How much does Nutrisystem cost for you?

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My husband and I started Nutrisystem 7 weeks ago. He paid $300, I paid $250 for our 1st and 2nd orders. I've been averaging $80 a week for add-in fruits and veggies. That's $860 for 2 people per month. I already know that Nutrisystem teaches me portion control and adding more veggies to my diet and that nothing feels better than loosing weight...but dang it's expensive!.

How much do you spend per week? Do you have a budget for add-ins?..

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Your question was: How much does Nutrisystem cost for you?.

My husband and I do Nutrisystem together, but we order one order and share the food, and each of us flexes some meals (I get all breakfasts, he flexes breakfast, we split lunches and dinners and flexing them, and he flexes one of his Nutrisystem desserts a day.) I also buy extra food off people here on the boards to supplement ours..

I spend about $75 a week in groceries for add ins and the flexing food...

Comment #1

I live alone and spend about $80 a week on salads,dressings.fresh fruits/etc. dieting is not cheap. I compared the weight watchers back of box. cal. same/fat.sodium/others pretty much same and dinners on sale at $2.00 much cheaper. I think this might be my last order for awhile...

Comment #2

I believe if you add up what you two where spending each month on ALL your foods, including everything you spent on eating lunch at work and going out to eat etc. I feel it may be CLOSE to the same? Maybe a little more now with NS, but I bet it's not much more. Also, your getting more then just Nutrisystem food. Your getting 24/7 support / counseling if needed. That has value too..

I don't know you good enough to know if my statement is all correct. I'm just going by what I USE to spend and what I've read others say about this same subject. I was spending around $250 a month just at my works cafeteria ! That was just for lunch!..

Comment #3

I feel like I'm at the grocery store more now than I was before I had food delivered to my door!!! It's okay. I don't care what it costs to be honest. There really is nothing more important to me than getting healthy, active, and thin. I haven't added it up but I'd say it is around 75 a week...

Comment #4

I definitely try to find more budget friendly add-in's.


Yogurt - I buy the store brand for $0.35 a container.

I often eat a hard boiled egg for my lunch protein..

I also always have a glass of milk..

So that's about $5 for those..


I buy fresh cabbage and carrots, frozen store brand veggies, and look for what's on sale that week. I stopped doing salads because those were really expensive for me. I probably spend $10 a week on veggies..

I buy some frozen fruit (strawberries), some canned (pineapple), some fresh (whatever's on sale), and some little juice boxes. I probably spend $10 a week on fruit..

Then condiments or extras usually are another $5. So that's about $30 a week for mine...

Comment #5

I would guess-timate that I spend about $70 or less every other week on add-ins. (Thank you, Costco! ) Bulk veggies, bulk yogurt, bulk fruits, etc. I used to spend around $25-50 per day on just dinner (my BF loves steak!).

The only things I buy one-off at the grocery store are v-8 light (my Costco doesn't sell it) and any fruit/veg/etc. that I want to try before buying in bulk. I guess I'm lucky that I can get most everything at Costco, and that I'm only buying for myself. I'm definately spending less! It just doesn't feel like less, because I'm dropping that $300 all at once, instead of a little bit every day...

Comment #6

I spend about $75.00 every 10 days for extras and some of the foods I buy to substitute for some Nutrisystem meals. I flex a few meals per week to save a little money. Kashi Go Lean for Breakfast.Some of the WW frozen meals meet the Nutrisystem stats. I buy some South Beach or Kashi Bars for dessert and I have also bought some nutrisystem from Big Lots. I also bulk buy at costco for my frozen veggies and fruits. The nearest I figure is that I am spending about $50.00 more a month for my food then I was spending before Nutrisystem.

I think the correct comparison would be to compare if I had been buying healthy foods at the store before. I was eating a lot of junk which is what got me here. I think Nutrisystem is worth every penny...

Comment #7

Hard to say what I spend, but agree that eating healthy costs more. I am fortunate to have a garden. Right now, I am "only" harvesting lettuce, but since that was my most expensive add-on, I love it. Look for farmer's markets in your area where you can find better fresh produce cheaper. Look for sales, froze spinach is much cheaper than fresh. Buy seasonal items.

Because DH is not on the program, and we have lots of animals, I don't know how much we spend on my add-ins, but we rarely go out now, so that saves $$. When we do go out, I always have enough to bring another meal home..

Good luck - it's worth it to stay on NS. At least for me...

Comment #8

I never figured how much I spend on add ins while on NS, but it really doesn't matter to me. I know I was eating a lot of junk and dinners out alot before, which sure isn't cheap. also, Nutrisystem is helping me get healthier - and my health is worth way more than any amount of money!..

Comment #9

If you have time next time you are at the store, take a calculator and add up all the crap you used to buy and then compare. Thats not including eating out. Heck one bag of chips is $3.00 to $3.50. Thats not counting, desserts, donuts, candy, ice cream etc. It's kind of intersting just to actually see how much you would have bought pre ns. Thats what I did and I was shocked, Nancy..

Comment #10

I spend a ton of $$$ on groceries. I have 3 growing boys and a step son who is with us 50% of the time plus my husband. Me being on Nutrisystem is the best thing that has happened to all of us because I buy huge quantities of fruits and veggies and very little crap. We are all eating better now! If I had to break it down though, I think I spend anywhere from $45 to $75 on just me. It depends on my needs. Out of salad dressing and the bill goes up...craving a fruit that's not in season...the bill goes way up!..

