man this is a great story. One of the ones that helped convinced me to do NS...

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Hey guys, just checking in. I threw my back out 2 weeks ago and have been unable to exercise at's been all I could do just to get to the office a few of the days, and on some of the days I couldn't even do that and I had to work remotely from my bed flat on my back (gotta love that wireless!). I had hoped it was just a flareup that would eventually subside, but alas, this one is something else and is just not healing, so yesterday I somehow made my way back home (many of you already know that I work in Minnesota Mon-Fri, but home base is in Mississippi) (and don't ask how I got through 5 hours / 2 flights - let's just say lots of Advil was involved) and will be engaging the medical profession the next 2 weeks for diagnostics and then a plan for resolution. Hopefully I can get back closer to normal least getting home and having a plan of attack is a morale boost..

As to pertinence to Men's Maintenance: Well, until I'm able to exercise again, I'm now officially (re)testing the concept that one can lose weight on this plan without any exercise. I pretty much held par the first week, but this week I've managed to shake off a couple-three lbs by cutting back the off-plan munching that I allowed myself (let's just say that when I've been able to maneuver myself out of bed or whatever sitting position I happened to be in, in addition to the necessary bathroom break or whatever, I've also taken the opp'y to, uh, maximize my intake while I've been up)..

So anyway, still here, stll getting support from the boards, with my thanks......

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Hey Dave, sorry about your back problems. I hope it's nothing serious..

I used to have back problems myself but I think I've managed to kick that to the curb. Mine was just weak back muscles that would become inflamed from time to time and caused me to have spasms. If that's what yours turns out to be, let me know. I have some suggestions for you. But you need to get checked out first...

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Thanks. I had hoped I'd kicked mine to the curb as well (it had been a few years since my last flareup), and of course I had hoped that toting around 80-100 fewer lbs would help that even more as well. Nope, not to be. So, we'll see what the diagnoses are. (I also suspect that my disdain for core exercises has not helped...I'm solid in the legs and the upper body from my style of power walking, but I haven't done nearly enough midsection and corresponding mid-back strengthening. I'm betting that if I'm prescribed a PT regimen, that core exercises will be key, whether I like it or not.).

I'm also looking at the bright side: When you get sick internally (digestive issue, etc), not only are you not well, but you're also non-functional - you can't think clearly, can't work, etc. With this, although I'm in farily excruciating pain if I move the wrong way, at least I can otherwise function...I can work, I can somehow get up and go to the bathroom, kitchen, etc., and I can even drive once I maneuver myself into and out of the car. So, "it could be worse"...

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I hope you feel better Dave. With my posture and height, I've always had upper back problems, but I seriously threw out my lower back once and one week of my life turned into eating, taking my pain pills and going back to sleep. Not fun!..

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Why don't you change your picture to one of your "after" pictures? Also it would be a help, and encouragement, if you would post your numbers (e.g. 302/265/190). I remembered reading that Nutrisystem had several maintenance plans, so I used search to check. This is one of the posts that showed up in the search (you might want to follow the thread)..

I suspect that I will build around something like one of these plans and stick to the plan - (on off days perhaps using non Nutrisystem substitutions if it makes sense) adding a snack servng (fruit+protein or Nutrisystem snack) - and/or something like a ham sandwich (40 Cal WW, light mayo, 2 oz ham, sprinkle of cheese - toasted)..

Many say the plan is easy and maintenance is hard. Perhaps it's because most people try to maintain without a plan. If the plan is easy - why stop?..

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Ok here is my question, I have been on the program for 3 weeks now and I have lost 15 lbs... not bad. But I have been thinking I can do this on my own without NS, I would like to get some input on this?..

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BigThom, I suppose it's possible to do this on your own, however I think most of us wouldnt be in the position where we needed to lose this much weight in the first place if we really could do this on our own. For me the struture has made it easy for me to stay with it. As I get close to reaching maintenance I'm hopeful I can maintain with real food and with less and less support from here, but that means embracing a changed dietary lifestyle..

Also keep in mind that you lose more quickly at the start than later on. So it's a longer journey than 5 pounds a week would imply and easy to get derailed...

