How much does Nutrisystem cost? is it cheaper than nutrisystem?

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Got a question... How much does Nutrisystem cost? is it cheaper than nutrisystem? Thanks for any response. My 2nd question... Where are you I8NY? I noticed on your page you gained all your weight back. Damn, we are all at risk of gaining it all back. I for one lost 50lbs a few years ago and gained it all back.

Let this be a warning to us all that no one is immune to the dreaded Gain Backs..

One key to help with that is staying active here long after the weight is lost..

Mobay45 is a good example. I met him two years ago in Dallas and he is still thin to this day, and he is active on the boards. I on the other hand lost it, left the web site and gained it all back, and then some..

Losing it is only half the battle..

Another old friend is Wizzbomb. He started at 520! He stayed active on the boards and got down to 279. Haven't seen him here in months. Hope he is keeping the faith..

We all say this time will be different but for some reason many of us gain it all back. I wish I knew a way to fix that "reason". I'd be set for life...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

AMEN! I KNOW that if I had stopped (stopped NS, stopped posting, stopped updating my ticker) when I hit goal in July, I'd be well on the way to regaining it all by now. It's actually more fun THIS way! I'd love to hear from those guys too..


Comment #2

I'm starting the journey. Darn...losing was fun while it lasted..

It's ok...I'll hump it together and do a better job this time round. Not from willpower but from creating structures like the checkin threads...

Comment #3

For those of you that don't know I8NY, he did lose all that weight. He was involved in a very serious car accident and that's a part of the reason he gained his weight back. He showed back up here a few months ago hoping to lose the weight again but I haven't heard from him in quite a while...

Comment #4

Damn, I just read that another NSer that I follow, Joely gained back 140 of the 200 she lost. No one is immune to the Gain Backs. She is back on track and I wish her all the success this time around...

Comment #5

Gaining the weight back scares the crap out of me. I hope I don't ever lose that fear, it keeps me motivated...

Comment #6

Yeah, thats the reason for this thread. Scared Skinny...

Comment #7

I would hazard to say that losing the weight is actually easier than maintenance..

When I was losing, I had a target or goal. Every time I looked at something outside of plan, I could focus on that goal to get me past. It also helped that each day/week was focused on "losing"..

On maintenance, I find myself being temped and it has been harder not to rationalize the consumption of the item in question..

It is one of the main reasons I still read these boards regularly. I don't seem to post as often (not that I posted a lot to start with), but reading them really helps..

Also hearing that people have slipped makes my resolve stronger..

I hope that those who have slipped come back and start again!.


Comment #8

Even on Maintanance, I weigh myself every DAY. I want to remain diligent! Never an allowance, never an excuse!..

Comment #9

We all deserve to feel good. Learn it, earn it then live it!..

Comment #10

True. I won't gain all my weight back if I eat this one little cheeseburger...

Comment #11

Drive4show, I don't weight every day like I did while I was on program but I do still weight myself about 3-4 times per week. What I've found is that if my pants seem to be getting a little tight, I probably need to slack off a bit on eating the bad stuff (or drinking). I've invested way too much in a new wardrobe to gain the weight back now. I've sprung for some pretty nice stuff and I couldn't imagine having to replace it with bigger sizes...

Comment #12

Clark, everything you wrote is so true for me too. Listen to him guys. Maintaining is definitely harder than losing. It takes a lot more resolve and it lasts a lifetime...

Comment #13

I'm another one back here for a second time - lost about 40 lbs two years ago, then gained back 60. I'm down about 45 now and have the same reservations about the difficulty of maintaining. I think one thing that may help - the first time I was losing weight with the goal of looking my best for my wedding. Now it's more of a general want to feel and look better, which I think may be more productive in terms of maintaining, since it's not dependent on reaching a certain weight by a certain time...

Comment #14

I got to less than goal in July and now up 10 lbs since then. Scaring the $hit out of me so appreciate finding this thread to refocus. There have been too many "one little cheeseburger" moments lately. I also found that losing the weight was "easy"... needing to find a maintenance routine that works for me...

