How many points on Nutrisystem can you eat when preggers?

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Question I have... How many points on Nutrisystem can you eat when preggers? Thanks for any answer or 2. Another question... I have been on the vegetarian program for 2 monts and have lost 19 lbs. I am njust not sure I can make it another month. They have so few choices for vegetarians and way to many pasta dishes with tomato sause.

Any ideas for making the food taste better? I add spices, that is just not enough any more...

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

Hi fellow vegetarians. I'm just finishing my third day on Nutrisystem and am already noticing the over-abundance of pasta and tomato sauce. I'm planning to take the stats (cal, prot, carb, fat) from the Nutrisystem food and finding some frozen vegetarian entrees that are similar..

Mandy - I tried the Thai Noodles tonight and hated them! I can deal with most frozen or packaged type entrees, but this was truly bad (in my humble opinion). I threw it out..

Good Luck! Jen..

Comment #2

Hi, I am Vegetarian too. I am on my second order. I only have the pizza for dinner everynight. I just switch it up everytime. I think I was so happy with the weight I lost, that not liking the other entrees doesnt bother me. I think that I would like to do dinner on my own , but not until I reach my goal. I love all the other food though...

Comment #3

I am just finishing my first order of the vegetarian plan. I like the tomato sauces the best and HATE the Pasta Primavera with tofu and the Thai noodles. YUCK!!!!!!!.

I like the chili over a veggie burger (save my protein from afternoon snack) or the veggie fajitas are pretty good and definitely filling..

I also wish that there were more choices for dinners...maybe if we keep wishing!.

Veggies unite!..

Comment #4

I agree, I like the Thai noodles wit peanut sauce and the pasta primavera. You do need to like tofu in order to enjoy them though...

Comment #5

I find that the dinners are best heated up in the oven. I too add seasoning...

Comment #6

Looks like we're all in the same boat. I am just finishing my second order & waiting for my 3rd. Had to give away the fake meat meals. Don't like meat; ergo, don't like fake meat. Hated the veggie fajitosnot only could I not eat them, I had to leave kitchen & light a candle to get rid of the smell. Looked like hamburger floating around in there...smelled worse.

I put 1/2 of t&c chowder inside a tortilla, sprinkle with cheese & 1/2 outside as a sauce; heat thru. Good variety. As for the tomato pastas, I add a few slices of eggplant & FF cottage cheese with a sprinkle of parmesan. The thai noodles are good served on top of stir fried (in Pam) veggies or fried cabbage (I use bagged cole slaw for convenience). I don't really care for the cheese sauce dehydrated lunches (& mac & Ch).



Comment #7

Hi, I'm a vegetarian too. I have been a vegetarian since 1976. I am on my second Nutrisystem package. I have found the foods fairly good. I am not saying they couldn't use a little help, but I am really wanting to lose the weight. I started June 15th and I have lost 24 pounds so far..

I have my salads, my veggies, and the Nutrisystem meal. I have.

'tweaked' them a bit with some flavorings, my parmesan cheese, or adding extra vegetables to bulk them up. There are some of the meals I won't order again. I save a protein and often add my ff feta cheese to a big salad. I have been wanting to get.

Some low calorie, high fiber Shirataki Noodles to add to some of the foods. They look like a great boost for some of the dishes..

My problem has been not eating more vegetables than they offer. Yummy fresh vegetable time here......but I will keep to the plan..

I wish all of you luck with the program...

Comment #8

Just placed my order. Very excited! Do you all find that with the vegetarian plan, you get enough protein? I had gastric bypass surgery and though I have lost 140lbs so far, I'm using Nutrisystem to get me through the last stretch...about 60 more to go. I recently made the decision to go vegetarian for ethical reasons. My concern however is protein is very important to post gastric bypass patients. Has anyone else had this concern? Do you feel the protein on the Nutrisystem plan is adequate? Any sugggestions or tips...even modifications? I do plan to continue with a protein supplement...even though the taste has really gotten to me day after day for a year. I'm kinda sick of it to be honest.

He supports my decision but warned me of protein deficiencies for post op folks like me. Any others out there like me? Any suggestions? Am I doing the right thing?.