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You can do it on your own, and eventually you will. However, being relatively new to the program, I think there is inherent value in your continuing to do it with Nutrisystem, until the principles and attitudes become second nature. It took me several months to get to that point. Otherwise, you're setting yourself up for failure. I've seen many people think the same thing after a couple of weeks, only to try it alone and eventually fall back into bad habits. I still get soome Nutrisystem foods to aid me in my maintenance, simply because it's easy and reinforces the principles of eating I learned during 14 months on the program. Best of luck whatever you decide...

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I am not a man, but I have a question. I just started Nutrisystem yesterday, and my husband is thinking about it, but he has two concerns: (1) that the portion sizes might not be enough, and (2) that he won't be able to drink alcohol (he likes Miller Lite, especially on weekends). Can any of you give your thoughts on those issues? He is 41 years old, 5'11" and weighs about 265. I think he wants to get down to around 200. Thank you!.


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I'm not quite to goal yet, but will have a virtual maintenance stress test this week. Going on vacation to Florida for a few days to take in some spring training baseball and maybe play a little golf. Not taking any Nutrisystem food with me. So eating out 3 meals a day will be a good challenge and test for me to see how I can do...

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1) The portion size are what they should be. If they were our concept of "enough" we would continue to be fat..

2) Drinking alcohol will seriously slow down his weight loss efforts..

If he is willing to let these issues keep him from doing this he does not really want to lose weight and is making lame excuses...

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I would like to add one thing about the portion size. When I started looking at the package sizes, I thought WTF, I will never be satisfied with that little amount. But with the LG carbs, you are never hungry once your body gets used to the new food. Plus I have humongous salads (watch the amount of FF dressing though)that takes me all day to eat (half Lunch half Dinner)...

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ThanksI will pass that along to him. It looks like you're doing great! Have a good day!.


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Well I've proven to myself that it can be done (at least on a short term basis). Just completed 5 days off plan on vacation in Florida. When I weighed myself this morning I had still managed to lose a pound for the week. I made good choices and had a better idea of portion sizes from having been on NS..

Breakfast was egg beaters with cheese and veggies every day. Sometimes with OJ and/or wheat bread and/or tea with skim milk. Lunch was typicall salad or grilled chicken or turkey (even at ballgames I was able to get chicken sandwich). For dinner I never ate more than half an entree. Filled in with fruit and some pretzels or popcorn for snacks. Probably also important I maintained my 8 glasses of water a day too...

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Very Nice. I'm a long way from maintenance but when I get there, and I will, it's nice to know that this journey will leave me better prepared to make the positive choices to a healthier lifestyle and eating. Reading your post has confirmed that it is truly possible...thanks much!..

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Tell your husband he can either do what is right and get in shape or he can be fat. No healty lifestyle is based on huge meals and lots of beer. I have tried it. Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life...

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I've been back into lifting for about a month now, and things are really firmimg back up. The problam I am still having is that I seem to need 2 days rest between lifts for the tendonitis to stopp hurting. Its hard to make the gains I was seeing before, but I soldier forth..

I bought me a shiny new bicycle and have commited to bike commuting midApril mid-October. It's only about 3 miles each way, but I expect that to make a huge addition to my excercise routine..

Now, if I can just start mixing haelthy veges back into dinner time... I am doing 100% Nutrisystem style from morning to dinner, then I pretty much blow off the plan. I'm still eating low fat low carb, but too much entree and too much wine.....

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Barky-Do you use the microwave steam bags? Man I could not live without them. Just throw them in for 5 minutes and the veggies come out nice and fresh. Watch out for the ones with sauce on them...

Comment #48

I use them all the time and I love them! I don't think I could have done Nutrisystem without the convenience they add...

Comment #49

I just discovered the Ziploc Veggie steam bags and they are much more economical than the ready made bags and just as good. I buy the frozen veggies in bulk at Sam's Club and keep them in my chest freezer...

Comment #50

Good ideas. When I was losing weight, I used them all of the time. I am so glad I checked back in. Just "talking" with old chums has got me thinking about evening veges again. I have no idea why I stopped eating them...