Comment #15



I also find myself only weighting 2-3 times per week, with one of those being my "offical" weight for the week..

I have found that I can tell when I have been bad pretty quickly (although I have been very, very good on staying on plan)..

My weight has been within 2 lbs for 4 months. My goal is one-year at this weight!.


Comment #16

Amen to all of the above ... I lost almost 50 pounds in 2008 ... got stupid and started gradually putting it back on .... in the interim lost my job to this crappy economy and now looking to make lots of changes ... back on the wagon with the plan and down 10 of what I gained back and now have the daily "job" of finding the next great opportunity of my career..

Stay focused ... we didn't get this way by being diligent, we can't afford to go back !!.

Anybody heard from BVB? I bet he kept his off..

How about Bandmaster??..

Comment #17

If I had to guess BVB kept it off but Bandmaster didn't. Haven't heard from either of them...

Comment #18

I thought Bandmaster was around for a short time a couple of months ago, had gained a bunch back, but then disappeared again...

Comment #19

BM must not have the same motivation that BVB has..

I think I'll go visit BVB when I hit goal. Talk about a NSV!..

Comment #20

No kidding. I think that guy gets enough <ahem> exercise to worry about gaining it back...

Comment #21

I am also back for another round. Lost 40+ but gained 15+ back. Maintenance is hard. My pace of gain seems to have accelerated over the last month which is scary. Back to the structure...

Comment #22

Welcome back tofrank! Good move, man. After losing and gaining a number of times over the years, that's the thing that excites me most about Nutrisystem (besides the fact that IT WORKS!) - It's always there for you! I've been maintaining since July, but still on autoship (with delays) and probably will be for life. It's not a bad way to go. Really beats the alternative..


Comment #23

Good to see ya Robert.

I'm still at it..

Comment #24

Hey WIZ!! FanTasTic!! GREAT to see you! GREAT Avatar!!! Over-The-Top loss and persuit of health and happyness!! I'm in awe, dude. Keep hangin..


Comment #25

Before starting Nutrisystem two years ago, I googled around to learn more about it. One thing I found was a business-based interview with the guy who bought the company a couple years before. He said an attractive part of the business model was that most people regress and many keep coming back to Nutrisystem over and over. That's not a knock on NS, that's just the reality of any diet. I still liked what I learned about the plan and got in with eyes open..

I was last on here about 1.5 years ago. I've gone up and down by 50 lbs several times in my adult life. Nutrisystem helped jump-start me to get low enough to marathon train again and I ran my 4th in Fall '08..

I've had lots of "life events" this year. Some people stop eating when they get stressed and some people exercise compulsively to deal with stress. Others, like me, stop exercising and overeat to deal with it..

So I'm back up on the heavier end of things. Not my heaviest and not quite where I was when I started my 3 months of Nutrisystem two years ago, but too heavy to run much..

Back on the horse. I'm not doing NS, but I'm going to discipline myself to eat less. The alternative, giving in to being a fat person, is tempting, but I miss running for hours in the woods..


Comment #26

Hey Wiz!.

Good to see you back. One heck of a avatar dude!..

Comment #27

Damn Wizz! You look great! Way to keep it off!..

Comment #28

BAM!!!! Like a long lost family member after you won the lottery, I am back..

Problem: you start enjoying life a little too much, hanging out with friends and dating hot chicks, from college-aged to MILF's. Found myself making up for lost time, doing all the stuff I had been missing out on. Lots of Guinness, single malt scotch, rich food and Ray's Pizza (closest thing to NY pizza here in AZ). As of May 2009, I had lost 203. lbs. and was wearing size 44.

I started working w/ a trainer. However, I'm not foolish enough to tell you it's 50 lbs of solid muscle. So, I have gotten back on the wagon. "First" auto-delivery is being processed tomorrow. I have had a lot of fun the last few months but I obviously cannot be left to my own devices.

