How much does Nutrisystem charge for their 2010 Points books?

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Question I have... How much does Nutrisystem charge for their 2010 Points books? Hoping for any answer or 2. Second question of mine... Hello:.

I just made the Whipped Sweet Potato with Cheese for lunch..

I made it exactly as the instructions said..

The picture shows actual Whipped Potatoes..

OMG- what a disaster. It was the consistency of a soup..

I tried a few swallows but had to dump it down the drain..

Any ideas how to doctor this up? Or should I just never order it again?.


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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

I ordered them one time and that was enough for me!..

Comment #2

I had the same problem - I was sure that I filled it right to the line, but they were really soupy..

I had a 2nd one in my order and found that if I put a little less water in like Lynn said, and let them sit for about 3-4 minutes and then put them in the microwave for about 1 minute that they thickened a lot better than just sitting there. Once they thickened - I thought they tasted pretty good - it was just a lot harder to get them the right consistancy than with the regular mashed potatoes which seem to thicken right up..

Good luck!..

Comment #3

I never had a problem like this and I eat them a lot. You definately put too much water in I think. And you should make sure you boil the water and that it's really really hot...I believe that makes a difference..

Just try it again...

Comment #4

Agree ya wanna use VERY VERY HOT water.


Comment #5

This is one of my favorite lunches!! but really they need to do something about that "fill line"...i put my glasses on and still have a hard time seeing things are harder than other..but really! they could make it dark or something....

I sometimes have to add extra water...!.

Have a good day,.


Comment #6

Thanks for the suggestions..

I had boiled the water hot in my microwave but I didn't know about the unseeable magical water mark line..

I agree that it would help a lot if they could find a way to let folks know exactly where the water mark line is...

I'll give it a 2nd try in next month's order..


Comment #7

I am scared to try these again. I had one a long time ago and it tasted like powder. Are they still that way?..

Comment #8

I don't like the sweet potato but I love the mashed potato with broccoli (you do need magnifiers to find those). The taste is really good and I have never had a problem with the consistency. I always take my glassses off to look for the line, it is very faint. Please Nutrisystem do something about those lines...

Comment #9

Not to be a smart aleck, but what I do is fill it as close to the top as I can safely get it, let it sit, and consider it soup. I love potato cheese soup and it's more filling for me this way..

I actually do this to most of the paper cup meals. I'm strange that way..

Comment #10

When I started on Nutrisystem last year, the containers had black marks to show you where the fill line was. I don't know why they switched to the impossible to read version that they have now. But the best advice I ever got (from somebody here) was to ignore the line and just put in enough water to cover the food. You can always add more if you need to. And my own tip - if it's too soupy, microwave it. The excess water will boil away...

Comment #11

We're all different m'dear what tastes like powder to you may taste like soap to others and ambrosia to still others so who can say what/how they've changed from "a long time ago" they are different from when I first tried them a year ago....


Comment #12

LOL = so do I see my Potato/Leek soup from the homestyle potatoes in my file.


Comment #13

Who ever heard of putting cheese on sweet potatoes, in the first place? lol.

I ate it, but it tasted about like I thought it would..

I do love potates with cheese if they are regular potatoes..

Potatoe soup with cheese is to die for..

I still dream about the soup at O'Charlies and the rolls. sigh!..

Comment #14

My first try with these was just like this, I let them sit half an hour and they never did thicken. I discovered I had a bad one. It had opened slightly in shipping and moisture or air got in there and there were clumps in it before I cooked it. It was my first try so I didn't know they were not supposed to be that way. I tried again a couple days ago and if you put in the right water and let it set for 5-8 minutes with something on top of it, they thicken up fine. In fact I loved them.

If you email Nutrisystem and let them know, they will offer you a replacement, a credit, or an exchange. I had mine credited back to my account for my next order. I will order them again...

Comment #15

Me, too! I love sweet potatoes but to me they come with butter and brown sugar (or on a diet ICBINB and splenda). Never heard of cheese on sweet potatoes. Must be the region of the country I'm from..

Comment #16

I'm a true southerner..

We have butter, sugar and cinnamon on ours..

Gosh, I wish I lived next door to Graylady..

I bet she knows how to make a mean mock loaded potatoe soup. lol.

I just had a slice of hot ham on a slice of wheat bread with a tad of mustard on it..

Almost felt like cheating..

Isn't it wonderful to eat something great and it still be within the guidelines?.

God bless...

Comment #17

I to am a southern girl and I like to put brown sugar, butter and marsmellows on mine.

Cheese hmmm got one of these to try we will see..


Comment #18

Amen Sister, I never thought I would ever eat sweet pots w/ cheese. Tasted more like cheesy grits that had been in the blender (no grit) Sure did miss the cinnamon and butter, but once I got over the initial shock and invisioned grits it made it palitalble (sp) And O'Charlies!!!! VAVAVAVoom my favorite rolls and Southern Fried Salad with Ranch, Total yumsssssss Sorry had a moment there..

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