How many weigh every day while on Nutrisystem?

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I know they say to weigh once a week. But I found that weighing every day works best for me and rewards me more often..

By weighing every morning I have learned that on the Nutrisystem diet my weight fluctuates on average by 2 lbs. Then about every 4 days my weight will drop to a new low. I find this very rewarding and It helps me stay on track and focused...

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Your question was: How many weigh every day while on Nutrisystem?.

I weigh every 2 days....I like weighing every day, but I need to see results and I usually don't in one day. If I wait for 2 days,then I see a drop and that's encouraging...

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I started out weighing every day. However, the daily fluctuations were bothering me, even though I understand why they happen. Now I weight every 2-3 days (no set schedule), with my "official" weigh in on Friday mornings...

Comment #2

I do. If it goes up I just wait for another day and hope it goes down...

Comment #3

I only weigh once a week.

The daily fluctuations would drive me nuts, if I weighed everyday!..

Comment #4

I weigh every day. It helps me get out of bed early - I'm excited to see how I've done. It is a motivator for me.

If a fluctuation will discourage you, don't do it, but for me it encourages me to do great with my eating for the day!!..

Comment #5

This is from an article in Women's Health.

"Researchers at the Univ of Minnesota analyzed more than 1,800 people who successfully shed pounds in weight loss programs, they found that about 40 percent weighed themselves daily or weekly. And the more frequently they stepped on the scale the more they lost..

12 lbs on average for daily weighers, compared to 6 pounds for weekly weighers. Scale shunners, meanwhile gained about 5 pounds.".

It went on to say be realistic blah blah-.


To improve your odds of slimming down, break your goal weight into several smaller targets. First aim for 5 pounds then add another 5..

A study at he College of Public Health at the Univ of Iowa found that more frequent and specific your weight loss objectives, the better chance of sticking with them. Achieving one goal will motivate you to hang on for the next onesomething we all experienced and the research has shown to be true.

Just thought I'd share.

I think if it frustrates you and you freak out with every gain and loss, just do it once a week. I got weighed often but I just recorded it once a week...

Comment #6

Everyday! I try to only weigh in in the morning but if I forget sometimes I weight myseld after work when I change clothes...

Comment #7

I, too weigh myself every day. It drives my DH crazy! It helps keep me on track and motivates. Also, I know when I've strayed off my plan and the scale always reflects it! I know the next day to be better and it will also show...

Comment #8

Daily weighing is highly correlated with program success (serious...scientific studies have been done on it's what I see here)...

Comment #9

I too weigh daily as it keeps me on track...

Comment #10

I am usually a weekly weigher but I decided to see what the scale shows on a daily basis and now I find it fun to do so - go figure! I weigh in the morning and if I feel light when I get home from work, I weigh myself again. If my weight is the same as it was in the morning, I know I have actually lost weight as I should be up 1-1.5 pounds because I ate and drank. However, I only have one official weigh-in day and that is once a week..

I just find it cool to see the fluctuations lol..

Comment #11

I find that weighing every day helps me to stay on track. I know that during those times in my life where I was gaining a lot of weight, my scale never saw the light of day..

I sometimes find myself discouraged when I weigh in each day, but it has taught me how much my body water fluctuates over the course of a month. I can stay the same weight (+/- 2 pounds) for a week or two, then suddenly I'll drop 4 pounds over night and have that weight remain as my new low set point for the next two weeks..

Also, it has taught me how much my body reacts to salt. I was dieting several years ago, went to a Mexican restaurant for one meal, and gained 5 pounds over the weekend. Yikes!..

Comment #12

I didn't even own a scale until I started NS. I weigh daily I usually drop a least a little every day..

My BIGGEST mistake was not owning a scale this past year and a half (I rapidly gained 30 lbs because of steriods I had to be on because of asthma) I knew I was ballooning, but got the shock of my life when I stood on the scale. I was waaaaay heavier than I'd thought..

My Doctor or his nurse never once mentioned my weight gain I'll tell you what. If I had owned a scale and saw what I truly weighed, I would have done something to seriously lose weight 20 lbs ago..

Oh well, it is what is it is and I'm losing, but I suggest every one own a scale and they get on it from time to time..

When I looked in the mirror I knew I was getting larger, I had to go buy all new clothes..... but I still had no idea HOW MUCH I really weighed!..

Comment #13

I am a daily weigher (sometimes twice a day). I need the motivation. The trick is not to get discouraged when it doesn't move or goes up temporarily. I take the lowest weight that week and shoot for lower the next week...

Comment #14

I am going to be a dissenter here. You don't need to weigh in every day while on Nutrisystem and for many it can lead to disappointment and falling off the plan because they get frustrated with the daily changes. If you stay on plan, you will lose and you don't need to see that every day...

Comment #15

I'm daily as well. I don't really use it for motivation but more awareness. I want to be aware of if I'm seeing outlier fluxuations and get back on track to fix it.

I do an official weigh in once a day, but like previous posters said, I weight for my own personal benefit every day and keep myself in check if I'm +/- 2 lbs..

It's kinda the same with checking the bank account...I check very often, because if I don't, I know that I'm going to overspend...

Comment #16

Guilty of weighing daily. There is evidence to support that those who weigh daily are more apt to keep weight off than those who don't. It's accountability for me...

Comment #17

I weigh every morning, but only record it one day a week as my "official" weigh in. This is really frustrating if I was lighter on Wed than on Sun when I log it, but it also lets me know what I may or may not have done in those few days to effect the scale...

Comment #18

Daily weigher here too. I record my weight on Friday, but weigh myself every morning and every evening...

Comment #19

I'm new as of March 1st...down 8 lbs. I know it's WAY too soon to feel frustrated, but I am...I weigh daily and get discouraged when I think I've had a really great day food wise and even yesterday, got out and walked 3 miles (casual pace at lunch time) and yet I was actually up a little this morning. Not TOM, drank all of my water and then some plus exercised.

'Funny' thing is, I weighed at 3 a.m. and was down almost a pound...when I officially woke up at 6 a.m. I was UP 1.5. I know I shouldn't weigh myself so often (find myself doing it several times a day sometimes, especially on weekends)...I feel almost obsessed, but when I DON'T watch the scale, I creep up!.

Side note, fiance owns a pizza & pasta shop, and this is VERY hard to stick to, but I'm trying hard! I did have one very bad cheating day (on food, not the fiance, haha!).

I know I should stay away from the scale and I guess I'm just 'venting' because this morning I'm feeling a little frustrated...

Comment #20

I'm going to dissent the dissent. I don't think people drop off the program because of "discouragement", but because they never get hard corps to start with. Daily weighing is an excellent, simple kick in the ass for the self-facilitating cheaters...

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