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Add me to the list of "glad I checked back in" guys here. I'm finally past my back injury, although as a consequence I developed a hip problem either due to favoring it while my back was hurt, or sciatica, but in any case I'm still not fully mobile...I tried to return to my weekly bowling league on Tue night (after the last 4 weeks off) and could only get through 1 game...sigh. I did go out walking for the first time in a while last night, but was only able to do 3 miles...but it's a start. And at least the weather is finally improving here in the Twin Cities...I have no desire to go back to the treadmill again. I'm ready to hit the trails again tonight..

My worst problem is that another 2 weeks recovering from my injury was another 2 weeks of improper eating habits that I now DESPERATELY need to break. My evening carb cravings have TOTALLY consumed me again lately and have resulted in yet another few pounds creeping back on - I've GOTTA put a stop to it. I really appreciated the tips above in this thread about the steamed veggies...I'll definitely be picking up some good veggies, will properly salt-free season them (I hate my veggies unseasoned), and see if I can start substituting those for the bad carbs when I crave something in the evening..

Thanks again, guys...I'm still tryin'......

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I've found more things to do with veggies since I've been on Nutrisystem than I ever imagined. Also found some veggies I never thought I would eat which I now am perfectly happy eating. Here's a couple of ideas that have worked for me..

1) Just Grill them. Simply grilling some asparagus spears or a zuchini sliced into 3 inch strips abot 1/2 inch thick sprayed with some pam and seasoned with no or low salt seasoning is good. It really gives them a grilled taste which more than offsets the veggie taste..

2) (this one is a bit more work and serves at least 2). Slice the zuchini as in #1 and also slice up a yellow or red bell pepper and a medium onion. Sautee them in a pan with pam until they start to soften (unless you really like your veggies crunchy). A bit before they are done, season with no salt or low salt seasoning and fresh black pepper and 2 cloves of minced garlic. Mix well and heat for another minute or two to bringout the sweetness of the garlic. It tastes great..

2b) If you want to add a twist to #2 you can add some fat free or lite italian or ginger dressing to it after it's cooked too (which my wife prefers)..

These are really quite filling. This also inspired an idea for me on a way to use the veggies with the nutrisystem chicken breast. Call it Nutrisystem Chicken Fajitas..

Sautee 1 bell pepper and 1 medium onion as described in #2, but use no salt spicy seasoning instead of regular. Cook your Nutrisystem chicken breast as per package directions, but then slice it into strips the short way. Add those chick strips in with the veggies and cook until the chicken starts to brown a little. Serve it on top of a carb friendly tortila, top with an oz of fat free cheese and a tbsp of fat free sour cream and there you have a nice chicken fajita that's pretty much totally within plan and would work great for maintenance. There's usually way more chicken and veggies than fit in 1 fajita so I just eat the rest for an after dinner snack without a second tortila...

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Well checked this out yesterday and thoought it a nice thing Nutrisystem did to have aseperate forum Guess DaveR is responsible. Thanks..

Anyway as I truge into my 7 month on maintaining. I have stayed very true to my plan of mixing other foods with NS. Even though my 90% of what I eat is supplied by NS. I follow the plan layed out in the begining for losing the weight and have gradually added some more carb and fruit and veggies. I did anither 2 oz of protien to my daily eating. This has seemed to work as the flucuation has been about 3 to 5 lbs.

One thing I did do though was step up my excersise from 3 to 5 days a week froom 2 days a week..

This includes 2 days full body workout. 2 cardio and 1 with the Personel trainer..

Well good eating guys and check back in a another few weeks...

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Good job going. I look forward to getting to goal. I think the real battle comes after goal...

Comment #55

I quoted this thread for somone on another thread - but I believe it's worth quoting it here...

Comment #56


I have been on the program for 2 mths have lost 20+ lbs to date, I have been drinking beer on the weekends, Becks Premier Lite is 65 calories 3 carbs, Michelob Ultra is 95 cals and 3 carbs... both are not bad. But I have added Kickboxing 3 to 4 days a week for 45 to 50 min to my schedule and that has helped a bunch. I have actually gained weight muscle weight and lost 3 inches around my waist...

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Holly tell him he will have no problem with the portions and after the first 2 weeks will be fine with them..

