How much chocolate in Nutrisystem dessert bar?

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My dog just got into my bag for work.... and ate an entire chocolate fudge bar that is the dessert bar. Does anyone know how much chocolate (in ounces) is in the bar?.

I just spoke to a representative - she said they don't have that information. I reminded her they make the food - however she insisted she doesn't have it..

Thank you if anyone can help..

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Your question was: How much chocolate in Nutrisystem dessert bar?.

Notice I didn't mention a name - but I don't think it is asking much from Nutrisystem for their representatives to have information on the content on their food..

I called an animal poison number, after calling my local animal hospital - but is frustrating ... I have a small dog as you see, so a little bit of chocolate can be toxic and lead to death...

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Please take her to the Vet ASAP! Let us know how you make out....

<saying prayer for puppy>.


Comment #2

Hope the pup is okay. Sorry to hear how frustrating that situation was. I can relate when it comes to my dogs as well. I am very protective of them and if they ate that chocolate bar, I would definitely take them to the vet just to be sure...

Comment #3

I am honestly shocked that I have spoken to so many people at Nutrisystem and not one of them can tell me how much chocolate is in one of those bars. I have spent hundreds of dollars in the past 12 hours to speak to people in toxicology departments and to have Vets look at my dog.... the first question EVERYONE asked is "how much chocolate did she eat.".

I think that Nutrisystem should be embarassed that they can't give out information of how much of any ingredient is included in the items. I am right now again trying to find out... and was told that "by law we do not need to tell how much of any ingredient is in our food"..

I am completely stunned at Nutrisystem's ability and interest in helping out a customer...

Comment #4

Wow... one of the "customer service" representatives just told me that "they are not obligated to tell customers how much of any ingredient is in their food".

By the way - for those who were concerned, I have already taken her to the vet, contacted ASPCA toxicology, as well as the emergency vet. I have spent hundreds of dollars.

The first question they asked is HOW MUCH chocolate did she eat?..

Comment #5

Just thought I would keep those concerned updated again... I am STILL waiting to find out the amount of chocolate in a meal bar. The last "floor supervisor" I spoke to responded: I shouldn't have been so irresponsible as to leave chocolate on the floor for my dog to eat..

This was after telling her that it was a bar on the bottom of my purse that was on a table my dog never goes on (well obviously she did early this morning).

I also just spoke to a "manager' who said it is not their obligation to tell us who the vendors are who make the food...

Also - I asked for John Calabrese's email address so I could contact him regarding this incident, and she refused to give this information to me.

I would love to be able to contact senior management to address the rudeness I had to deal with in this situation - and for them to pull these phone calls and hear how customers are treated in an emergency situation...

Comment #6

It is now officially 12 hours after my first phone call. FINALLY one person from nutrisystem has emailed information to me. Not shocking however - they sent the chocolate content of the WRONG bar. I think I have told them the name of the exact dessert bar at least 10 times today..

So in my day of seeking this information, I requested contact information so I can contact the vendor directly. They declined giving me the vendor information of who makes the bars, so I could contact them myself. I have contacted a nutrisystem nutritionist, customer service, support, floor supervisors, and managers..

I really don't understand the secrecy and unwilling attitude to give out this simple information..

Luckily my dog is ok - she is sleeping after a few rounds of sickness...

Comment #7

I guess after 12 hours if dog is feeling OK then the crisis is over. My son's very large labrador ate a whole chocolate cake that was cooling on the counter. He was fine - vet said his size probably helped there. Hope all is calm now - but do understand that in emergencies we seek answers and find it difficult to understand when we cant get them...

Comment #8

She is just sleeping now - so I continue to check on her regularly. I still remained stunned that Nutrisystem treated me so poorly today..

Various types of chocolate have different toxic effects on dog - whether they are dark, milk, white, bakers, etc. I am so glad your son's dog was ok, my girl is just a little thing as you can tell by her pictures, I am so thankful that she seems ok..

I wanted to post my expedrience today because I truly believe that this treatment today by Nutrisystem employees should be addressed...

Comment #9

My chihuahua ate all the Hershey kisses off a gingerbread house on Christmas Eve (who knew he could get on the dining table???). One call to the vet and 2 T of hydrogen peroxide later, problem solved. I have read a good bit about food toxicity and dogs, and I think just as a matter of common sense one can figure out whether a dog has eaten enough to be concerned, but in any case hydrogen peroxide will bring it right back up...

Comment #10

I'm really sorry you had to go through all of that and I hope that your dog is doing well. I can understand your concern- we have three dogs here and God knows they get into things left and right..

Re: the apparent inability of Nutrisystem to provide ingredient amounts: I'm not surprised they were unable / unwilling. The weight loss industry is competitive and while I wouldn't call it a "trade secret", their recipe is exactly that - theirs. Call it far-fetched, but for all they know, people could be calling up from a competitor to try to grab the exact recipe.

At any rate, I do understand your frustration and again, I hope all is well...

Comment #11

I have a 10 year old Shih Tsu about the same size as your doggie, and a 95 pound German Shepherd. The Shih Tsu is a glutton! He ate more than his weight in chocolate over Halloween when he somehow got a candy bag off the dining room table (I still wonder if my cat, who hates both dogs, helped him LOL!)..

He ate the candy, wrappers and all!! Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, peanut butter cups, chocolate name it, that little dog ate it..

Anyway, not so much as a tummy ache, he was fine and is to this day..

I do believe chocolate CAN be toxic to dogs, but this is obviously not always the case...

Comment #12

You can easily find guides on line as to exactly how much of what type of chocolate is toxic to a dog. The vet told me that the substantial number of kisses my chi ate were unlikely to cause him problems but only had us give him the peroxide as a precaution...

Comment #13

Does the peroxide neutralize the chocolate or induce vomitting in the dog? This is good to know, in the event my little canine garbage disposal does this again!..

Comment #14

The unwillingness of Nutrisystem to help you is distressing. They should have ingredient info at their fingertips. For instance, what if a toddler allergic to peanuts consumed a peanut butter bar? The treating physician is going to want to know the ingredients. I guess the lesson here is if the dog ate a 3oz. bar that has "some" chocolate in it, treat him as if he has consumed 3 oz. of pure chocolate.

I'm glad your pup is doing better. It must have been frightening for you...

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