How much does Nutrisystem cost and is it worth it?

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My question is How much does Nutrisystem cost and is it worth it? Thanks for any answer or 2. My 2nd question... As a supplement only to the Menz Room Rulez, I offer the following bits of wisdom gleaned from my time in the Men's Room Forum. They are not, of course "official" in any sense of the word and will be edited to suit the times or whim..

Things we just should know:.

About the program:.

Yes, you have to drink all the water.

Yes, you have to eat all the food.

Yes the plan works if followed 100%.

No, "just a piece of home made cheese cake every now and then" is not 100%.

Eating 100% of the deer you kill yourself, while manly, is not 100% on program, either.

Drinking alcohol will slow down or stop your progress.

Subs happen. React as you will, they will continue. Get over it..

The plan will change with time. Get over it..

WW does not equal NS.

Going off plan and not telling us about it won't actually make it better when you come back..

Geting to maintenance means MAINTAIN, not "go ahead and have a celebratory cake!".

Listen, cupckae, you didn't get fat by someone forcing you to eat too much and you won't get healthy by making someone listen to you whine! (An homage to the Dean).

About the Men's Room Forum:.

Dan Marino doesn't really post here.

This is a men's forum for men to talk about man stuff. You can post here, but expect us to act like men act in their normal, uncivilized manner and not "nice" like we're "supposed" to act..

Ladies Men will be boys. It's a men's club, so don't try to change us..

We can't keep on topic to save our lives..

The second most popular and long-lasting thread is about farts and poo..

Answering posts by fems on a "Does my Johnson get bigger with weight loss?" thread.


Get us moderated..

Attacking one of us will tend to get many of us to circle around like sharks..

Don't flirt with the fems. It just encourages them to bring drama to the Room..

Sub clause A. to the above, ElTorito's views on posting:.

Masculine posts are straightforward and are meant to be helpful without trying to soften the blow..

Masculine posts can be vulgar if necessary, or just for humor..

Since there is a strong correlation between masculinity and being a man, most topics will be written by men and directed toward other men..

Masculine posts will not contain glitter..

Masculine posts will not be overly emotional, unless that emotion is anger. And if that anger seems misplaced, the next post will be Haggis setting that person straight..

Masculine posts will be honest..

Masculine posts will contain facts and opinions, and it will be obvious which is which..

Masculinity is defined by the fart joke, live with it..

If you are an estro, before posting please read all of Makanna's posts and you'll see how we respond to a woman who knows where she is..

Masculine responses may attack the premise or facts of a post, but never the poster.

About Individuals here:.

Listen to the Dean, even if it makes your ears bleed..

Look up the Dean's works and pay attention, Cupcake!.

I8NY = a god. Not THE God, but A god....

Mobay and Barky are cool dudes, even if they are TV stars..

DaveR19 made the first Rulez and they still stand..

Afsan is MIA and we miss him terribly..

Master B has no chance with Mobay's wife, either..

Only 18.18% of those polled think pshrynk is an attention *****..

BVBoy is probably the luckiest man in the forum. He is the second luckiest guy on the planet pending actual photos of Jennifer A being produced..

Big Joe (HDHappy) is an okay guy, in spite of being a Republican..

Nyctfl takes some getting used to, but then he's used to that..

Haggis McJedi is the only person in a skirt to have been thrown.


Of the estro boards..

If you want the exact right picture at the right time, just ask Wizzbomb..

If you need a picture of anything.


, such as a chihuahua humping a rottweiler, just ask Darth Damon..

Fems we get a long with because they get it:.



Gray Lady.


Others to be named later when my Alzheimerized brain starts working again. I will take nominations..

About things in general:.

BBGG = Blue Berry Gut Grenade.

It is possible to sail while sober..

Musicians are narcissistic, but in a good way..

Idioy = Cajun for erudite scholar (not really certain about this phrase book I'm using.).

Just because someone posts using a persona, does not mean that is the real person..

NSV = Non-scale victory.

SLS = Sugar Like Substance.

Tickers are for wimps and moderators, but if you must have one, read BVBoy's.

Things I wish I knew when I started NS.

Thread and follow the instructions therein..

About losses.

Sometimes guys disappear.

RIP Trophy.

RIP Cardinal.

RIP Mullet (whoever you were).

RIP NinerBuff.




Let me know who else needs to be on this list.

And most important, about men in general:.

Yes, your Johnson will get bigger by about an inch per 30 pounds lost. Don't take this to mean that it will get bigger than it ever was. It will just come out of hiding..

If you post a picture of your wife on this forum, she will become the object of lust amongst the fat men present, so get used to it..

You dish it, you take it, so don't be a tool and man up!.

Check for typos or face the wrath..

Some men are tools. Live with it..

Not everything that is posted is an insult to your manhood. Live with it..

Sometimes things that are posted are an insult to your manhood. Live with it..

Attention ***** does not equal actual *****. Live with it..

So that's the list, subject to moderation and/or edit...

Comments (58)

Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can answer it..

Comment #1

Oh, and Josh claimed dibs before I posted pictures...

Comment #2



Gay in ever sense of the word!.

You ought to analyze people for a living..