Comment #58

If you choose to drink at only the 50% mark that's up to you. But there is NO beer that is program approved. Do you wanna be a drunk or do you want to lose weight and keep it off. Make up your mind..


Suggest that this beer or that beer is ok for someone starting out..

Abstinence should be observed at least for the first couple of months. If you can't put the beer down that long, being a fata$$ is not your most pressing problem right now..

I admire your weight-loss and commitment when working out, but buddy that was a bad suggestion. Just cause you can drink and lose weight doesn't mean the next guy can..

Added in edit:.

I know you didn't directly suggest he drink. But you certainly inferred it...

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There is beer in moderation in maintenance which is why I am not sure why half of these posts have made it to this thread since they have nothing to do with maintenance. Sorry to sound like an elitist scumbag, but this thread was initially posted for those of us in maintenance to discuss certain strategies. I guess the occasional "I can't wail until I get there" message is OK, but the spirit of this thread has been trashed several times over...

Comment #60

You are absolutely right, I think I'll add something in the "Welcome"...

Comment #61

Well I just called Nutrisystem and cancelled my auto delivery. Looks like I'm on maintenance when my current inventory of food runs out in a few weeks...

Comment #62

I am both confident and nervous about maintaining at the same time. After these last 7 months I feel I can make good choices and appropriate portion control to maintain a reasonable calorie intake. After going through the maintenance package material, I'm nervous about maintaining the right balance between protien, carb, fruit, veg, fat, dairy, etc. One of the things that helped me with my loss was the rigor of using the website to track every item I ate. For maintenance I hadnt really expected that I would need to keep doing that, but I guess I will at least for a while. It would be really nice if Nutrisystem offered a set of maintenance plan menus on the My program page for the 3 levels described in the maintenance package material. Perhaps I'll just build myself a spreadsheet to do it...

Comment #63

Congratulations on reaching maintenance. Even with the attendant angst I'm looking forward to that day. After 69 #'s and 7 months on the program behind you, I'm sure you'll do just fine...

Comment #64

Hello all;.

Well, Ive been on the maintenance side of our program for about ten days now. My weight has bounced around some two pounds from my goal of 165. Here are a few random thoughts:.

1. I feel much better, I have much more energy and I have no desire to eat the fast food stuff that once got me through the day. I do occasionally, however, eat as many as 12 almonds instead of the authorized six but I try to stay busy so I won't fall victum to illegal snacking!.

2. My maintenance meals are pretty much on the program for breakfast, snacks, dinner and desserts. I experiment with the lunch meal but usually within the program limits and recommendations while adding about 100 to 200 calories daily. If I lose another pound or two, Ill add in another couple hundred calories..

3. My waist has continued to shrink while my weight has stabilized. Im a little disappointed that my waist reduction is not moving as fast as the weight loss..

4. I did buy some new jeans and slacks this past weekend but I suspect theyll be a little bit big before too long!.

To be quite frank, maintenance is a little scary. Losing was easy under the plan (Im quite capable of following instructions!) but this maintenance thing is like soloing after flight training; I know how to do it, but doing it correctly is a whole new ballgame. I will continue to wean myself from Nutrisystem food at a slow and comfortable rate...

Comment #65

Congratulations on hitting maintenance. You too will do fine...if need be you know where to come to get back on the straight and narrow and get all the support you'll ever need by just checking in with us and saying hello...

Comment #66

While I guess I'm now on "Maintenance" I'm still not canceling my auto delivery orders. Instead I'm just delaying the orders and not getting them delivered every 30 days. I plan to eat Nutrisystem when I'm home because I love the food, and I'll enjoy "off plan" meals when entertaining or traveling and vacationing and partying. Then eat on plan when back at home again. At least that's my plan for now. Keep an eye on my weight tracker to see how it works for me but that's about how I've been handling it the last couple months before I reached my target goal...

Comment #67

Reached goal today. Have 3 days of Nutrisystem food left in the cabinet and then it's time to give real world maintenance a try. I guess it better be a good try since I do NOT intend to get heavy again so maintenance is a lifelong commitment from here on...

