How much does a Nutrisystem leader make?

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My first question is How much does a Nutrisystem leader make? Thanks for any comment. Second question.. TOO LATE....if you are reading this, you have already been counted as a "view". There is NOTHING you can do to change this..

My question to you is, "why don't you post?".

I realize that I am asking the very people who almost never post to reply to a thread about posting, thus creating possibly of the first thread in history to have thousands of "views" and no posts....but I am willing to take that chance..

I am a realist...i realize that sometimes a thread is viewed and you have nothing to say or you read it and move on. I understand there will be a descrepency in the "post" to "view" numbers....but many are 10 to 1 or higher! Am I to believe that only 10% of readers have something to say on any given subject? For me...that one is hard to swallow..

So here is my dumba$$ question of the day...".

WILL you post to tell me why you don't post?".

If you won't...I understand. But please know that you just may have something to offer....take a chance...Columbus did, and that worked out pretty well..

If you won't do it here....then maybe the next time you read a a note telling the author if you enjoyed it. Some people rack there brain to come up with subjects to entertain you or cause you to use your gray matter for something more than a hatrack..

I'll be lookin'....I wanna see at least one 1st time poster...or at least someone with less than 10 posts... C'mon, take your hand off of the mouse...and put them fingers to the keyboard!.

It's easy...and it's fun..

Quit settin' on the sidelines....and get the hell into the game!.

Coach Mark..

Comments (76)

Good question... I dunno what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

Hi, sorry sometimes I lurk but I do post as well. I hope I didn't ruin your experiment...

Comment #2

I ask myself the same question every day .......

Great post COACH!..

Comment #3

Okay, I admit that I am an occasional lurker. I am trying to get better about posting. Your post made me laugh. I am curious to see how this one turns out and what the ratios of views to posts is...

Comment #4

I am both a lurker and a poster...sometimes I read out of curiosity, sometimes because I have something to add. If I have nothing to add, I read and don't post. BUT, I do post, and start threads. Hmmm.....

Comment #5

Please tell me you are kiddin'?.

I am the least skeery person I know, a real softie..

Comment #6

LMAO! Two things.....

1. It's great to see you...I have truly missed you. <hugs>.

B. I was talking in general...MOST threads have at least a 7 or 8 to 1 ratio...some well over 10 to 1...i was just curious why...

Comment #7

WHen I am done reading all the posts, sometimes I do not have TIME to reply!!!! byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Karen..

Comment #8

So far so good guys....12 posts, 13 views....a frantic pace!.

Mootzee (who apparently is scared to death of me)...low poster with 71...

Comment #9

I post in certain specific threads, and very occasionally in others on a topic that particularly interests me..

The main reason not to is that there are SO many threads here - I have to skim, and can't take the time to post..

As someone else said, it's normal to have a ration of 7-8 views to one post...

Comment #10

Hope you all have a nice day..

Just thought I'd say something since I was already a view...

Comment #11

You caught me. My name is Canuck32 and I am a lurker. lol.

Most times I check out threads because the title catches my eye. I am a regular poster on specific threads tho...

Comment #12

Well baby, with 45 you are the new "low post" leader in the clubhouse...

Comment #13

One page done...19 posts to 20 views...amazing!.

So...the obvious question....who viewed and did not post?.

If you are the one...and you post...i believe it will reflect (not sure though) as 20 for 20..

If you are reading about tryin'?..

Comment #14

I read a lot of threads and don't post (I know, that's hard to believe.

). It's hard to take that first step and put yourself out there for everyone to see, but there are so many kind, helpful folks on these boards. Believe it or not, if you've got something going on, chances are pretty good someone else out there has been through it as well. You've got nothing to lose (no pun intended) and everything to gain but jumping in and participating in the conversation..

On the other hand, if everyone who does post regularly would go out of their way to respond to new posters on a thread it would go a long way to encourage more posters. So many times people feel ignored or slighted because their post(s) get overlooked. I know that no one here would intentionally ignore someone or purposely hurt someone's feelings, but passing over a post and responding to everyone else can do just that. IMHO...

Comment #15

Um....that would be me..

The sprinkler guy showed up while I was typing my post and my laptop shut down while I was outside with him. Sorry to screw up your stats...

Comment #16

I know when I first found these discussion boards I played the games for my first 600 posts or so. At first I felt kind of funny jumping in on a conversation that was already in progress. Believe me, I seem to be getting over that issue!..