By the way: love the amended rules!!..

Comment #3

Nice job! Now if we could just make this thread a sticky........

Comment #4

I'm such an attention ***** that I'll bump it every Monday...

Comment #5

According to my calculations, 18.18% voted yes to you being an attention *****, and 65.91% voted you a big fat attention *****. That would mean 84.09% of the folks think you are an attention *****, big, fat or otherwise..

I hope you aren't playing on semantics here, you're a pshrynk, not a lawyer! Is there a difference?..

Comment #6

You read the numbers your way, I read the numbers my way. It's all in how you ask the questions!..

Comment #7

In my field it's more like "it's all in how you skew the data"..

The question was framed to get the response you wanted. Very poor experimental design there..

At least you know people are more tempted to call you big and fat, than just an attention *****. Damn that's gotta hurt, but hey, you're working on it!..

Comment #8

I thought pshrynk might be a way of saying embarrassed to be a urologist.


Comment #9

I took a lot of courses in political science in college...

Comment #10

So, here is the weekly bump of the attachment 1.0 to the Menz Room Rulez. I added a few bits to keep the list up to date with the culture as I see it. Feel free to suggest new items, or to suggest that I'm an attention *****...

Comment #11

So I still weigh 318 as of this morning. If I loose all 318 pounds, will I have to change my name to Dick or Peter? Or maybe something a bit more biblical like Schlong...

Comment #12

By my calculations if 1/2" for every 30 lbs is true, you're going to be hitting the floor by then...

Comment #13

It is a good thing Pshrynk bumped this or would have missed out on a good laugh. I some how missed this last week..

Wise observations but are you sure Afsan is gay..

Comment #14

Well, he told.


He was "just experimenting," but I had some doubts when the chihuahua was brought in...

Comment #15

Listen, that chihuahua was there simply as an experimental control. I love dogs!.

It's gerbils that fear me.....

Comment #16

MMM....gerbil on a stick. A tasty snack.. don't mean!?!?!? AIEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!..

Comment #17

I know you'd pay good money just for Richard Gere to bat his eyes at you...

Comment #18

Now if I interpreted Phsrynk's formula for : 30 pounds lost.

= 1 inch larger.....

My goodness...... with my goals completion, we are dealing with between 6 to 7 inches more than ... uhhh.......

My oh My ........ I will have to get a leash and a collar............

Boy oh Boy do I hope that this is not just another old wives tale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #19

Richard Gere could do whatever he wanted to me!..

Comment #20

I am sure Afsan can help you out in that department. Just send him PM...

Comment #21

You and Pshrynk were roommates at the same college? Does his hot wife know? Master B you might have an in with this little tidbit of info...

Comment #22

Dude, if it were true, you wouldn't be messing with old wives!..

Comment #23


Sorry, I was raised Catholic. In fact, one of the first stories to break years ago on the "priesties" molesting little boys happened in a small town just south of where I live. My brother went to school with one of the victims who now has about $6 million...

Comment #24

Did you ever see the Woody Allen flick entitled "Everything you wanted to know about sex..."?.

The large mammary gland chasing him in Central Park? It would be kinda like the same thing...only different!..

Comment #25

Well, that.


Back in the '70s when $$ was really worth something...

Comment #26

Hmm... In that movie I believe a giant bra was used to catch mega-boob. So what would be used here?..

Comment #27

Heh, good job ! Now can we get off topic even more, please ?

Comment #28

Pshrynk you might need to edit that from"luckiest in the forum" to "the world"! I just hit my 40 lbs loss mark and if you saw a photo of my 40 lbs reward, you'd see why!..

Comment #29

You know, BVB, I don't mind your lifestyle, and you are such a nice guy, and have been a great addition to the boards. BUT - if you don't stop talking about your rewards, I'm going to have to come and kill you!.

When I hit 40 pounds, my dog licked my ear. What's wrong with my life?..

Comment #30

I'm gonna need photographic proof for teh Luckiest Guy in the World upgrade, BVBoy. Congrats on the 40, though. I know it was a rough ride over the plateau for you...

Comment #31

Depends on what kind of dog it was, master B...

Comment #32

BVB, you are certainly lucky. I talked about a weight loss program with my buddies a few years ago, jokingly to them, but I know it would work at a premium price..

I'm now calling it the BVB program. The original was providing a preselected woman of one's choice as the reward to reaching the goal. Willing happy, well paid women who double as your fitness consultant and motivator. In a legal domain..

With your imagination I bet you could spice up the original idea...

Comment #33

That's actually sort of how my wife's program works for me, (except the girls are friends and aren't paid or rewarded anything except the benefits of spending time with my charming personality, lol) We have lots of friends, more than I can count, and more and more new ones come to our boat parties every month. When a new super, extra hot-body girl comes to the party that my wife likes, then she becomes "off-limits" for me until I reach my next 10 lbs loss, as she becomes my next "teddy bear reward"..

Actually, it just occured to me that I'm getting ripped off!!!!.

I'm not really getting "rewarded" for losing.... I'm actually getting "restricted" until I lose! My wife tricked me into thinking I was being rewarded but really I'm being restriced! Holy cow!!! My life sucks!!!!..