Comment #68

OK, I'm officially on the maintenance side of NS. I'm scared as hell about this, but I stopped the auto delivery and am ready to get on with my life. I still have a lttle over a weeks worth of Nutrisystem food left and will use it up. My plan is to try and stay within the portion and calorie counts of NS, hopefully forever. I may sneak in an unhealthy meal one in a great while. It's funny but I actually can't even stand to look at a McDonalds or Burger King anymore, and I used to love that stuff (especially the french fries).

Now that I've learned how healthy people live I hope I don't resort back to my old fat ass ways. Wish me luck...

Comment #69

I know how just you feel, it's scary. Good luck...

Comment #70

Wow, you guys have all done fantastic work. Great job! You've shed some serious weight and that's no small task for anyone. Be proud, feel good about yourself and be confident that you now have the tools you need to stay in control..

The good vs. evil choices will taunt all of us forever, but fear not, you already know exactly what to do. You'll get a little more to eat but not much, I suspect. You know it's all about portion control and absolutely never ever stop exercising! If you ever feel stuffed after a meal, suspect a problem. If your body is ever lacking that dull soreness from your previous days exercise, suspect a problem. Don't eat anything you would be ashamed to put in your journal either..

I'm anxious for the day that I get join you guys here, so please stick around for the rest of us riding your wake. I wish more maintainers would post here...

Comment #71

I'm starting maintenance today, but I still have a number of Nutrisystem lunches and a few Nutrisystem breakfasts left which I'd like to use up as part of maintenance. Does anyone know how to count any of the following Nutrisystem foods in terms of how many carb, protien, fat, etc servings on maintenance each one would be ? .

Fudge Graham Bar.

Chocolate Rasberry Bar.

Cheesy Homestyle Potatoes.

Scrambled Egg with Veggie Sausage Crumble.

Pamcake Mix..

Comment #72

Maintenance doing OK so far. Have been on maintenance level 1 (which is supposedly comparable to the Nutrisystem men's plan) for a week and a half now, and for the second week in a row I continued to see a loss. Another pound gone, making it 72 since the start...

Comment #73

OMG. I was moving some things around in my closet this evening and came across a pair of slacks I was wearing when I started on NS, 44" waist. I put them on to see how big they were and it was freakin unbelievable. Just like one of those unreal success stories. Only, it was real and it was ME !!!! I've decided to keep them as a warning to myself as to what could happen if I stray...

Comment #74

Hey guys, I've been hard core on the Nutrisystem diet with real frequent excercise since March 27 and have lost 24 lbs; but,as I approach my goal of 170, which is only 6 lbs away, I am really getting nervous about maintenance. I'm not sure how to transition back to real food. I understand portion control and eating regularly to keep the metabolism going; but am unsure about the correct foods to eat. Do you guys recommend to keep ordering the Nutrisystem food to stay on track or try regular grocery low cal foods? It seems scary to leave the safe confines of the Nutrisystem plan. Or is it just me?.

I would welcome your comments and suggestions. Thanks Rick..

Comment #75

I am real lazy when it comes to food prep. My pre-NS choices were usually more expensive than staying on the Nutrisystem plan. I can make every meal in approx 90 seconds. My grocery shopping consists of shopping the outside aisles of the store so I am not even tempted by the chips and frozen pizza aisles..

I plan to stay on Nutrisystem because of the cost and convenience...

Comment #76

Maintenance was a scary thought for me too. I've been doing pretty well for the 2 weeks I've been on it. Call Nutrisystem ad ask them to send you the maintenance info package. You'll see portion amounts and food suggestions for various levels of maintenance. I made myself a spreadsheet which lists only he foods I like in each category so I can track what I've used up during the day..

I also saw this link posted in several of the boards here.


It shows you what supermarket items are roughly equivalent to which Nutrisystem meals for maintenance. So if you dont want to cook real food much on maintenance, you can buy some of these and fit them into the maintenance portions..

Good luck..

Comment #77

Hey guys, it's been awhile. I was searching for maintenance and found the sticky. I hit my second goal weight a few months ago and have been mixing in more grocery to do some replacing..

Truth be told, the Nutrisystem plan is just so much easier for me to use since I travel so much. But ya gotta have some variety! What do you guys do when you want to stop losing and level out? Add a few (and just a few) more calories to balance out? I certainly don't want to stop the exercise regimen I'm back into. Too many good looking girls.....