Comment #17

<grins> Ya know I am a numbers nerd (alright I am just a nerd period) so, the reason for askin' was to see if the "views to posts" would "catch up" if the viewer came back and posted...not so sure it does....but then again, maybe it does and another lurker came while you were postin'.

This is makin' my head hurt...

Comment #18

I can hear those gears grindin' from all the way over here...

Comment #19 I don't trust the counters...2 minutes ago...was 24 out of 25..

It just jumped to 24 out of 159! hmmmm? There are only 401 people total on here right now...i seriously doubt that almost 40% of them viewed this thread in the last 2 minutes, maybe we are dealing with a flawed system..

Can anyone say "hanging chad"?..

Comment #20

I prefer dimpled and pregnant chads..

Are you factoring in all the people who come back to see what everyone else said?..

Comment #21

So many times people feel ignored or slighted because their post(s) get overlooked. I know that no one here would intentionally ignore someone or purposely hurt someone's feelings, but passing over a post and responding to everyone else can do just that. IMHO..


This could be very true......

Comment #22

Wow I am out of practice..I can't even quote right..LOL..

Comment #23

I didn't really post on the boards for the first several months because I found it a bit intimidating. I saw many posters get slammed for voicing their opinions. I still tend to be more of a lurker than a poster except on certain threads...

Comment #24

Hi Rose! Haven't seen you around in a long time!..

Comment #25

I get extra credit because I am posting twice Mark!.

I don't post in threads that are political generally speaking because most people on this board are democrats..

I don't post on threads that discuss things I don't know or care about..

I don't post on threads started by mean members. (there is only one on my list)..

Comment #26

I admit to being a lurker!! It is more because of a lack of time. By the time I get onto the boards at night I'm exhausted..

Also, as one of the previous posters said it has to do with sometimes when you do post it seems unless you are someone who posts alot not many people will respond to the post. This is just my opinion...

Comment #27

Greetings everyone....I'm guilty as charged! Lurker! lol... I'll ask.. may I have a hall pass coach? :-)..

Comment #28

I'm glad you popped in and shared your thoughts and I hope to see you around more often...

Comment #29

Shorter than my kids - even the 12 yr old....5'3" LOL..

Comment #30

Its looks as though according to the ticker that the "viewers" are "unique viewers" (no matter how many visits) but posters count as a viewer AND a poster everytime they post. I think I got the formula now though, It must be handled by the same guy who does our homepage visitor ticker....stick with me on this.....

Take the number of views, divided by the number of posts, add the number of threads started by JesseOM, minus the number of comments on CurlyJesse's page, times the number of people banned in the last year, divided by the number of friends on Jenni's (djbarone) homepage, plus the number of times Brutus has been called a bigot, times the price of Gas in Kentucky, minus 1/2 half of the total threads started in a day, plus the total number of times TOM is mentioned in any given minute, plus the number of "generic nutri-lawyer MOD posts" that never really answer your question, <deep breath> SQUARED!.

Now, still with me? That number should be 1,243. (is that what you got?).

Finally, TAKE 1,243 minus the total number of people who are "skeerd" of me or think I am an a$$ I got a NEGATIVE number for a total! <scratches head> Can this be right?..

Comment #31

Or other peeps have already said what you were going to say...

Comment #32

Hell, I will usually respond...even when I am not wanted..

ONLy 26 posts...awesome..

17 posts...very cool Jennifer, welcome to the world of posters.

FIVE posts...FIVE...the new "low post" clubhouse leader!.

Sure you can have a hall pass....better yet, how about a bat and a glove and you can join the game? <grin> (love baseball analogies)..

Comment #33

You could always chime in with a "+1" or I agree...

Comment #34

I have started threads about this topic twice before. The answers given in those have also been voiced in this thread such as:.

Time limitations.

Lack of interest or opinion to add.

Intimidation factor.

I will also add these from my observations on the BB:.

-who the originator is plays a part in whether people post or whether they just lurk..

-fear of getting slammed if their opinion differs from the ones already posted..

-content of the replies. People get turned off if the thread has been hijacked or taken over, thereby the current replies have mutated so far from the original topic..

-location of thread. I don't post in the men's room, but often I will send a pm of congratulations or support. Sometimes there are great topics in there which I see from clicking on "new posts" but I just hold my tongue, er my fingers, haha..

All best, ~M..