Comment #34

I'm with you, ny. Some people would complain if Bill Gates died and willed them his estate in total, too...

Comment #35

I just about broke down and cried after I read that...

Comment #36

I would like to set up a charity foundation for everyone to donate to my cause for a better, hotter, more sex-filled party life. Please don't just give til it hurts.... please give til it feels good!..

Comment #37


Thanks for your diligence on the web site this weekend. It really made my day yesterday!.

I was going to suggest you get Barbie a new swimsuit for Christmas, but it looks like you took care of that in the Sep pictures. Good that she has somewhere to hang her sunglasses. 8?)..

Comment #38

I'm glad you liked all the new party pictures on my Bella Vita Boat Club website..

Now you see what keeps me so busy and what my motivation for losing weight is!.

Barbie has more bathing suits than anyone I know, remember that we have our own bikinie line called "Bella Vita Bikinis". They are the super micro tiny ones that she and all the girls wear at the parties, (if they are wearing anything at all)...

Comment #39

Pshrynk, where can I submit my photo for entrance to be a contender for the Luckiest guy in the planet? I can't post it here so I'd have to email it but I think I might have a shot!.

By the way, I know you're always anxious for them so I've uploaded the photos from my weekend that ended only 24 hours ago on the BellaVitaBoatClub website. How's THAT for fast service with a smile..

Comment #40



Be willing to nominate BVBoy as the.


Guy in the boards!.

I'll PM you my e-mail. Then we'll negotiate the payment plan for the upgrade...

Comment #41

I don't know about the greatest, but I would be willing to vote for LUCKIEST..

Comment #42

The photo proof is in and BVBoy is upgraded to second luckiest guy on the planet. First luckiest is denied, because Jennifer Aniston was not in any of the photos. Sorry, BVBoy..

And please don't make me hate you by sending your tale of a stolen moment on the slopes of Aspen, etc...

Comment #43

I second that motion... motion, rocking motion, grinding motion, the sound of the water... Argh, get out of my head, boat club image!!..

Comment #44

The closest thing I have to a story about Jennifer happened a couple summers ago when "Friends" was still the big TV show and she was still married to Brad Pitt. They had a home in South Beach and Barbie and I were down there and stopped in a place to get a frozen smoothie when Courtney Cox, who played "Monica" on "Friends" and is best friends with Jennifer happened to be in the store buying some dinner supplies. Courtney begins asking me what items are good to fondue, so I'm helping her pick out cheese and chocolate and fruit and french bread and such when her cell phone rings. She looks at the caller ID on the phone and answers it, "Hey Jen I'm still getting the stuff, Fredrick and Barbie are helping me pick it out", (she then smiles and winks at me while on the phone). Then I assume Jennifer asked "who is Fredrick & Barbie" because Courtney replied, "they are this nice couple I met in the store. I'll be there in 15 minutes, and what kind of wine does Brad want, they don't have his first choice".

I wish I could tell you that they invited me and Barbie back to their little party and we had a mini orgy, but it all ended at the grocery story..

So that is the closest I ever got to Jennifer Anniston, she and Brad Pitt both said my name while I helped Courtney pick out food for their little fondue party. I do hope this doesn't knock me out of the running for the Luckiest guy or Greatest guy or whatever the title is..

Comment #45

Yeah, but did Brad say, "I wantcha to buy a caravan for me ma. Perriwinkle blue"?.

(Please rent Snatch before asking me what I'm talking about.)..

Comment #46

No editing required!! I love reading what you guys post... It is very informative. I guess it's true men do think about their- what did you call it- Johnson- most of the time...

Comment #47

BvB, you don't cease to amaze me. That's a great story...

Comment #48

Yes, we do think about it.


The time, and we call it by several different names. I only wish mine would come when I call it!..

Comment #49

I don't not think about my johnson or with my johnson. I just let it think for me...

Comment #50

Call mine "Jeremiah" after one of my favorite movie characters (kidding)..."Skin this one, Pilgrim while I get you another!"..

Comment #51

Ah, yes, Jeremiah Johnson. Good flick. It always makes me think of Death Hunt (the Charles Bronson flick), even though they have quite different settings...

Comment #52

Jennifer Aniston. You pluck that and you get Luckiest Man Alive cred..

I'll need pictures, too, just for confirmation...

Comment #53

Ooooooooooohhhhh...... Whew.... you had me worried!.

I thought you meant Jaaaaaa!..

Comment #54

A bump for the New Year and welcome to all the n00bs who are tired of being fat!..

Comment #55

Antoher weekly bump, especially for the new guyz that are showing up...

Comment #56

OK..This is my first day here and my first post. I thought about posting in the BBM thread in anticipation of a good cleaning but no. I was about to go to the 100+ lbs thread and post my intention to eventually make it in there, but that would be too serious. Then I stumbled into herenough said!.

SoHello everyone!..

Comment #57

Welcome Pedropsk! I have no idea how to shorten that or what it means..

To quote the immortal Pythons: "Get on with it!"..

Comment #58

Thank you for keeping the list of "things we should just know" updated and alive. They are indeed things we need to know, and without them, I would not know...

Comment #59

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