Comment #78

I have such a long way to go to reach my goal weight. I've just adopted the belief I will be on Nutrisystem for life. Only difference is, when I do reach my goal weight I will have a BBQ'd burger and a beer with friends on a weekend like this, instead of sitting down to a Nutrisystem dinner and salad. The next day however, I'll be back on Nutrisystem and my exercise program. I'm still ignorant enough to believe I can eat Nutrisystem 5-6 days a week and when around family get togethers or work lunches I can eat normal (or at least what I use to consider normal, but watching the portions of course)..

Again, I have a long way to go before I even have to consider what I will do once I reach my goal. Those of you who have reached your goal weight, am I way off with my thinking on this one? Let me know now, so I won't make a mistake later, and perhaps can readjust my thinking now..

After all when I do lose my weight, I'm just going to be a thin fat guy. Meaning, it'll be real easy for me to be a fat guy again if I don't really watch myself and stay away from old habits..

Alcoholics are always alcoholics, it's just that some alcoholics choose not to drink. I'm no different, I'm a foodoholic that chooses to eat right, and chooses not to endulge my urge to purchase $8 worth of dollar menu delicousness. It's a choice I make daily, and Nutrisystem has so far made that choice easy for me..

I do good when I'm told what I can and cannot eat, I can't imagine being released to the wild and think that fast food drive thru's are a possible option (just this once). I didn't do well with that option before, once turned into twice and soon into 5 days a week, then a morning ritual with an occasional afternoon visit..

I don't ever want that life style back again. Upsetting even to consider...

Comment #79

Jonah, I've struggled with weight all my adult life. From time to time over the years I've gotten serious about dieting and lost some fair amount of weight (including once on nutrisystem about 20 years ago). Each time I thought that I could jusr watch what I ate and modify portions somewhat and be fine. It never really worked out, at least not for very long. Each time I eventually found myself weighing as much or more than I did before I started the diet..

This time around I realize that it's not just a diet, but a permanent lifestyle change which is needed. I plan to follow maintenance religiously for a while, learning what I can/can't eat and still be within those guidelines and still be satisfied. Yes I can go out to eat with friends and family, but what I chose to eat and the portion sizes will be guided by fitting within the daily guidelines. I can go do fast food sometimes, but when I go to McDonalds now it's a snack wrap (grilled) or a salad with grilled chicken, and I calculate how much of my daily protien, carb, fat, and vegetable intake that represents. Realizing how little I will have left for the rest of the day if I give in to temptation for breakfast or lunch has helped keep me on track with my first 3 weeks on maintenance. For people like us who have struggled with weight, I think it needs to be a conscious effort for the rest of my life...

Comment #80

You can maintain without eating Nutrisystem food. I almost never eat it anymore, in fact so little that I don't even consider it to be a part of my maintenance. If my wife didn't have it in the house I probably wouldn't have any around. You do have to keep eating healthfully though. You can't go back to high fat/high carb foods and expect to maintain your loss. I eat lean meats, lots of fruit, vegetables and whole grains.

And even then I do my best to limit the amount I eat. After eating like this for two years it seems to be the norm for me now...

Comment #81

Spent the weekend at a Shriner's convention in San Antonio. Damn, the Mexican food there is fantastic. Ate it ate every meal and enjoyed every last bite. The upside is that I don't want any more for a while. The downside is that I have to undo the damage that was done. I haven't even weighed and I won't until next Sunday..

Oh well, I've done this before and I know that I can get back to where I was in a few days...

Comment #82

It's amazing how quickly you can do damage (weight-wise) compared to how long it usually takes to undo the damage...

Comment #83

I'm getting close to maintenance (wow, I can't believe that I'm saying that!) and am looking to see what the plan is. I can find it for the ladies, but what about the plan for dudes? What are we supposed to do?..

Comment #84

It's the same as the ladies but we start on the second level. Call the Nutrisystem counselors and you can request that they send you the maint package info..

Comment #85

Not sure if anyone remembers me. I posted for about a month when I joined in November 07. Anyways, I couldn't afford Nutrisystem past February so decided to use the same style and what I had learned while on the program....