Comment #11

What was your monthly grocery bill before?.

Did that include work day lunches?..

Comment #12

To keep fresh veggies and fruit, one must go to the store more often. That was something I wasn't use to! But, my DW works at Walmart, so I just give her a list, often! LOL.

I'm definitely "thrifty" my DW says I'm just cheep! LOL But you are so right, doing the things you listed above to save money. I keep a few eggs boiled for quick breakfast protein. I buy store brand un-sweetend apple sauce for fruit, and bananas are cheep.

Like someone else posted, I have garden, about a 900sq ft garden! I'm growing corn, tomatoes, bell peppers, okra, cucumbers, squash, cantaloupe and onions. I grow enough to feed 12 family members with plenty to spare! Plus I use it for exercise! Even if you don't have room for a large garden, a couple of 4x8 raised beds will grow all you two can eat...

Comment #13

I spend about $40-100 a week (the amount I spend widely varies depending on how much I am flexing that week). I only get Nutrisystem orders every 2-3 months..

Before NS, I was spending around $600/month just for myself eating out all the time...

Comment #14

The problem is that generally the "cheap" food isn't that great for you. When I was a single mom with a cruddy job ten years ago, we ate a lot of mac n cheese, hot dogs, white bread, ramen noodles, pastas, canned veggies, and potatoes - because they were cheap. If you compare that type of grocery list to what we spend on Nutrisystem and for add-ins...NS does seem expensive. And no wonder I got so fat!! I am so thankful I am now in a position that I can afford this program because it is working so well for me, I am learning so much, and it is worth every penny.

Anyway after all of that rambling - I don't really flex meals very often at all, and spend about $60 a week on add ins, I blame the Greek Yogurt...

Comment #15

I spend just about exactly what you do on the extras, it is very expensive, after next month I am trying it on my own and compare what I spend...

Comment #16

Without a doubt Nutrisystem isn't cheap.

Think of your old habits that's what I did.

Dinners out for two - at least $45 plus tip.

Lunch out for one - $10 plus tip..

We no longer purchase chips, candy, ice cream, sugary cereal, corn dogs, pizza.

The problem with Nutrisystem is paying it all at once makes it feel worse. If you need to, add some healthy alternatives like others have mentioned to stretch the Nutrisystem out.

Don't give up over cost, if you can at all help it. This is so important for your health.

Now to answer your question. I purchase fruits and veggies at a produce market and a few frozen they are pretty reasonable. My grocery bill has dropped drastically. I've got my husband on a diet and he hasn't realized it yet. I'm probably spending $60 a week for both of us. I'm frugal though..


Comment #17

Another suggestion is to check out any one dollar stores in your area. They often have a frozen section where you can find frozen veggies, and a friend goes to one that actually has fresh produce...

Comment #18

It's not that Nutrisystem is expensive (which I personally don't think it is it is the up-front cost for the month of food that shocks some), but rather eating healthy is expensive..

If you look at most restaurant specials, they are piling up your plates with inexpensive items such as pasta, rice, potatoes and offering little by the way of fresh vegetables and proteins, outside of chicken which is by far the least expensive..

Just walk around the supermarket and you will see that the "healthier" versions of foods - low-fat, low sodium, low-sugar, etc. are more expensive and often not included when products go on sale. I find that very annoying. When just starting out on NS, you end up spending a lot until you get your staples purchases (ICBINB, syrup, SF jam, spices, etc.).

For your weekly purchases, you have to be a smart shopper or frugal and buy when things are on sale. Chicken breasts are on sale pretty much every week between the two supermarkets near me. I'm not going to pay $5.50 to $5.99 per pound when I can get it for $1.99 to $2.79 either next week or making another stop. Sure there are those times that you have no choice and you grab and go, but you need to be an opportunistic shopper.

When Fage yogurt goes on sale for $1.00 (lately the new sale price seems to be $1.25 ), I stock up with a month's worth. When I offer to pick some up for one of my friends, he only wants 5 for his week supply. Why would you do that when it is $1.75 to $1.99 regularly? When shredded cheese, string cheese, laughing cow, cereal, etc. are on sale, then you stock up on them. Same with cans of tuna - they always go on sale for $0.89 so why would you pay more than double that when the stuff can sit in your cabinet for a year? Peppers have been $4 and $5 per pound for the past few weeks (not sure what is going on there). I am not a huge pepper fan to begin with but there is no way I am spending that on peppers.

There are some things I don't scrimp on, such as my Fage greek yogurt addiction even though every other brand of greek yogurt goes on sale weekly. If you don't want to spend nearly $2 for a single-serve container of greek yogurt, then just buy the Dannon which are always on sale for $0.40 to $0.50 each (and less with coupons) and top off the shortfall in protein with an egg white or slice of FF cheese...

Comment #19

I don't spend a whole lot on add ins. Mine are fresh fruits and veggies, yogurt, and eggs. I don't do lunch meat or much cheese, no veggie burgers or hot dogs. Way too much salt for me, since the Nutrisystem food alone adds up to about how much sodium I eat in a day..

The add ins I buy are things the rest of my family eats too, so it really isn't an added expense...

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