How Many points is a grilled chicken salad with Nutrisystem?

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My first question is How Many points is a grilled chicken salad with Nutrisystem? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Another question... Alright, I think one of the issues I'm having is stress eating. Now, when I get stressed out, eating was what I did to relieve that stress. That, clearly, doesn't work anymore..

Working out isn't at the point where it relieves stress, so much as it IS stress right now, making myself go..

So...other ideas? Besides heavy masturbation?..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could assist you..

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Got me there...

Heh.. I dont know how healthy it was or realistic it is but sometimes I would force myself to take a nap.. sometimes it would clear my head.. listen to music that puts you in a different frame of mind.. hmm.. take a crap? sometimes that helps..

That is minus the heavy masturbation if you are tired of that...

I guess video/computer games would help too but sometimes they could get addictive and you could lose track of time easily.. used to play WoW.. and that happened hardcore....

Comment #2

Get a dog and walk it 2x a day .... It's a great way to clear your head for 20-30 minutes. I do it once before work (after my AM workout) and again around 8:00 at night (DVR your 8:00 show so you can blow through the commercials ... 2 birds, one stone my man!).

I love having my dogs and they love me. They force me to walk them now because they're so used to it. Keeps me from being a slug when I get home from work..

NOTE: This must be done alone! When I take the wife with me on our walks, the conversation usually leads to stress, family and money!..

Comment #3

Yep I usually go for a walk..

I also like to draw or paint when Im stressed assuming I have time. Of course Im usually short on time when Im stressed..

If all of that fails, theres always Jack Johnson.


Comment #4

I find that working out can help relieve the stress too... especially if I listen to music with a driving beat while exercising. I don't always have the time in my schedule to get to the gym to do that, but it does help...

Comment #5

That's vile. How is that supposed to help stress?..

Comment #6

Heh thats funny.. I'm am officially humored.. salad isnt bad, I like it, ive been eating all my vegitables raw, but I never thought of eating as stress reducing.. can all of lifes problems be solved with a big salad poly?..

Comment #7

It doesn't. But you after you are full, you won't use the "stress" excuse to eat crap. Your stomach just likes to use excuses to get filled with junk food. But beat it into submission with veggies and it rolls over like Saddam Hussein's army. Declare pre-emptive war!.

I know. I lost weight and never felt hungry. Make it an act of aggression the way you diet. Cut veggies with a sharp knife and then eat them!..

Comment #8

I guess there is a method to your madness.. is it possible to over eat vegitables though? thats one thing that I'm struggling with since I never really got a handle on good portion sizes I wonder if sometimes I eat too little or too much of a vegitable.. one time I ate a whole broccli stalk for one vegitable....

Comment #9

It's impossible for a male (and probably for anyone)...but definitely for a male. We are sooo deep in deficit on this plan. I've gone through periods of eating double digits of veggie servings. It actually depresses the appetite to the extent that it is hard to eat all the higher calorie containing food. As long as you are not liquifying the veggies and drinking them as juice, you will be fine and will rock your program by going mega-veggie...

Comment #10

So is V-8 and the like not a good veggie substitute?..

Comment #11

What I try to do from time to time when dealing with stress, I like to take big deep breaths and slowly exhale, even closing my eyes if I can. It really helps me at times...

Comment #12

Thats what I do as I try to force myself to take naps or used to when I was more stressed....

Comment #13

I'd agree with the oponent body bag for stress. I used to do Muay Thai (and once I lose a few pounds hope to go back to it). Pounding all hell out of a bag reduces stress no end...

Comment #14

Or how bout people? in a friendly way.. like fightclub? I was always interested in boxing or mma as a hobby but I'm not near the shape I probably have to be.. I bet I could take a punch though.. it's all about getting back up....

Comment #15

Not sure I could take a punch, though at the moment I come with a lot of built in padding. When I was training it was all against a guy holding pads, never got into sparring. Though fight club could certainly help with motivation...

Comment #16

Were actually starting a fat-guy yoga thing on Tuesdays at 6pm around here. I hope that to help..

Also there's a karate place that offers as many classes as you want a month for like 40 bucks a month. I'm thinking about doing that, but I have to look into it..

Always wanted to get into weapons...

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