I started 303 lbs. I'm 6'3" btw. After 8 months i'm down to 230, but still just as focused as ever..

I missed the board alot, it kept me motivated. So yup, i'm back in town...

Comment #86

My Nutrisystem goal was still about 16 pounds over what is the normal weight range for someone my sie, 5'8", so I've been doing level 1 maintenance (more or less) which let me drop 7 of those 16 pounds. Recently however, the weight seemed to stop coming off. Not that it's too bad being 173 after years of being at or around 250. So I decided to try a version of what I've seen called 'boost' on here suggested to help people break plateaus. Cut back most of the carbs and added in some more protien so far for 1 day, plan to do it for 2 or 3 days max. But after day 1 the scale moved down a pound so I'm happy with that for now...

Comment #87

This was posted out in the general area but I think that I'll get a different sort of help here.....

I'm just about to go on maintenance and received my packet from Nutrisystem which explains the maintenance plan. It states how many servings I get per day for each of the following:.

Carbs: 8.

Proteins: 5-7 oz.

Vegetables: 4.

Dairy: 4.

Fruits: 2-3.

Fats: 4.

(Note, I'm a dude so I listed the Level 2 plan).

Question is, where can I find out what each of the Nutrisystem meals are? For instance, what is the tin of vegetable chili? Or the Pasta Parmesan? Or the granola for breakfast? Where do I find out?.

Addendum for the other bro's ....

So what are your maintnenance plans looking like?..

Comment #88

On the "My Program" page - when you click on "Select an entree" - each entree has a "View" option - with "More Info". This is what you get:.

Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal.


Total amount for 1 Packet.

Calories 150.0.

Calories from Fat 15.0.

% Daily Value for 2000 Calories More info.

Total Fat 1.5 g 2%.

Saturated Fat 0.0 g 0%.

Trans Fat n/a g.

Cholesterol 0.0 mg 0%.

Sodium 220.0 mg 9%.

Total Carbohydrate 28.0 g 9%.

Dietary Fiber 2.0 g 8%.

Sugars 13.0 g.

Protein 8.0 g 16%.

Vitamin A0%Vitamin C0%.

It's more nicely formated - but you get the idea. Also check out:.


You can put in "Nutrisystem" and see a list - you basically get the kind of labels you see in the super market..

This is what they had:.

Nutrition Facts.

Serving Size: 1 container( 213g).

Amount per Serving.

Calories 210 Calories from Fat 15.

% Daily Value *.

Total Fat 1.5g 2%.

Saturated Fat 0g 0%.

Trans Fat 0g.

Cholesterol 0mg 0%.

Sodium 650mg 27%.

Total Carbohydrate 31g 10%.

Dietary Fiber 8g 32%.

Sugars 5g.

Protein 19g 38%.

Vitamin A 6%.

Vitamin C 0%.

Calcium 6%.

Iron 15%.

Est. Percent of Calories from:.

Fat 6.4% Carbs 59.0%.

Protein 36.2%..

Comment #89

Are you trying to figure out how to count nutrisystem food against the maintenance plan categories ? If so when I started on maintenance I posted a question in the Dieticians Corner forum listing the specific Nutrisystem foods I wanted to use on maintenance and asked how many of each category to count it. A Nutrisystem nutritionist responded with the appropriate category details for each..

Good luck..

Comment #90


I just looked into that site and I may start using it. I'm at the stage now where I'm figuring out my next steps so all options are open..


I'm going to do that. I did post elsewhere and someone came up with this:.

NS Breakfast = 1 protein + 1 carb.

NS Lunch = 1-2 proteins + 1 carb.

NS Dinner = 3-4 proteins + 1 carb.

NS Dessert = 1 dairy + 1 fruit..

Now this doesn't make a whole lot of sense. The breakfast and lunch I trust but the dinner should probably have a veggie in there. Not one dinner I know doesn't have a veg mixed in and I would wager that a fat should be tallied there. At the same time, if a dinner is 3-4 proteins then I'm missing the mark on portion size! As far as the dessert is concerned, what's a cookie or the nutri-chocolates? Don't tell me they're carb free and where's the fruit in that?..

Comment #91

There is a God!! Thank you Mod's for this thread!..

Comment #92

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