Much like the greatness that is the NY Yankees, success will not be measured in "almost." I'm here to win...

Comment #29

Hey Michael, welcome back, hate to see you under these circumstances. We have missed your sense of humour!..

Comment #30

Welcome back Michael. I echo Bill's coment your humor has been missed. HOT CHICKS? You must have been hanging with Tiger!..

Comment #31

Wow! It feels like old home week around here..

Great to hear from you guys!..

Comment #32

No Kidding! It's like a class reunion in here...what's up, guys!..

Comment #33

Welcome back Michael! You can check out, but you can never leave!.


Comment #34

Gordon, would it be inappropriate to say I may have gotten wood when I saw your new photos showing off the guns? Wait, I think I know the answer. Now I feel awkward...

Comment #35

This is like the rock and roll hall of fame concert on HBO now.....

Comment #36

If only Dean Wormer would show back up it would be the perfect holiday reunion...

Comment #37

Like most of the others, I too have swayed from the program and gotten back to my old habits. Back in the saddle again...

Comment #38

Ditto here! Although my weight ticker shows a much wilder roller coaster. Lots of old faces still here or have returned. That Damon still around? My Food should be here Friday. Strict compliance for me..


Comment #39

I was pretty bad last night, so I figured I'd better fess-up here. Worse yet is the fact that this afternoon will be another supreme test. Oh well, it's Christmas and I'm no Scrooge, and I'm sure enjoying myself. I'll get back on the horse tomorrow.....

Comment #40

Yeah but he doesn't post here. He posts on the estro boards. Guess he cant stand the heat...

Comment #41

No way.Say it ain't so. You seem to be doing well Robert since I last ran across you. Ran across the Wizz's avatar he as well as others are doing great...

Comment #42

I am here guys. Thanks Mobay for explaining my situation..

Let me make something clear..

Nutrisystem did not fail me..

I failed NS.


I've been going through a lot of issues after my accident and I simply gave up on myself. It's been a long, hard journey to work myself back to a point where I think I can take on this challenge again. I will not post much, however, at least until I have some good news to report instead of empty words..

Good Luck to everyone!..

Comment #43

I know exactly how you feel, man. I am climbing back on the horse myself...

Comment #44

I8NY, glad to hear from you. I know you can do this again. Stop by from time to time to let us know how you're doing...

Comment #45

Holy S**t! I8NY and Vader are back! Happy New Year to you both. Hate to see you both and glad to see you both...

Comment #46

Good for you. Not good for the horse..

Hey, I waited all day for someone else to take the bait...

Comment #47

So, if I read you right you're saying he is the master baiter?..

Comment #48

Now we're getting back to the way it was!.

The mens room is BACK...

Comment #49

Oh, you can drop it. Just make sure your back is against the wall when you bend over to pick it up!..

Comment #50

I am also a returning member. I lost 34# in 2007 and yeah I too gained it all back. Just started back on the system about a week ago and dropped 9# the 1st week. Going to stick on the program this time until I meet my goal and keep it off this time. My closet is full of different sized clothes. Looks like a clothing store.....

Comment #51

What up, Dave. I've made the same decision. Meet you at the quarterback, as they say...

Comment #52

Thanks, man. I understand exactly what you mean. It is good to see some of the familiar faces around doing well...

Comment #53

When I drop the soap, I bend at the knees and pick it up. I never bend over. If you bend over someone is probably going to poke fun at you. If you know what I mean (wink, wink)..

Comment #54

Little richie be enough of a man for the reach-around..

Comment #55

Bump - love to see the old faces from the men's room, please post and update..


Comment #56

I lost 50 lbs. last year and got off of Nutrisystem for several months. To make a long story short I gained all but about 10 lbs. back. I've been back on Nutrisystem for almost a month and find it hard to get back in the groove. I plan to get back on these boards and get going again. Nice to see that I'm not the only one out there having this problem...

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