How many points should I use a day on Nutrisystem?

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My 1st question is: How many points should I use a day on Nutrisystem? Hoping for any answer or 2. Another quick question... * and more so than usual..

The vacation started off innocent enough..

An extra grapefruit here....

An extra piece of bread there....

By Christmas day I was eating everything in sight..

The divinity and rum balls seemed to be my favorite..

Bad news = I've gained about 5 pounds..

(Guess I ought to adjust the chart, huh?).

I feel sick from eating so much junk..

Good news = I've officially eaten everything in sight..

I'm back on plan as of this morning..

Just about out of everything Nutrisystem though..

My next BBB don't ship till Jan 7th..

Hope I can approximate till then..

PHASE 2 has begun..

By summer I'm gonna be skinny...

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

Comment #1

I hear you Rob. I went off for Christmas eve and Christmas day and got overly festive. Havent had a chance to weigh the damage but I know it'll come off just like it did before. Back on track 100%..

Instead of eating everything in sight I trashed the left overs (screw those starving kids in China) and you'd be amazed how many women will volunteer to take home uneaten chocolate...

Comment #2

Great to see you again Rob. I've gone nuts as well. Still plenty to eat though...

Comment #3

I do Nutrisystem on my own. Here is what I eat. It should help you untill you get your next BBB. It's the old school NS, so you might have to change it a little..


Cereal- 120 calories worth of Wheaties bran flake type cereal.

Fat Free Milk- 3/4 cup for the cereal.

Banana sliced into my cereal.


1 can of Nutrisystem pasta that I buy at Big Lots.

If you cant find the Nutrisystem lunch, then find a granola bar that is 180 calories..

Turkey sandwich using:.

2 slices of wheat bread.

2 slices of 1 oz turkeyI buy the 10oz pack that has 10 slices..

1 slice of low fat Swiss cheese, I use Alpine Lace, but it is expensive..

Of a tomato sliced, or a whole Roma tomato which is small and cheap..


Add any other veggie you like to it. Lettuce etc..


1 apple.

1 low fat string cheese. Make sure it's the kind that is apx 2-3g of fat..


1 box of Nutrisystem dinner that I buy at Big Lots.

If you cant find that, use Lean Cuisine that is no more than 230 calories.

Stir-fry veggies. Any kind you can stomach. I use mushrooms. Saut them with 1tsp olive oil while your Nutrisystem dinner is in the microwave and then pour the Nutrisystem over the cooked veggies..

1 slice of wheat toast with 5 sprays of I Cant Believe it's not butter spray..

Salad- as much as you want. Use no more than 2 tbs of fat free salad dressing.


1 cookie no more than 140 calories. I use Pepperidge Farms.


Drink 8 glasses of water a day. 2 per meal works fine...

Comment #4

So - I've been feeling fairly putrid in the gut since my eating binge happy time...

Comment #5

I'm with 'ya Rob! The good news is that these "events" don't define us. You WILL be the skinny guy in 2011!! I'm thankfurl for New Beginnings. I've had a lot of 'em..


Comment #6

Hey Gordon, what do you think is the key to getting back on track? Since you've have many "new beginnings" I know it would do me some good to hear from somebody who's familiar with what the key might be. I've also been falling off the wagon a bit and have put some pounds back on and it's pissing me off that I've let that happen..


Comment #7

This sounds EXACTLY like my past 2 weeks. Extended family in from out of town + THEY'RE ALL FAT AND DON'T CARE + my spouse and her sisters prepared EVERY POSSIBLE YUMMY-BUT-FATTENING FOOD THAT COULD POSSIBLY HAVE BEEN PREPARED + I *do* care but still have food issues, obviously = I'm +6 lbs and I've fallen into several old habits again that I need to solve NOW. F***!!!.

I went out for my first long walk in over 2 weeks the other night and ended up turning back and only walking half the distance because I felt so sluggish...but at least it was a start. Went out the next evening and did my full 5.5 mile loop around the there is hope..

As always, the next few weeks here on the Forums should be interesting with all the New Year's Resolvers showing up; it will be up to us to show them the ropes and see who sticks to it, while also continuing to try to stick to it ourselves...

Comment #8

No try. DO!.

- Mister Miaggi "The Karate Kid"..

Comment #9

True dat..

Looking forward to my new BBB so I can get back on track...

Comment #10

Gonna be a lot of newbies wandering in here in January. Post a lot and mess with their tender little minds...

Comment #11


1. Get pissed..

2. Set a date to go 100% back On Plan, with specific goal in mind..

3. Fail.

4. Repeat.

Seriously. The.


Is to be determined to NOT return to the old FAT guy. Do to not let past failures have any influence on future behavior. Keep trying, starting over as often as needed without getting discouraged. Sometimes it takes me 3 or 4 "attempts" before it clicks in and I can go successfully back On Plan for more than a day or 2. Once it clicks, it's like a switch flipping and I can stay On Plan for as long as I want to. Before that switch flip, it can be tough..

My defined time is Tuesday 1/4, and my goal is to lose those 25 lbs.

That I've put on over the past few months..

This is just how it works for me. Everyone deals differently..


Comment #12

I did this too. And I was starving for whatever reason during my cold. They always say feed a cold right? Well I sho as hell did that..

But back on.....

One request> Poly, whatever that picture is...can you take it down? It's kinda creepy and yet still makes me want food. :9..

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