Comment #9

Hi I'm vegetarian as well, and have done Nutrisystem for 6weeks. I guess routine works better for me than variety. I have about 5 different dinner entrees that I "don't mind" and I just eat them. I don't look forward to any of my meals for the food. It is a chance to sit down with my family and connect. But then to me, that is a good change.

I am trying to be the "eat to live don't live to eat" poster child. food is just nourishment and it doesn't always have to be the tastiest, prettiest meal ever. Much easier not to overeat too, when it isn't super tasty. I am enjoying focusing on all the fresh berries, green beans, nectarines, etc. that are available.

I sit down to that pasta primavera and there is no problem not wanting more! Maybe instead of worrying about the taste of the meals, just eat it, drink water, and move on -go for a walk, read a book, etc..

Martha age 46.


Comment #10

Hi there..

I'd have to agree with a lot of you about getting tired of pasta and tomato sauce! I'm only on my 3rd week and I can't face another pizza! I thought the Thai noodles were way too slimey but the tofu was cooked well for a packaged meal. I added extra cilantro to them but I won't order it again. I completely agree with the vege fajita smell problem. I lit candles and boiled a lemon in my microwave to try to rid it of the smell. It was horrible..

With the pizza, I load lots of sauteed mushrooms and onions under the cheese and that makes it much more filling rather than eating my mushies on the side. Some of the meat dishes sound good...too bad they don't substitute tofu in a few of them intead of the chicken or meat. Also, too much soy protienit resembles meat texture too much!.

OK, enough of my ranting. Overall I'm happy with my meals and am seeing great results...

Comment #11

Great idea! Substituting tofu for meat in some of the meat selections should be a no-brainer. Vegetarians know the difference between tofu and meat. (By the way, the best way to avoid symptoms of menopause is to eat tofu & soy). Nutrisystem dieticians should be working on something other than italian and that thai entree. More tofu, less fake meat. What do they think vegetarians eat in normal life? Oh, yes, I usually equate tofu to an eraser, but Nutrisystem seems to have the cooking method down pat. Just wish they would expand it a little...

Comment #12

I'm a veggie too! I didn't know there were so many of us - LOL!.

I'm waiting for my 2nd delivery..

And I agree the faijitas - well I get sick even thinking about it!.

I also agree, there's not much selection on dinner or Breakfast either. I'm going to check out graylady's site for more info on how to prepare my own stuff. You loose the convenience of course. But for me, the cost doesn't outweight the bene's (again, that's just me)...

Comment #13

Does anyone sub tempeh for meat? or eat it as their protein serving? if so, what brand and type are you eating? just wondering. my aunt makes her own tempeh (what can I say we're crafty little asians) so I know it's pure and good stuff. but not everyone's as lucky... ^_^..

Comment #14

So, don't you think we veggies should be sharing recipes & ideas? Maybe Nutrisystem will expand our selections if we are a force. (At least Nutrisystem offers a decent veggie program). Breakfast: I added a few dried cranberries to my pancakes this a.m. OK, but not as good as a few dried blueberries. Lunch: Looked at the little bit of lettuce & popped it in my mouth as is. Filled plate with bell pepper strips, grape tomatoes, baby carrots.

Pretty good. The lunch salad was getting to me. Dinner: Getting down to the last few selections. Sometimes I eat a Lean Cuisine or Healthy Choice for variety, although it isn't too much different. I think I will experiment with the Cheese Tortillini (which I eat @ night).

Dessert: Lately, I've been skipping if I'm not in the mood, or I will substitute a piece of fruit. I also keep a box of those 100 cal. snack packs on handhad it for a long time & still have a lot left, but I use 1 of those for dessert once in awhile. While shopping last time, I found 100% organic 100 cal. snack packs for kids.

Box still unopened, but there if I want a dessert substitute. Will probably check out GrayLady's site tomorrow...

Comment #15

Another veggie here - I also did not care for the vegetable fahita, but I will not re-order this either. I can not complain much about the selection, I have been on the progam one week, and have not eaten the same thing twice. I really enjoy most of the items - but also did not care for pasta parmesean, mushroom ristoto, and fettuchini dish - but overall I am very happy with the food. I lost 6 lbs my first week - and am looking forward to loosing the other 50 - should we form a veggie group?..