Comment #35

I do post LOL. I'm a bit evil and wondered if I should view about 50 times before posting? HAHA Nah, not really. I sometimes read a thread and don't post because it maybe is not about what I thought it was about when I first clicked on it, or maybe I have nothing to say that hasn't already been said. Though I could '+1' something I guess..

Comment #36

In defense of newbies, a lot of times they do post in the newbie section but threads there don't get answered a lot...

Comment #37

You're screen name always makes me think of the song "Down in Mississippi and Up to No Good". I'll be humming that all day...

Comment #38

It's easy to get lost in the shuffle over there. If I see a new thread posted with no replies I try to at least stop in and wish them luck even if I have nothing else to contribute to their thread...

Comment #39

I would say that I would go there....but I might be a 'lil much for a newbie, no? <grin>.

Good to see ya Carol....its been a bit...

Comment #40

And you are the social pain in the arse..................................*runs*..

Comment #41

This one's for you, coach..

I lurk AND post. Depends on the subject & how much time I have...

Comment #42

I used to post quite a bit. I was rarely responded towhether I asked a question, made a comment, or gave encouragement. It gets discouraging when you ask questions that never get answered. Or to get slammed for an honest reply. Or when you share something and no one responds. I stopped posting a few months back because I seriously couldn't stand all the bickering, name calling, and general "meaness" that was going on.

I still enjoy the boards and come daily for ideas, but just don't post...

Comment #43

First time posterjust joined yesterday? day before? Not sure. Wanted to read through a few threads first to get my bearings. Saw this one right off this morning and decided to join your experiment...

Comment #44

<belly laughs> I know...I me...I KNOW..

It boils down to knowing who/what you are, it's like this:.

Did you ever set in traffic backed up on the highway....accident up ahead.... ya FINALLY get to the scene....ya know it's bad and you shouldn't look...BUT YOU CAN"T HELP but look, the next thing you know you're stopped and get a pit in your stomach, your face scrunches up....and soemone finally blows the horn and you speed off??.

Thats ME...I'M the accident..

We are what we are...

Comment #45

You just made it worth it for me...a first time poster with a pleasant experience..

Welcome and good luck to you as you race to your goal...

Comment #46

Nope, I'm so pissed by rubber-neckers that I refuse to look or otherwise I can't remind pissed by everyone else.... plus, I'm now really late because of all you rubber-neckers, so I can't slow down to look..

Comment #47

Congrats on your loss so far. You're doing fabulous!..

Comment #48

Once bitten, twice shy? Glad you decided to share your experience here...

Comment #49

Thank you Camille for responding. I wish you great success as you near your goal, these boards can be a big help..

Sometimes I am sure I come off as mean...but really am just very sarcastic...usually with people I know though. But as I stated above, I am sure I rub a few the wrong way now and again...

Comment #50

More than once bitten, for sure. And I'm NICE! I don't think I ever said anything unkind..

Seriously, I just didn't like leaving the boards feeling bad each time I logged on/off, so I stopped posting. It feels bad to be ignored. I'm not a baby or anything, just don't particularly enjoy feeling like that..

Coach, you don't scare me, I get your humor. I really don't think you've ever replied to me anyway, so it wasn't's the usual suspects.........

Comment #51

I am new and have only posted a very few times. Havent had a whole lot of response, in fact sometimes none...

Comment #52

I don't post very often. I have asked a few questions and gotten snotty remarks and it has made me a little bitter about posting on the boards. I feel like I did in high school when I wasn't a part of the cool group and they all just make fun of you. When I have posted, I haven't gotten very many responses so I have felt what's the use! I can read it all day long and enjoy what I read and then just move on. There has only been one thread that I have had a positive experience with!.


Comment #53

Welcome GL! Ya got a name? it's hard callin' someone GL. <grin>.

I'll tell ya this....if all ya want is a response...Come to Coaches Corner....I always answer..

Matter of fact...ya won't get me to shut up..

Only 13 posts...took guts to come and post..

Try playin' the games...word play, this or that, word fun, scrabble...those may make you more comfortable in the beginning...

Comment #54

Well ya gotta start somewhere. I found one yesterday I liked, but it seems to have died. Still having a hard time finding my way back to ones that interest me. too.


Comment #55

Your ahead of me...sometimes I don't get my humor..

I'll talk to anyone who will stand still for three I said above..come to my other thread...i check it daily, I will always answer ya...

Comment #56

I made a few posts that were ignored in the beginning also, so I know exactly how you feel. It was very difficult to find a group with the right fit for me, but I'm stubborn as all get out and just kept posting until I found a home..