Comment #16

I think being a 'veggie group' would be a great idea. I have a long way to go.....and I could use all the ideas, support, and giggles a long the way! We could offer support to each other and also share our vegetarian tales. I live in the middle of cow country.....I can't tell you how many times I have heard.....

You don't eat meat!! It is like I have committed a crime......

I am still asked....."Don't you miss eating meat?".......I think if I missed it...I probably would eat it..

Hugs, Kim..

Comment #17

"Hey Liz, you cant really be a vegetarian if you need to go on a diet. Vegetarians are gaunt and colorless!!".

Uh huh...that is one of the many assumptions I get as a vegetarian. But, as all you fellow NutriVeggies know, the selections of wonderful, nutricious and fattening foods are endless as a veggie!!.

My name is Liz and I just got my first Nutrisystem box yesterday! I got it in two days!! Wow...and I was planning to hone some of my over eating skills this weekend too..

I'm very excited about starting and hope that we can develop a great vegetarian support group here!!.

I do have a few questions for some of the veggies that have been on it for a while..

1.)Are you using soy/almond milk as a protein replacement?.

2.)Are you finding that the high sodium content is actually causing water retention? I know that we are to drink lots of water but MAN...this is alot of sodium in this plan..

3.)What are you using as dairy portions?.

Thanks so much and I hope to get to know everyone better in the coming days!!..

Comment #18

Does anyone know how to get Nutrisystem to make us a group of our own? You really made me laugh with those comments. I, too, grew up in cow country where it was mandatory to have meat (& potatoes) at every meal. I heard all the comments, but gave up trying to explain why being a veggie is not a ticket to being skinny. When I was young, my parents would go on vacations & stop at the fast food restaurants before they had any meatless selections. I would always ask if they could fix me a grilled cheese. Always NO! It didn't take me too long, after observing that they accomodated other personal preferences for the meat-eaters, to order a cheeseburger, hold the hamburger.

After 55 years of being a veggie in a meat-loving family & world, I have learned almost every trick to avoiding the meat. (At 1st, I just didn't like the taste; now, there are the ethical reasons, too.) I, too, use soy milk, primarily because it has a shelf life & I live where that is a #1 consideration. Also, Nutrisystem doesn't deliver to my area yet & I have to have the boxes sent to a friend & then I pay her to forward them to me. Expensive, but then food in the groceries & restaurants is also very expensive, so the cost is still not out of line. Nutrisystem promised me that they were working on shipping to my area by the 1st of next year.

Anyway, boxes take 2-5 weeks to arrive after ordering...

Comment #19

Hello, Welcome to NutriSystem..

1.) Yes, usually 8th Continent original flavor soy milk. The light or fat free fits into the plan with a serving size of 1 1/4 cups. (The standard one cup serving size does not have enough protein.).

2.) Fortunately, no. However, I try to drink half my body weight in ounces of water daily..

3.) Usually soymilk..

I would welcome some other VEGAN options that fit the Nutrisystem guidelines for a dairy (100cal or less, 3g fat or less, 7g protein or more)..


Comment #20

Not sure how you start a group....I think once you have a thread going (like this one is) it is a group. I know usually one of the people does a daily post with a comment for the day or asks a daily question or two. I guess to keep the thread going..

I started June 15th. I will have my two months on the Nutrisystem plan Aug. date I have lost 25 pounds. I have used soy milk for the plan, also the 8th Continent brand (but I have used the light).

And maybe I better change..

I haven't had a problem with the high sodium. Infact, my legs which were swelling bad......are now going down and looking much better! I have been drinking lots of water, I don't think half my body weight though. In my case I'm afraid half my body weight would make me drown.......

I have been a vegetarian since 1976. I spent part of my youth in Ethiopia and I believe my distaste for eating meat began then....but it wasn't until the 70's that I quit eating meat. (I do rememember that much from the 70's).

Have a great day! Kim..

Comment #21

Yes indeed!! I would as well! I guess I'll just have to do some homework and see what I can find...

Comment #22

Ok...I just started a Vegetarian Support thread in the General Support area!! Go have at it!!.


Comment #23

I use boca burgers, boca breakfast links, tofurkey, smart dogs and shelled edamame (soybeans) for vegan protein choices...

Comment #24

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