It's really a shame that anyone is ever made to feel left out or unappreciated here since we all have valuable experiences to share. I do hope you'll stick around and maybe even start posting regularly again...

Comment #57

When you are reading a thread, you can add a subscription (under the thread tools tab) and then view all your subscribed threads under User Preferences. If you're looking for a post you made and can't find your way back to it, just click on your screen name on the left and select View more posts by.....

Hope that helps...

Comment #58

LeAnn <extends hand> good to meet ya!.

Do you know how to click user preferences and it lists all the threads you ever posted in?.

Then click the lil blue will pick you up where you last left off...

Comment #59

Good point!.

I never really posted in groups since I've been here..

I do think it'd be nice if older members took the time to post in the newbie section sometimes (Thank goodness for Pam and others) to welcome people..

As far as drama, most of it occurs in the OT section. Most sections are pretty drama free. But it is a bulletin board. And I've never been to one that didn't have a little snarkiness from time to time. That's the nature of all bb's...

Comment #60

Agreed, I get that a little snarkiness will happen, but for while there, it was pretty much.


No matter what the topic, it seemed. As I said, it has quieted down quite a bit. I was more bothered by the being ignored over and over again. It seems I am not the only one this happened to..

It is really great that people like Pam take the time to answer questions and give support. She is one in a milliion, that's for sure!..

Comment #61

With so much going on here it is hard to make the time, but just think how you can make someone's day just by saying hello and welcome. Pam, Robin, Donna, and you always make time to help others and I hope you realize how much the time you spend here is appreciated by others..

There will always be some sort of drama lurking around the corner, but I try to steer clear and just keep on keepin' on..

Starting a conversation or joining a conversation in progress is difficult for most people. We all need to remember we already have something in common...we're here to lose weight (or maintain our loss). Having a little fun while we work toward our goals is just an added bonus...

Comment #62

I havent seen too many unfriendly posts, I just have a hard time jumping in when everyone seems to know each other so well. But I am like that in the "real" world too..


Comment #63

I was reading the post and didn't want to mess with the coaches stats so thought I'd better add something..

To the poster above, I'm sorry this happened. I try, whenever I have time, to scan the threads looking for the ones that were not answered or only have 1 or 2 replys and see if I can help the OP in some way. Those are the ones I respond to most and many times they are in the Newbies section...

Comment #64

I was intimidated by the groups also and lurked for almost a month before I got up the courage to jump in...

Comment #65

May be that I just need to post more and get used to it. I am usually just a "luker" but I really enjoy reading the posts. I have found some good tips and the support appears to be great when every gets to know each other..

But thanks for the response..


Comment #66

Look at you so close to goal! Way to go! And thank you for taking the time to help the newcomers feel welcome...

Comment #67

I am on the shy side. I teach a paint class and there I am not a bit shy. I suppose because I really love it. I can go in there with the worst headache and feel like hell, but within a few minutes I am feeling great. Stress buster I guess..


Comment #68

In real life I have always been very outgoing (can you tell?).

NS was my first experience with a bulliten board...ever..

I was very intimidated.. a.

Lil kid..

I was lucky...people like lauriesmith, makanna, momofmnm, Rose, Carol and my buddy Vick took me under their wings...I learned quick then. <grin>.

I bet they are sorry now...and I just started here in Feb...

Comment #69

Some of us just pick and choose what posts to answer.....i answer the ones that catch my eye.... alot of times I don't answer some because I just simply don't have the time because i'm at work for a bulk of my kids come home and have to use the computer...those are my reasons...doesn't necessarily mean I don't care for the person.....

Comment #70

Have you thought about starting your own thread asking if there are any other artists out there? I bet you'd find more than one...

Comment #71

Been there done that. Its hard to keep trying to post and you get ignored...

Comment #72

I thought you took me under.



I never would have guessed you were intimidated. Your posts made me laugh and I stalked you for a few days before jumping into one of the threads...

Comment #73

I'm not saying everyone should respond to every post they read, but imagine the impact if we all tookthe time to respond to just one newbie out there..

BTW - Your posts show that you do care. You take the time when you're able and you're always kind...

Comment #74

Thank you vicky! that is one of the sweetest things ever said to me..

Comment #75

For me, when I first join a site, I like to read just to get a feel of what people are like. It doesnt' take me long, though, to start posting away..

Comment #76

Exactly! I really hate it that anyone might feel ignored or left out here...

Comment #77

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